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Throwback Thursday Spankings

Here’s some quality stories for “Throwback Thursday Spankings” and site updates from the past that I think you guys should check out while I get together my latest post, this is a high quality collection of spanking content from many varied sites over the last 3 or 4 years! Enjoy!

Beautiful redhead Amber Dawn from spankamber.com shows us how she spanks her fantastic girls she finds, like this submissive blonde called Anna… as you’ll get to see many parts of Amber’s site network with one set of codes, you can see Anna teasing and showing us what she is made of in the more “vanilla” solo girl section… and of course then there’s the hot spanking… I’m featuring this one today where Anna get’s spanked for continually eating phallic shaped candy… a perfect excuse for Amber to spank her… and of course get to grab and feel this natural girl’s body, perfect little titties and admire just how red her bottom gets… I loved the hair pulling and Amber’s lecherous demeanour throughout this film, she really got off on spanking this girl… it shows and it’s HOT!

Anna teases us and strips for the camera…



anna002 anna003 anna004

…then she is punished for eating too much naughty shaped candy!


anna006 anna007

anna009 anna010 anna011

anna012 anna008

See MORE HOT images & films of Amber showing us her spanktastic charms


Only from SpankAmber.com


A couple of really hot girl on girl updates coming to you from Punishedbrats.com now with some real fave spanking stars of mine, what is there not to like seeing Audrey, Joelle and new girls Adrianna & Cadence? I have filmed and been fortunate enough to work with Joelle and Adrianna a few times already and am hoping that I get to work with Audrey and Cadence too at some point soon… I am definitely filming with Adrianna next month away from any parties anyway and am really looking forward to that as she is infectiously funny and is one of those girls that can take quite a thrashing as you’ll soon discover on my site (coming soon) but today, let’s start with Audrey & Adrianna here in a film called “Overheard”


Audrey overheard her daughter Adriana speaking disrespectfully about her on the phone. She wastes no time in disciplining her and takes puts her over the knee on the spot.

overheard1-41 overheard1-91 overheard1-81

overheard1-101 overheard1-51


& a great schoolgirl film with a rare chance to see Joelle take on the role of being more dominant… I know she was nervous about this role on film, but seeing it, she is superb and should switch more in my opinion… I will try to get her to switch at some point for my site, though of course I love seeing her long legs kicking and wriggling when she is getting a good hard OTK spanking!!! With her most hated implement… the hairbrush!!! :)

This film is called: “As the hairbrush falls”


Joelle arranged to have her little sister attend a prestigious prep school in an effort to repair her academic situation so that she can return to college the following September. When Cadence misbehaves at school by calling her instructor a name, Joelle realizes that little sis needs a lesson in manners. Cadence finds herself over her big sister’s lap and having her bare bottom spanked with a hairbrush.

 21 3 3-1


131 71

82 151 13-1

As the hairbrush falls , time and again, upon Cadence’s bare bottom the tears begin to flow. She promises to be respectful of her instructors from now on. After giving her little sister the spanking she needed, Joelle makes her sit on a hard chair that was painful to her freshly spanked bottom.



Next up, a great new film from my wonderful baby’s site… Sarah Gregory Spanking and it stars 2 other people I have a lot of time for… Amelia Jane Rutherford (I will be filming with her soon too, I can’t wait for that!!!) and Johnny… a good friend of Sarah’s and Fetlife stalwart FLApaddler … he’s a great guy and I will be meeting him at the BBW event in around a month… good times! I loved this inventive storyline and of course as it has Amelia, there’s plenty of drama and some (naturally) amazing spanking scenes!


The Mischievous Maid – this title was thought up by Justin… or J_ Doggg as some of you might know him on Fetlife – & I am mentoring him and so feel  naturally protective towards him too… “I Dom because I care!”

0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-001 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-002


0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-024 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-030


0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-034 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-037


Johnny and Sarah are not happy at all to return to their hotel room after a nice evening out to the maid trying on Sarah’s expensive lingerie. Johnny threatens to call security and Amelia doesn’t want that and says she will do anything. Well, I don’t think she knew that taking a hard spanking and strapping was what she was in for.

Click here to see the next updates from this new film HERE


Finally today, I had to include this old line up with Dani Daniels… she really is stunning and her recent appearances as a top at Firmhandspanking.com (for which she is doing a great job) hide the fact that she has been a sub a few times for Chelsea Pfeiffer… this punishment was a little harder but she gritted her teeth and accepted everything that Chelsea gave her… and she  didn’t hold back with the paddles… Dani is gorgeous and I hope that she decides to bottom again… she’s a lovely top but after you see these screen grabs… you will want to see MORE of her like this, I know I would!

danid001 danid002

danid003 danid004

danid005 danid006

danid007 danid008

danid009 danid010

danid011 danid012

danid013 danid014

danid015 danid016

Click here to see this EXCLUSIVE film only from GoodSpanking.com


As you know, this saying is legendary. Indeed, what happens there, stays there! I love Vegas, it’s just so sinful, so naughty, so in your face! & until I saw this latest offering from Northern Spanking, I had no idea they had filmed with Zille de Feu AND Bailey Sullivan (who I was actually about to do a piece on and also thought she had kind of backed off from the scene…maybe not!!!) but anyway – I have been totally stopped in my tracks with this film so had to add this here NOW to let those who don’t know about it see just how good it already is and WILL be when it’s complete within a week or so!

This film promises paddles and canings (members get to see this), which are great, some really delicious F/F action on the bed by both girls… made to do it by the out of pocket casino owner, Marcus Black! How did they end up in this situation? Read on….

Zille & Bailey have individually racked up considerable debt at “BLACK JACKS” – One of the huge Casino chains owned by mobster Marcus Black. Having no money to pay, and no idea how they got into this mess, Mr Black has the girls taken to an exclusive suite in the hotel by his henchmen and stripped to their underwear. Left wondering what fate might await them… these 1st preview images give you an idea (below) or the sort of humiliation that awaits as both girls are watched by Mr Black who instructs them to spank each other…. and you just KNOW worse is to come!!!

