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Spanking Catch Up!

Well, now that I am safely back in the UK… imagine my surprise when I saw that warm yellow round thing in the sky! Yes, a beautiful warm day and a great September weekend ahead… I’m impressed, especially as my last few days on the eastern side of my American visit included torrential rain, mist, fog and some frightening thunder and lightening in the coastal resorts of the New Jersey shoreline… as you’ll see below in some self indulgence, we went to NYC for the day in case the weather remained bad (it behaved, actually) and did a few things like spend the day at the “Top of the Rock” (Rockerfeller Center) and visit Liberty Island in between my many mohitos and Jack Daniels (yum!)

Ah Ok, here’s a couple of pics that best showcased the weather at the end of my stay “gulp!”



Spot the “ass” pic too? (ahem!) OK, enough… please enjoy what else I have been checking out since my return!


Unfortunately Greg couldn’t make my shoot in the U.S. (next time, eh?) but I have since noticed that there is a new model brat called Stephanie getting the infamous “Bun Beating Fun” treatment as this uppity model gets what is coming to her! I was quite impressed withthis tearful girl as she stoically took a good hard relentless OTK spanking without the usual hissy fits… but towards the end of the film you could see it had got to her! Will she be better behaved in future? I doubt it… and who cares with an awesome jiggly ass like hers, I hope she is naughty again and gets another deserved spanking! Images below are of Stephanie, courtesy of







Ah… this is what I miss most on – the airline stewardesses, or flight attendants as they are called nowadays. After my recent trip back from America and a rather hawt British Airways girl serving me my Jack Daniels (repeatedly) until she caught me drooling at the sight of her tight behind… I think she rather enjoyed showing off her booty as she lingered rather too long when bent over… oh, but I digress) “Yes” the stewardess spankings at this site always grab my attention… and when it is Amelia Jane Rutherford… well, I’m hooked every time, as you’ll be too!





See ALL of Amelia’s films in being spanked in the various uniforms HERE


Some great catch up spankings at Firm Hand Spanking starting with the impossibly leggy Adrienne Black in this great caning movie from an update of the entire series that I had never featured (she is currently in the schoolgirl series so another justification to view MORE of Adrienne!).




Likewise it would be only fair to show you one of the very latest films of stunning Belinda Lawson in a classroom I know so well… (I still have unreleased films of Kami from that place!) Check out why she infuriated her teacher, Mr Grey!


Gorgeous Scarlett Johannson lookalike Belinda Lawson is back in an exciting all-new series, School Detention with Earl Grey. There’s unique behind-the scenes commentary from Belinda as she prepares to have her bare, bouncing bottom soundly spanked for disrespect – yikes!



More new girls and great spanking films are showcased exclusively at


Being away I had missed this brilliant outdoor series of Paul with Zille Defeu (schwiiiing!) at Northern Spanking – The more I watch Zille’s work, the more I am jealous of those who have had the sheer luck to have worked with her… so here is the next best thing… let’s just gaze upon her beauty and check out some amazing outdoor images where it is obviously NOT this summer in the UK, especially as I know where it was taken, I think they’d need wellington boots and umbrellas this year, lol! 😉

Poor Zille has the misfortune to snag her stocking whilst out walking in the country. Imperfect dress cannot of course be tolerated and Zille must be punished!



There is also new girl Scarlot Rose now featuring (as an added incentive below) –
& I’ll feature more of her very soon! But if you can’t wait to see her movies…


& finally for today, who can resist this cute little minx in her nurse’s uniform? Kiki gives me good reason to feel uncomfortable in the trouser department just looking at these images… the film is awesome if you like seeing good hard girl on girl spanking action! Images courtesy of English Spankers





Once again nurse Devine is in trouble. She has just been spanked and is laying on a bed stroking her bottom when matron walks in on her. This time it will not be a simple spanking but a heavy dose of the short strap that matron always carries with her. She is ordered to get her bottom in the air as matron measures her distance and then gives nurse Devine’s bare bottom the hardest beating she has ever experienced.

See the FREE MOVIE PREVIEW HERE of Nurse Devine’s paddling and starpping punishment


Just before I got, I will be updating my own Clips Store with many more movies and the 1st of those updates is going up about now, it’s the latest full film of Jenna and Zoe wrestling and spanking, it was a naughty little film that I really enjoyed making, I hope you like it too, now available as a one off download (click images below for the full details)

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    Yes little Kiki is a very spankable girl and lovely at Spanking Sarah and English spankers ,best from ,Tim.

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