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Dishing out a spanking!

GET IN! It wasn’t pretty, but we’re through to the Quarter Finals & we’ve avoided the World & European Champions, Spain… BRING ON ITALY! Dare I believe? Italy should hold no fear for England, only complacency will be our downfall now! But you are here for some spanking news so let’s get on with what’s out there “kicking ass” at the moment!

Let’s start in England as we celebrate horny old Uncle Paul’s “Pyjama Club” spanking with the beautiful Kiki!

Uncle Paul takes a good look at Kiki’s PJ’s ensuring he can see no panties underneath her leggings!



The second film from Uncle Paul’s pyjama spanking club sees the very beautiful Kiki getting her bottom well spanked first on the top of her pyjamas and then with them lowered to expose that delicious red bottom. Uncle Paul knows how to give a hard spanking and his horny old hand delivers each hard spank accurately until this young lady can’t sit down. Good fun… but a damn hard spanking!

See MORE of Kiki spanked in a special free HD movie preview HERE


 I love seeing cheerleader punishments, so this recent film at made my day! What’s more, it stars one of their new finds, Audrey, who has a fantastic bubble butt as you can see below! Veronica is doing the honours of spanking that delightful derriere!




Audrey is dared by her friends to not wear panties or a body suit under her cheerleading uniform. She accepts the dare to prove how cool she is, but when her mom sees her half-dressed performance, she takes her straight home to really warm her bottom.

David Pierson had a tribute on his blog most recently to his beloved brother Rick and I’m sure he won’t mind me posting the beautiful images of a girl I had forgotten about, the ever so lovely Vanessa who, I might add, was stunning as a cheer girl too (see below)

Isn’t she just adorable? The perfect brat next door getting spanked on that sofa!

Well, Rick helped script a whacky film, which shows what fun they all had making some of their movies a little “far out” like “Sensational Girl” with Vanessa, as you’ll see below…amusing… and a most spankable ass in need of a good old fashioned brat busting punishment!



This film can be viewed below in full as a special tribute – take time to check it out!

For all the most recent films in higher res Wmv playback – CLICK HERE


OK, it’s late here, so I will bid you all goodnight! Oh… and for once, it feels good, almost “smug” to be an England fan! (for now!) “Night night!”

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  1. tim tim

    That is a great vid from Punished Brats an early one with a very pretty young girl as spankee ,best,tim.

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