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Spanking! Spanking! Spanking!

Today is a “Banzai!” of an update, I have decided to cover as many sites as possible and will do this over the next couple of days, I have also featured a hot new spanking model on the West Coast called Jenny Sativa at this blog post HERE covering some of her many new films from the Clare Fonda Pass network. take a look later after this post if you have lots of time to view some great spanking pictures etc.!


Back to Today… let’s get on with the Spanking updates that I am starting this week with.

So starting with some girl on girl spanking from Japan… it has to be an awesome recent full film update from Hand-Spanking.com that I bring to you. The girls are always super cute and you will see much more of this site featured here now that I just renewed my membership so I can advise you what films are worth watching… right now I’m playing catch up at this site and have been impressed with their update schedule, it is fairly relentless bringing out a new film on average at least once a week! This one is called: “Reflection Notebook” starring teen spankee, Maria, as the girl on the receiving end of a spanking by mother.

a20-02 a20-08 a20-09 a20-18 a20-21 a20-24 a20-26 a20-27 a20-35 a20-39 a20-40 a20-44

Maria has been obligated since her childhood to write her reflections in a notebook when she breaks her promises to her mom and gets a spanking. And now she is over her mom’s knee.

Check out the free clip previews now showing on the extensive tour pages


From Firmhandspanking.com – some of you may have seen the return of awesome teen Kylee Anders… here’s some of her most recent work coming from the new “Au pair”series.

au_pair_d004 au_pair_d007 au_pair_d010 au_pair_d017 OTK spanking Kylee Anders is spanked OTK bare ass spanking Kylee Anders is the spanked Au pair

Welcome back our hottest new model of 2014, college beauty Kylee Anders. Bratty attitude has her pert bottom over Jonny Stockton’s knee, gym shorts and panties down, for a long, bare spanking in Au Pair, boobs popping out. Awesome slow-mo replay!

au_pair_e002 beautiful teen Kylee Anders teen au pair cropped on her bare bottom spanking and cropping au_pair_e011 a riding crop spanking au_pair_e019 clutching her sore red ass

Sneaking into her boss Jonny Stockton’s bedroom earns gorgeous Au Pair Kylee Anders a stinging taste of the riding crop. “Pulling my pants down, it was painful!” confesses Kylee off camera. Watch her facial reactions in slow-mo replays for proof.

Catch up with Kylee’s new series as well as the free to play clips – << Click Here >>


At SpankAmber.com you can see a whole series of films with a girl she played with called Anna – Amber always gets herself a whole bunch of girls you won’t find elsewhere and I felt bad that I haven’t showcased Amber’s site in a while as it is amazing! I love what she has done over the 8 years or so since she started up her sites with her Daddy and Amber has progressed into webcamming successfully – as well as owning one of the most original spanking sites out there and of course her archives are immense (well, they would be after 8 years!)

Check out a typical spanking session with her sidekick, blonde Anna, in this steamy spanking update. Anna really enjoyed getting spanked and sexually aroused by Amber… guess what, so did I! #TrouserArousal

anna001 anna002 anna003 anna004 anna005 anna006 anna007 anna008 anna009 anna010 anna011 anna012

See what Amber has been getting up to & access her 3 site network HERE


Nurses… I love their uniforms, I love seeing them dishevelled and getting spanked in them… however there is one person who has the ultimate kink for authentic nursing uniforms (in fact one of his core kinks) and that is my good friend, Paul Kennedy, who just so happened to feature this recently at NorthernSpanking.com (surprise!) it stars Aleesha Fox giving Ella Hughes a hard seeing to in this picture story you can download along with the humongous archives that makes up this site!

Ella Hughes Aleesha Fox spanking nurses spanking over her panties a hard hand spanking pulling her panties down spanked on the bottom girl girl otk spanking

Ella is relaxing in the nurses quarters after a long shift on the wards when her room-mate and colleague Aleesha enters, clutching a small bottle of tablets. The small bottle of tablets Ella remembers, in horror, that she forgot to give to Mr Atkinson on his discharge. Ella has given Aleesha the opportunity she has been looking for for weeks; the opportunity to get her hands on her room-mates peachy little bottom, to take down her knickers and give her a spanking.

See MORE hot, erotic and authentic spanking updates, stories and films HERE


More uniforms next in a complete double film update for members at Spanked-in-Uniform.com for those, like me, who have a Flight Attendant uniform fetish… this awesome two girl punishment should satisfy your needs, it is the 40 film in this niche (and remember there are up to 17 uniform sub sections). Check out “The Flight to Tenerife”

europe_ep39_4 europe_ep39_5 europe_ep39_7 europe_ep39_9 europe_ep39_10 europe_ep40_1 europe_ep40_5 europe_ep40_6 europe_ep40_7 europe_ep40_10 europe_ep40_11   europe_ep40_16

On one of the holiday flights to Tenerife, stewardesses Scarlett and Sidney (the new 19 year old), made a real mess of things. They were late serving drinks & forgot the safety presentation. The passengers complained and Air Europe CEO, Mr. Johnson, told them he would punish them personally and the second part of that punishment there was a surprise! Both girls were thoroughly warmed up with a hard bare bottom spanking then Mr. Johnson put the naughty flight attendants in an unusual and embarrassing position so he could strap their bare bottoms together at the same time. The final humiliation was that the leather strapping was filmed and part of it broadcast via the inflight video system for the return flight from Tenerife so all the complaining passengers could see that the girls had been suitably punished!

See more of the various uniform spanking updates HERE


Here is a good film that has appeared at Punishedbrats.com this past week – called “Chores” – it stars Lexi Ellis & Adriana Evans. Lexi is one of those girls I haven’t worked with but hope to do so soon (with Sarah, of course), who has already filmed with her and LOVED her… you will love this film too!

choresvg1-22 choresvg1-92 exposed bare ass and pussy choresvg2-71

Here are is a selection of images taken directly from the film (above) & stills cam (below)

chores2-11 leather strapping on her bare ass chores2-41 chores2-51 chores2-61 sore red bottom

It was Saturday, and Lexi had been told to finish her chores before even considering going out. Undeterred, Lexi attempted to sneak out but was caught in the act by her big sister. An already exasperated Adriana decided to give her baby sis a lesson with her grandfather’s razor strap. After Lexi’s punishment with the razor strap was over Adriana placed her incorrigible little sister in the corner with her red, bare bottom on display. The usually rebellious Lexi only wanted the sting in her bottom to go away, but no matter how she jiggled and rubbed it wouldn’t.

See the latest hot spanking films at Punished Brats – still from only $17/month


Finally today… from Spanking Server – Heidi spanked and strapped 2 girls recently that I loved seeing… there are plenty more F/F videos like this with an amazing array of talent you don’t see elsewhere. Go check out the ever busy Server website and see for yourself what is on offer today! Girls featured here today are Sara R – followed by Candy…

Sara R – Strapped on the bare bottom (features close up shots of her spanked ass & walltime)

sserver001 big wobbling buttocks sserver003 bubble butt sore wobbly ass sserver006

Candy – OTK spanking in nurse’s uniform & reflection time on the bench

sserver007 sserver008 nurse OTK spanking sserver010 exposed butt and peeping pussy bent over after her spanking

More F/F punishments of hot east European girls can be found HERE


Okay… I’ll be back tomorrow with a whole bunch more of hawt spankings so don’t go far! For the 85% of you working for the weekend to come, you got over Monday… only 4 more days to go 🙂



Don’t forget… There are now DAILY updates at the AAA Spanking Library store!


8 Images or Less Spanking Round Up

Once again, I have been incredibly busy outside of our little spanko world… and try not to ignore this blog, however it is hard sometimes to try and update as I do. So here’s a quick synopsis of what is out there, or what I have caught up with, this week. I will get you much more tomorrow but for now this will have to do as I shall be out later at my local theater with friends and family.

Let’s start with SpankingSarah.com and the conclusion to the Care Worker Spanking… as the other girl, Belle, finds out it is HER turn to go over Sarah’s lap!

npp7115004 npp7115007 npp7115009 npp7115018 npp7115019 npp7115020 npp7115025 npp7115027

After witnessing the punishing spanking handed out to Luna, Belle is not so sure now that she wants to go over the knee of the head trainer. She has little choice and this is made quite clear to her so she places herself over the knee. Her uniform dress is raised and the spanking starts, on her panties first and then onto her bare bottom. How can someone’s hand hurt so much? And she knows this will be a long punishment.

Watch more of the very lovely Belle Calder’s spanked bottom at SpankingSarah.com


Sarah also helps out (a lot) at her hubby’s website English-Spankers.com and of course they have worked with both Ashleigh and Ella a lot in the recent past so it is good to see this concluding part to a double punishment when it is redhead Ella’s turn to get a leathering…

npp7056006 npp7056009 npp7056012 npp7056013 npp7056015 npp7056017 npp7056021 npp7056022

After Ashleigh has been punished the truth of the situation comes out, the real culprit is Ella and so now she will get the worst punishment she could imagine. Both Sarah and Ashleigh take leather paddles to her bar bottom and give her an all mighty paddling, nothing is held back here she takes the hard paddle time after time on her bottom. The punishment does not end till she has tears in her eyes.

View lots more films of both Ashleigh & Ella HERE


NorthernSpanking.com features one of my all time fave models to work with – Jenna Jay. Paul and I filmed with her early last summer at a fantastic location and this place just had “institution” screaming to be used all over it. So Paul had written some short films featuring Borstal (a feared young offendor’s institute for girls and boys from the past which was a sort of precursor to prison if the offenders didn’t shape up). Here you’ll see Jenna getting her introduction to Borstal from supervisor, Mr Kennedy.

NSI128-PJ002 NSI128-PJ004 NSI128-PJ014 NSI128-PJ017 NSI128-PJ021 NSI128-PJ028 NSI128-PJ030 NSI128-PJ031

The second in a short series of films imagining the kind of young offenders institutions that did once exist in the UK, with horribly wicked staff taking any and every opportunity to inflict corporal punishment on the unfortunate but equally wicked female inmates. This one sees the return of a seasoned offender to have her bottom strapped by Kennedy, The Supervisor.


Ok, I’m being somewhat derailed by the lovely Jenna for the moment:  but I am currently lining up this film (I have featured below) from AAA Spanking which had not gone up in HD formats at the AAA Clip Store so something is being done about that… it should be showing in the next few days there. Or of course you could view it as one of the many films with the lovely Jenna (and the unique pairing of Taylor Richardson) in a popular film called “Housework Hoes” from the Domestic Discipline section.

housework005 housework036 housework039 housework046 housework069 housework076 housework079 housework087

Jenna & Taylor have been employed on a very generous contract as cleaners for an eccentric recluse, Mr Jackson, who pays them way over the odds as maids to do all the menial housework chores. However, there is a drawback to being so well paid for such easy work… if he is ever displeased with their cleaning he has the right to “punish” them as he sees fit… the girls are quite worldly wise & well aware of his eccentricities & kinky nature so accept his spanking punishments as part of their job without question. Join us as we see yet another day in which these 2 lazy & rather naughty girls are caught out yet again & given a more humiliating spanking, this time in front of each other for the 1st time! Mr Jackson has his hands full with these 2 naughty maids, but we somehow don’t think he minds that much… OTK lovers will enjoy this double girl M/F/F punishment film.

The WMV file to this film has also been upgraded in the members area HERE



From Spanked-in-Uniform.com comes a new girl, Mandy… who I like a lot so far. here she is in the catholic school uniform spanking section… and a tray of hardened peas awaits her end of punishment too!

