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Behind the Scenes at AAA

Sorry I haven’t been around much here… I will get you plenty more updates later this week, but for now I wanted to report on another excellent shoot that I had a few days back and thanks to the weather, I shot my 1st outdoor scenes (at last!) although I soon learnt that filming under midday sun is rather a “no no!” with glare and other issues, I managed to get some stuff which I am sure the members will love over the coming months.

First up is a series of actual screen grabs I just peeked at from the un edited footage so it’s a peek at what the new cams I had invested in are doing, and doing rather well, I think! This will be a film called “The Wrestling Lesson” and co stars Zoe Page and Jenna Jay (making her return with us)



Anyone who has worked with Jenna knows the girl can NEVER (and I mean never) stop smiling! She is great to have around the set when things are going pear shaped (as it did in a previous film to this one where we had what seemed a dozen takes and took nearly and hour to make a 10-15 minute film… oops!)

& who else was with us… well, I think I may have already said previously that Aleesha Fox helped complete the line up, my 1st time working with her and she was great! I have to say, Aleesha’s bum does not mark up as easily as some despite my best efforts, but as she pointed out… “that doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t hurt”. & you will see what I mean… there were some incredible short no nonsense films with some hard canings (yes, a good old fashioned hard caning in school uniform as well as some interesting shots with Zoe.)

Below is an image from the infamous film which took an age to make… I hope when it gets edited it will be worth it 🙂 All images below are unedited and just reduced in size.

  One particular we liked of Zoe is her “Crazy Carpetbeater Lady” look!

heh heh! She was as scarey as she looked, totally insane… female trespassers beware!

As first Aleesha, then Jenna later discovered!


There were some nice scenes inside the house too as both Aleesha and Jenna end up over Zoe’s knee (again!)

There are plenty darker things we filmed too, like this kidnap and ransom film with Jenna (below)

Blindfolded and ball gagged, she doesn’t know her captors or the instruments used with painful effect as they make a film to her daddy for a $1M ransom… or the beating of his precious girl continues!!! Jenna was the 1st to ever take a hard dose of the 3 tailed heavy leather tawse… and to take it blindfolded too!!! This is one film I can’t wait to see myself 🙂


There were lighter moments too, as the girls played up to “Uncle Dave” in a fun naughty kitchen scene!

All this and more (much more) coming soon to AAA Spanking


  1. tim tim

    John it will be great to have the beautiful Aleesha ,she can take big spanks with lovely Jenna too wow you do spoil us with the little cuties ,and young Zoe with Jessica as the spanker,very nice ,you have built up a great site ,best from ,Tim.

  2. tim tim

    oh,got that wrong it is young Zoe as the spanker,it must be the heat ,best,Tim.

  3. LOL! Have an ice cold beer… I am 😉

  4. william william


  5. brad brad

    I just joined naughtydiapergirls and WOW…i absolutely 100% LOOOOOOVE it.
    Just love the humiliation along with some pretty good spankings….joined from her btw
    I just wanted you to know….my GOD, love this theme, but you know me right?…lol

  6. Brad, what did I say? lol… Glad you like Momma Clare’s “twisted” work 🙂

  7. brad brad

    OMG yeah i love this site, the camera wokr however at times can be a little shakey, but DAM..i love the role play sites ALOT.
    Clare ROCKS
    AAA spanking is next! Kami is my fav
    Does AAA spanking have the real cute blonde with pubic hair? Cant remember her name but i am all about pubic hair..TOO MANY baldies out there…lol

  8. which blonde is that, Brad?

  9. brad brad

    Hmmm, not sure but i remember she was in a scene via a school uniform, and she had a full bush…very cute.
    She really put her bottom up there so all could see she had a full bush.
    Pretty sure it was on AAA?

  10. brad brad

    Chief, i may have been mistaken…the cutie with the full bush was on another site i think? She was really cute, but will let you know if i find it. You featured her on here once away back i think..

  11. No problem, I am a fan of “the bush” too but so many girls stay bald, sadly. Jenna Jay and Dani Hunt are 2 that are natural

  12. brad brad

    Chief, i found the girl i was talking about.
    “Masie Dee” remember her? So cute…and when she is spanked, she cries wonderfully….love her:)
    Brit Spank features her

  13. Ah… Masie! I certainly know her, would love to work with her and will do, so will ask there is some bush down there 🙂

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