Both girls are full of shame but they know they have no choice…. members can see the unravelling storyline as they next face a sterner test as Mr Black involves the use of paddles and canes! I can’t wait! neither should you… members can view this great new HD-MP4 film HERE


The image below gives you an idea of what is going on, don’t you think? these are also full size images too if you click on them, they are bonus images that members get to see alongside the film images and the 1st long play part of this 3 girl spankfest!

Some promotional images below best explain what and how the girls ended up with such sore bottoms!

throwback thursday spankings

The Official site blurb is shown below:
This is the 1st of our multi girl films recently taken in the USA and there are stunning tearful debuts for Nyssa Nevers & Ashley Graham alongside Joelle Barros! The girls have been annoying other customers of the high class and much sought after Gym Club where new memberships are difficult to get approved and they are brought into a back office to meet the Gym Club owner, John Osborne. He issues these brats an ultimatum when he senses a chance to show them some old fashioned British discipline values. They accept a humiliating punishment in front of each other or he would have no hesitation expelling them all! The girls love this place & realize how difficult it is to find somewhere else half as good so they reluctantly accept their fate to learn to behave like proper ladies!

throwback thursday spankings 


Here are some behind the scenes info on this film: This was filmed early on in that particular shoot, it was Joelle’s 3rd film and both Nyssa and Ashley’s 2nd of the day (as they had arrived a little late caught in traffic from DC to Philly) However, as you’ll see from the images, both Nyssa and Ashley’s bottoms were reddening up quite quickly and Joelle had a tight pair of buns that refused to glow as red (to start with!) Nyssa was also the loudest to react to her punishment and started bawling and blubbing, which I have to admit I found quite a turn on… she was fine as she later confessed she was a bit of a crybaby (in the nicest way, of course). All the girls bottoms were showing those telltale speckling signs that bottoms were under severe duress, the film syill ends up being nearly 18 minutes long and has 3 distinct sections where each one gets the same treatment as the others watch!

For those of you who can’t wait and want to see some of the films from this shoot NOW rather than wait longer you can view the Clips store and download the full film or clips of your favourite spanking model from this film (each girl has many charms) … Nyssa is just gorgeous and THAT ASS and her tears! … Joelle takes a good hard punishment and THOSE LEGS that go on and on lead straight up to one of the trimmest butts known to mankind! … then there’s Ashley Graham with her smouldering looks and unbelievable figure, THOSE BREASTS! Oh my… and DAT ASS! jiggling under duress…. It’s a tough decision to take, of course you can wimp out and view the full film… your choice is below!

You can also see the amazing intro of Nyssa Nevers
getting a OTK spanking in some very sexy lingerie!

of course the fantastic spanking intro of Joelle can also be viewed here too!



Remember these interesting films from Danielle Hunt who I worked with again (in 2012!) but this time it was to make harder and more explicit films that I’m sure many of you will have already seen but here is a reminder… as well as blurring the boundary lines of what “Uncle” can and can not do and how to treat a never ending yapping schoolgirl by ball gagging her into silence then thrashing the hell out of her! This was one of my faves of that day! You’ll see the images referring to what I am on about below, we also did some great PJ films, including a dropseat spanking with Dani’s big dark bum protruding from the white cloth accentuating her ass even more…. some naughty toy play and a rather severe caning and carpet beating that followed with more raunchy storylines and a hilarious but rather severe film where farm help, Dani, is late to go milk the cows! Images below are unedited and far smaller than the originals but it is a nice reminder of what is out at the site from this time :)

Oh… & Dani’s bottom broke my favourite composite paddle :(


That ballgag sure did keep Dani nicely muffled and subdued!

throwback thursday spankings

The dreaded hairbrush, the one implement Danielle HATED!

and below some more films of Danielle in various naughty and painful poses!



There’s plenty more but for now I think you get the idea of what went on, right?

Check out all this at AAA Spanking

For those that like to download the odd movie… there’s a special movie sure to tempt those that love to see girls in school uniform properly thrashed with the leather strap and cane! It stars Sara Bergmann, she has always been one of my fave spanking actresses, it has been remastered and there’s some extra HQ images as well as the usual vid grabs which complimented the movie!

If you click on this link HERE it will take you to the actual preview page where there’s a description and a FREE caning clip so you can see precisely what the film is about! I have also added some images below from the film. There’s not much to add really, it’s a good length film, about 15 minutes and there’s no lengthy monolgue, it just quickly gets into the action with Sara leaning on the cold concrete slab in the cellar for her strapping over her regulation kncikers and her already throbbing punished bottom is then revealed for a bare bottom strapping and a final assualt with the cane! Sara really can take quite a punishment! I promise if you’ve never seen this movie before or wanted to buy just one this month…then this is definitely worth a peek for the strapping and caning content!


& here’s what I liked too… This film is a classic! (includes FREE Clip)

“Thank you for smacking my bare bottom!” with Alexandria.


Adrienne Black at FirmHandSpanking.com – she is possibly the tallest girl in spanking right now, outdoing even gorgeous Brit babe Amelia Jane Rutherford and I’d love to gaze at Adrienne’s bum and long…oh so long legs in person…but til then, I can do so with my membership from FIRMHANDSPANKING instead and it’s currently worth every damn penny as her first naked punishment in the bathroom at the hands of the diminuitive Earl Grey (did they deliberately cast him against Adrienne?…she must be 6 feet 4 at least!) See for yourself.

[jwplayer mediaid=”38949″]

or download the wmv clip (below)

Then I have a few Hi Res images also here for you, if she doesn’t blow your mind viewing this amazing new talent and make you want to see more at FirmHandSpanking then sadly, I think you may be dead from the waist down and my deepest sympathies go out to you – please be aware the HIGHEST Trouser Arousal Ratings apply when viewing Adrienne Black, thank you in advance!

This movie can be viewed in full only at Firmhandspanking.com


& Finally, check out the latest movers of the latest movies from my Spanking Theater (below) some real Throwback Thursday Spankings here. Enjoy! Chief.