The Facebook Photo At the Bellview Catholic Schoolgirl section

episode10_P1010341 episode10_P1010343 episode10_P1010346 episode10_P1010351 episode10_P1010354 episode10_P1010356 ep10_11 

While the Headmaster was talking to a few girls on the playground during recess, a picture was taken in which Mandy clearly gives the headmaster the finger behind his back. The little madam decided to post this photo on her Facebook page but the Headmaster found out. Mandy was called to his office and she was soon over his knee getting her bottom soundly spanked! She also had to kneel on the punishment tray for a while after which the Headmaster took a photo of her well spanked red bottom and that pic appeared on Facebook as a warning to the other girls.



& finally today… Hand-Spanking.com I just bought a membership to this site (hadn’t seen anything of it for a good 4 or 5 months) and will be featuring more of what I have seen here again. It is the only active F/F Japanese spanking site and only features hands and no implements. Now I won’t pretend that the spankings here are the hardest, they certainly are not… but the girls, the sets and the way these spankees whimper and cry do it for me everytime as I love seeing Japanese girls spanked… this site has something about it and deservedly gets the final mention here today. A nice revenge style spanking with a younger boss getting her own back on an employee!

l18-13 l18-14 l18-20 l18-28 l18-45 l18-52 l18-55 l18-56

Remi, a veteran office worker, has a young, new boss Ayako. Since that day Remi has been given a stern, humiliating spanking day after day by the younger boss.

Continental Spankings

To balance things up on this side of “The Pond”, I wanted to kick start this coming weekend with a few varied and interesting spanking/punishment updates. I thought it only fair to bring you some spankings from the European mainland, followed by Mother Russia (even though I’m mightily pissed off with this rogue country’s increasing aggressive gestures to The West once more… sigh) and of course some incredible Japanese films which rounds off my brief rest of the world spankathon before concentrating on all things “American” and HAWT again this weekend!

I have a lot of catching up to do at Spanked-in-Uniform.com so I have concentrated this on one double film update (their most recent and eye catching) and will add their other recent film updates and news at my other blogs later today. If you check out the “Sexy Maid Cleaning Company” section then this is what you’ll currently find with 2 hot Dutch girls, Scarlett and Monique, providing us with a girl on girl spanking-fest!


Part 1 – the Mobile: Scarlett and Monique were sent out to clean an office and Monique caught Scarlett texting on her mobile instead of cleaning. Little Monique took matters into her own hands and gave Scarlett a sound OTK spanking followed by a hard slippering using her own shoe. Then she put Scarlett in the corner for a while before they got back to work!

ep6_3 ep6_4


ep6_5 ep6_8


ep6_9 ep6_12

Part 2 – the Mobile: Not long after Scarlett was spanked by Monique, Scarlett caught Monique in the Rec Room taking a break while the room was a mess. Time for revenge! She took little Monique over her knee and spanked her tight little bottom as hard as she could. Then Monique was bent over and she got the same nasty slippering followed by some humiliating cornertime too!

ep7_1 ep7_3


ep7_4 ep7_5


ep7_8 ep7_10

Check out more of these unique uniform styled spankings HERE



Next up is a gorgeous girl called Caprice who is making viewing ANY form of punishment at Spanking Server a real viewing pleasure… as you’ll see when Peter gets to pussy strap her in the Gyno chair… an incredibly erotic sight as you’ll see from these images taken directly from the film clip below!

caprice001 caprice002

caprice003 caprice004

caprice005 caprice006

caprice007 caprice008

caprice009 caprice010

caprice011 caprice012

Check out MORE of stunning Caprice exclusive to Spanking Server

Caprice2 (7)


Russians are far from my favourite group of people at the moment… they have an idiot representing their media (Dmitri Kisilev) a state sponsored homophobe and commentator on turning America and The West into Ash from a Nuclear attack  (what a fucking idiot and I hope his travel visas to our countries are revoked ASAP since he loves lording it up in 5 star luxury on his visits). I forgot to show you this fantastic commercial ad break that the UK’s Channel 4 TV station showed during the recent Sochi Winter Olympics… it was constantly played on virtually every ad break, much to me and my countryman’s amusement… this is why I despise closed and bigoted racist/homophobic regimes when we can put this out in the UK for fun, mocking Putin’s Russia – if you have never seen it… this then it will make you chuckle!!!

Cool, eh? LOL! Of course since this was made, Russia has annexed a 2nd area of a so called independent country these past 6 years (now it’s Crimea in Ukraine) and it starts to sound all too familiar from events preceding World War 2 when Hitler argued the same bullshit that Putin is now with repatriation of their native citizens into the fold… when does it stop? So will Putin decide to annex the Ukraine entirely or one of the Baltic states again? Who is next? But enough of this gay banter (see what I did there?) – I was thinking of boycotting certain Russian sites myself out of total disdain but I relented and so I can give you a rather cool and interesting punishment of Mara… scolded for getting so many new tattoos and told to get a decent meal before rationing lines return to Moscow if Kisilev gets his way and threatens our way of life in the (relatively free) West… feel free to check her out below – because we can!

mara001 mara002

mara003 mara004

mara005 mara006

mara007 mara008

mara009 mara010

mara011 mara012

Panties used as gags, humiliation, scolding, spankings and forced masturbation are just some of the methods used in this movie… it is a theme at SpankingThem.com which I don’t mind watching – you can see more of what is current HERE


Finally as promised, a Japanese schoolgirl spanking film with a twist, it’s a special 2 parter and the 2nd part has just been released so that is why I’m showing it to you now… it’s a “what if” when the pupils get their own back on their vindictive teacher who finds any excuse to spank and punish them after school has finished…. the girls eventually get their own back and to add to the teacher’s humiliation – they film it… in images you can see what happens to the girls and I have cut a short clip from the 2nd part where the girls have overpowered the teacher and are getting their revenge

Out now to download, Teacher’s Pet and Revenge of the Pets


o16-12 o16-15 o16-18

o16-22 o16-23

o16-42 o16-48

o16-36 o16-49 o16-56

Only from Hand-Spanking.com – the #1 website for ALL your cute Japanese girl spankings!


Tuesday Updates

I’ve been rather busy writing and planning elsewhere today, so I won’t bore you all with this and just catch up on some missing updates and new stuff you are gonna love!

A new film has just been released at Pandora’s excellent site DreamsofSpanking.com co starring the wonderful Lola Marie… getting a tawsing in some vintage Victorian style bloomers! Check out the free sombre clip and images which should whet your punishment appetites as it has mine!


Lola Marie is the scholarship girl at a Victorian school founded to educate promising young women. She works hard and tries to behave herself, but the rules are very strict and she keeps breaking them without meaning to. Normally she is clever or lucky enough to not get caught, but this time she’s really done it. She has formed a close friendship with one of the grooms from the stables, and they have been caught together. Lola finds herself standing in front of the schoolmistress Miss Blake, facing the ultimate sanction – corporal punishment.

Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl011 Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl024

Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl_BTS001_thumb Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl_BTS002_thumb Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl_BTS003_thumb

Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl034 Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl042

See all of the full film and the exciting image gallery HERE


More beautiful F/F spankings always come courtesy of the impressive Hand-Spanking.com – being a Japanese language site, it helps that the owner knows how to translate into English subtitles for the majority of us… it does help greatly as some of the plots at this site can be a little complicated, believe it or not… and we all understand the spanking actions and consequences, but it is nice to know what the dominants are saying as the poor victims plead and beg as we would normally expect! Take this very recent new film update… I love the authentic mother/daughter aspect that Japanese spanking sites ALWAYS get right every single time!

w13-05 w13-10

w13-14 w13-23

w13-27 w13-30

w13-34 w13-43

w13-49 w13-53

Taking advantage of her time off, Manami decides to go back home. However, she receives an OTK spanking from her angry mother who comes across her poor marks and finds her behaviour unacceptable…

You can see a free HD clip of this on the site tour pages, along with other recent movie updates for your perusal. CLICK HERE for more info…

handspanking - click here


I have a special treat for you from Firmhandspanking.com as I give you a double update since I missed them last week on my round up… this is from both sides of the Atlantic and features British beauty Belinda Lawson in the UK and new girl Tara Somerville given a harsh reminder paddling with a ping pong bat in California!

Belinda Lawson grabs her ankles for a 12 swat paddling
(in the Executive Privilege series -part H)

privilege_h002 privilege_h004 privilege_h005

privilege_h010 privilege_h017

privilege_h011 privilege_h015 privilege_h022

Stripped stunningly nude, secretary Belinda Lawson is punished for hiding Earl Grey’s paddle. His discipline is strict, his authority complete. Belinda has to strip and hold her legs, then her ankles for 12 bare swats with a wooden paddle in Executive Privilege

intern_cb002 intern_cb006 intern_cb007

intern_cb017 intern_cb018

intern_cb019 intern_cb012 intern_cb023

Beautiful newcomer Tara Somerville is back as The Intern in Mr Reed’s office for those perfect, jutting bare butt cheeks to be soundly spanked 71 times with a ping-pong paddle for disrespect. Hands on his desk, it’s a teeth-gritting spanking to remember!

View both these films IN FULL and check out all the films now showing HERE



There is another film starring newcomer Ally at SpankingServer.com – I still haven’t guessed her nationality yet, but she forces peter to speak to her in his broken English, which I like… and of course there’s nothing suspect about the strapping he gives her as it makes her eyes water as the leather licks into her sweet bottom! Check out these image stills and see for yourself what you are missing this week!

ally001 ally002

ally003 ally005

ally006 ally007

ally011 ally013

ally016 ally018

See MORE of Ally only from Spanking Server

Ally2 (4)


Finally coming to the stage for today’s updates there is a great girl fight spanking film from SpankingSarah.com – with Darcy Leigh and Bow Jangles (aka Kissy/Kissie etc)

npp5082005 npp5082022 npp5082038

npp5082048 npp5082058

npp5082067 npp5082068 npp5082073

Darcy & Bow are instructed to bake some cakes whilst Katie goes about her business. They soon get into a fight, throwing the ingredients at each other and making a mess of the kitchen. Bow decides it’s time she taught Bow a lesson and takes a spatula to her bare bottom giving her a real hard whacking and leaving it well marked. They are sure to get into more trouble but just what?

& if you thought Sarah has been neglecting her spanking and punishment duties… fear not as there is a terrific caning film coming out with Belle Calder with a gorgeous soft bottom which marks far too easily for the nasty cane! You’ll love the film!!!

npp6044010 npp6044017

npp6044023 npp6044034

npp6044039 npp6044045

Belle Calder is in more trouble. She says she has been in school all day but the truth will out and when it does trouble is not far behind. After a severe lecturing bell goes over the knee for a spanking on her white school knickers. These are then removed and the thing she fears most is about to happen. Her first caning. It is delivered hard, accurately and the pain seems to go on forever. Her bottom is left sore and well marked and she is close to tears.

Check out the HD previews of these films and more HERE


That’s it for now… but don’t forget tommorow at my site there’s a fantastic loving domestic bliss discipline films between Paul Kennedy and Alex Reynolds that you will not want to miss… it’s just full of “awwww!” and such… I’ll let you know more tomorrow 🙂



Oh… and do go check out these sites that I also run, I have found a great reason to update Barebottom.biz again and am really excited about the direction that will take… I have updated there the last 2 days and promise much more and it’s got some great stuff featured…

Also I have finally found a way for all mobile devices to view the Free Spanking Tube Site –  it’s only on the clips I have started updating the last month or so… as the others are uploaded in my pet hate – Flash… this will be a dead format in a few years (thankfully) but of course there is HTML5 which easily embeds data… so do go check it out, there’s a fair few additions the last couple of days if you wanna perv and play with my bandwidth and usage 😉

 & do not forget the other blog… it’s got a great F/F feature today that I highly recommend you go take a look at! (it’s very spanky and naughty!)

