Following the recent childish phenomenon where people on forums demand to see “Tits or GTFO” (get the f*ck out) in reply to something… I thought I’d add my own childish slant on it and demand to see ASS instead… or in this case, some very cute girls from Japan helping me out as well as the usual delightful spanking suspects. I have discovered for you, possibly one of the best artistic sites out there, (based on Japanese girls) which has been revamped (I have long admired this site) and the main image in this post and what follows showcases the start of my short post today!

So… the 1st site is called – I had seen many gravure type sites in the past including this one, until they revamped the website into what it is today. It usually portrayed beautiful girls (from Japan) but the images were largely censored or they wore such tight teasing panties or leotards/swimsuits etc… however, that has all changed as the philosophy at this site is that nude uncensored “gravure” celebrates the natural beauty of a girl… that ” the female form, naked… is not vulgar” and if you take a look at some of their superb photography, I think you will understand what I mean. I have chosen some actual size images followed by some promotional galleries which highlights some of what they are about, to give you an idea… if you want to celebrate some beauty, even imagine that these girls offering up their beautiful bottoms for the camera should be spanked (as I have… ahem… done) and also want to see their “natural” beauty… then check out the following images and gallery links!

ASS… or GTFO 🙂



OK, those are some actual size images that members can see, the below are thumbnails to some promotional galleries, the images are reduced in size, but I hope you get the idea… just click on any lady you like the look of…




Check out the very latest hot Japanese girl updates HERE


Some favourites of mine from Cutiespankee first of all… as some of the cutest girls on the planet get a spanking that we know they deserve from the mothers, teachers and work colleagues that can’t resist punishing these beautiful things for our viewing pleasure!

This is the film where mother discovers her daughter is wearing slutty knickers to school!


The 1st of a few of my faves of this beauty – in this film she gets a paddling at home


Fortunately she never learned her lesson after receiving a poor report from school – yet again!


& here is the latest film offering as an invitation to her friend’s is cut short for a Home Punishment instead!


You will only be scratching the surface of the bountiful films of girl on girl discipline at this site. As I have said before, I get more searches for my blog under “Japanese Spanking” than any other term as I have always championed this genre as it’s just awesome. You know me by now, I will never knowingly promote anything I think is “toot” (tm Lord Sugar) <<< sorry, English injoke there… I think you will understand that I am saying I let you in on what I like to watch myself and hope you do too 🙂

See the extensive tour pages and the latest FREE video previews HERE


 & of course I couldn’t let you leave without seeing the other infamous and equally amazing girl/girl spanking site from this country – – their philosophy is just that… hand spankings (usually over the knee) of exclusive and beautiful girl next door types including the roles we love to see, mother/daughter, workplace and school discipline scenarios. & their English sub title translations in the actual movies are near perfect… which always helps and is no distraction whatsoever. below you will find the latest film followed by a recent fave of mine.


Security Guard, Erica, is caught smoking during her patrol by bank employee, Ai. She has no choice but to accept her punishment from the employee: a bare bottom spanking on her bare bottom or the pictures of her smoking inside the building get circulated: A classic blackmail spanking scenario, to the obvious delight of Ai!




See the FREE Preview clip of this spanking film HERE


Hikari’s stepmother is a predatory spanko that finds any excuse to punish her new daughter’s plump and inviting puppyfat bottom. So when Hikari comes home from school late and loafs about in her room, Stepmother finds the perfect excuse of yet more “disobedience” to remove this schoolgirl’s panties and give her another good hard spanking to “teach her a lesson”.

I liked this film because I quite fancied the delightfully perverse stepmother, Maki, who you can see featured in many other films at




Check out all the very latest girl on girl spanking punishments at


I’ll be updating all my blogs, including this one again on Sunday with some extensive updates, so don’t go too far! have a great weekend everyone 🙂

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