Starting off the week in style

bedframeThis isn’t something I often do… talk about purchases of furniture I have etc… but for some strange reason, I had never actually bought a bed before and thought that they were cheap things. I’ve seen dozens of ads on TV and in magazines and never really thought about them despite the fact we all spend a HUGE amount of our lives in or on one! I suppose I have been in the position of always having someone else do this for me. So when I recently decided to upgrade my bed, and also get rid of the other one as it was old and probably crawling with (deadly to me) dustmites, allergens and such… I thought I’d start looking online and go to a few showrooms to test them out. OMG! In general, how expensive are new beds? they are  SOOOOO expensive! The thought of buying a second hand one defeats the object and makes me feel a little queazy, so it had to be new and I wanted a new bed frame too… (I want to impress Sarah when she comes over in January, and also not suffer any more night time symptoms of bedtime asthma) which so far since I have been back in the UK, with new meds, is doing well and seems under some sort of control.
mattressMattresses are the thing that are most important and costly, I found out… I had so many options, latex filled (oo-er!) or memory foam which helped guard against those pesky dustmites, pocket springs and open springs… I went though all the options and even saw there were combinations until I got myself a memory foam over pocket spring “hypo allergenic” mattress (at great cost I might add!) I had tested out a few and got this one online, it arrives tomorrow 🙂
Like wise with the bed frame, options and styles were unlimited and last night I realized I hadn’t ordered one to go with the new fangled mattress I had bought, so spent… (drum roll) – 3 hours, yes…. 3 whole long boring hours or more deciding on what bloody bed frame to get!!! I need to get a life, I need to get you some impressive spanking updates for making you read that guff, don’t I? OK… so here goes! I promise not to talk about the damned bed again. However, I may bore you with another purchase I made this morning, my new venetian wooden slat blinds that are going to look AWESOME in the bedroom… but again… you don’t really want to know this, do you?

Right… let us start today with one of my fave Dutch girls, Cory, getting a much deserved outdoor “schpaaanking!” at his original and massive archive website – Real-Life-Spankings.com – Mike who took her for a drive out in the (reasonably flat) countryside of Holland to find a secluded spot to do “you know what!” Where only the rabbits and other not hard of hearing wildlife would hear her pleas and cries as she got a bare bottom whupping to remember!

Cory gets Spanked & Switched – in the woods

cory01 cory02

cory03 cory04


cory06 cory07


cory08 cory09

cory10 cory11


Cory features a lot at the sister site Spanked-in-Uniform.com – I featured her last at the Bellview Catholic Girls School section… and this time it’s Amelia Jane Rutherford’s turn as she faces a rather humiliating and long double punishment session, as you’ll discover below:

ep7_1 ep7_4

ep7_5 ep7_8


Bellview girl, Amelia Jane Rutherford, is in trouble. After the last volleyball game against a rival school, one of the girls from the other team provoked Amelia and they got into a fight like a couple of hooligans. This cannot go unpunished so the headmaster first gave her a sound tawsing and some time on the Punishment Tray

ep8_1 ep8_3

In part two – Amelia gets another bare bottom tawsing but this time with the dreaded heavy 3 tailed tawse. Then she got 12 of the best with the senior cane on her bare bottom and finally, while kneeling on the Punishment Tray again, she had to write a letter to the Headmistress of the other school apologizing and describing in detail how she was punished.


ep8_4 ep8_6

ep8_8 ep8_11


At FirmHandSpanking.com – I suspect this might be the last time we might see Adrienne Black in a new film – they do this sometimes and interview models, almost like a parting “goodbye” – this update contains a short interview with Stacy Stockton who she had worked with on this latest project and in the “Candid Interview” explained what implements she liked better or hated/feared (it’s the cane by the way) and she remembers some of the shoots she did over the years… the cane coming into focus again… and a surprising revelation about wooden paddles when she experienced both for the first time. It’s rather interesting and I like looking at and hearing Adrienne’s thoughts as she is a beautiful young woman. There is an accompanying photoset which encapsulates her first appearance and memorable scenes, some of which she had recalled in the interview, over the 4 or so years since her first appearance at FirmHandSpanking.com

Below are a selection of those images shown showcasing Adrienne Black

adrienne_black_int001 adrienne_black_int003

adrienne_black_int005 adrienne_black_int006

adrienne_black_int010 adrienne_black_int013

adrienne_black_int014 adrienne_black_int015

adrienne_black_int016 adrienne_black_int018

adrienne_black_int019 adrienne_black_int024



I missed this great update last week so am catching up with it – taken from the vastly under rated SpankingSarah.com website – witness one of my favourite UK models, Lola Marie, getting a hard leather paddling from both Sarah Bright AND Katie Didit… yup, it’s time for an update from her “House of Correction” series! Check out these reduced size images which accompany the full HD movie… you can also see a free clip of this below too!

DSC_7645 DSC_7651

DSC_7654 DSC_7655

DSC_7656 DSC_7663

DSC_7664 DSC_7667

DSC_7674 DSC_7677

DSC_7679 DSC_7684

At the house of correction Katie and Sarah are discussing an accident Sarah suffered as a result of a rather nasty girl when low and behold the girl turns out to be Lola Marie. She is not at all repentant for the damage caused to Sarah and so it is decided that some damage should be done to her bottom. She is stripped naked and  bent over the punishment stool where Katie and Sarah join together in giving her the hardest paddling she has ever received.


Sarah also helps out at English-Spankers.com and this is far from the 1st time that Ashleigh had crossed her path… brunette Ashleigh gets a good slippering in this episode as you will see…

npp7053003 npp7053013

npp7053020 npp7053053

npp7053056 npp7053060

npp7053062 npp7053068

npp7053069 npp7053073

Ashleigh is determined to model for a local photographer, she has been told she must not and has been spanked for disobeying. Now she is at it again, and she is in serious trouble, her big boobs and cute arse will not save her from a damn good thrashing with the slipper. She has to bend over and take a good swatting on her bare bottom.



Finally today… I have always enjoyed the spats between beautiful & slutty Paris Kennedy vs. Clare Fonda over the years, so it was great to see Clare (naturally) reprise her role as the uber pervy brothel madam at SpankedCallgirls.com – and watch what happens in this 2 part update as Clare kicks out her bad girl, Paris… to go work at Double Dan’s den of iniquity… however, he suffers no fools and punishes Paris over a 2 day period making it a very painful paddling & caning experience for this wayward callgirl… see what happens in the 1st part…

Paris gets a painful new job!