I will be looking at the designs and themes of these sites over the coming month as I need to bring them up to 2014 instead of being stuck in 2008! Exciting times! Good night everyone… sleep tight, see you here tomorrow with my new site updates 🙂

Bloggiversary Spankings!

7OK, it was actually the 13th December, and I thought it was the 16th… (I just went waaaay back and discovered the exact date) but still, it’s better to say something, even if a few days late than not at all… has it really been 7 years since I started this blog? OMG! I wonder what the next 7 years will bring… to all my loyal readers, thank you for sticking by me and checking out what I like in the world of spanking (and I guess what you do too…) so today, in catch up mode, I have a mega post for you… enjoy! I have no idea what I’m about to blog about so this should be fun and random,  let’s just enjoy the ride 🙂

You know I love seeing air hostesses (or flight attendants… that sounds so much more boring) in their uniforms spanked… so let’s start with a double feature from Spanked-in-Uniform.com which has another couple of naughty girls punished at Europe Air… the spankiest airline on the continent! (If only the staff at shitty RyanAir could get punished like this – sigh)

The English Lesson – parts 1 & 2


europe_ep31_3 europe_ep31_4

europe_ep31_6 europe_ep31_8



After a flight to Budapest it had become obvious that stewardesses, Adrienn and Timi, lied on their CV when they said they both spoke perfect English. Before Mr Johnson punished them properly for lying, he decided to give them an English lesson with the help of his hard hand and little paddle… then in the 2nd part (below)


europe_ep32_10 europe_ep32_3 europe_ep32_5

europe_ep32_6 europe_ep32_7

After the lesson, it was time to give the lying little madams their proper punishment. They were bent over the desk and Mr Johnson’s big leather strap turned their bottoms a fiery red. They were given each an “English for beginners” book and told to learn the first three chapters then sent on their way.

You can view the entire series of Air Stewardess spankings, along with all the other unique uniform punishment niches, at the aptly named Spanked-in-Uniform.com website!


From Japan, there are 2 sites you know I love very much… both are F/F spanking sites only and feature some of the most beautiful cute girls in some of the best schoolgirl costumes I have ever seen… mainly feeding my cosplay and schoolgirl spanking fetish, I guess (ahem) – so let’s take a peek at some recent updates from both sites for your (and my) visual gratification!

From CutieSpankee.com – “The Sunday Nightmare”

This beautiful schoolgirl recalls her worst punishment experience when she stayed out all night without permission. On her return, her mother had been waiting with a fierce look & she was immediately dragged into the living room for her first 100 strokes of the paddle!

smp_mom2_z2 smp_mom2_z3

smp_mom2_z1 smp_mom2_z7

smp_mom2_z4 smp_mom2_z6

smp_mom2_z5 smp_mom2_z8

See more schoolgirl & domestic punishments like this HERE


Those of you who know me will know that I don’t really do Xmas… it’s just not my thing. Too many unhappy memories, I guess. Anyway, my site won’t have a specific Xmas video this year, but it WILL have a special video that week that is fun but also incredibly sexy and pokes fun at me (for being stupid) and showcases 2 of my fave spanking models at the same time so I won’t follow the crowd and do a special theme this year ) even though I could have when you see the 2 girls in question… but you’ll have to wait for that announcement until later this week… nope, here is the 1st of the Xmas videos I have seen – and it is rather similar to what I filmed (bugger) as I had already made a “Stepford Wives” style spanking video (it’s being edited right now for next week) but I like this Japanese take on the season of (good?) will courtesy of Hand-Spanking.com

h13-07 h13-21

h13-23 h13-30

h13-38 h13-42

h13-52 h13-58

h13-61 h13-64

Chiemi and Ruka get the best Christmas present from Santa! Haruka is a pretty, living doll. The ladies take full advantage and give her lovely bottom a sound spanking! You will also note that the latest part , a revenge style spanking is now out when Santa is angry that Chiemi and Ruka have abused sweet, innocent Haruka. He orders her to get her revenge and give the naughty ladies a Christmas thrashing too!


Want to see more and the free previews? CLICK HERE

handspanking - click here


Greg at BunBeatingFun.com had emailed me ages back about this return spanking for the shitty model agent, Vivian, providing him with some real bratty girls with a poor attitude… well, this is one of the best double parters I have seen in a while, I was eagerly waiting for this women to get her comeuppance and I was not in the least bit disappointed! She gets a real hard thrashing across TMS-2’s lap and her reactions… and that jiggling red butt of hers are perfection! I really got off to this film, I know good hard OTK lovers will too! You may have seen some images already, so see them a little larger here – and get off and enjoy then go watch the full movie which is awesome!

01 02 03

04 06

07 14


It was a vivid red bottom for Vivian and this here lady didn’t like it one bit. But hey, she’s the money grubbing agent who sent some of her most troublesome models Greg’s way and for that alone this high highfalutin witch earned herself a truly royal butt blistering.

18 20

21 22 23

Check out the FREE long play clip now showing as well as access on how to view this film!



One site I have loved consistently since their inception over 7 years ago is Punishedbrats.com – having met David a few times (& I hope to again next year) I know that they have suffered from piracy and such… I think they are finally waking up to trying to protect their content a little more, it may have had something to do with their policy of just charging from S17/month which is incredibly cheap considering their members area has not been cropped or reduced in size with older movies removed and placed elsewhere as filler content or “classic” spanking sites like some sites have done in the past. Although this might a good practice to divide up larger sites and make older content available as a “classic” for the first timers… right now, Punishedbrats.com continues to offer everything they have done over the past 7+ years in one place. I hate to think what their hosting bill for such content is… as I have to upgrade my own server soon and it will cost quite a bit, which is a worry… but these things happen as sites develop and grow!

I have quite a spanking crush on Audrey, as I have stated in the past (just look at her amazing bubble butt!) and the new punky and feisty brat next door look from Kayleigh-May is a winner for me too… you just know she is gonna get it good everytime she brats, answers back and gives some sass to her elders and those she is pissing off! So check out both ladies below in 2 contrasting storylines:

“Respect your Elders” : with young brat, Kayleigh May & mom, Beverly Bacci




respect2-3 respect2-5 respect2-6

Kayleigh is not happy to be back in Dr. Bacci’s office and rudely tells her father what she thinks about it all. Dr. Bacci quickly gets the brat under control and ready for her second therapy session. While Dr. Bacci discusses Kayleigh’s behaviour and gives her some encouragement to make better decisions, she straps the naughty brat’s bottom to ensure the message hits home!

Below is one reason why I love Audrey getting spanked so much… a perfect trim waist and a fantastic bubble butt!


There is a new Audrey & Pandora film with lazy Audrey caught out lounging instead of finding work…

“The Job Search”

job1-12 job1-22 job1-32

job1-71 job1-62

job1-52 job1-42 job2-6

Audrey claims she is filling out online job applications but Pandora catches her red handed playing silly computer games instead! She’s clearly not taking things seriously and is in need over another trip over Pandora’s knee. You can see the full film HERE


Here’s a site you’ll see a lot more of getting featured. It covers a niche that Sarah Gregory & Dana Specht have all to themselves – MommaSpankings.com – you can join this site seperately or as part of the special 2 Site Pass to Sarah’s sites (much better value) via the Sarah Gregory Pass – banners and links to that at the end! Sarah’s real need to be punished like the naughty misbehaving girl she is shown perfectly in the many films and image galleries but this one recent film (to start with) shone for me as I really got off watching Sarah getting her punishment from Momma! Wow… it was hot!

I love seeing Sarah get punished for her messy room!!!! She knows the score by now!

momma-53-011 momma-53-025

momma-54-004 momma-54-015

momma-54-031 momma-55-005 momma-55-027

momma-55-036 momma-58-007

momma-58-012 momma-58-014 momma-58-018


When Sarah’s Mommy Dana comes to visit her in CT, she finds a very messy room. Sarah had promised to clean it and didn’t. Sarah gets another REAL punishment from Momma. Sarah is spanked otk with hand, then bent over for the strap and wooden “stick” before taken back otk for the wooden hairbrush. Poor Sarah, I don’t think she was expecting another REAL spanking from Momma. (this was a real hard tearful film, I promise you!)

There is also the new Xmas film available which you can see below with Momma Dana Specht and Uncle Givan…


See more here of  Sarah at the following sites and options…




That’s it for now, I am still waaaaaaaaaaay behind but I have to do some Xmas shopping now!

& remember kids…


No masturbating 🙂

Unexpected Spankings & Site Updates

soapboxrantHello everyone, I have had a really crappy day at work, I won’t explain in too much detail as to outsiders it’s pretty mundane but I have posted the patented warning of the “Chief’s Soap Box Rant” in case you want to move onto the update paragraphs instead (lol). Still here? OK… well, it just was not fun at work at all, and it is really grating at times…. why do those at the top think it’s ok to get by on not even the bare minimum of staff to cover various departments? We are overstretched and pissed off enough as it is… so when someone takes a “sickie” (older long term employees naturally have a generous contract that means they can take up to 3 days off without losing pay… I would lose pay until the 4th day, which is pretty crappy) as I said, those on those contracts are more prone to take the odd day off more than the rest of us. So now we have to work even harder and be grateful we have a job – I am utterly fed up with it. Also there’s a ban on overtime at the moment, well, getting paid to do overtime, yet “muggins” here is expected to ensure his dept. runs smoothly with new trainees & has to spend extra time, unpaid, covering that they at least know the basics *sigh*

Anyway, here’s some news of a site’s sudden return and some updates from around the world of spanking for you today – writing about this should cheer me up!

Imagine my surprise when I saw that a site that had got me addicted to all things Japanese has made a very welcome return to updating again… Cutiespankee.com is back and updating, they have a recurring membership option re-instated starting at just $21 then $19.95 a month (which is pretty good), which shows they are again filming and updating, and also they have upgraded their image sizes and film quality…. it’s good news as now I have 2 lovely japanese sites to once again perv over, the latest updates are below and i’ll let the images do the talking, they are rather beautiful, are they not?

