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Maddy Marks hard spanking


There’s a brand new film just released at AAAspanking.com starring the awesome Maddy Marks getting a rather hard, humiliating long punishment at the hands of her irate teacher, Mr Osborne… the full story is below, but suffice to say, this was a hard OTK spanking followed by some lengthy severe strapping and paddling that really stung and you can clearly see this was a punishment befitting her “crime” of stealing examination papers for profit that nearly got her expelled from the fee paying school. It’s a nice Anglo-American crossover spanking film… images below are taken  directly from the 16 minute film.

Maddy Marks

Maddy’s ordeal is about to begin when the truth of her theft is revealed to her!

maddy002 maddy003 maddy004 maddy005 maddy006 maddy007 maddy008

Maddy Marks had been summoned to the school basement at 3am after an exhaustive investigation that identified her as the chief culprit in a massive school examination fraud. Told to report in full uniform she had no idea that she had been found out! She had been selling exam papers to her fellow students after she had discovered which questions were to be asked… now she had delayed the examination process and was close to expulsion but her parents pleaded that she be punished there and then and flown home after to reflect on this, It also cost her parents dearly in compensation so before her flight home she received an almighty scolding from Mr Osborne who then spanked her hard on her bare bottom. This was just the start of her punishment as she received a severe leather strapping and wooden paddle whacking which marked her bottom a deep shameful blushing red. To add to Maddy’s shame, her parents had requested that evidence of her punishment be sent to them and Mr Osborne used his phone camera to record the evidence. Maddy was sent to bed and told to report in a few hours for her flight back home where no doubt she would get more humiliating lectures with more attention paid to her poor bottom!

OTK spanking maddy010 maddy011 strapping maddy013 maddy014 maddy015 spanking maddy017 maddy018 maddy019 maddy020 maddy021 maddy022 maddy023



Available for members to download right now at AAAspanking.com


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Severe Spanking Special



Tearful Angel’s Severe Punishment

Sarah filmed one of her most severe films ever at the Crimson Moon Spanking Party earlier this summer with 2 friends in the scene, Angel Lee & Johnny Lake. Below are some screen stills from this dramatic video and the reason why tearful Angel got this once in a lifetime filmed punishment. This is a really special event that was very emotional for Angel and will even satisfy those boring monotone sadists out there that regularly bitch and complain that “some spanking films are never hard enough!” (WTF?) *sigh*


This was the most severe spanking film ever produced to date for Sarah Gregory’s main site: Angel put her life at risk… so in this real life discipline film, her good friend Johnny dealt with this. After some scolding that pretty much had Angel in tears, it was right to the bare bottom punishment for an OTK strapping. Then Angel was made to stand up for the wooden paddle and finally the cane (these scenes are particularly severe). Her bottom marked up and welted severely as she cried. By the end of this, she was one sorry little girl!

0228_tearful_angel_grabs-013 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-016 otk strapping 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-023 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-031 spanking otk spanking wooden paddle 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-069 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-073 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-095 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-099 caning 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-106 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-107


spanking aftercare

sarah Gregory Spanking

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Don’t forget the Spanking Awards 2015 Nominations HERE


& lest we forget: All those that gave down their lives so that we could live our own in peace, respect & freedom of choice. You will never be forgotten! November 11th – Remembrance Day in Europe, Canada & “Down Under” – “Veterans Day” in the USA (though there seems to be less about actually remembering those fallen in the US and more about it being a day to go shopping in some sales as I see it, or am I wrong?)


Spanking in the Lunge Position

I have seen this position a few times and I haven’t seen it performed at FirmHandSpanking.com in a while – but I am glad they decided to choose stunning Kylee Anders to take this humiliating position as she is beyond cute and adorable. This brat gets a good spanking in a position that leaves her feeling vulnerable and exposed when she is stripped and told to bend over. Check it out below… this is utterly HOT!

Topless stunner Kylee Anders spanked & strapped for snooping on her boss

Kylee Anders

This beautiful teen Au Pair is a provocative brat in need of real discipline!

aupair003 aupair004 aupair005 aupair006 spanked and strapped aupair009 aupair010 lunge position spanking

Bent over, exposed and shaking in this position… Kylee felt aware that he could see everything from behind as her parts jiggled each time he placed that strap hard on her bare teenage bottom!

aupair014 aupair015 aupair016 aupair017 aupair018 aupair021 aupair022 bare ass spanking

Bare bottom bouncing as much as her naked breasts, Kylee Anders looks perfect in the lunge position as Jonny Stockton uses a strap and his hand to punish her for listening to private calls. He starts on her tight jeans, but swiftly has her ass bare for a good hot spanking in Au Pair. “The strap stung so bad on my skin,” she admits.



Firm Hand Spanking



Spanked Soaped & Strapped

Finally, it is here… the fantastic film from AAAspanking.com – I just got the all clear from Sarah (she’s out West at the moment visiting Dana Specht but managed to get this up) She told me that the film is now in the Members Area and active… as well as the affiliate info which has been done (I did that) for those that wish to promote this wonderful film… as I have been told it has already been selling on Clips4Sale as there is currently the full file download – and I am not surprised!


This film is quality, it has so much to offer… raw emotion, passion, defiance, power plays, struggle and of course a good hard OTK spanking on both tight gym pants and then Adriana’s bare bottom. This is followed by the infamous mouth soaping scene which I just know will put C4S customers (interested in mouth soapings) into soapy suds Heaven… and then there’s a mean nasty 50 licks with the leather strap to finish her off. Miss Chris was the hard put upon school coach who had to teach uber brat Adriana Evans some manners and to watch that swearing tongue of hers! I have some excellent preview pics direct from the long play film (approx 30 minutes long as I recall) including a free play clip for y’all! I also have some behind the scenes gossip on this as it contains a Blooper scene at the end… but it actually shows the emotion of Adriana as she was psyching herself up for what she knew was going to be a nasty mouthsoaping and we had to call “Cut” – poor Adriana… if looks could kill… she did that a lot in this film and I am not surprised!