001 003

005 007

010 011

012 014

015 016

… then Paris gets her revenge on Madam!

Paris Kennedy storms back to her Madam to get revenge for her painful assignment with Double Dan, that saw her get caned and spanked. She spanks yanks the Madam over her knee and spanks her hard. The Madam agrees to take Paris back, but only if she takes a spanking on her already sore and bruised bottom.

001 004

005 007

008 009

012 013

014 016

Check out the full length episodes of Paris Kennedy & Clare Fonda HERE

This site can be viewed as part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass for a fraction of the combined site costs!



Next Post… lots of my own site spanking news & previews this week plus much more to keep you entertained!


Something New & Something Unexpected

My very naughty Girl Girl film with Zoe Page and Alex Reynolds comes out tomorrow… or rather , later today… & you can see a preview teaser of the type of naughtiness that ensues with a Hot Bully like British Girl Guide Zoe getting one over on her “goody two shoes” American counterpart, Girl Scout, Alex! See below:

That’s all I will say on the matter… ahem! The Hot Bully premieres  (later today!)


& onto a couple of swift updates of what is out and about… starting with one of my fave sites FirmHandSpanking.com who have the most welcome return of Adrienne Black in her “Problem PA” series alongside Jonny & Stacy Stockton… some of my fave characters at present featuring at this website! See why I love watching Adrienne getting punished by Jonny & Stacy (below):

problem_j001 problem_j003

problem_j006 problem_j012

problem_j014 problem_j015

problem_j017 problem_j020

problem_j022 problem_j024

A blistering, tear-inducing, butt-striping finale as Adrienne Black completes “Problem PA”. Spanked by Jonny Stockton for wearing shorts in the office, his wife Stacy takes over for six with a cane and 32 with a strap, striping her red, bare bottom like a pro. Ouch!



Punishedbrats.com has an intriguing new film update as it stars Amber Pixie Wells… they found this gem of a film lying around in the PB Vaults… or more accurately, residing on their servers collecting virtual dust, so it got remastered and re edited then produced again for us all to see! This is what made me fall in love with PB all over again… Pixie is surely unique and I doubt we will ever see her sub on film again so for the price of some films or less than you’d find on certain clips sites with debatable materials… why not buy a membership to Punishedbrats.com that we all know and love (?) for still only $17 which is crazy dirt cheap price! View this film along with their hundreds of others. As David Pierson would say… “Would it kill you to buy a membership?” – I know how he feels… I have been having similar issues with very low sales this past month which is odd as some of my content I’ve put out has been some of what I would consider my best! But what do I know? Anyway, no negativity here today, I shall save that for another time… please do revel in the glory that is Pixie as Alice… spanked through the looking glass! I love this!!!

“Go Ask Alice” with Miss Susan as mother.

alice18 alice21

alice31 alice41

alice51 alice61 alice71


alice91 alice101

alice111 alice121

alice131 alice141 alice152

Alice had just arrived home from “the other side of the looking glass” and wanted to tell her mother about her adventures in Wonderland. When she attempted to deliver the tale of her travels, her mother was sure that she had been taking illegal substances. Alice found herself over her angry mother’s lap receiving a hard spanking. Alice admitted to taking a few pills in Wonderland. One made her larger; the other small. When asked what the pill bottle said, Alice replied “Eat Me.” Then her spanking got much worse.




Finally for now, Sarah has released a cracking film with us called “Pestering for a Spanking” where she brats and pesters me until she gets what she wants… a spanking, but that turns her on & I’m far from impressed with her naughty behaviour as you will see!

0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-002 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-004


Sarah is really wanting a good girl spanking from her man but he is busy working and updating his website. She keeps pestering him until he gives in and gives her the kind of spanking she wasn’t expecting, however….she is so irresistible that her wetness in the below regions force his hands to wander, thus making it difficult for him to really discipline her with a hard spanking. Denying her sexual gratification though aching and turned on is more of a punishment.

0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-007 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-008 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-009

0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-014 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-027

0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-024 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-025

Yes, she really gets very wet from her good girl spanking!!! Ah, these are the benefits of GG Spankings! LOL


Check out this very naughty and brand new spanking film HERE



Hot Spanking Updates – Pi Day


Circle DiagramPi Day is on March 14th (3.14) an approximation and celebration of Pi… what is it? Well, let’s go back to school and learn otherwsie I shall have to get very stern with you and bring you up in front of class and bare your bottom to give it a darned good thrashing!!! Now pay attention!

Pi (π) is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Pi is a constant number, meaning that for all circles of any size, Pi will be the same.

The diameter of a circle is the distance from edge to edge, measuring straight through the center. The circumference of a circle is the distance around.


By measuring circular objects, it has always turned out that a circle is a little more than 3 times its width around. In the Old Testament of the Bible (1 Kings 7:23), a circular pool is referred to as being 30 cubits around, and 10 cubits across. The mathematician Archimedes used polygons with many sides to approximate circles and determined that Pi was approximately 22/7. The symbol (Greek letter “π”) was first used in 1706 by William Jones. A ‘p’ was chosen for ‘perimeter’ of circles, and the use of π became popular after it was adopted by the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler in 1737. In recent years, Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits past its decimal. Only 39 digits past the decimal are needed to accurately calculate the spherical volume of our entire universe, but because of Pi’s infinite & patternless nature, it’s a fun challenge to memorize, and to computationally calculate more and more digits.


Basically this is just another excuse to enjoy looking at the circumference of a well spanked young lady’s rounded globes… so let’s get on with looking at some hot Pi induced butts spanked for our viewing pleasure! Starting with a look at 2 recent HOT  beautifully rounded butts feature at FirmHandSpanking.com

Adrienne’s skimpy sports clothing gets her bare bottom strapped 80 times!

problem_f001 problem_f002

problem_f007 problem_f010

problem_f012 problem_f019

problem_f021 problem_f024

Attitude, short spandex shorts and a skimpy top in the office earn Adrienne Black an ass strapping to remember: 80 swats with a wide leather strap from boss Jonny Stockton. He’s mad as hell with her attitude in Problem PA. See her cheeks ripple in slow motion!

Then there is a new girl, Jodi Biltmore featured next in a schoolgirl series alongside Eric Strickman (so you know this madam is going to receive a long painful set of punishments) – see below, this is the latest film to be released today.