A Punishment at home by mother who enjoys her girl is properly dressed and humiliated in a gym kit!

smp_mom2_y1 smp_mom2_y2

smp_mom2_y5 smp_mom2_y6

smp_mom2_y7 smp_mom2_y8

…then the very latest film just released and it’s a stunner… it’s secretary based and called “Red Badge”

smp_ol2_o3 smp_ol2_o5

smp_ol2_o2 smp_ol2_o6

smp_ol2_o7 smp_ol2_o8

All the secretary trainees at this place of work are fearful of getting the dreaded red badge from their section bosses – now I wish I could do this at my workplace, i might just enjoy the following procedure! The red badge is a sign telling everyone that she has made a mistake and everyone knows that she will be due a punishment in the private offices after work! Want to see more? Check out the very welcome return of this site HERE

cutiespankee - click here for more


trouser arousal

& of course the other fine Japanese site is Hand-Spanking.com – and this very latest film shows just why I love the Japanese sites so much, their attention to detail, the erotic hand spankings by females… if that’s not an excuse to get out my patented Trouser Arousal Alert banner out…. then what will? The English translation at this site is far better, which helps… but I have never really had a problem at the previous site either, I easily understand what is going on!!! By the way, today’s whole posting is damned hot as you will discover, so, gents, beware tight undergarments constricting parts you’d rather not have squeezed further…. and ladies, please check that your gussets are not too moist and uncomfortable – I can not be held responsible for any of these side effects from reading today’s blog post, thank you 🙂

OK, I am waffling… check out this film about cabin crew training with a twist!!! Misaki, a rookie cabin crew girl, receives a training from her supervisor Erica. Watch as Erica becomes furious with Misaki’s sloppiness and gives her the harsh spanking she deserves! (and look at those uniforms, ladies and gents, THAT is how you do flight attendant spankings, O-M-G!)


l10-10 l10-13 l10-24

l10-28 l10-37

l10-40 l10-50

l10-53 l10-57 l10-61

Check out the FREE HD Preview clip of this latest film HERE

handspanking - click here


Meanwhile in the UK… Sarah and her partner Mr Stern have been busy getting in some lovely new faces, some new to spanking, some not… but this new girl at English-Spankers.com is a real peach… please welcome Belle Calder, an attractive yet very lazy teen who soon learns a lesson in tidiness and manners from the put upon housemaid, Sarah Bright! I have to say, after reading Sarah’s blog HERE about her worries of how she looked previously, I hadn’t really noticed… but I fully understand her anxieties, I have those all the time about my appearance though I must admit I never try to upstage the girls where poss as I am well aware THEY are the reason people visit my site… I am merely a cheap stunt hand 🙂

npp6041004 npp6041014

npp6041024 npp6041034

npp6041054 npp6041057

npp6041060 npp6041065

npp6041077 npp6041087

Belle Calder is an unruly teenager and this is her first run in with the housekeeper. She is to learn that being untidy and cheeky around the house carries a penalty. In this case it is to be a bare bottom spanking, a very hard and well delivered spanking onto her tender bottom. This is her very first film and indeed her very first spanking experience – see the free clip of her punishment below!



A couple of amazing new film updates from the Fonda Group of sites run by Denn, The Cameraman… at Spanked Sweeties there is possibly one of the hottest mom daughter and sibling scenes I’ve seen, mainly because it stars some of my fave stalwarts from this group, Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards… along with Jenna Rose, last year’s Penthouse Pet of 2012! O-M-G! Seeing these girls getting a  spanking off their stern mother figure played by Syren de Mer is a visual treat! Check out some sample images below:

003 004

005 006

007 008 010

011 012 014

015 016

Beautiful Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Rose was spanked often growing up. Usually by her mom. Veronica Ricci plays Jenna’s young mom, who spanked her for leaving the yard. Syren De Mer plays Jenna’s mom when Jenna was a little older, and she got spanked along with her siblings, with the belt. Veronica and Kay Richards step in to play Jenna’s siblings. Amazing interview by Veronica goes over many descriptive childhood spanking experiences. One of the best Sweeties ever! CLICK HERE for the full film previews


Also within this fine group is this recent film update from Spanking Sorority Girls

001 002 004

006 007

008 009

013 015 016

Edanya and Cheyenne Jewel were supposed to make sure Senior Roxy Jezel got picked up. But they forgot. So they start spanking each other right on the stairs – until Roxy gets home and displays her anger by spanking each girl super hard with hand and hairbrush, first over knee, then bent over the ladder for some whacks with the large wooden pledge paddle. See ALl the very naughty, sexy and extremely perv-worthy spankings of these sorority girls HERE

Both sites are noteworthy on their own, but you will also be aware that they make up the awesome 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass network – giving you access to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined costings! (click banner below for the latest info on this!)


Ok, that’s it, I have pretty much managed to get you many updates, though not as many as I’d have liked. I am attempting to upload part 2 of the Lola Marie pee pee spanking film on my Clips Store – but it has been refused twice on upload at 85% which is frustrating… however, part one, which contains her peeing over my knee is already up if you’re only after the odd clip, don’t worry, it contains some good OTK spanking scenes too 🙂

Those in need of a spanking

I am in a foul mood at the moment, I just had a blazing row with “Er Indoors” over something so trivial, that’s what makes it so much more infuriating. I very nearly couldn’t be bothered to write here today, such is my (still) simmering anger… but as it hasn’t been updated in a while, I suppose I better write something and find some spankings that please me and seeing the girls punished appropriately! I suppose I could have just visited those sites that thrash the be-jeezus out of females and got off on that… but I thought better of that and instead found some interesting films from recent updates that I know you will appreciate… the first comes from Hand-Spanking.com and this Japanese site really has the spanking stories and filmography down to a fine art… I loved this story of “the timid mother” who employs a special councillor (or nanny) to help guide her in the way to spanking and scolding her bratty daughter… with the help of an assistant (a sort of stunt bottom), she is helped and guided through how to spank and what to say, but she’s hopeless… so she is taken over the lap of the mentor… and shown what it’s like… then she is given the chance to spank the assistant again after learning what to do. This time’s she’s ready for her daughter and when the very cute but bratty girl returns from school it’s not long before mother gets her chance to test out these new skills… and of course the results are visually stunning… fair play to “mom” – she really does a good job on her sassy daughter over her knee! I also liked the ending which had her mentor giving mother an approving nod at the end… excellent stuff as you’ll see from some choice images below!

l3-03 l3-06

l3-11 l3-16

l3-24 l3-29

l3-32 l3-41

l3-43 l3-47

l3-49 l3-v1 

Click here to view the FREE Movie preview Clip



Here’s a really cool film starring a guy I had met at Shadowlane… here in the film he’s called “Johnny” and plays a guy trying to get some sleep while these 3 brats next door to him are tearing up their room and making a racket… the sort of brats you don’t need when you need a good night’s sleep! He tries to reason with them but the girls think they can get him on side and invite him in… this only infuriates him and so he takes matters into his own hands… as you’ll see in this great long play film starring some cool girls that Sarah has at her site HERE including Isobel Wren & Stevie Rose!


003 011 016


002 004 011


006 007 012


Check out this full film and those featuring the lovely Sarah Gregory HERE

You might also want to check out her new site MommaSpankings.com (available seperately)

or access both sites at a handsomely reduced cost by clicking Sarah’s delightful cheeks on the banner below!



Next is a girl who I know could take a very hard punishment… this is an older film now featuring at Sarah Bright’s site which she admits she is rather pleased about showing, and I don’t blame her. It features Sarah Collins (Sarah is the name of the day so far, isn’t it? lol)… Ms Collins was able to take virtually any punishment, especially when it was at the hands of her real life master of the time, El Diablo… who is the spanker in this film (so you know he won’t hold back!) Sarah has an amazing body and despite having a few tatts here and there (which I of course always disapprove of on any girl as I’m a fuddy-duddy) these never really detracted from her fantastic physical form… as you’ll see below in this trouser arousing spanking imagery! Images courtesy of SpankingSarah.com

strand-mediagroup-npp525003 strand-mediagroup-npp525012

strand-mediagroup-npp525021 strand-mediagroup-npp525022

strand-mediagroup-npp525028 strand-mediagroup-npp526026

strand-mediagroup-npp526042 strand-mediagroup-npp526050

Check out the FREE Clip of this film shown above – now showing at SpankingSarah.com

click here to see more


Here is a site I haven’t featured in a while, but it’s one I still have a membership to… and getting access to one of her sites gets you access to all 3… for under $30 you are getting one of the largest archives from an independent and vastly under rated site of Amber, her Daddy and the naughty spankings she also gives her girls, many of who are totally unseen anywhere else (another charm to this site network) as well as a bonus site showing you Amber’s naughty web camming and modelling portfolio… enough of the superlatives… check out this lovely outdoor submissive film of Amber in period bloomers & girdle getting an outdoor spanking and breasts out punishment by her Daddy at SpankAmber.com

amber001 amber002

amber003 amber004

amber005 amber006

amber007 amber008

amber009 amber010

See MORE of Amber’s great work HERE!


Hmmm, talking of girls that should get it… here is one schoolgirl who would so infuriate me that I’d have to cold cane her. That sounds harsh, doesn’t it (lol) – but with so many name changes to this gorgeous model, I wouldn’t know what to call her in the morning “Registration”: Should it be Bow Jangles… Kissie or Camilla Scott (as she is known here) on the English update side of the Atlantic at FirmHandSpanking.com - She’s sassy, disrespectful – and 60 minutes late to school! Camilla Scott claims that she called the office to say she had car trouble. But Earl Grey knows she’s lying. It’s panties down for 60 strokes with a tawse across her bare bottom: the latest from the new series “A Perfect Education!”

education_c001 education_c003

education_c004 education_c010

education_c014 education_c016

education_c019 education_c022

Check out MORE of the schoolgirl Camilla Scott series as well as umpteen other updates HERE!



Ten Amorette is one of those girl you just have to spank… unfortunately, I didn’t get to film with her (yet again!) at the recent Shadowlane Party, we were both too busy filming or playing or doing suite party stuff or whatever busy popular ladies do!!! But she would sure get it if she crossed my path in future, rather like this film where she sneaks off from a school cross country run and hides out in a barn owned by *drumroll* … Sarah Bright! (this film was a cross collaboration between Sarah and Paul from Northern Spanking) anyhoo… would you want to run into Sarah… brandishing a riding crop??? Nope… me neither! Check out the results of this foolish incursion by Ten exclusive to NorthernSpanking.com

NSI112-ST006 NSI112-ST009

NSI112-ST016 NSI112-ST024

NSI112-ST052 NSI112-ST047

NSI112-ST039 NSI112-ST045

NSI112-ST057 NSI112-ST025

See the full film and MORE of Ten & Sarah’s work featured exclusive to Northern Spanking


Finally for today… from RealSpankingsInstitute.com – fair play to Mr M who takes absolutely NO CRAP off Alex Reynolds – she is punished outdoors at a time of his choosing and what was supposed to be a simple strapping got worse for Alex when she failed to hold position bent over… so the dean gives her an additional leather strapping on the fronts of her thighs (sat down) and across her bare palms of her hands… this was excruciating and brought Alex to tears as you’ll see below! the full films at this network are now filmed in 1280×720 HD and I have got these screen caps to show you just what action you can expect to see!

alextrapping001 alextrapping002

alextrapping003 alextrapping004

alextrapping005 alextrapping006

alextrapping007 alextrapping008

alextrapping009 alextrapping010

alextrapping011 alextrapping012

The feature films can be viewed with good hard punishments of the sassiest brats and naughtiest girls

Click HERE to see the latest updates including the one featuring a tearful Alex HERE

click here for more


I feel better now… sorting through this and writing about seeing bad naughty girls punished has calmed me down (I was seriously pissed off earlier!) – anyway, I hope you enjoyed today’s update and stick around for a special feature tomorrow in advance of Lola Marie’s very filthy self spanking and wanking solo debut at AAA Spanking this week – that sure brought a smile to my face knowing what this delightful minx got up to… heh heh! A couple of teasing preview pics are below! members can see the 60 full 1800×1200 resolution image set right now in advance of the film this Wednesday!




Monday Spankings

Hello everyone… it’s been a strange few weeks for me, today is officially the last day of my holiday from my regular day job as I dread going back tomorrow… so to lighten that mood I thought I’d bring you a great start to the week by showing you what I have been viewing elsewhere as well as bringing you some exclusive early preview screen images from the latest film I shall be showing at AAA Spanking later this week starring the lovely and very talented Leia Ann Woods!

