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Java Drama at

Just a quick update to let you know that the latest F/F film to go up at is out now in full to download and has an interesting line up with new girls Audrey (as the spanker) and Brittney, the possessor of an amazing firm bubble butt that just cries out to be bared and spanked (as you’ll see!)

When I first saw the title, I thought it was something about the pesky software (like a java script or something) – but no, it was closer to home and in my comfort level as it was all about spilt coffee in the workplace! (Ah, that’s more like it to a technophobe like me!)

Java Drama : An Employee Relations Manual

Brittney carelessly spilled coffee all over important legal documents and sheepishly reports the incident to her boss. Audrey has had it with Brittney only causing more work for everyone and uses the old punishment strap to teach her a lesson. You will see this strap do its trick as the worn leather licks into Brittney’s rounded flesh causing her to yelp out loud in pain!





Check out this full punishment video now available to view HERE

“Ouch! Audrey really whacked me hard with that punishment strap!”


They are also having a competition to get you guys to decide on a storyline, which kind of stole my thunder as I was going to announce something similar as I can now confirm at least 2 girls I will definitely be working with and am excited to say that both David (from Punishedbrats) and Greg from BunBeatingFun should will be there too

Oh, and the girls?

Joelle Barros and Ashley Graham


I can not wait!!!

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  1. tim tim

    John i believe young Britney is playing Audreys naughty little cousin ,best ,Tim.

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