Miss Chris and Adriana make an awesome pairing, I hope you like this… it is easily one of my favorite films ever to be filmed for AAA in almost 5 years… I hope that is praise indeed… and I can tell you that there are some equally stunning films coming very soon. Between you and me, I think AAA Spanking is producing some quality films (I know I sound biased), and that is in part to the way both Sarah and I have worked together. She is rightly proud of her stuff at her main sites and that has rubbed off at AAA too! Anyway… I’m waffling, enjoy! Here are the images…

Spanked Soaped & Strappedstarring Adriana Evans & Miss Chris

sms002 sms003 sms004 yoga pants spanking otk spanking pulling down the gym pants

This is one of our most dramatic punishment films ever made. Lots of raw emotion, power struggles, defiance, severe punishments and their consequences. This could have been a straight forward punishment for Adriana Evans, but her big mouth got her into trouble with Miss Chris in no time at all. Representing the school away from home was a big responsibility so when Adriana had been caught in the hotel gym doing provocative exercises in front of others she was sent to Miss Chris to be dealt with. In no time Adriana was spanked over her tight gym pants but rather than leave the matter there she continued to fight back and her pants were pulled down so the spanking continued on her bare bottom. Then she swore, she continued swearing which infuriated Miss Chris so much that she marched her to the bathroom for one of the most intense mouthsoapings ever caught on film. You will be blown away by the anger, the emotion, the defiant struggle as that soap washed away Adriana’s filthy tongue time and time again! Eventually Adriana realized she wasn’t going to win and the final part of her punishment saw her take 50 strokes of the leather strap. Miss Chris is renowned as one of the hardest players out there, this was no exception. This is a must view film for those who love to see real brats get an almighty and humiliating punishment session they deserve, this is sure to become a classic!

sms009 about to get a mouthsoaping sms011 sms012 mouthsoaping mouth soaped nasty mouthsoaping sms016 sms017 bare bottom strapping

Behind the scenes info: Adriana & Miss Chris filmed for all the SG Group sites… this was filmed in Vegas at the last Shadowlane Spanking Party, a great place to meet up. I wasn’t sure if Adriana was coming, but after this performance, I am most certainly glad she did. She also performed in another favorite film of mine at AAA – (with Johnny Lake) as the hapless Brazilian secretary who messed up date order and he missed a client… as Brazil uses the same system as the rest of the world (lol) using Day Month Year unlike in The States… this has consequences which you can see in the FREE GALLERY HERE

Meanwhile… the mouthsoaping scene was intense, you know that already, but Adriana admitted that she got off on the severity and the way she was treated… to be fair her look she constantly gave Miss Chris was brave and foolhardy, and her poor behavior in the film earned her every stroke, every swat and every nasty tasting soap sud! Adriana also has a butt of steel, of course the punishments hurt, every girl will tell you that – but her healing powers are remarkable!

sms019 sms020 sms021 sms022 sms024

Check out the Freeplay clip below… this gives you an idea of what happened!

[jwplayer mediaid=”43501″]
Hmmm, the sound didn’t sync at the end but rest assured the HD1080 versions are fine!




Or visit the stores below for One Time Download options of the full film.

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Schoolgirl Spanking Update

Oh well, I was going to update a lot of material for you all but this f*cking hotel I am in has the worst connection – ever! So I’m hoping to get this first part of a gradual update out, I have renamed it the Schoolgirl Spanking Update and it now just features a very sexy Alyssa getting a good hard humiliating spanking and leather strapping from Michael Masterson at the Real Spankings Institute

Schoolgirl Vignette with Alyssa – at RSI

schoolgirl punishment for Alyssa

Alyssa waits her turn for her long overdue punishment

13106_005 13106_030 strapping and spanking 13106_052 13106_059 strapping 13106_069 13106_074

In this school girl vignette, Alyssa is put through different positions and states of undress. She is then strapped to tears by The Dean. The Dean lays Alyssa over a stool and proceeds to punish her already sore bottom with the martinet. She is then placed in time out on her knees.

13107_002 13107_015 spanked over a stool martinet spanking 13107_060 13107_078 cornertime

The RS Institute is updated 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Each unique update contains 1 complete spanking, and includes both the images and video from the session. Check out this full film update along with the other regular features you can expect at this site.


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Schoolgirl Spanking & Punishment

Here is a special “Friday Feature” to kick start your weekend…

The Locker Room Strapping for Raquel & Syrena at the Real Spankings Institute

ready for a spanking

The girls are pulled out of gym class for not wearing bras, and are sent to the locker room to wait for the Dean. He bares their breasts and whips their exposed bottoms with the leather tawse.

12923_014 strapped in her yoga pants 12923_040 12923_056 12923_059 12923_062 spanking Raquel strapping strapping a schoolgirl 12923_131 12923_133 12923_136gym class girls stripped and spanked

The Dean decides to really bring the lesson home and bares their bottoms for further punishment. He does not stop until the tears are flowing…

12924_033 12924_040 spanked and strapped schoolgirls 12924_066 red sore bum

Syrena is then given special attention when told to wait for further punishment…

Syrena is asked to remove her bra and top

Syrena is left in corner time with her breasts exposed to wait for the dean. He stuffs a new bra in her mouth and then blisters her bottom with the heavy prison strap over her yoga pants.

13058_008 panties shoved in mouth 13058_015 strapping spankings 13058_033 13058_042 13058_047 13058_056 13058_059 13058_068 13058_073

Click here to see the full length movies of these girls getting a humiliating and very real spanking punishment from Dean Michael Masterson.

Syrena naked and tearful at RSI

Real Spankings Institute

It’s part of the 8 site Real Spankings Pass combining the best of the RS Network for less

Spanking the Maids

Sexy Cleaning Company – Zara’s Interview


Just a blast from the past while I get you some more up to date film reviews…

npp4088016 npp4088025 npp4088026 npp4088030 npp4088033 npp4088034 spanking npp4088039 npp4088041 npp4088045 npp4088048 naked spanking npp4088052 npp4088054 leather strapping npp4088062 npp4088063 npp4088067

This was the very first in a new series for English Spankers – this goes back to 2012. Based on “The Sexy Cleaning” company who interview and provide attractive young ladies to go and clean for naughty guys who want to look at a pretty girl in scanty clothes. They may also want to spank her and so she has to be able to take a good spanking. Zoe is being interviewed by the owner and has displeased him so she is spanked and paddled on her bare bottom and her hands.

English Spankers

Gym Girls Spanking & Punishment

real spankings institute

To end the weekend: A special feature from RealSpankingsInstitute.com in a no nonsense punishment discipline session of two college girls sent to the Dean’s Office, these are just some of the 100’s of images that compliment this HD film series now out to view in full. I had been waiting until this film series was complete before showcasing it for you all… it was well worth the wait!