2 very recent updates from Spanked-in-Uniform.com to kick off today’s bumper update with 2 new girls to this site… the 1st is Dutch hottie, Nisha, in her St Catherine’s Girl School uniform… which you will see below! Regulation white panties, as you will see… are quickly removed for a tearful bare bottom thrashing!


ep66_12 ep66_7

ep66_9 ep66_10


Nisha was sent with a note from her teacher to see the headmaster. The note said that Nisha had problems with English so she decided to play truant instead of attending the classes. She was caught and now the headmaster will punish her. A sound slippering was given and Nisha left his office with a very sore stinging bottom under her regulation school uniform skirt.

The 2nd film update from this site features a girl I am always wanting to film with…but have never gotten around to arranging a film date (however, you may remember that I tried to get her in for my very 1st film shoot 3 years ago, but lovely Masie Dee replied about 18 months later… lol!) However, I will get her in at some point, especially when I see the latest films she has produced here at this site within the secretarial section…

“Flirting with the Examiner”


The girls had an oral exam and the next day the examiner told Mike that Masie Dee showed up with no knickers on and that she had flirted unashamedly with him… even suggesting that they did the oral exam in a different much more enjoyable way. Masie was soon in his office and he scolded her severely that his girls did NOT do that sort of thing but work hard to achieve their goals. She confessed that she didn’t prepare for the exam and she thought that would be the easy way out. He pulled her over his knee and spanked her hard which had her bawling her eyes out!

ep12_5 ep12_6



ep12_7 ep12_11

Click Here to view all the latest uniform spanking updates (including some I may have missed!)


One site I always have a lot of time for is Punishedbrats.com – still selling memberships starting from an incredibly low $17/month (they based this on their 2006 entry price) – I’m not sure how David manages to keep the site going with such low costings, but it’s an incredible deal for a month and when there are new girls like petite Ariel and Ms Sydney (below) then those that love their F/F spankings will be pleased with the latest films! I also loved cute Ariel’s reactions, check out these images from the recent full length film “Being Firm”


Ms. Sydney continues to read the school discipline handbook and realizes that she was far too lenient in punishing Ariel. When Ariel reports for her second day of detention, Ms. Sydney has her remove her uniform to endure an additional spanking for shoplifting. Ariel takes her spanking in a standing position and she’ll be in no hurry to sit down again on her sore, red bottom.

beingfirm1-3 beingfirm1-5

standing2-5 beingfirm1-7

standing2-1 standing2-2

standing2-3 standing2-4


See the FULL Length film of Ariel’s  humiliating spanking punishment HERE


One such person that David from PB will be working more closely with is Joelle Barros – I have made no secret how I loved working with her last year, and briefly met her at the Shadowlane Party recently but unfortunately we never got to see each other but a brief chat at the Saturday Night Ball which was a real shame… (she already had been booked up and had a busy schedule, unsurprisingly) anyhoo, here’s an excuse to show you Joelle getting a hard spanking over the knee of Dallas in a quirky film… more is to come, but I thought you’d like the OTK spanking scenes shown here… you can see the rest of this movie at DallasSpanksHard.com


Joelle wakes up with her hands cuffed and her bottom bared… when she is fully awake a stern voice tells her why she is there, it’s the voice of dallas and she is there for a spanking punishment… enjoy this film with great angles of Joelle’s long legs, tight butt and a good hard OTK spanking…. this is just a prelude as there is far more to come if you check out the implements on the bed next to her!

joelle02 joelle03

joelle04 joelle05

joelle06 joelle07

joelle08 joelle09

joelle10 joelle11

Click here to view this full HD film of Joelle’s spanking punishment.



I couldn’t resist showing you this recent update from Spanking Sorority Girls – perhaps because it stars a  hot French porn actress introduced to spanking by a very naughty, horny Veronica Ricci! This was filmed from the visit to the south of France earlier this year (I had covered the 1st part of the “Exclusive Education” series in my previous post where the later series was filmed).

Veronica spanks and gropes sexy exchange student, Sharon Lee!

001 002


003 004


007 008

Veronica Ricci has the task of teaching exchange student Sharon Lee all about speaking English.
But she can’t help but grope this hottie, who resists making this an interesting F/F film!

CLICK HERE for the full length movies with a twist – starring Veronica Ricci and her fellow pledges


Um, I also couldn’t resist showing you this as I had just finished watching the film at one of my fave sites of this network, Spanked  Callgirls – and it has Veronica (again) introducing a tiny new harlot called Dakota Skye to what is expected for the group of callgirls that work under Miss Snow’s unique brand that involves spankings and spanking punishments. They make a point to tell us that Dakota really is 18 (I am sure she is as they MUST always take ID for the certification before filming) as she is so slight in frame… as you’ll see below.  I think this cute thing will be very popular with the clients and for this group of sites!

002 003

005 006

007 008

009 011

013 015

Veronica Ricci gives new girl Dakota Skye an orientation that includes a sound spanking. Dakota may be tiny and look very, very young, but she is of legal age and of course deserves a spanking on her tiny, but perky bottom. Veronica also teaches Dakota how to give a good spanking.

Check out the latest HOT girl on girl spankings at SpankedCallgirls.com

The above 2 sites are part of the Clare Fonda Pass with access to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost!


You know how I love Japanese girls getting spanked, the way they whimper and cry does it for me everytime… well, it’s also refreshing to know that as they grow older, Japanese women tend to look after themselves better too… they also continue to cry and whimper just like their juniors some 20 years younger. If ever this is a case for me to move to Japan, along with the cosplay that I love so much… I only think the extreme expense and the impossible language  are stopping me… that’s not to say I won’t try and visit Japan one day and film something, that would be awesome! But until then… check out Hand-Spanking.com for all your Nippon Spanking needs!

These 2 long play films are great recent examples of what you can expect… and check out the 1st girl Yuria in one of the most recent double play films, “Losers and Winners” – she is just AWESOME to look at – THAT is why I love seeing Japanese girls getting a spanking!

Losers & Winners… with Remi (in blue) & Yuria.

o1-12 o1-38

o1-43 o1-55

o2-19 o2-33

o2-44 o2-53

Remi bets her friend Yuria that she can date the cute new guy in the office. She loses the bet and her plump butt is given a severe thrashing… (and in the last 4 pics shown above), Remi discovers that Yuria has won a bet by unfair means. Yuria’s slender young bottom is red and sore after Remi gives her the punishment she deserves! CLICK HERE to view the free movie previews (recommended!)

I also liked this long play double movie: “My Aunt is a spanking enthusiast”

w9-30 w9-33

w9-41 w9-44

w10-14 w10-31

w10-47 w10-55

Yuma, who is preparing for the university entrance exam, is staying at her aunt’s condo. She drinks beer while her aunt is gone, and ends up wetting the bed (!!!) Yuma is given a good sound spanking by the aunt after her showering. Then Yuma is forced to reflect in the loft room and is given another severe OTK spanking by her strict aunt. Eventually, she discovers that her aunt is a real spanking enthusiast (oops!)



I better stop or this page won’t load properly… (lol) however, I did promise that I’d show Leia in the new film coming out later this week! It’s a good one as it has her as a solicitor highly paid by my company who completed a contract that I was deeply unhappy with… she had been summoned to my city apartment to explain why her work was so poor and could offer no decent explanation… being the spanko that I am, she knew the score and half suspected that I’d use this impromptu weekend meeting as an excuse to spank and paddle that gorgeous butt… of course this is what happens and she gets a variety of implements to remind her to go away and go through the contract and make it watertight… with the added impetus of a very sore red bottom! & MORE to come if she gets it wrong again!

Images below are taken from the film “The Contract”
showing later this week at AAAspanking.com

contract01 contract02

contract03 contract04

contract05 contract06

contract07 contract08

contract09 contract10


This blog post was brought to you by Peter Griffin, Stewie & Brian of Family Guy 🙂



Girl on Girl Spankings


I’m feeling a little miserable today (what, yet again, I hear you grumble) – because of the poor prolonged cold Spring we had here in the UK, all the pollen producing plantlife have started their evil behaviour much later this year… making me think that I had finally grown out of the bad old days of me suffering from hayfever… no such rotten luck… by about this time of year my symptoms would have started to recede after peaking for a few horrible weeks (where I actually prayed for rain to dampen the pollen counts) … but I and many fellow sufferers of various grass pollens here are really feeling it at the moment, just as the weather is predicted to finally live up to the summer tag for next week,  I can’t even sit in our garden without my eyes watering and wanting to rub them to Kingdom Come… it is so frustrating… GRRRR! I may also have a head cold, hard to tell at the mo (there have been some people at my workplace suffering from bad colds too) so I am typing this with a runny nose, itchy eyes and despite taking my usual meds… I am still suffering. Damned cold Spring… as I said, I’d usually suffer this annual crap when it peaks around Mid June so may have another 2 weeks before the symptons start to ease! I so wish I lived in the desert right now… no fricking grass pollen there. (I used to take my vacations to the smallest Greeks islands when I REALLY suffered when I was younger, living for those onshore breezes and little or neglible pollen counts at the beach… seems I might try doing something like that again in future! WHEN WILL I EVER GROW OUT OF THIS INFERNAL AFFLICTION? My Docs tell me I’m supposed to… I’ve had it ever since I can remember, I know it’s not as severe as, say, 20 years ago when I had it so bad nothing could ease the extreme symptoms and I literally hated the start to summer every year.

aitchooSo I am waffling… I thought I’d cheer myself up, cooped indoors, windows and doors shut as I look outside at the warm bright sunshine… and write about some sexy and naughty spankings I have been recently viewing to cheer me up! So, as the title suggests, today I just wanted to concentrate on some good old fashioned girl on girl spanking action… and why not? It’s not everyone’s “cup of tea” but I’m sure plenty of you won’t mind seeing some attractive female bottoms reddened by other sexy girls… cheers me up at least 🙂


& so to my 1st review of the day with those gorgeous girls from Japan at Hand-Spanking.com – this was a recent film and I loved watching this movie… called “The Queen & I”

 l4-05 l4-08

l4-27 l4-32

l4-38 l4-39

l4-40 l4-41

l4-44 l4-47

Devious and beautiful Satomi finds her new spanking partner, Ruka, a Queen from a BDSM club on the net. She meets the queen and traps her into receiving a spanking in a hotel room when she tricks her into getting hand cuffed… Satomi can only get off spanking women who are dominant and she looks visibly excited as she gleefully spanks her older Domme for her own selfish pleasure before paying Queen Ruka the fee for “her services!” This is one of the hottest girl/girl punishments I’ve seen at Hand-Spanking.com in a while, I loved the role reversal, Ruka’s nice red bum and cute Satomi looking so innocent but just so naughty! I absolutely loved it!


See MORE of this HD film HERE


I just went through some of my extensive collection of Sam Woodley material from FirmHandSpanking.com and came across this fabulous and very sexy series with Madison Martin. I can’t believe this was released about 6 years ago… the images are superb and there’s something about Samantha & Madison in this series that is just magical, caught at their peak in my opinion… gaze upon this and see for yourself, this is just a teeny weeny tiniest snippet of what is available as a member at this awesome spanking site!

swc_ba003 swc_ba005


swc_ba013 swc_ba014

swc_ba015 swc_ba017


swc_ba022 swc_ba024

Check out the vast collection of spanking films of Samantha Woodley & Madison Martin HERE


& back to the present day updates, next at NorthernSpanking.com although I am sure this was probably filmed in 2010, I’m only guessing by Leia’s cropped hairstyle as this was how she was wearing it way back when she helped film my first ever filmshoot in Sept 2010! This is a classic “girl sent to strict relatives caper” where both the mother (brilliantly played by the scary Lucy Maclean) and a bratty spoilt daughter (Jadie Reece) take their turns in punishing a submissive Leia (who did fight back with gloating Jadie, I might add) in her jim-jams without underwear on and I can tell you this was remarked upon in the film by Lucy who gave Leia an even harder spanking for being so “dirty” – oh my!