NEW MODEL! Jodi Biltmore reports to Reform Academy and gets spanked – hard!

academy_a002 academy_a003

academy_a008 academy_a009

academy_a015 academy_a011

 academy_a022 academy_a023

Sometimes only a good spanking works! Meet troublemaker Jodi Biltmore: truancy, smoking weed, disrespect to teachers, the list goes on. Mr Strickman’s Reform Academy straightens her out with a bare spanking on her tight teenage booty.

CLICK HERE to see more of Jodi’s new punishment incl. all the other girls too!

No More Halloween… Please!

Yes… yes! I hear y’all! Thankfully it passed off here out in the sticks where I live without incident… not one kid came “Trick or Treating” though I wished some girl like the images I had posted yesterday had instead, it wasn’t to be. To be honest, I am rather loathe to celebrate Halloween (probably because at my workplace they try to force it on us in the name of charity which I loathe with every fibre of my being). Also looking at the Facebook updates of my new  (and lovely) American family now, they LOVE it to bits… dressing up their dogs and such… O-M-G! My English reserve and threshold for anything overly commercialized kicked in and I tried not to feel snooty about it, I just don’t really get it, personally… yes, I did a “Halloween” film (well, it wasn’t spooky, just an excuse to have cute girls spanked, lol). I accept that it’s a bit of fun really and that i’m just an old git that should just keep quiet… as it does bring joy to many millions of kids and families (and of course joy to massive retailers who cash in on this excuse to drive additional revenue). Hell, I even have a Halloween theme still up on the blog at the time of writing which I found rather fun for a change and it’s made me think about adding other backgrounds to the blog theme in future… but my top excuse was to just have 3 cute girls dress up in fancy dress and then have me spank them… very delightful it was too! So I should stop moaning and just bring you some wicked spankings that you may have missed elsewhere this past week or so!
Hey… I’m British, so of course we moan and whinge, it’s what we do best – so sue me! Oh… and the weather here is SHIT! 🙂

Non Halloween spanking #1 : The House of Correction


The house of correction has a new inmate to welcome in traditional style. Sophie Parker does not enjoy her first with Miss Katy Didit, it proves to be painful as she has to undress, bend over for an humiliating search and then take a very hard spanking on her bare bottom whilst bent over the punishment stool. Sophie has a beautiful body with large bouncy boobs but this will not stop the spanking she has to endure.

npp5094023 npp5094028

npp5094029 npp5094031

npp5094038 npp5094052


CLICK HERE to see a fantastic free preview of stunning Sophie’s humiliating spanking!


Non Halloween spanking #2 : the return of Adrienne Black

A fantastic sexy spankee and new spanker is up at FirmHandSpanking.com – Adrienne Black (seriously one of the HOTTEST girls to get spanked) is back and a new good looking fella is dishing out his unique brand of spanking discipline. they make quite a couple and the banter between them (I love the way Adrienne always looks so shocked that she is about to be spanked, lol!) can be seen in the montage that gives you an idea of what to expect… and of course a few images that accompany this film – they are “sch-moking!!!”

A new boss, new series, and stunning six-foot blonde Adrienne Black is already in trouble! Messing up the schedule of her hot new boss Jonny Stockton earns her a 216-smack spanking. “Do you think your wife would approve of this?” she asks insolently.

problem_a002 problem_a004

problem_a009 problem_a011

problem_a014 problem_a019

problem_a021 problem_a023

See all the new exciting spanking films including the return of Adrienne Black HERE


Non Halloween spanking #3 : 2 fantastic updates at Punished Brats!

There has also been some very grown up spanking discipline at Punishedbrats.com and a fantastic role reversal for a tough new dominant lady who had been dishing out the spankings recently…. seemed she couldn’t take it in return… these are 2 very different films but reflect the values that owner, connoisseur and all round spanking perv/aficionado, David Pierson, is inspiring at this long standing site… and still one of my all time faves! Just wait til you see David and sexy redhead, Pandora, in a very adult home discipline film in part 2! (More on that in a mo)

The role reversal! “Tables turned!”

tables1-1 table1-2

table1-3 tables1-4

tables1-5 tables1-6

Ariel  has done her research and discovered that Ms. Sydney doesn’t have the most angelic past. She herself was once caught shoplifting and Ariel is going to personally see to it that Ms. Sydney is properly punished!

Now it appears that there is an interesting story behind this specific video. Ariel (AKA Ariel Adore) is tiny and looks almost childlike despite being 24, but she looks and sounds like a kid. Compare that to Sydney who is a robust young woman, who, along with her fetish work, participates in competitive wrestling and MMA! Remember the first five films they made of this story arc, little Ariel was spanked in a harsh manner (see below):


Sydney is a fearsome spanker! So imagine David’s surprise (and our viewing delight) when Sydney struggled to get through her spanking from little Ariel.  It was all she could do to get through this. I suspect that the real issue, was that Sydney had trouble submitting!!!

& then there’s David’s naughty grown up spanking film: “Emergency Funds”


Pandora used the money in her emergency funds account set up by her  ex-husband to buy a fancy dress. Her ex, David, comes over  under the guise of a little romance but then spanks her for  the careless spending. David recalls how this film affected both his son who was filming this and Pixie, who was editing it… this made me laugh!

“Pandora and I did a bit of a simulated sex scene. Aside from some nudity, her not me, it was well shot but tame…. My son shot it. As I was filming this I thought of Pixie’s reaction to this. She said something so nice that it stayed with me. Pixie said, ‘ I had to edit it looking through two fingers. I mean you’re like family’.  That was nice to hear!”

emergency1-1 emergency1-2

emergency1-3 emergency1-4

emergency1-6 emergency1-7

Check out this awesome spanking film along with the usual array of brats getting it good!



