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Saturday/Sunday Spankings pt2

Oops! I had tried to get in a 2nd post yesterday so have had to catch up today… the reason I was delayed is because of my fuckwit neighbour , who  it would appear has had his tag taken off if his present behaviour is anything to go by). he was put away after the vicious assault he carried out on someone who owed him money and of course our pathetic judicial system let him out on release 7 months into a 20 month term… and he had a further 10 months drink driving and other anti social prison terms to run concurrent (meaning no extra time added!) WTF? No wonder crime in this country is on the rise when the consequences are pitifully weak…

Tough luck, kid… something completely inane and random uploaded here for you!

 Anyway, rather than start off on a diatribe about this piece of scum that lives next to us (he has started bullying my partner and our other friendly neighbours) so we have already involved the police who were quick to act this time, I want the wanker put back in jail, we shall see if he continues to misbehave… but I never hold out much hope! Seriously though, what is wrong with some people?

& in other news, goat and sheep herders of Italy unite in their support against England in a crucial one off game to see who plays Germany in the semi finals… COME ON ENGLAND… we can beat these tax dodging sheep herding lotharios!

heh heh! & so on with the spanking updates I had promised you all!


Apparently Danielle is back in England, I’m not sure how many companies she managed to star with but I know that she is filming with someone I know over here for the 1st time so that will be interesting to see his results when they come out (I’m such a tease)… but if, like me, you wanna see MORE of Danielle, then please do check out this great film now showing between the wonderful Betty Blaze and our Dani as she is given a rude reminder of what happens to girls who keep Mistress Betty late!





Check out the early part of this film which shows you just what members have been viewing…

See the full film only from


The next couple of sites I’m showing are from some great films I watched again and I thought they really deserved a mention as they showcase the next 2 sites in question… so first up, from the aptly named Spanking Sarah – a really cool film with Sarah given a good hard thrashing with the leather paddle of a furious Mr Stern… now THIS is why I love this site so much… seeing Sarah told off and put in her place (which is rather difficult if you ever meet her, as she is about 6 feet tall!!!) I understand why she can scare half the girls she punishes just by towering over them!




You can ALL of Sarah’s severe & naughty punishments – as well as see her expertly dishing it out Right HERE


OK, here is one of my fave spanking stars from over the years, and what I think was her first ever time on film when she was just 18… Irelynn Logeen featured as a resident at Girls Boarding School getting some traditional spankings across the knee of Headmaster Tom in what were a really good set of films… so much so that I watched a few again and this one stood out and I’m sure I haven’t shown you any images from it until now but you’ll get the idea when you see how good this looks (it is, btw!)





Click HERE to see more of Irelynn and check out the very latest film previews


OK, that’s it for now, I have to ensure all my beers are chilled for the big game tonight!



  1. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Good to see Danielle doing the rounds of all the hard working spanking houses – enjoyable for us and hopefully her too (well, sort of anyway :-)).

  2. tim tim

    I believe that lovely Irelynn has left the scene ,hope im mistaken ,best tim.

  3. Gone but not forgotten, I still have some films and lovely images of her that are not yet released so might wait a bit, it will seem like new 🙂

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