NSI104-LJL019 NSI104-LJL025

NSI104-LJL036 NSI104-LJL043

NSI104-LJL049 NSI104-LJL056

NSI104-LJL063 NSI104-LJL065

 NSI104-LJL071 NSI104-LJL074

If you want to see what happens next when Lucy catches the girls “at it” – CLICK HERE


This next film is now out in full from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Goodspanking.com and it co stars Sarah Gregory who is really cheesed off getting spanked and scolded, punished and treated like dirt over the 4 years she has been at Chelsea’s… and in this film called “Sarah’s provocation”, I think you can guess what happens when yet another spanking punishment for being clumsy in Chelsea’s kitchen tips her over the edge and she tells Chelsea she has had enough and does a classic role reversal… I really do LOVE seeing Chelsea getting spanked… there’s something about such an accomplished spanker, like Ms Pfeiffer, bent over the knee of a younger girl… and Sarah is quite the hard spanker nowadays… as you’ll see in this film. Chelsea’s bum gets a proper stinging bare butt spanking I love seeing! Check out some screen images and you’ll see what I mean, the sizes are reduced as there are a fair few but you get the idea (I got excited watching and making screen caps, lol!)


sarahprov02 sarahprov03

sarahprov04 sarahprov05

sarahprov06 sarahprov07 sarahprov08

sarahprov09 sarahprov10

sarahprov11 sarahprov12

sarahprov13 sarahprov14 sarahprov15

sarahprov16 sarahprov17


There’s plenty more role reversal spankings & some of the hottest girls spanked by Chelsea – CLICK HERE


Here is the conclusion to the wonderful Stern Step Mother series as bodacious MILF, Kordelia Devonshire (who I remember well taking all manner of naughty spankings elsewhere) gets a return spanking she won’t forget and it’s a fitting end to this series as you’ll see below…

002 003

004 005 007


009 011

012 016

Kordelia Devonshire learns one more time that she can’t underestimate her new step-daughter. It ends badly for the MILF as she gets more hard spankings. The two ladies agree on one thing – this will be the last spanking. Great series conclusion. See the full HD film HERE


This site is amazing in its own right, with erotic, sensual and disciplinary  spanking sections as well as having long play films and series like this (all the Exclusive Education series are at this site) See MORE HERE

or view it as part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass network


& Finally on America’s Independence day… I find it fitting that England’s Sarah Bright gets one over on our former Colonial cousins with a hard caning punishment on a naked Ten Amorette’s bottom in this excellent disciplinary F/F movie at Spankingsarah.com

npp5063001 npp5063003

npp5063010 npp5063011

npp5063016 npp5063017

npp5063021 npp5063023

npp5063031 npp5063033

Sarah has caught Ten Amorette romping with a guy on her bed and is not well pleased. She puts Ten into the diaper position and uses a nasty leather slipper on her bottom and thighs, not appreciated by Ten. Next she makes a naked Ten stand up and bend over, she is going to be caned and caned hard on her bottom. The cane is a very English way of handing out punishment and this young lady from America does not appreciate the finer points of the stinging swish and feel of a good flexible cane on her bare bottom. See a free HD preview clip from this new movie HERE


Finally, here’s a site that offers cheap one off downloads and these are all hand picked films that  I have a licence to and are some classics and personal faves of mine… check these F/F punishment films, many of these come with image sets as standard as well as the movie download, and all at a very reasonable rate as you’ll see!

n1 n2

n3 n4

n5 n6

MORE F/F films and other punishment and spanking films are shown below: via NaughtyBottom.com


Final sexy and naughty image of the day is courtesy of my addictive Tumblr blog – Enjoy!


If only I was looking at this in real life… could YOU resist wanting to spank that botty? *sigh*

Sunday Spankings

I’ve been busy at my other job so unable to devote as much time here as I’d have liked to… but that’s the way it goes, sometime, eh? I have also been seeing signs that Spring here in the UK is kind of coming, we already have ligher evenings, which is a blessing… even though it’s still far colder than normal, the sun has been shining, and mercifully no rain!!! That has been the main bugbear for me these past few years, due to the climate changes… and there IS something significant happening here in England… we are unfortunately getting a far wetter climate. I HATE rain with a vengeance, I hate seeing a wet, grey, soggy day… and that has been the main theme of our ever depressingly familiar weather these past few years – GREY, COLD, WET! So I cherish every blue sky I get to see… those in sunnier or far more temperate climes without the deluges or prolonged wet periods…. please never take for granted that beautiful blue sky colour above and that warm bright orange thing in the sky… it is indeed a natural aphrodisiac, a real “pick me up” that makes us all feel good. Now us English peeps love to drone on about our miserable weather… so I’ll stop, but of course, some of us like to talk about, share and discuss all things  spanky… so lets look at a few updates that maybe other blogs won’t have today in between some you may have seen recently! I’m in a jovial mood… so let’s start with some gorgeous Japanese ladies in various revealing and embarrassing spanking positions – who just happen to be dressed in very cute PJs!

“Naughty Teddy!” The new film from hand-spanking.com


Hmmm, I feel a theme going on here with Teddy Bears at the mo after my much loved F/F  Naughty Mr Bear film with Zoe and Alex recently! Well, this take on a very cute story is just as good with the typically perverse Mommy/Daughter Japanese twist I like so much… check out the images that showcase this movie below:

u1503 u15-10


u1528 u15-38


u1549 u15-48

Maria likes to relive her childhood with a severe spanking from her mom and aunt. But the two cruel mature ladies go too far. Maria’s faithful teddy is there to catch the spanking action!

CLICK HERE for a free preview of this film

& as I had not brought you news of what is happening at this site for a while, here’s another superb recent PJ film, a few images below… of course, one of the girls here is wearing panties underneath her PJs…. I’d have scolded and spanked her so hard for such a shocking misdemeanour! It’s also a film about “bedwetting” which I find quite erotic in a perverse sort of way as there are so many possibilities of shame, confusion and control that one can use from the embarrassed party… as happened in this film, check out a few images of this below:


y14-31 y14-51


Runa, a student, visits a clinic for her bedwetting treatment. She receives some magical treatments!
sound spankings and hypnotism using an hourglass from the doctor. 

Check out the free preview of this movie from Japan’s premier F/F punishment site Hand-Spanking.com


In case you had missed it, sacked (fired) teacher, Michael is back at Girls Boarding School (oh no, I hear you cry!) in fact, he’s far better and I am guessing time, a lot of time spent with Headmaster Tom over the past 4-5 months has paid off as he has a passion for whacking his unruly girls with a nasty looking carpet beater or cane that has them understandably nervous! There are also a whole new range of girls, sourced from his native Sweden, I think… although all dialog is in English, of course. Check out 2 of the most recent additions to the site – oh, and Headmaster Tom still dishes out his well known brand of discipline too 🙂

Check out new resident Vanja (pronounced van-ya)


Thsi is one perfect girl next door type I so love seeing punished

ppic01 ppic04

ppic07 ppic08


ppic10 ppic12

ppic13 ppic15

the above smaller images enlarge to screen shots from the film and as you can see they are now in 1280×720 HD resolution which means we get to see more detail of the spanking and punishment action… as well as some fine image stills that accompany all the movies, you won’t miss a single tear of this thrashed schoolgirl!


& if you want a contrast then check out new girl Penny from the very latest film now showing (their 663rd film at the time of writing which is a MASSIVE archive of data and all downloadable with one membership) – Penny has proved very popular and I can see why! She has that quirky unseen girl next door look… and she is deservedly naughty too, so warrants punishment, that is for sure!


pic05 pic06 pic07


pic10 pic14 pic15


Check out more of the latest hot schoolgirl punishments HERE


I can not believe that I haven’t shown you this yet… yes, I know that every blogger and his dog have probably shown this, but in case you are just returning from the planet Mars and have missed other updates elsewhere, please do check out these superb screen grabs from the POV style gaze movie with Alex Reynolds (on her most recent successful visit to us here in the UK) and one of Pandora’s partners, and popular top, Thomas Cameron.


Reflected in the mirror, Alex can see Tom’s hand rising and falling; her bottom bouncing under the smacks. The glimpse strengthens her determination to obediently submit!


Dreams-of-Spanking_pov022 Dreams-of-Spanking_pov025


Check out this FREE preview and also a chance to view the latest offering starring Caroline Grey & Amelia Jane Rutherford in an Edwardian style spanking romp at the hands of Pandora herself (as you see, I have been EARLY this time so I hope that visiting my blog you have seen the error of your ways, lol!)

Seriously, this is a beautiful visual treat as you’ll see (below)


Amelia and Caroline are sneaking out to a dance in town, hoping to have a little fun, and perhaps meet some officers. Unfortunately for them, they are caught by Amelia’s stuffy governess Miss Blake before they even make it past the front door. She hauls the pair of them upstairs and shows Caroline what happens to young ladies in this house when they misbehave. The governess takes each girl over her knee and gives her a firm, no-nonsense spanking with her hand and leather paddle.


Dreams-of-Spanking_edwardian035 Dreams-of-Spanking_edwardian071 Dreams-of-Spanking_edwardian099


Check out all the most recent updates at  Dreamsofspanking.com HERE


Almost at an end now… here’s a chance to see some more unusual and provocative spanking punishments from Spanking Server – with clever use of their contraptions and implements as well as an old fashioned hard hand spanking from Peter himself!


ss7 ss9 ss10


ss2 ss3

ss4 ss5


s1 s2

s3 s4

More unique and interesting punishments and oh co cute east European tearful girls can be seen HERE


Actually I just wanted to end on this image set I have for you as I updated my site end of last week with a massive image gallery that compliments the “No respect” movie (from the “Uncle knows best” series) and these images are reduced in size but you get the idea… and both Jenna and Aleesha certainly get a good whacking in the end to suppress their giggling and smirking…. but I fear this is NOT enough as Uncle Dave has told Uncle John about their poor behaviour & he was far from impressed – so watch out for 2 short sharp shock films coming in the next month or so that ends this series which will see the smiles completely wiped off their faces… that is all I’ll say for now!!!


nrespect012 nrespect014 nrespect017


nrespect025 nrespect040 nrespect061


nrespect068 nrespect073


The full film (and this massive image set) available for members at AAA Spanking


Alternatively, I have some outstanding films, including this one which are popular at the Clips Store… including 2 which have not been shown anywhere else yet (the final 2 which feature wheelbarrow spankings – yay!) Click any image and that leads to the download page with the full description of what you can expect, and a small free clip too!!!

a1 a2

a3 a4

a5 a6

a7 a8


Bookmark this Clips Studio HERE

OK, I better get on, there is another blog post coming here later today!