Syrena & Kiki’s Punishment by Dean Masterson

13011_013 13011_030 13011_035 13011_046 bared and bent over for spankings 13011_060 Kiki bends over for more spanking 13011_074 13011_064

The girls are sent out of gym class in to see The Dean. They are both told to stand on the line and bend over. Both girls are then strapped over their leggings and on their bare bottoms with the leather strap.

13012_001 lunge position spanking 13012_028 leather strap for Kiki baring schoolgirl titties 13012_051 breasts bared during spanking Syrena bared breasts Kiki bared breasts

Both girls are then told to lean forward and hold the “Lunge Position” while they are strapped on the bare bottom with the leather strap with holes. They are left, standing and exposed, until The Dean takes them in to continue.

13013_003 13013_014 13013_026 13013_035 13013_038 13013_040 Spanking Kiki spanking Syrena spanking 13013_078

Syrena and Kiki are placed on all fours facing each other on the boardroom table. Each girl is then hand spanked on her bare bottom by The Dean.

strapping leather strap 13014_019 13014_029 Kiki bares her big ass college girls face more humiliation 13014_046 13014_054

Finally… The Dean then spanks both Syrena and Kiki with a leather strap on the bare bottom. The are then left in time out with their legs in the air and bottoms exposed until the timer runs out 3 minutes later.

Syrena & Kiki legs up in the air spanked and punished

This amazing Humiliation Series Punishment of Syrena & Kiki is now available to download


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Shadowlane’s 200th Full Spanking Video

I’m sorry that I’ve been away from the blog, sometimes these things happen when something goes on in your private life, I’m sure you all understand. I also had a really iffy internet connection which I hoped would resolve itself until I had no choice but to contact my ISP and deal with it. I just got off the line with them after they had a secure connection to my laptop (so they could see all my spanking porn type ins…) so when the guy went to type in “speedtest.net” to do one of the many he needed to check on… all sorts of things starting with spank or related to “sp” came up before, I could see him falter as the array of filth and kink was before him, including this blog, SpankingTube and AAA which were the most popular… heh heh! I told him what I did – my home screen is covered in spanko stuff too… so it was pretty obvious… and he just politely laughed and we never discussed it again (LOL) to which he said “I’ve seen far worse come up on screen, Sir!” Anyway, I now have a lightening fast connection (again) which is a godsend as I got loads of data I need to upload on my FTP server later for updates!

Well, it’s a been a few days, so here’s something I meant to catch up on and let you know about as it meant a lot to both Sarah and myself! Oh, and I still haven’t forgotten that I need to do an update on my travels to The States… as some updates from other companies I worked with are now showing, so I’d better get my ass in gear… take this first one, for example…

Sarah meets her match - new at Shadowlane.com

During my last visit to America, Sarah & I filmed for Shadowlane – which was quite an honor, and they were very pleased with our efforts, especially as it was their 200th full length video and they told us it would be too, so we helped film a milestone for them and it’s a pretty good (I’d say that, wouldn’t I?) Sarah was at her brattiest and I got really mean with her (which she secretly likes!) – it was a win win situation and also kind of covers some of the fun and nonsense Sarah gets up to in our private life… it’s always best to use stuff like this as it appears more real on screen and I think we did that quite well. Sarah also got a good marking on film from a hard hand spanking and a few leather implements! It didn’t stop her getting aroused in the film (LOL) something I remarked on – sigh, Sarah, you are just so naughty… and I love you for that! Below are some early image releases as well as the official Shadowlane description (in brief) for you all.

Sarah Meets her Match!

sassy brat OTK

An inconsiderate American brat is spanked in her open-bottomed girdle, then paddled and strapped fully nude, by her strict British boyfriend. Severe discipline for a smokin’ hot babe!

sarah gregory causing trouble john takes a pic for bratty  sarah sarah gregory sassy minx sarah gregory is worried sarah gregory slapped for being sassy sarah undresses for her spanking otk spanking spanking in her girdle spanked over her panties otk in lingerie sarah gregory otk bare bottom spanking

Sarah drives her British boyfriend John crazy with her outfit changes before a party. So he takes his maddening girlfriend over his knee, and administers a resounding spanking to her tightly girdled booty, and then to her bare bottom. Next, John insists that Sarah strip nude for additional spanking, a sound leather paddling and 6 of the best with his belt. America’s Spanking “It” girl is tamed, in firm but affectionate style, by her real life lover, in Shadow Lane’s rollicking 200th video!

sarah meets her match

Sarah’s stinging and humiliating correction continues, after John admonishes her for arousal dampness during what is supposed to be a strict punishment session. Sarah has to strip nude before going back over his knee for the conclusion of her punishment. This is out now to view at Shadowlane.com

Also, I’m not sure if this will play in your browsers… it might, but if it doesn’t I have the MP4 link below for you to view if you like – this is one of the promotional video clips that Shadowlane are showing – see a brat get a spanking she felt she didn’t deserve! The scene they chose here is pretty much when she started to become more compliant, mainly because I had just been spanking the heck out of her bottom so it was alrteady getting sore with PLENTY to come… and also because she wouldn’t shut up with the sassy back chat earlier! I think I did a good job considering how much she had been winding me up!

[jwplayer mediaid=”40206″]

Doesn’t play? Click here and save this to your device

Shadowlane - click here for more video updates



Don’t forget the Lone Star Spanking Party latest news – registrations, places, pricing, cut off dates etc to get the best deals and such – plus a schedule of events! CLICK HERE or the banner below

Lone Star Spanking Party

Spanking Tears & Pantyhose

Sorry I didn’t get back sooner, I had been busy updating the site and had been away offline but I’m back now and have some AWESOME spanking updates for you! Judging by the feedback already from the latest new film at AAAspanking.com(thank you for writing to me, I do take note, you know) It seems we are finding our niche again as the latest film is possibly one of my favorite films to come out in… oh a week or so? (LOL) Such are the new awesome films that are being shown… for example: the amazing excercise, fitness strapping & caning video of Lily Swan last week.

Lily Swan in “No pain No Gain!”