Have a great weekend everyone… and I hope you somehow managed to get over the trauma of spooks, ghouls and trick or treaters…. wherever you may be! Don’t  forget, if you WANT a spanking treat on top of the fantastic stuff shown here… check out my site for the kick ass membership options 🙂


Aftermath of Easter Spankings

Before I start today, this post was originally started on Saturday before I went away and got so horribly drunk most evenings, writing a post was the LAST thing on my mind! It’s now Tuesday, so I better get my act together and get you a  post, most of this will now most prob be out of date (whoopsy!) 🙁


(written Saturday afternoon) : I’m in a great mood! Hooray! Why is that, you ask? My useless football (soccer) team actually are starting to put some results together and actually beat our bitter rivals today! I shan’t bore you with the details, some of you will remember who I support (we are crap, by the way) and it is to protect the useless scum that lost to us today… haw haw haw! “Thank you , Exeter!” (oops, sorry, *titter!*)

So let’s investigate what is HAWT out there at the moment… and one of my fave spanking stars is out in anew spanking movie at Firm Hand Spanking, the very lovely and beautiful long legged 6 footer, Adrienne Black (oh my!) – “Schhhh-moking!”


Adrienne Black – in “High Fliers” as a naughty punished flight attendant!

highfliers_g001 highfliers_g005

highfliers_g007 highfliers_g009

highfliers_g014 highfliers_g015

highfliers_g018 highfliers_g020

Gorgeous flight attendant Adrienne Black hates dogs! The tall blonde is in trouble when a wealthy client tries to sue the company for losing her Chihuahua dogs at the airport. A spanking and 23-stroke strapping is the bottom-roasting penalty in High Fliers


See ALL of leggy Adrienne’s many spanking films exclusively from FirmhandSpanking.com


btw: Our team played again yesterday and put in their WORST performance of the season… so I am once again depressed over the useless pile of shite that pretends to represent my once proud football team! *sigh*

& on with the updates that I can find for you today!

This next one shows the full amazing film between Julie Simone (who is a real bitch spanking her girls!)~ and Gianna… who took one of the heaviest F/F hairbrush punishments I have seen… it’s an awesome film – DO NOT MISS IT!

room1-1 room1-2

room1-3 room1-5


room1-7 room2-1 room2-2


Ms. Simone finds cookies and racy magazines in Gianna’s dorm room during a routine room inspection. Neither snacks nor inappropriate media are allowed in the girls’ room. Gianna, still dressed in her PJs, is dragged into Ms. Simone’s office for a hairbrush spanking. The heavy wooden hairbrush leaves Gianna’s bottom sore and well marked. As if that weren’t enough punishment, she’s made to kneel in the corner and watch helplessly as Ms. Simone samples her cookies!

room2-6 room2-7


Behind the scenes goss: Julie spanked the living hell out of Gianna with that large hairbrush. The cookies in question in the story were Christmas Cookies sent by G’s mother. David Pierson (webmaster at PB) admitted that Julie surprised them all, mostly Gianna… when she sat on her to quell her writhing. After the spanking he had Julie put little G in the corner. But what surprised them all most was when Julie ate Gianna’s Christmas cookies! It was a moving scene and of course it got to be a part of the film!

Don’t miss this amazing film and do your best to support sites like David’s (and mine)
Times really are difficult and our sites are genuinely struggling at the moment!

CLICK HERE for the extensive tour pages of Punishedbrats.com


Another great F/F punishment coming up, this time from English-Spankers.com as Mr Stern’s other half, Sarah Bright, takes this role quite seriously when she dishes out a 2nd punishment to a very upset and distraught , tearful Darcy Grey – I liked this film, I am sure you all will too!!!

npp5077008 npp5077027


npp5077033 npp5077045 npp5077050

npp5077052 npp5077061

Darcy thought that the spanking she has just received was going to be the end of the matter concerning her immoral behaviour with some local lads but she reckoned without Aunt Sarah. Now after a good telling off, she has to bare all for a very hard and well applied beating with a nasty looking leather implement. This brings the required amount of contrition from this naughty young girl.


Be sure to check out the cracking free preview clip on the home pages HERE


Here’s something a little different… I have always admired Lady Sonia, one of my favourite British Milfs… not only is she ever so kinky, she still has got when it comes to dominating, teasing, cuckolding (poor Charles her put upon husband) and of course she is one of the best at POV style films, talking to the camera and involving her audience (admittedly mainly men like me, lol!). She does such a good job of this that I’m not ashamed to say I’d love to have a chance with her, she is my Milftastic dream! But she does all this so well… she is a real cougar that hires fantastic looking tyounger men, often with huge cocks for her and her friends to milk, play upon and do whatever the hell she wants. Anyway, here’s a recent update that has something else, she has worked with many spanking models, and the screen grabs in this nurse fetish film with the gorgeous Leia Ann Woods shows us just how versatile her site has always been…


4 5


7 8


10 13


and of course, I have also got you some of the real filth she so enjoys doing after that too… but you can see MORE of that at her site’s fantastic tour pages HERE or click on the images below!!!

13 (1) 12 (1)

7 (1) 7 (2) 9 (2)

11 (1) 11 14 (1)

15 (1)


& finally for today… a trip to Holland for some “schpaaankings” of some very naughty girls.

2 of the latest updates are shown below:
The 1st taken of Alex Reynolds spanking lovely Leandra in the Rockford School of Dance series!


Coach Johnson interviewed and hired Alex Reynolds as assistant coach. She said that she was a cheerleading expert and could show his team some competition winning routines. Coach Johnson also explained to her that she must not hesitate to spank any of the girls – as that was the way discipline was enforced at the Rockford School Of Dance. The very next day she had reason to put Leandra across her knee and soundly spank her!

ep22_6 ep22_7

ep22_9 ep22_10

ep22_12 ep22_14

See Leandra getting the “hand sch-paaanking” she deserved HERE

Nurses… what’s there NOT to like about seeing them spanked in those oh so very sexy uniforms? Check out the latest film starring Aleesha Fox and Danielle Hunt (below)

ep40_4 ep40_5

ep40_8 ep40_12

ep40_13 ep40_15

ep40_16 ep40_20

Nurse Aleesha forgot to feed one of the most difficult patients Mrs. Johnson – so nurse Danielle scolded her for it. Instead of reporting it to Dr. Johnson, she decided to spank Aleesha with her hand and shoe. Dr. Johnson caught them and Aleesha was soundly birched on her bare bottom for forgetting to feed Mrs. Johnson and Danielle then got a harder spanking with her own shoe and caned for daring to take matters into her own hands!