Floods, Tears, Stupid Gun Laws & Spankings

I love America, it’s a great country, but, I… like many from other so called “civilised” nations are always aghast at the insane gun laws and the infamous 2nd Amendment that allows people to argue it’s their right to bear arms… something that should really have no place in the 21st century in a democracy when this was drafted after a war with dirty British royalists of the 18th century. How many more innocent school kids must be mown down before something is done? I’m disgusted at the nutters from the NRA touting it is their god given right to bear arms, no it fucking isn’t anymore… not when it is so easy to buy assault weapons… honestly, what the fuck are you supposed to do with such lethal killing machines? There is no argument or case for it in the hands of the general population. Anyway, good luck to Obama in trying to change the laws, of course not a damned thing will get done… the gun lobby are too powerful… but what do I know? Sure we have gun crime here in the UK, nothing on the scale of the USA as here it is difficult to get and licence firearms so the scallywags that would use them in such cowardly attacks are often few and you never hear of someone walking around with an arsenal of weapons attacking schools (Dunblane excepted which was a one off).

However in our country, knife crimes are appallingly amongst the highest in the world per head of population… which goes to show if weapons like those used at Sandy Hook were made more available to the general population, we’d be living in a hell hole… as it is, I think I know why we’d have gangs of marauding kids killing innocents in our country – THE DAMNED SHITTY WEATHER! It’s enough this year to drive you to insanity. As yet more alerts go out for flooding tonight, we are told to expect another 5 inches or rain now until Christmas. No white one this year, just more misery for 1000’s as they lose more possessions and heartbreak as the rivers all over the country burst their banks yet again. It’s truly depressing, the threats of floods, fortunately I live on the side of a hill and don’t really suffer but I still have to drive to work in flash flood conditions, it’s just crap… and of course in the northern hemisphere, the shortest and therefore DARKEST day is today, I didn’t see much natural daylight today either, leaving to go to work in the dark and returning in pitch black, I hate it. So enough of me moaning on and on before the “official” End of the World on the 21st, here’s a few spanking updates to cheer me and hopefully titillate you guys too… God knows, we need cheering up  right now!

highfliers_b002 highfliers_b006

highfliers_b010 highfliers_b012

highfliers_b018 highfliers_b023

This is what the folk at Firm Hand Spanking have to say about their latest film with incredible leggy beauty, Adrienne Black, in her latest spanking movie update with Kyle Johnson: Six-feet tall beauty Adrienne Black wears a Halloween flight attendant costume instead of her uniform, so the airline owner decides to spank this bratty blonde over his knee. 190 smacks with his hand plus 37 with a strap set her buns bouncing red. Enjoy the slo-mo jiggling replays!


Click here to see a special free presentation of this new movie


Here’s a spanking movie you shouldn’t miss, an incredibly beautiful pairing of a gorgeous schoolgirl fantasizing about her school nurse, Miss Erica, and what she might do to her… she gets her wish as she fakes an illness under examination and the nurse takes the young girl over her lap for some corrective treatment. This is actually one of the hardest spankings I have seen at Hand-Spanking.com and it was a really good film, I loved the decent believable props, and of course the 2 stars of this film… see what I mean when you see these images. Oh… and there’s the added bonus (for me at least) of the beautiful schoolgirl wetting her panties over the nurse’s lap… wow! She just pulled off her panties and carried on spanking her – HARDER! (as was I!)


t15-02 t15-06

t15-07 t15-14

t15-15 t15-18

t15-19 t15-23 t15-30

t15-32 t15-36

t15-39 t15-41


You can see a FREE movie clip from this movie HERE


I haven’t updated the blog with any Xmas spankings, I will do this a little near the time including a new Xmas movie from my own site but to finish off today, here is a great new film from Punishedbrats.com starring Gianna Love and her real life partner, Tyler in a film called “Girls just wanna have fun” – except for Gianna, that is NOT the case!

fun1-1 fun1-2

fun1-3 fun1-5

fun1-6 fun1-9


Tyler spots Gianna heading out for a night of partying with the girls and reminds her that she has early classes the following day. He is irritated to find out that she plans on skipping her classes in favour of the late night and takes a leather paddle to her backside. CLICK HERE for the free movie clip of this HD movie out now for members to download.


OK, that’s it, short and sweet as it is now the 21st here int he UK, the end of the world is nigh, according to some dimwits… to the rest of you who are not so feeble minds, I  will be here tomorrow with news of my Xmas movie at AAAspanking.com



If you want to challenge your eyesight then check out another blog post I made earlier with a ton of naughty images and such which will keep you occupied for a little while 🙂


Wicked weekend spanking news

I won’t drone on about the crappy British weather, as it is…well… just CRAP at the moment. I’m fed up. I’m totally FED UP with the continual wet, rainy windy shit we’re suffering at the moment. All the fields where I live are totally sodden, and with continued severe rainfall, the rain forms torrents on hillside roads as the water has only one place to flow turning roads into rivers causing flash flooding everywhere. I hate it! So as you feel sorry for me in my damp surroundings, let’s just get on with some cracking spanking updates this week to forget all this, shall we?

Talking of sodden, I couldn’t but help notice new girl Sally at Northernspanking.com got into a spot of bother with her dad’s new fiance (and her old school “prefect” who was cruel to her in the past, played by Nimue Allen) and whilst poor Sally waits for her slippering punishment as the girls get re-acquainted… a little “accident” happens inside Sally’s knickers… a perfect start to my mini rant on “sodden” things! Instead of bringing you some images which accompany the movie, I have got you actual screen grabs instead so you can see precisely what is going on… miss this movie at your peril if you like this sort of thing! Images below are from the film “My Prefect Stepmum”






Check out MORE of this very naughty film HERE


Here’s something a little different, not sure if it’s a first in Japan… but at Hand-Spanking.com, beautiful American student, Tiffany, is studying Japanese and has to speak it all times in her House Mother’s place where she is sponsored…. however, blonde Tiffany is bored and talks to her friend in ENGLISH outside on her phone before getting caught… what follows is a humiliating spanking over her House Mother’s knee with her panties removed so she receives a bare bottom spanking whilst being told NOT to speak English and apologize in Japanese (which she does…. eventually!) An interesting diversion… I liked this a lot!






Tiffany did also star in another movie around Halloween time… which you can view at the site (below)



Again, this is something I haven’t featured in a while and it’s a great punishment film with lots of dancing girls at a strict school… when these ballet dancers let off some steam and party, they are found out and punished to tears with the cane… resulting in some very nasty welts to their smooth bottoms! Images courtesy of Lupus Spanking




Click here for a special free 3 minute trailer of this long play spanking and caning movie


Finally, a great new movie and photo update came out late last week which I have just got around to showing you all… starring the long legged Elli Harrison, I had half thought to include her as my Top New Spanking Model in The Spanking Spot Annual Awards but instead gave it to a girl I had starred with (and only I, I might add) – If you want to nominate me, that’s fine, or find out who I nominated …then I’ll let you know in due course – LINK HERE to nominate before the actual voting begins! There is also the British version run by Sarah at her blog SpankingEngland – LINK HERE – although sarah’s version is actual voting, so if you could kindly vote for my blog and site and stuff… I’d be ever so grateful 😉

Oh, I digressed… heeeeeere’s Elli!




Elli Harrison is a naval cadet with a bright future in Military Discipline. She’s even enrolled in retired commander Frank Reed’s programme of corporal punishment and counseling. But when she admits cheating on her boyfriend, she’s shocked to be bent over for 25 with a strap!


See the full movie of Elli, her long legs and a severe strapping she won’t forget – RIGHT HERE!


Following the recent childish phenomenon where people on forums demand to see “Tits or GTFO” (get the f*ck out) in reply to something… I thought I’d add my own childish slant on it and demand to see ASS instead… or in this case, some very cute girls from Japan helping me out as well as the usual delightful spanking suspects. I have discovered for you, possibly one of the best artistic sites out there, (based on Japanese girls) which has been revamped (I have long admired this site) and the main image in this post and what follows showcases the start of my short post today!

So… the 1st site is called GRAVURE.com – I had seen many gravure type sites in the past including this one, until they revamped the website into what it is today. It usually portrayed beautiful girls (from Japan) but the images were largely censored or they wore such tight teasing panties or leotards/swimsuits etc… however, that has all changed as the philosophy at this site is that nude uncensored “gravure” celebrates the natural beauty of a girl… that ” the female form, naked… is not vulgar” and if you take a look at some of their superb photography, I think you will understand what I mean. I have chosen some actual size images followed by some promotional galleries which highlights some of what they are about, to give you an idea… if you want to celebrate some beauty, even imagine that these girls offering up their beautiful bottoms for the camera should be spanked (as I have… ahem… done) and also want to see their “natural” beauty… then check out the following images and gallery links!

ASS… or GTFO 🙂



OK, those are some actual size images that members can see, the below are thumbnails to some promotional galleries, the images are reduced in size, but I hope you get the idea… just click on any lady you like the look of…




Check out the very latest hot Japanese girl updates HERE


Some favourites of mine from Cutiespankee first of all… as some of the cutest girls on the planet get a spanking that we know they deserve from the mothers, teachers and work colleagues that can’t resist punishing these beautiful things for our viewing pleasure!

This is the film where mother discovers her daughter is wearing slutty knickers to school!


The 1st of a few of my faves of this beauty – in this film she gets a paddling at home


Fortunately she never learned her lesson after receiving a poor report from school – yet again!


& here is the latest film offering as an invitation to her friend’s is cut short for a Home Punishment instead!


You will only be scratching the surface of the bountiful films of girl on girl discipline at this site. As I have said before, I get more searches for my blog under “Japanese Spanking” than any other term as I have always championed this genre as it’s just awesome. You know me by now, I will never knowingly promote anything I think is “toot” (tm Lord Sugar) <<< sorry, English injoke there… I think you will understand that I am saying I let you in on what I like to watch myself and hope you do too 🙂

See the extensive tour pages and the latest FREE video previews HERE


 & of course I couldn’t let you leave without seeing the other infamous and equally amazing girl/girl spanking site from this country – Hand-Spanking.com – their philosophy is just that… hand spankings (usually over the knee) of exclusive and beautiful girl next door types including the roles we love to see, mother/daughter, workplace and school discipline scenarios. & their English sub title translations in the actual movies are near perfect… which always helps and is no distraction whatsoever. below you will find the latest film followed by a recent fave of mine.


Security Guard, Erica, is caught smoking during her patrol by bank employee, Ai. She has no choice but to accept her punishment from the employee: a bare bottom spanking on her bare bottom or the pictures of her smoking inside the building get circulated: A classic blackmail spanking scenario, to the obvious delight of Ai!




See the FREE Preview clip of this spanking film HERE


Hikari’s stepmother is a predatory spanko that finds any excuse to punish her new daughter’s plump and inviting puppyfat bottom. So when Hikari comes home from school late and loafs about in her room, Stepmother finds the perfect excuse of yet more “disobedience” to remove this schoolgirl’s panties and give her another good hard spanking to “teach her a lesson”.

I liked this film because I quite fancied the delightfully perverse stepmother, Maki, who you can see featured in many other films at Hand-Spanking.com




Check out all the very latest girl on girl spanking punishments at Hand-Spanking.com


I’ll be updating all my blogs, including this one again on Sunday with some extensive updates, so don’t go too far! have a great weekend everyone 🙂

Quick blasts from the past!

A quick reminder of the archives as I bring you this little collection… enjoy!

Let’s start with some cracking updates from around the globe from Japanese film makers Hand-Spanking.com – who, surprisingly, focus on … um… hand spankings!

japanese girl with a hand print spanking

“I would like to think this would spur them on to make something like this!”

…and I’m going to start with a collection of images representing some of this site’s favorite theme, that of Mother/Daughter or Aunt/Niece discipline, usually in the confines of the home where outsiders can’t hear these beautiful girls whimper and moan as they take their often humiliating bare bottom spankings!