Lily Swan

Or the very popular traditional “Mother spanking schoolgirl daughter” video (with Aleesha Fox & Ella Hughes) in a straight forward no nonsense OTK and hairbrush spanking video of Ella in her cute Gingham school uniform:

Aleesha spanks Ella

As well as various new ageplay/fantasy videos that I have received some nice feedback on – like the ambitious “dreamplay sequence video” in Rosie Ann’s Spanking Fantasy film and the realistic Littles Party preparation spanking scenario with Angel Lee…

Rosie Ann Angel Littles Party Spanking

I thought it worth mentioning that I got a surprising amount of fan mail for Stevie Rose (I know she is popular) but the consensus was that at AAA, we had her looking more radiant and as beautiful a spankee as they had ever imagined her in that film (or words to that effect – thanks, I guess!) – I liked Stevie a lot too and she sure can take a hard spanking! Anyway, click on any of the images so far and it leads to a special FREE gallery, like the one of Stevie (below) so you can decide for yourselves.

stevie rose


OK… so back to today! Now I just KNOW you will love this latest video release… for starters it has Adriana Evans in what she admitted afterwards was her MOST tearful spanking filmed – EVER! So this is for you tear & crying enthusiasts (or should I say dacryphiliacs?) out there…

A Date with Discipline

Date with Discipline at AAAspanking

This was filmed between Sarah Gregory & myself (you will see one of her specific films I helped with coming up with a tearful theme in it too!!!) and we made several excellent videos which we were very excited about over the course of that awesome but tiring weekend that we were in Las Vegas! I love filming alongside her, we make a great team and help each other out when one is tired or wondering where to get the next great angle we help each other… so I’d like to thank her, of course! Check out some of the screen shots from the latest AAA video below: Text explaining the plot follows.

discdate008 discdate025 discdate036 discdate048 discdate054 discdate056 discdate074 discdate090 discdate107

Portuguese translator Adriana Evans was hired as a top flight PA and secretary for Lake Industries. However, since she got back from a highly successful business trip to Brazil she had been making stupid errors and mistakes. The latest was for a booking of a special one on one meeting in a secret business venture alongside CEO Johnny Lake. He was embarrassed to find the promised rendezvous at the hotel had been booked for a different date which was entirely her fault! His trust in her was badly shaken. He knew either she went or she towed the line and Adriana was summoned to his Hotel suite where she was given a Disciplinary Notice that she would never forget! She wanted this highly paid job, she accepted her very tearful, hard OTK spanking and leather strapping because she knew she could and would do better! This video will appeal to those that like strong verbal chastisement, spanking over pantyhose as well as a hard, sustained strapping finale that will have you glued to the screen as you witness very real sobbing tears of contrition from what Adriana later admitted was her most tearful online performance ever!

discdate115 discdate126 discdate139 discdate137 discdate144 discdate146 discdate158 discdate163 discdate167 discdate172 discdate186

There is a free extended Video clip (courtesy of spankingtube) of Adriana’s tearful strapping

Check out the downloadable HD1080 Clip & details of Site Options & 5 day deals HERE

AAA Spanking trial membership options or 5 day membership

This film is also available to download IN FULL from the popular Clip Store to an HD1080 format of your choice including MP4 WMV or MOV – CLICK HERE to see the full list of films as well as some early releases and exclusives not shown for members at the main site!



Following numerous requests – I can confirm the following!

!! NEWSFLASH !! Next week’s double detention schoolgirl video stars:
KAMI ROBERTSON & DANIELLE HUNT together one last time!
– This film has NEVER been shown ANYWHERE until now –
No rehashing/editing of old film shown of Kami… This is brand NEW!

Interested? I will get you a few sneak preview pics this weekend!


Next… At MommaSpankings.com there is another real tears special – this time featuring Sarah Gregory doing the crying – courtesy of “Mom” Dana Specht! I was filming this and, I have to be honest, I don’t actually like making Sarah cry on film (what we do in private is another thing, for me – but we shall see) … but this is something quite personal for Sarah that she shares and she can easily get into the role and will cry for real when spanked like a naughty bad girl and she believes the role she is playing or thinks of something in her personal life that is making her sad – again, it’s a cathartic thing. Her “age play” is a core kink to Sarah – hence her love of filming Momma Spankings content and I told her she had to film lots that weekend to ensure she had great choice and variety of videos to choose from (See? We are doing that “team” thing again!) – Well, it worked – MORE awesome films were made and this is one of the first from that Las Vegas shoot for her Momma site!


The Disappointing Daughter

momma-158-019 momma-158-065 momma-158-080 momma-158-091 momma-158-113 momma-158-122 momma-158-136 momma-158-144 momma-158-160 momma-158-169 momma-158-173 momma-158-182

Sarah is out way past her curfew again and Momma sits up and waits for her with a leather strap on her lap ready to take action. As usual Sarah gives Momma a lame excuse but to no avail. She is flipped over Momma’s knee for a hard bare bottom spanking and an OTK strapping then sent to her room to get her pajamas on to be punished further.


This is a long film (as are most at this site) with a full story – so it is in effect, almost a “2 parter”, as a strict on the bed strapping ensues which you can see for yourself at the website –  I will report on this in the near future… this is where Sarah really cries hard as this strapping punishment is mean and painful!
Note: She is also NOT wearing panties underneath her jim-jams! (My influence… lol)


Members of MommaSpankings.com are in for a treat with this long play film.

Or view Momma Spankings combined with SarahGregorySpanking.com (for less)


Finally, like the first film featured here today… it had pantyhose as part of the wardrobe (I really like to see young ladies spanked in this and so you will be seeing more of this at AAA) – well, I did a great POV style film and used this theme (literally) calling it Pantyhose Spankings starring Joelle Barros & Lily Swan together – the premise was they had finished or were about to finish a spanking session with the viewer (as this POV is from OUR perspective as the viewer/spanker) and the ladies are looking HOT with their bottoms, still red… and looking sore from your previous efforts – so just a few minutes are left and the girls allow you one more time to spank them. Feel the material of their pantyhose and shape of their warmed butts – you are rather excited and it’s a memorable way to end your time with them both! The plot and official blurb on this is shown below some images I have EXCLUSIVE to this blog!