Don’t miss all the naughty girls getting their sound spankings – check out the extensive tour pages HERE



Finally for today, just some update news on some clips and unseen footage
Where you can go download right now at my Clips Store!

The infamous Wheelbarrow spankings take pride of place at the moment with both Joelle Barros and Carissa Montgomery (sch-wiing sch-wiing!) assuming the intimate and embarrassing position… as well as full feature updates of the recent movies like the popular “Naughty Mr Bear” and “Ashley’s wriggling OTK”. Something for everyone that only like to download the odd clip every now and then! (click images below to take you to the download and review pages)

barroswheelbarrow carissa-wheelb

naughtybear ashley-otk


& Coming this week to AAA Spanking! (check back tomorrow for news on this!)

A Schoolgirl Dormitory Punishment Film!!! (yay!)


Sexy Girls & their Spanked Bottoms

Edit: This post was started last night but my internet connection gave up on me so this is the 1st of 2 posts you will see today 🙂

(sorry about that!) … “Carry on!”

The weather here in the UK is unusually mild and spring like today, everyone I have seen has a big smile on their face, it’s amazing what a glorious day’s worth of sunshine can do… I love this country when the sky is blue, it’s mild and it’s not bloody raining or grey (which isn’t often)… here are 2 contrasting images of my journey to work, first thing this morning as the sun rose… it was -2c (28f) with fog and mist but the sun was rising and burning this off… then on my way home I took a picture of my favourite copse by the roadside… the trees and the sky, the clouds all made this a perfect moment… sorry to bore you with this, but I wanted to share it anyway 🙂

20130305_070310 20130305_165003

OK, so with that feel good factor… here’s some very sexy spanking updates of hot girls getting their bottoms whacked for our obvious viewing pleasure! Enjoy this spanking erotica from some of the best sites around on both sides of the Atlantic!

Adrienne black – spanked and strapped naked in the latest Highfliers series – c/o Firm Hand Spanking

highfliers_f002 highfliers_f004

highfliers_f006 highfliers_f008

highfliers_f013 highfliers_f015

highfliers_f017 highfliers_f019

highfliers_f021 highfliers_f022

Beautiful blonde Adrienne Black stands nervously naked in High Fliers, waiting to be punished for wearing just a towel on a plane! A 100-smack OTK spanking and 25 with a strap turn her buttocks crimson. See stunning Reaction Cam and slow-mo replays! Check out the full film including the OTK spanking, strapping and slo-mo replays from FirmhandSpanking.com

Check out a free video clip of her hand spanking naked over Kyle’s lap (hot!)

For those who can not view the vid clip – click here for the WMV version


English Spankers has an incredibly sexy young girl called Bow Jangles (I laugh everytime I see that made up name written down,” lol”… see?) However, don’t let her name put you off, she is a gorgeous girl next door type I LOVE seeing getting spanked… so it’s bad news for Bow when Aunty Sarah happens to be living in the same house as a punishment across her bare backside is never far away!

npp5045010 npp5045016

npp5045023 npp5045024

npp5045027 npp5045029

npp5045040 npp5045043

Just when Bow thinks all her punishments are over she is overheard telling her friend that she did something naughty with Aunty Sarah’s coffee. After a good slapping on her legs and her shorts she is ordered to undress completely and bend over in the chair for a real hard application of a thin whippy cane onto her bare bottom. She does not like this at all and the fight is soon whacked out of her as she endures a well marked and beaten bottom

Check out a really cool long play clip of this movie below!

For those unable to view Flash media – click this link HERE for the .wmv version 🙂


From Northern Spanking comes a delightful and naughty schoolgirl spanking film that has a classroom FULL of the little madams who give the run around to prefect Zoe Page… then are brought into line by Music teacher Miss McLean… more is promised in this ongoing series as it also stars Stephen Lewis – hmmm, watch out girls! See some of the action below in some choice images, storyline and a free exclusive clip from the latest installment for members right now!

NSI100-CCX078 NSI100-CCX095

NSI100-CCX115 NSI100-CCX127

NSI100-CCX135 NSI100-CCX152

NSI100-CCX164 NSI100-CCX173

It is near to the end of term for Miss McLean’s music class and the girls are still struggling to learn the song they started at the beginning of term. Prefect Zoe maintains an air of perfect, but will Miss McLean see through her? Will the other girls be cleared of bullying? Will the girls ever learn the song? And most importantly, will our ears survive the experience?


Check out a free clip of the excellent painful hand tawsing of Leia by Miss Maclean!

& for those who can not view the vid clip - click here for the WMV version

For the rest of this schoolgirl punishment movie – download it HERE


As promised, I will now be working on bringing you the full file and new film update at AAA Spanking starring Jenna Jay in an awesome ransom movie as a kidnapped rich daddy’s girl… I’ll elaborate more later today, Grumpy Cat (below) approves in his own unique way!



There’s also news as I have just resurrected an old blog for F/M spankings and such, I couldn’t bear to let this site go so have started to revamp it and will update it at least 3 times a week, the 1st new post is now up in over a year (oops!) – so for those that like this sort of thing click on the link below (and with some more sites to come soon!) I am going to be a busy boy!!!


Last Spanking Post of 2012

Before I give you a few nice updates I haven’t seen elsewhere today… I want to say that the title is a little misleading as tomorrow I will bring my own unique monthly review of some of the best spanking moments of the past year… I do this every year on my blogs now and I know it’s popular from some of the emails I got previously… it’s something I came up with a few years back so it’s nice to see if it gets copied elsewhere, since I run “such a hated blog” in the eyes of some purists anyways (LOL!)

tarousal11But I digress – and so without moaning about our tacky shitty weather (which I could drone on about) or other non spank related guff I could get up on a soap box about (like ny usueless football team)… let’s just see some great spankings that, well… quite frankly gave me “wood” as I gazed on these wonderful updates and stuff that I had been watching earlier today! Therefore I feel I need to warn you that the following spanking films and updates are all certified Class A “Trouser Arousal” material: Please be warned that excessive viewing may require a quick trip to the loo! I haven’t forgotten the ladies, thankfully you won’t suffer from such cloth stretching disorders but if easily turned on by viewing the following gorgeous spanking smut, be prepared to rinse your panties… (how nice!) – Thank you.