MORE specific themes & movie previews can be seen on the tour pages of Hand-Spanking.com


Here’s a girl I wanted to remind you of again… seriously one of the best spankees and main stars of this independent site, blonde, beautiful Sophie… with a radiant smile that can turn quickly once her punishment is under way and she cries often and you can feel her pain, quite literally… as she has some of the best facial and body reactions to whatever is thrown her way, be it a maintenance spanking, new paddling or cropping, being restrained and flogged or strapped as she is below! Wow! If you haven’t seen Sophie before… where have you been?





Another Sophie, this time, a much welcome blast from the past as I help you remember this wonderful spankee. She starred in many of Headmaster Tom’s sites but helped start up Spanked-Cutie.com with having at least 30 of her own films on there to get it going before other girls were tagged onto the site in many domestic style situations and some of the films were just outstanding, with great plots, and anyone knowing Sophie would realize she could take a hell of a thrashing and humiliating punishment as and when required.

This was one of the series of films she did alongside the fearsome Shanelle, a very capable lady you wouldn’t want to cross if you were a silly girl… Oh dear Sophie! I loved this film and have found some images from an old hard drive to illustrate what a great movie this was! (I had just finished watching it again before posting today so wanted to include it, hope you like it!)






Finally today, I should warn you that watching this 18 year old girl’s pert cheeks will (most probably) cause some sort of trouser upheaval, for you gentlemen, so please take heed, as you’ll discover… Elizabeth has a most tight pert pair of buttocks that turn a shameful red. Thsi is the latest HOT teen discipline film fromSoundPunishment.com

Elizabeth Baxter is really in trouble. Her guardian has been called out of an important business meeting to get her out of jail after she has been caught taking drugs at a party. He has lost a lot of money on the deal he was negotiating and also has had to stand bail for her. George is now determined to wreak his revenge on her pert 18 year old bottom.



Click here to see the WMV versions of the free previews!


Tuesday’s Spanking Updates

Hmmm, sorry I wasn’t here sooner, hadn’t been feeling that great and was totally shattered but now I’m back, and I had been… ahem… watching the women’s beach volleyball (as a bored old perv like me does) and was, frankly, disappointed at the later games as the girls were wearing shorts and tops. But thankfully Zara Dampney & Shauna Mullin of Team GB kept my interest, can you see why?

Anyway, it has got cold as the evenings draw in, the curse of our crap summer, I guess… so I went to check the wondrous “t’internet” for other ass inspired sports to gaze upon and now suggest you all check out the following events, these came from the indoor Championships at Istanbul earlier this year, a great source of ASS-tastic female fitness which we shall see in the Olympics too, as you’ll discover. If any of you find this lame, it’s just a butt bit of fun… lighten up… I have the spanking updates to follow!

Triple Jump – Slovenian athlete and jumper, Marija “schwiiing” Sestak

& Ivet Lavlova, the Bulgarian sprinter jiggling “dat ass” (OMG!) before the 60 m dash!

OK, warmed up? Let’s GO! GO! GO! for my 1st spanking updates and recollections of this week! 🙂


 Some new spanking talent at Firm Hand Spanking to get us going today… say “hello” to new girls Tanya Carter and Jennifer Torrance from their brand new “College Girl Discipline” series.





 Tanya Carter’s bouncing booty debuts in College Girl Discipline with hot sorority sister Jennifer Torrance dealing out a spanking and 127-swat paddling. “This will be easy with your big bottom!” says Jennifer… as she prepares her sister for an initiation hazing, turning her cheeks a gorgeous red. See the new FREE Movie preview HERE


There have been some amazing vids from Sarah’s site Sarah Gregory Spanking recently, and this really hot new fetish model, Casey Calvert, caught my eye in one of Sarah’s last films with her “blonde hair” style that she filmed (though I suspect there will be many more to come). Casey co-stars in “Video Vixen” – caught videoing herself by older sis Sarah!

 Casey is Sarah’s little sister. Sarah comes home to find little Casey stripping in front of a video camera and photographer. She is not happy at all and takes little sis over her knee for a bare bottom spanking in the nude, while Mr. creepy photographer watches and comments on how hot it is.




You might also be interested to know that the full films for Sarah’s other recent releases are now available, including her “rouge look” in “The Bet” (below) –  Sarah finds herself in over her head when she doesn’t take placing a bet on a pool game seriously. When it is time to pay up, she doesn’t have the funds. She will pay off her debt in spankings she won’t soon forget.

& a special 3 girl spanking at the hand’s of Sarah’s daddy, Paul Rogers – a “Mardi Gras Spanking Special”


My love for seeing beautiful Japanese girls spanked and punished never diminishes, as you’ll see from this most recent amazing film to come from Hand-Spanking.com – they live up to their name – just hand spankings… and some of the most stunning cute girls you could ever imagine getting spanked, like the unsuspecting Ai who soon discovers that this beauty therapist has other ways of dealing with her submissive clients!

Ai visits a beauty salon for the first time out of curiosity. She receives a painful treatment on her rear end at the hands of beautician, Erica…







Talking of the delightfully bonkers (& perverse) Japanese… I just posted these awesome images at one of my other blogs, a rather sexual spanking story of someone’s wildest fantasies drawn as only a dedicated manga/hentai artists could! I got off on it, I hope you good folk do too! Click image below for the full story.


More to come, spanking wise… very soon, I promise 🙂

Year of the Dragon Spanktacular

Happy New Year! (again) – it’s the Chinese new year and as 2012 is the “Year of the Dragon”, I like this one, not only is it a mythical beast, but a kick ass one too…. not like a dog or dirty monkey… or rather depressingly, a snake *slither*. My company (my day job), like their competitors no doubt, have been quick on the uptake to profit from this with promotional merchandise for Chinese Meals, so I am quickly going to find some excuse to show you some asian girls getting spanked (sadly not Chinese but maybe some are of Chinese descent?) as I have to prepare my noodles and stir fry with a very chilled bottle or 2 of the excellent and very refreshing Tsingtao Chinese beer in those distinctive green bottles (mmm, looking forward to that!)

So without further ado, lets find some excuse to show some spankings (brand new) and some of my classic faves, as I try to keep this on some sort of theme 🙂

Do you remember 2 actresses by the names of Helen Lei and Nyssa Nevers? Well, I do, and both girls made a significant impact for me when they appeared at the time. So much so, that if and when I ever do make it to America (well, I know I will definitely be there next year anyway), I will STILL make it my mission to spank Nyssa over my knee… come hell or high water :)

See why below in my screen grabs that I took from one of her many films she made, this alongside Beverly Bacci, who I can never make up my mind if I prefer as a top or a bottom (she is equally good in both roles!). Nyssa allows a computer virus to mess up beverly’s PC…hmmm, I wonder how this is gonna end?





Do NOT miss any of Nyssa’s great movies – which you can be able to view HERE

… & I also wanted to show you some images, a reminder if you like, of Helen Lei, equally pretty and with an equally spankable bottom, she could also brat with the best of them and whine and complain when she was getting spanked (just how I like to see it!) – So without further waffle, check out these stills images taken from one of her films… enjoy! I most certainly did :)




You can see MORE of Helen and her fellow brats getting what they deserve right here


“Chief! I’ve been such a naughty girl, won’t you spank me?”


& over to the cutest girls this week from Japan – I never tire of watching these stunning girls either in their uniforms or in the home or workplace getting the tearful spankings and hard wooden paddlings (some of the best I have seen given by a female to another girl’s bottom at one particular site) and the other site specialises in just one thing – that’s right, HAND spankings! & this is where I will start.

Who doesn’t want to see girls spanked OTK in their work clothes in the workplace, cute schoolgirls at home or in the classroom, girls spanked in PJs in their bedrooms or spanked and scolded by aunts & mothers…. it’s all here as you’ll see when I put together a nice mixed gallery of some spanking images as well as a couple of preview clips! The 1st is from a fave film of mine called “Employee’s Revenge”.


This young employee gets her revenge on her manager by giving her a sound spanking. Squirming on her stronger employee’s lap and highly embarrassed, the wicked manager pays the price for her misdeeds as she is made to realize just what a nasty piece of work she had been to her staff! You may remember I featured a nice review of this site not so long ago CLICK HERE for the reminder – well, I have decided to show you some more choice imahes which cover all our favorite niche sections like schoolgirl punishments, bedroom & domestic mother/aunty/daughter type scenarios and of course (like the above), workplace & uniform discipline!

All images courtesy of Hand-Spanking.com








& of course wearing the wrong panties is ALWAYS a spanking offense in this house as you’ll see mother scold and drag her daughter (played by very cute Kurumi, one of my favorite models from this site) into the bedroom where no one can hear her shameful cries as she is spanked over the offending polka dot panties and then with her red bottom shamefully exposed in a real humiliating hand spanking she won’t forget! Images and short sample clip are below:


Don’t forget to check out all the latest updates with full English translations only at Hand-Spanking.com


& from Japan’s other famous spanking site (only with use of implements like paddles and straps as well as female hands) is CutieSpankee and the first set is from another classic I loved… like some films they had story arcs and this one  carried on from a previous movie that had the lustful teacher getting her lucky mitts on the prettiest girl in the school… and not once, but twice! You’ll see why I chose this as this girl is simply stunning, her pristine uniform, the way she pitifully cries (they all do, of course) and in this movie the poor girl got thrashed after school when she forgot to hand in her homework… oh dear, what a shame! Bend over! This is HOT stuff!!!





& remember there are not just schoolgirl punishments, oh no, as you’ll all know by now, take the very latest movie out now, it covers one of my fave themes, that of nurses getting punished in their uniforms… uh oh… I have unwanted Trouser Arousal, I mean, can you blame me? Just check out just how goddammned cute this thing is… O-M-G!



You can find much more with a ton of preview stuff from the excellent CutieSpankee.com


I thought I’d go visit San Francisco, seeing as it has probably the most famous China town of any American city… and of course, Amber was bound to come across a few asian hotties sooner or later like this beautiful thing which I hope you don’t mind me reminding you of, as she was smouldering in her screentest!

At AMBERSPANKS – you can see this Asian beauty,  a hot 19 year old 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Philipina,  1/2 white 100 percent spankable and fuckable girl put through her paces! This was a beautiful screentest, and Amber had high hopes to meet Sasha again, sadly, as sometimes happens…models flake out, flit, and in this case, it seems she had disappeared off to LA to do porn! The mucky girl…and I thought she looked so innocent from the images you’ll see! *pah!*

Such a shame, as Amber really had the hots for this lassie and had so many plans after a very HOT and very naughty screentest! So, ladies and gentlemen, check out some of the images of that screentest….a RARE and wonderful chance to see Sasha Anna and Amber together…members can see the whole thing now! Oh, and by the way, I love this whole screentest feature…they may never have got the girl in the first place – let us be thankful for small mercies, lots of erotic nudity, girlplay and some very hot explicit spanking!!! the sort of spanking that Amber started to explore and excel at… I think this girl may have started something very naughty inside of Amber!







HOT or what??? Check out the FULL Movie and full set of images HERE

Amber now has the option to join ALL her 3 sites in one go, including her amazing nude site… you can check out all the options including (at teh time of writing) a kick ass Trail Offer for under $5 to see ALL 3 of her sites! Yup! I promise you will NOT be disappointed with any of her stuff, I have been championing it for years! Go see for yourself! (and there is also a 6 month option for all 3 sites at around $100 which is, if you work it out… incredible value and one of the site networks that has bigger archives than you could possibly imagine!


Happy Chinese New Year 2012 from me, tight I’m off to make the meal! 🙂