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6 of the Best

It’s anothing depressing day here in the UK, weatherwise, I mean… another torrential downpour has meant I can not go into our garden and mow the overgrown lawn once more unless I want to play with mud and the anthills (ants love this mild soggy weather!). I have been inside watching our Olympics team , on the whole, do us proud. Our little island nation sitting 3rd, currently in the medal rankings, which is pretty much unprecedented, it won’t last, but who knows? 6 Golds yesterday, and one in an event that I thouyght we’d never win… the 10,000m Mo Farrah… your last lap was AWESOME!) & of course all round Hepathlete and pin up babe, Jess Ennis, got her Gold medal this time after being unable to compete in Beijing 4 years ago! So to celebrate the 6 Golds we got yesterday to add to our tally, here is a 6 of the best feature, where you will get to see 6 Hi Res images from each of the sites I have visited and I will let you bask in their glory!

A rather fit looking Tara is first up in the 6 of the best feature today!

The Dare – Starring new girl Tara From




Tara ran through the boy’s locker room on a dare and came face to face with the head coach. Her little stunt doesn’t seem quite so funny when she is over Mr. Pierson’s knee getting her bare bottom spanked. Tara is left bare bottomed to kneel in corner time and consider her actions.

See some free preview clips of this stunning girl’s punishment HERE


 Roxy is made to watch tearful Allison’s strapping… from




A very tearful Allison takes the strap in front of a shocked Roxie
The full image set and movie can be viewed HERE


Ivy is bent over and given a severe caning by the Dean at Real Spankings Institute




See all the latest spanking punishments from the infamous Real Spankings Institute


Beautiful Brandi in an awesome form from a great film of her “Spread Eagle” hairbrush punishment!




Brandi has her own site (awesome to the extreme) which you can see HERE

The good news is if you purchase site access to Brandi’s site you also get acces to Jessica’s site (below) and this might help persuade you to think twice about the very reasonable entrance fee since thses 2 sites (and 2 more) have archives stretching back over 10 years!!!

Jessica gets a tearful punishment after school!




Check out more of the beautiful jessica and her severe punishments HERE

The above 2 sites can be purchased seperately and you get to see both as part of a 4 site package

You can also see all the Real Spanking Network sites at one place with a special pass
See the banner below for more deatils on the money saving deals available


I had to go to work in between writing this and watching theawesome 100m race tonight – Usain Bolt, you legend! 🙂

Back with more spanking updates very soon! Chief


  1. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Meanwhile McKayla Maroney looked like she needed a good Spanking for her behavior during the medal ceremony. She still won silver for goodness’ sake!

  2. Must be hard when everyone is telling you that you were a “shoe in” for Gold! I’d spank her regardless 😉

  3. Walter Eckert Walter Eckert

    This is a gut Site.
    Wounderful Pictures.

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