Pantyhose Spankingsfrom POV Spanking

pantyhose001 pantyhose002 pantyhose003 pantyhose004 pantyhose005 pantyhose006 pantyhose007 pantyhose008 pantyhose009 pantyhose010 pantyhose011 pantyhose012 pantyhose013

Joelle Barros & Lily Swan are 2 custom spanking models who have just finished a double session with you. Your hand is sore but very eager and their bottoms are red but you ask them if you can just admire your handiwork in their pantyhose and maybe just play one last time. They agree as you are such a naughty regular that they trust you are as good as your word. Great! You so desperately want to feel their warmed butts through that sheer nylon, it feels so good, the feel of that material sends shivers up your spine! Mmm! You also love the feel of spanking them over their pantyhose and looking closely at the glow appearing through them again! One last time to feel their bare butts but you want them to keep their pantyhose in sight… their silky warmed red bottoms are so addictive, you’re running out of time so one last hand spanking as promised and you make them smile as you look longingly at them both… and the results of your play together! This POV experience is from YOUR perspective as the hand spanker! Features our original interactive text (iT) for you to play along and tell the girls what you’re thinking and what they should do – see them react to your every word!

Click  HERE to view this film in the format of your choice


For the latest POV style spankings from your perspective as spanker/spankee – CLICK HERE


house roadhouse

“Something’s coming to Texas! Coming Soon May 28-31 

Sorority Spanking of Casey Calvert

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend…

Just a quick update as I am in a hazing and Pledge spanking sort of mood… where better to watch something a little different than at Shadowlane.com with this amazing film which members can now view in full.

See beautiful Casey Calvert in Sorority Hellion

spanking films from shadowlane

A beautiful coed caught masturbating, is given a spanking then strapped and paddled in Lambda Sigma Zeta house… Stubborn Tori takes the licking she has coming, knowing that she has done wrong, even submitting to the final embarrassment, that of being compelled to masturbate with her toys while her bottom is being smacked, strapped and paddled by Eve.

Casey Calvert masturbating Casey caught wanking

As treasurer of her sorority house, Tori (Casey Calvert), a notorious senior sister, uses Lambda Sigma Zeta money to purchase sex toys and furniture for her own personal use. Caught masturbating, explicitly and at length, with both a dildo and a vibrator, by sorority director Eve Howard, Tori must give a full account of her misappropriation of sorority funds as well as her continued bullying of the pledges under her control. Tori now faces fresh humiliation at the hands of Miss Howard, who makes Tori get over the spanking bench that has been purchased with the sorority credit card and demonstrate its usefulness to the sorority. Eve uses hand, paddle and strap on Tori’s trim, toned bottom, scolding the fledging adventurer on her lack of discretion and complete lack of self control. Stubborn Tori takes the licking she has coming, knowing that she has done wrong, even submitting to the final embarrassment, that of being compelled to masturbate with her toys while her bottom is being smacked, strapped and paddled by Eve.

spanking and wanking Casey Calvert Casey Calvert masturbating 6 spankingbench 10

Naturally beautiful, perfectly proportioned, long-haired, doe-eyed, 23 year old Casey Calvert is a spanker’s dream come true. Her full nudity reveals all of her budding charms as well as her fascinating self- pleasuring techniques. Watch as Casey makes use of a sound spanking top behind her, a sturdy spanking bench below her and a few powerful play toys between her silken thighs, to reach the ecstatic state of abandon all subs dream about.

strapping and paddling casey calvert strapped 13 14


made to wank off and get spanked

click here for the films of Shadowlane

Catching Up Pt3 – Stunning New Spanking Update!

neartotalityHi everyone, it’s a never ending game of catch up at the moment. I was talking to Sarah yesterday and she mentioned that she had internet connection issues… and damned if I was shaking my fist at God who I suspect was leering down at me with his pants off and tugging away in glee on his majestic magnificent tiny phallus (for a God) and giggling at me… as tonight I had an “iffy” connection too – which really pissed me off as I had a ton to upload as well as try to get my update out earlier. It probably didn’t help that I could imagine God still laughing at me flapping his tiny “deity” at me – mocking my “bad luck” – So the reason? I wanted to go to bed early so that I could watch the near total eclipse tomorrow morning… and that’s before I have a health check up for my asthma (remember that BS I had last year on one of my American trips?) So I am going to be rushing this, unfortunately, as I need my sleep and don’t want to miss a once in a lifetime event (since I missed the TOTAL eclipse which last happened in my hometown in August 1999 when I was somewhere “partially” sunning myself that day (in the south of France) which had a measly 64% Totality – how the fuck do I even remember that figure? I do because it was nowhere near TOTALITY which every one of my friends said was a ONCE in a lifetime event NOT to miss! The next time that happens in the UK I will most probably be dead since it will be in 2090 – unless there are some time saving capsules of longevity I don’t yet know of (I would be 125 years old then so it’s pushing it) even if I was alive I’d think it was night time or something, he he! – Nurse!


faroe-islandsOK, I’m rambling, aren’t I? I shall have to make do with just the 86% Totality expected that I hope to witness later and will try to take a pic though I suspect when it happens it will just get a bit darker and my camera phone will be unable to show the crescent of the sun with the moon trying to block out the remaining light. Oh… if anyone is still reading this – 2 land mass locations are available in the northern hemisphere to view the TOTAL eclipse… bad news is that one is some Norwegian rocky outcrop in the Atlantic and the other is in the remote Faroe Islands halfway between Britain and Iceland (greaaat!)

Just pain with this leather strap

& so to another fantastic event, the new severe strapping and caning film from AAAspanking.com starring the wonderful and awfully fit Lily Swan in a video called “No Pain No Gain!” before this was made, Lily had mentioned she WANTED to be marked, she wanted her badge of honor to remain for a few days at least… just as long as they weren’t all the way down the backs of her thighs etc… since she took fitness classes so could do so with her welts and beautiful bruises hidden under lycra shorts. Deal! So we did a film about her core kink of pain and her fantatical fitness regimes. I wanted to show off Lily’s amazing physique… she has something between 5-10% body fat which is phenomenal… Lily is strong willed but doesn’t always get the discipline she needs, today this stand alone film  (after we had both filmed with her the day before) would be something special. Oh boy, were we right!

nopain001 spanked and strapped in exercise shorts no pain no gain spankings severe discipline punishment exercises without shorts strapping for Lily Swan nopain007 nopain008

The first part of the film Lily is preparing for a training session but decides to do a different set of exercise routines which her coach (moi!) had banned. The story is that I discover this by accident when I left the basement as we filmed the training sessions and the monitor was on upstairs so I caught her deliberately doing another set of exercises… the story continues that as her bottom was still a little warmed from the day before she had been spanked the previous day for doing something similar… this time would be different.

