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Awesome Spankings & Other Eye Popping Punishments!

Well, after the OMG Cat had a right eyeful of Amelia yesterday… now I feel it is YOUR turn to have your eyes out on their stalks as I have been busy replacing mine after viewing some of the raunchiest, sexiest and damned interesting spanking movies out in a while and I know I promised you I’d be reviewing some of Clare’s sites today… and that would definitely include some of her stuff but I hadn’t checked out her sites so apologies if you were hoping for some Fonda fondling, groping, humiliation and bare assed spankings, it’s coming… but just not today! So what made the Chief’s undergarments rumble in anticipation of fine spanking interwebual content? Please read on… I have to warn you some of this is, as the title suggests…. simply awesome! & I have free clips and am not afraid to dazzle you with them! 🙂

So let’s start with Samantha Woodley – one of the best, brattiest, beautiful spankees out there and in that blue “Firm Hand” Uniform, she is simply stunning… this time she tried to escape the Reform School but Mr Strickman carries her in on his shoulders… up to her room and throws her on the bed for a sensational OTK spanking, trapping her flaying legs with his, pulling down her white panties and giving her “what for” A special Free clip and HQ Images are below – NOW *that* is what I call a spanking! *swoon*





Check out ALL of Samantha’s fantastic movies & the very latest new updates HERE


I thought to myself, “how do I follow that?” Well, it’s simple as I spent most of this morning getting my fill of my favorite redhead Amber getting yet another sensational and highly erotic spanking… this time, not by her partner, her Daddy… (although I hope they feature her soon getting a proper “Man Spanking” again) but there’s a great role reversal after the FemDom extravaganza I showed you last week of Amber topping redhead Jolene – so if you missed it, you can see this HERE (and I recommend you DO NOT miss it). What you’ll see below is from a collection of films of Amber in her familiar webcam role being spanked, humiliated and punished by Jolene under the orders of one of Amber’s regular online clients as they perform a private show and I have to say he has some fine taste in what he’d like to see happen to Amber… as you’ll see below! Images and clips are all courtesy of

The web client tells Jolene to blindfold Amber so she can’t see what he wants Jolene to do… and that is to play with Amber’s pert titties, slapping them, lightly spanking her teats and then using the nasty clamps and ice cubes on her hard aching nipples whilst spanking her kneeling up… a good start if I say so myself! 🙂




There are a lot of exploratory themes of various feelings of pain and pleasure, combining the two, allowing Amber to experience them both and so on (like the nipple treatment earlier) and the various hand spankings, paddlings and soothing treatments of  Amber’s increasingly aching red bottom too! Whether it’s to prolong her punishment… I can only guess, but of course this is about pain and pleasure and the final part is something to behold… Jolene plays with Amber’s excited kitty-kat using her favorite big vibrator and eventually brings her off to a shuddering, smouldering climax which viewers of the movie will get to see clearly! I’m not going to show the moment Amber cums (that’s unfair to those that supported her and paid for a site membership – and “fucking hell”, does she cum!!!) members will see her writhing and jerking herself off in a long drawn out satisfying orgasm that can not fail to arouse the tiredest of tiny trouser snakes! Again, there is the pleasure and pain thing too, I’m guessing that Jolene was told to keep pressing that vibro on Amber’s aching throbbing clit as her amazing orgasm finished…. and ladies, you *know* just how excruciating that can be, eh? So was it a ruined orgasm? (which would be so naughty and unfair) It’s hard to say unless I asked Amber personally… but after what she went through and to get her pent up release, I’m gonna guess that she might have preferred to have been caned rather than take that afterwards as that must have been pleasure overload which would be really uncomfortable! Yikes!



Either way, I have an additional clip of Jolene briefly playing with Amber below so you get the idea and the build up of what’s “cumming” but members of can watch the full Wmv or HD Quicktime movie in full and witness something special! “I have Wood” is a massive understatement today! 🙂


See Amber getting it good at her original site & her Special Offer for both spanking sites at


I do love seeing girls in the buff getting spanked, preferably in a vulnerable OTK position – and that is precisely what the good folk at have come up with in their first upgraded Wmv and MP4 format film “Dancing Naked” with a very trim, toned Angelina who I must admit I had never viewed with such lustful eyes before until now…. and my poor peepers are indeed strained and bloodshot after what they have recently witnessed so all I can say is check out this tomed beauty and what is, I think, a PB debut for Mistress Azul who is spanking the naked Angelina over her lap! I likened her locks to that of Medusa’s, but I meant no disrespect other than she is a rightfully a frightening character and this is a great visual feast which I hope you’ll agree with. I have also got you a special free preview which you can see just how Angelina wriggles and squirms over Azul’s lap! Mmm!




See MORE of Angelina getting a hard embarrassing spanking HERE


Remember “Hovel Man”? He is the one that deals with poor Sami in his “Deliverance style” woodshack or woodland cabin as he sees fit… & this time the poor girl has only gone and gotten all the food eaten by pesky racoons… so it’s an outdoor punishment in the woodland gloom where no doubt no one will hear her rather loud shrieks of pain… bent over the old pick up truck which so eerily reminds me of those beat up wagaons I’d expect to see in horror flicks like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or “The Hills Have Eyes” and so on… Sami really ought to choose her friends more carefully, methinks! Check out this excellent belting though… and there’s a fantastic free clip which I implore you to check out as it highlights just how pissed off “Hovel Man” really was (or hungry… or both!)







Staying outdoors and with Mr Masterson’s RNS Network briefly… I am starting to appreciate just what a solid punishment his girls get, whether they are foolish enough to try and sneak in some sunshine on his garden patio… or face a severe and humiliating full bottom exposure at the Institute… because he thought they deserved such a punishment… well read on and be prepared for more eye popping moments!

OK, it’s warm and sunny and the last thing you’d expect would be Mr M and a strap to appear and thrash the living daylights out of you… what a bummer, but this is precisely what happened to poor Frankie who thought a spot of sunbathing might help soothe the pain of her last thrashing… but as you’ll see from the movie stills, she was in no position to resist, naked as the day she was born and so vulnerable laying there… an easy target with a very cute butt that Mr M could not resist punishing once more!





See MORE of Frankie’s addictive punishments at


& finally today, as I had mentioned, ever present, Lila (who I highly rate as one of the best sub spankees out there!)… and her partner in crime this time, Ivy – have a rather unusual and cruel punishment where the Dean, Mr M, had the girls waiting and undressed, stood up facing away from him doing their cornertime with their cheeks held wide apart for him to be able to see what they were made of. This is a rather humiliating start to the punishment for their continual dresscode violations… and it only got worse as both girls had to precariously balance on 2 chairs, kneeling awkwardly on them, bottoms stuck out whilst they received a rather intimate spanking with them knowing his eyes were burning into the view that their exposed bottoms and privates gave him! To add to the shame both girls could see the other being punished and at the end they were made to pull apart their cheeks for a final inspection… girls at this Institute would do well to avoid the wrath of Mr M! Images below are taken directly from the film!






You can see so much more of this recent addition to The Institute HERE (don’t miss it!)

Both the above sites can also be viewed at the excellent value 8 site RealSpankings Pass


Finally today, I’d just like to mention a blog I have just seen and it stars a real life amateur spanko (I hope, and it’s not someone pretending to be one…) so I’d like you all to pop over to her little blog when you have time and check her out for yourselves. She’s a real stunner I’m sure you will agree, her blog details her spankings, her thoughts and of course a few nice images of her too! Check out “I Get Spanked” HERE

Yup, even the OMG Cat had a look! Me-owww! Bad kitteh!

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