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Past & Present Spankings – pt1

A little look at what’s new at a site, and a delve into their archives to remind you all just what makes these sites so special! I am primarily focussing on the American sites today and tomorrow since I have probably all bored you to death with our UK ones this week, so without any more waffle, site back and relax… just as Veronica did over a year ago when  she got herself all “comfortable” spanking brat Miss Amber Pixie Wells (who wouldn’t resist the chance to get comfy spanking that beautiful rear?)

Pixie was due for a good spanking, but Veronica grew more and more annoyed that she was experiencing discomfort in administering the punishment. The bed offered no posture support so went off to find a good chair.. and what to do about her poor hand hurting? Solution: With her back fully supported and armed with a wooden spoon to spare her hand, Veronica was now completely comfortable while making Pixie’s bottom very, very uncomfortable! (I loved this movie, hope you remember it too!)





To the latest movie of a very naughty nanny, Joelle Barros who should know better!

Although she has no experience with children, Joelle has taken a job as the nanny for David’s kids. This is a recipe for disaster since Joelle acts like more of a spoiled brat than her charges. Joelle better learn nannying requires her constant care and attention or she may never be able to sit again!




All future film shoots are at last being filmed in HD, another reason to check this site out with over 6 years of archived material and some of the cutest girls to get OTK spankings and whatnot! See the very latest news on what is coming out HERE


OK, I better cut it short as I am due to go to work (dammit) and have had to do some other things in the meantime (like updating my site) so I will be back soon with a continuation of this theme I started today!

& if you haven’t noticed, I have managed to update my other blogs recently HERE… and HERE 🙂

Cheers, Chief.

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  1. tim tim

    Pixie is a lovely girl and has not been in the best of health so has not able to do new vids lately but she is still very active at Punished Brats and writes a great blog ,but we can view many of her excellent vids as a member there ,best,Tim.

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