 nopain009 nopain010 nopain011 nopain012 nopain013 nopain014

& so the punishment began when confronted with the evidence… Lily would get a strapping AND a caning since she hadn’t learned her lesson and this time with her shorts pulled down too! What you are seeing are various untouched (smaller res) screen images from the 1080HD film as well as a few stills I have which esteemed members of AAAspanking.com can download alongside the fantastic new movie… some 217 video grabs and (I think) about 35-40 stills. That’s some update! I hope you like this, the official text for this film is at the bottom of this post!

nopain015 nopain016 nopain017 nopain018 nopain019 nopain020

Lily was supposed to be weight & strength training at her coach’s basement gym for the competition that was coming up. She knew that coach Osborne got results by any means possible which was why she stuck by him even though she had recently fallen out of line & had been punished with various spankings! This was because she had not been following his strict regime set for her. She thought she knew better using PiYo techniques when he had forbidden them in her final build up. He left Lily alone to continue her training & she reverted to her PiYo techniques but she had forgotten that he used a CCTV device for their training sessions. When he saw what she was doing on the monitor upstairs he decided she had to have one final humiliating wake up call as he was going to punish & mark her this time so she’d either learn or end up at the competition with fading bruises – her choice! He strapped her hard making her perform her precious PiYo moves before using the cane whilst she reverted to Abs & Core Strength exercises such as The Plank which was made so much more difficult with the cane biting into her very sore red welted bottom. This is an unusual & severe punishment film starring the very fit Lily Swan! She insisted that she wanted to film & take this hard discipline session – so this is what you get to see in this amazing video.

exercise and spanking caning


leather strapping

Click here to see the Special low price offers

This video is also available to download IN FULL at the Clip Store HERE

It is already selling fast, hardly surprising 😉

Lily Swan spanked at the Clips store

AAA Spanking Clip Store


& from Sarah’s main site SarahGregorySpanking.com a brand new HF1080 video where she took a break and directed this between the beautiful and fabulous Isobel Wren & myself. As you know, one of Sarah’s core kinks is daddy/daughter roleplays or similar and so this is something I have always shied away from myself, to be honest… but I wanted to help her out and of course it meant I got to spank Isobel Wren… who wouldn’t want to pass that up – OMG! In fact, I do look old enough to be her father (or step dad which is what I privately went with) and in fact it’s a cool “plausible” storyline as plots go when you’re making a 20 minute spanking film in a hotel room which we filmed at last year’s hectic and party fuelled atmospheric, Fetishcon in Tampa FL. I hate when someone tries to pass off a hotel room as a classroom or company office… I’d just deal with the surroundings and act it out accordingly. So I got into this storyline easily and enjoyed spanking Isobel who got rather emotional and cried real tears during this video. I couldn’t see this at the time but knew she was crying, of course… there was much real aftercare when we finished the film and luckily that was the last one and we all hung out later which was real fun! Now, of course… I have seen the full film… and “wow!” she is a beautiful crybaby! It took me over 6 months before I got to see that from the other angle, lol! Okay, enough behind the scenes info, you’ll want to see some fab screen shots etc – Isobel is indeed a fantastic girl to spank… don’t all hate me at once (!) – I was just doing my job!!! This video is called (surprise, surprise)

Isobel’s Real Tears


Take a look at the screen shots and images taken from the video…

0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-004 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-046 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-061 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-067 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-082 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-106

OTK spanking

spanked by daddy

Daddy is very disappointed when he finds his sweet daughter checked into a hotel on his credit card attending a fetish convention. He is appalled at what he sees just walking up to the room. Isobel is shocked that her dad has discovered her secret of being a spanking model. Yes she can take a spanking, but to disappoint her loving daddy brings real tears to her eyes. The Humiliation, embarrassment, and shame she feels are unbearable, not to mention she has betrayed her dad’s trust.

0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-135 bare bottom spanking 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-164 sore red bottom

Check out this latest FULL film with Isobel Wren HERE

Isobel Wren

sarah gregory spanking

… or get the better value 2 site pass giving you $10 off the total cost of both sites!

sarah gregory pass


Oh, before I go… I was playing with this interesting simulation where researchers and students used powerful algorithm software to guess the impact of zombie flesh eating people taking over the USA… if such a scenario were to happen, of course. You can click anywhere on the map to start off the infection and see what happens, maybe make the zombies walk faster? No problem, program it in! As in most cases, if you click on major population centers, like NYC, Chicago or Miami – it spreads quickly and gets out of control…. I had found that Los Angeles would take most of California and the western coast but it would get contained (apart from the fact it would probably wipe out Mexico!) – but generally west of the Rockies if it happened in the countryside, the outbreak could get contained. Ah…. but not so if you try that other side of the Rockies in the Mid West… oh, no..no… nanana… noh! Try anywhere and it’s game over, lol! For faster effect I started with one zombie in Kansa City and it wiped out the Eastern Seaboard! Watching Chicago fall early on was hard to take after 500 hours from ground zero… as you can see I have been busy calculating my best chance of survival. Tips: deserts and areas with nothing in it do well… Nevada is good, start it in Vegas and it can be closed down quickly (bye bye Vegas!) … Texas not so good, although slower than most… eventually all of Texas goes, but at least the rest of America would have a fighting chance to evacuate those around Texas and seal it off before nuking the Lone Star State of Zombies!!!  My advice: Stay west of The Rockies and go live in the woods!!


A bear will then most likely kill you instead 🙂

& of course there are also studies which of course would debunk any myths that the undead could actually do this… it’s all rather depressing as Zombies would really be at the mercy of nature and simple things like bacteria, necrosis, desiccation, predators and so on… no matter what weather conditions, (hot, dry air or freezing cold) as soon as our immune systems pack in through death… those undead “corpses” will rot and decay – horribly! 🙂


However, don’t forget that in Texas on May 28 thru 31st there is the 1st Annual Texas Lone Star Spanking Party! Details are below, have fun before the zombies take us all!

Lone Star Spanking party

Hot Spanking Updates

I have 3 sites from the Clare Fonda Pass network to start with that all have some amazing new updates… and I also have a link elsewhere which features another site of theirs showcased yesterday with another most recent line up… so all in all, between the 2 blogs you should be able to see what is currently on offer at the individual sites, or via the top value Clare Fonda Pass – OK, I would rather just get you the news update to you today, so no more waffle from me today (hoorah!).

Spanking Sorority Girls – I have 2 updates from them today as I had not brought you the conclusion to the last film with stunning Veronica Ricci (the main star of this site) and new pledge, Missy Martinez, who got to try out the Frat Paddle on beautiful Veronica’s behind on the stairs and landing… a visually appealing finale, that I think you will all agree was worth me posting first!


Veronica is tasked with giving Missy Martinez, who is visiting from a rival school, a tour of the sorority. Well of course that means Veronica must show Missy all about the spankings that take place their regularly, and even demonstrates the pledge paddle on Missy’s bottom. Missy agrees not to report Veronica if she can spank her too… & does so while Veronica crawls up the stairs and bends over the railing for a taste of that dreaded paddle.

sorority girl spankings OTK OTK spanking

Groping Ass 006 007 Veronica Ricci is given a hard spanking 009 011 012 grabbing her butt spanked with the Frat paddle

This week at Spanking Sorority Girls – Sadie Holmes spanks Riley in the Nun’s Office


Sadie Holmes and Riley are waiting in the Nun’s office for her to arrive so they can talk about how Riley spanked Sadie. Riley offers Sadie a few dollars to not tell. But it’s not enough and it makes Sadie even angrier. Only one thing will satisfy her, and that is to put Riley over her knee of a sound revenge spanking. Riley has no choice but to agree to let Sadie turn her plump bottom bright red. She even gives her a wedgie.

02 03 red spanked rump schoolgirl spankings hard OTK hand spanking 07 Freshly spanked ass 09 sore red bottom 11

Click here to see sorority girls get a spanking


Next up at Spanked Callgirls (one of my fave sites) a nice double sleazy and sexy spanking pair, Lana & Darla, squabble and spank it out at the brothel, so a good bitching catfight spankfest is in order!!!

Lana Lopez and Darla are fighting over who is scheduled to see a client. Darla warns Lana to leave. When she won’t, Darla puts her over her knee for a sound bare ass spanking. When Lana gets up, she still won’t leave, so Darla spanks her even more until Lana is totally compliant and her perky bottom is stinging oh so much!

12 13 14 15 bent over getting a spanking OTK red hot ass spankings embarrassed callgirl spanked over the knee 20 21 hot sexy spanking red rump show offs

Welcome to a world of hooker babes and lady pimps, of johns and hoes, of jealous men, slutty women and the madam who spanks them. Spanking training is a part of life for these call girls, on the job, in the bedroom and at home. Barebottom spanking, OTK spanking, strapping, paddling and all the best in adult spanking starring the hottest spanking models on the net. Girls spanking Girls, Men Spanking Naughty Prostitutes in fun and edgy spanking porn. SEE MORE HERE

Click here to see more callgirl spankings


Clare Fonda reprises her role as the pervy Swim Coach – this time she gets to punish and spank her unsuspecting new assistant, as you’ll see… Clare usually gets what she wants in the end!

Clare Fonda and cupcake

Swim Coach Clare has a new assistant named Tiffany (played by spankee newcomer, Cupcake). Clare pays a visit to her office and decides it is time to teach Tiffany a lesson. She puts her young assistant over her knee for a no nonsense, hard hand spanking and finishes off with a heavy wooden hairbrush that Tiffany doesn’t much care for at all after Clare has finished blasting her cute behind!

25 26 27 28 Clare Fonda spanks an ebony beauty black girl spankings Cupcake is spanked hard bare bottom hairbrush punishment 33 hairbrush spanking sore aching bare bottom

See the many varied and LONG PLAY spanking films that makes Girl Spanks Girl one of the best F/F websites out there currently. This site is awesome on it’s own with 3 sections of Sensual, Erotic and Discipline Spankings… you will enjoy them all and this is the home of every “Exclusive Education” series ever made too!

The Home of Exclusive Education


All these sites can  be viewed as part of the Clare Fonda Pass – giving you access to Terrabytes of spanking content for a fraction of the combined site costings – check it out for yourself!


Also check out the other recent BLOG POST on this network HERE


I wanted to finish today with another of my fave sites – Firmhandspanking.com – and feature a new girl, a fellow Brit, who I have taken quite a shine to, as she has a lovely posh accent and a rather fabulous bubble butt that is starting to take quite a lot of punishment, as evidenced by the obvious speckling she got in the 2nd part of this new series with a leather strapping (there’s usually around 10 so I hope she made it!!!) – It was released at the end of last year (well, last week, lol) but I have only now got round to showing you this film update! See for yourself…


Deleting an interview from the newspaper’s archive costs Portia a strapping!

tbs_b003 tbs_b006 tbs_b007 tbs_b009 tbs_b012 tbs_b014 tbs_b020 tbs_b021

She may be a new reporter on Richard Anderson’s tabloid newspaper in “The Big Story”. That doesn’t prevent Portia Marlowe having her posh bottom bared and belted 64 times for deleting an interview from the newspaper’s server and trying to lie about it when caught out. You will see her bottom jiggle and redden before your eyes as this delightful newcomer takes her strapping in the second part of this series!


Click here to view all the latest updates with new free HD style spanking clips


Just to let you know, the latest film at AAA will be available later today and I will let you know more about it then… but for now, here is a teaser image of the lovely Rosie Ann who I have to say, anyone would LOVE to hang out with, she’s a fun girl! I’d love to spend more time tanning her behind… oh yes, he he… anyway, it’s a quirky no nonsense spanking film in a strange “COCK”tail bar that has weird seats and Xmas decorations up after the 12th day in which she she was repeatedly asked to remove them! Oh dear!!! Any excuse, eh?

Cocktail Bar Cock Up! 

Rosie 033

The latest movie at AAA Spanking

Hello again… as I promised, I would be back with news of the very latest film to come out at the site and it’s a bit special as we explored a dark theme, a non consensual fantasy of Jenna Jay being kidnapped (we filmed her getting overpowered with the aid of chloroform, attacked from behind) and with us next seeing her on film, stripped naked, tied to a punishment bench (very BDSM) and the kidnapper informing us that this video was being made for the benefit of her daddy so he might just cough up the ransom sum… just a Million Dollars for his precious daughter! & to help persuade him, a CP demonstration with some heavy straps, hairbrushes and other wickedness was carried out on the sore red quivering buttocks of a whimpering Jenna! Oh to add to her discomfort and shame, she was blindfolded and ball gagged! As I said – dark! We loved making this… and a behind the scenes spoiler is that Jenna DID agree to film this beforehand, so fear not! We didn’t actually coerce her, of course!!!


I liked this image so much I put it on my twitter account as the main picture 🙂

OK, what I have for you below are some images which are not yet released for members, the actual full size images (1800 pixels wide) will be out next week but members DO get to see about 100 video images at 1280×720 resolution (the ones I’m 1st showing below are a bit smaller) along with the full film straight away in HD-WMV or HD-MP4 (there’s a choice but the MP4 films are always so much clearer and better quality!)

ransom002 ransom006

ransom014 ransom018

ransom028 ransom045

ransom049 ransom052

ransom069 ransom071

ransom082 ransom090

Daddy’s precious little girl, Jenna Jay, was kidnapped and taken to a secret location where she was filmed in a most humiliating way. Stripped naked, bound to a punishment bench, blindfolded and ball gagged! This video was made with the sole purpose of upsetting her wealthy father into agreeing to pay the realistic and modest ransom of $1Million! This severe spanking and BDSM style punishment was just the start of her ordeal if daddy refused to pay up after viewing this horror! See what they filmed… and see why he stumped up the cash, no questions asked, rather quickly!

Images below will be available in a much larger format than shown here!

ransom01 ransom02


ransom06 ransom07


ransom08 ransom10

You can check out a FREE WMV preview clip of Jenna’s strapping HERE

The thing to remember in this film, which you can clearly see… is that Jenna can not! This added to her not being able to anticipate any of the whacks off the heavier implements like the thick 3 tailed leather strap which we have rarely used as most girls run a mile when they see it… or the heavy hairbrush/nasty stinging bathbrush that is also much hated… so the reactions are more pronounced and felt… even through the drooling mouth of Jenna… because remember… she was ball gagged throughout most of the movie except when it was removed for her to plead to her daddy to pay up or she’d get more and far worse!!!

Disclaimer: We’d like to think that if this had actually happened…
then Jenna’s father would have been suitably horrified and coughed up the money!

To prospective models, don’t worry, we won’;t kidnap you… honest!
Here’s Jenna smiling afterwards… I think through relief more than anything 😉

whoops… wrong pic (lol), that’s another of her getting that nasty looking 3 tailed strap! Yikes!


This film is also available as a one off download at the Clips Store right now 🙂




OK… to lighten this post a little, here is a pervy image of 2 girls kissing…
oh, and grabbing ass (very nice!)


Back soon! Regards, Chief. x

Spankings from America to Warm You Up!

Brrr! Stay warm and toasty where you can, my North American chums! The snow won’t last forever… here are some spanking updates with some great images produced in your home country to keep you folk going. Many of these are from quite recent updates that members of the various sites shown here can download in full.

Punished Brats have started producing the Discipline Box series and this one has a very stern and frightening Veronica Bound thrashing the hell out of frat brat Ten Amorette’s booty in the film “Frat Party”

frat1-1 frat1-2

frat1-3 frat1-4

frat1-5 frat1-6

frat1-7 frats2-1

frats2-2 frats2-3

frats2-4 frats2-5

frats2-6 frats2-7

Ten is busy chatting away with her friend again making plans to sneak out to a forbidden frat party. She is so engrossed in her conversation that she doesn’t hear Veronica approach and is caught shooting her mouth off. Veronica retrieves the heaviest strap in the discipline box to finally bring her niece Ten into line.

See this great movie HERE along with some other damn fine films with Veronica and Ten!


I’d have posted more tonight but got distracted (oh and my net connection played up YET AGAIN!!!)

If you want distractions then click out my Tumblr archive HERE (or click image below)

Saturday/Sunday Spankings pt2

Oops! I had tried to get in a 2nd post yesterday so have had to catch up today… the reason I was delayed is because of my fuckwit neighbour , who  it would appear has had his tag taken off if his present behaviour is anything to go by). he was put away after the vicious assault he carried out on someone who owed him money and of course our pathetic judicial system let him out on release 7 months into a 20 month term… and he had a further 10 months drink driving and other anti social prison terms to run concurrent (meaning no extra time added!) WTF? No wonder crime in this country is on the rise when the consequences are pitifully weak…

Tough luck, kid… something completely inane and random uploaded here for you!

 Anyway, rather than start off on a diatribe about this piece of scum that lives next to us (he has started bullying my partner and our other friendly neighbours) so we have already involved the police who were quick to act this time, I want the wanker put back in jail, we shall see if he continues to misbehave… but I never hold out much hope! Seriously though, what is wrong with some people?

& in other news, goat and sheep herders of Italy unite in their support against England in a crucial one off game to see who plays Germany in the semi finals… COME ON ENGLAND… we can beat these tax dodging sheep herding lotharios!

heh heh! & so on with the spanking updates I had promised you all!


Apparently Danielle is back in England, I’m not sure how many companies she managed to star with but I know that she is filming with someone I know over here for the 1st time so that will be interesting to see his results when they come out (I’m such a tease)… but if, like me, you wanna see MORE of Danielle, then please do check out this great film now showing between the wonderful Betty Blaze and our Dani as she is given a rude reminder of what happens to girls who keep Mistress Betty late!





Check out the early part of this film which shows you just what members have been viewing…

See the full film only from RealSpankings.com


The next couple of sites I’m showing are from some great films I watched again and I thought they really deserved a mention as they showcase the next 2 sites in question… so first up, from the aptly named Spanking Sarah – a really cool film with Sarah given a good hard thrashing with the leather paddle of a furious Mr Stern… now THIS is why I love this site so much… seeing Sarah told off and put in her place (which is rather difficult if you ever meet her, as she is about 6 feet tall!!!) I understand why she can scare half the girls she punishes just by towering over them!




You can ALL of Sarah’s severe & naughty punishments – as well as see her expertly dishing it out Right HERE


OK, here is one of my fave spanking stars from over the years, and what I think was her first ever time on film when she was just 18… Irelynn Logeen featured as a resident at Girls Boarding School getting some traditional spankings across the knee of Headmaster Tom in what were a really good set of films… so much so that I watched a few again and this one stood out and I’m sure I haven’t shown you any images from it until now but you’ll get the idea when you see how good this looks (it is, btw!)





Click HERE to see more of Irelynn and check out the very latest film previews


OK, that’s it for now, I have to ensure all my beers are chilled for the big game tonight!