Masie Dee – still someone I haven’t worked with (but will do my absolute damnedest to rectify that early next year) is introduced at Northern Spanking and just look at her already reddening bum and her tearful eyes, I also loved the mirror work in this intro that members can see all parts to, check out some of the latest images below:

NSI110-SM085 NSI110-SM088 NSI110-SM096

NSI110-SM105 NSI110-SM106 NSI110-SM110


Also check out what they have been up to over the holiday period with some great new films and continual updates like these below!

The below images are taken from the film: “At the Coal Face”


NSI105-ANR024 NSI105-ANR029 NSI105-ANR042

NSI105-ANR047 NSI105-ANR055 NSI105-ANR064


Rosie and Nimue have failed to hand in their essay on the Industrial Revolution. This being one of several deadlines they have failed to meet. Their lecturer and tutor, Miss Hunter, summons them to a meeting and gives them a very difficult decision. Will they save their education? Or their backsides?

Find out more at Northern spanking HERE


Next from the excellent Bars and Stripes comes a great multi cast film, with a return for evil twisted Matron Maclean (I love watching her enjoying her work!) alongside nasty prison officers Miss Page and Mr Lewis we have the unfortunate Kami Robertson and her cellmate, Lilly Lovell who are given a double session they won’t forget as both girls are punished for fun!

kami2_torturefortwo - 011 kami2_torturefortwo - 032

kami2_torturefortwo - 034 kami2_torturefortwo - 035

kami2_torturefortwo - 045 kami2_torturefortwo - 060

kami2_torturefortwo - 070 kami2_torturefortwo - 087

kami2_torturefortwo - 094 kami2_torturefortwo - 111

kami2_torturefortwo - 114 kami2_torturefortwo - 117

kami2_torturefortwo - 121 kami2_torturefortwo - 126

kami2_torturefortwo - 128 kami2_torturefortwo - 134

Bars and Stripes really struck gold with this unique pairing, Kami and Lilly were inseparable so the girls got many punishments together… sadly, from what I’ve learnt, Lilly did her time at the penal institution and has retired from online spanking already, alongside Kami as a sub, it’s a great loss but I have been informed there are still a huge amount of films to come (as I have with Kami also…yay!)



I haven’t featured Punishedbrats.com in a while and you really SHOULD take a look at what they are producing in HD (at last) at the moment as they star 2 of my fave girls there, Joelle Barros, who I am sure you are aware I was lucky enough to use at my own site… as well as horse riding beauty, Marissa, who was made for OTK spanking (mm mmm!) Checkout some of the images from the very latest updates now available to members…


Dangerous Driving: Marisa was speeding and crashed her fancy sports car. Although she’s upset by the accident, she doesn’t seem to understand how serious a matter it is. She has truly earned this OTK spanking from Uncle David!

dangerous1-2 dangerous1-3

dangerous1-4 dangerous1-5 dangerous1-6


& as I mentioned earlier, Joelle is back, check her out with a girl made to be spanked and given a spanking with… the lovely Pi (or 22/7 as I once referred her as… imagine starring with Ten/10… ha ha!). Joelle shows her dominant side in what I think is the first time on film (damn she looks the part, doesn’t she?)


Taken from the film “Good Impressions”: Pi ditched an important business meeting to take a leisurely bath. Her cousin and business partner Joelle comes home early to deal with the irresponsible brat!

impression1 impression2

impression3 impression5 impression6

impression7 impression8

There is also the promise of Pi getting her own back pretty soon on Joelle – which I can’t wait to see!

Click image below for more on that!



Here’s something I was watching earlier from my personal archives from being a member of various sites over the years… and it stars one girl I am sure is now retired from The Scene, though you never know… Miss Katja Krasivaya who in this case was filmed at Spanked Cheeks so I was more than happy when I saw her here as I had enjoyed viewing her films from Strictly English and also for Northern Spanking in the past…. here she is as a badly behaved bratty schoolgirl getting a punishment that her fed up Aunty Lina has been dying to dish out to her! Yes, it may have been from a few years ago (late 2010 as I recall) but the film is still in crystal clear HD and these reduced size screen shots give you an idea of just what went on. Taken from the film “Not another spanking!”

anotherspanking01 anotherspanking02

anotherspanking03 anotherspanking04

anotherspanking05 anotherspanking06

anotherspanking07 anotherspanking08

anotherspanking09 anotherspanking10

anotherspanking11 anotherspanking12

anotherspanking13 anotherspanking14

This was taken from English site Spanked Cheeks – go check out the link below and click on “What’s New” to see all the film updates!


Finally for now, in case I don’t include these 2 girls her in my blog review of the year, how could I miss out on slinky 6 footer, Adrienne Black… and beautiful, big breasted schoolgirl, Belinda Lawson? These are the 2 very latest films of both girls featuring at Firmhandspanking.com

highfliers_c003 highfliers_c007

highfliers_c010 highfliers_c012

highfliers_c013 highfliers_c019

highfliers_c021 highfliers_c023

Six-feet tall beauty Adrienne Black wears a Halloween flight attendant costume instead of her uniform, so the airline owner decides to spank this bratty blonde over his knee. 190 smacks with his hand plus 37 with a strap set her buns bouncing red. Enjoy the slo-mo jiggling replays which I have to say are HOT HOT HOT!


Belinda’s detention film kicks off the New Year as she is punished for trying to extort money… her beautiful curvy bum is exposed and given a hard caning punishment as she is made to touch her toes, legs straight and counts out each of her strokes… there’s a slo mo and reaction cam which provides how hard this puinishment was!


detention_bg003 detention_bg005

detention_bg010 detention_bg014

detention_bg016 detention_bg021


Check out all the latest varied updates with FREE Previews – HERE


That’s it from me, I shall conclude this year with a special post tomorrow! Good night! 🙂


Floods, Tears, Stupid Gun Laws & Spankings

I love America, it’s a great country, but, I… like many from other so called “civilised” nations are always aghast at the insane gun laws and the infamous 2nd Amendment that allows people to argue it’s their right to bear arms… something that should really have no place in the 21st century in a democracy when this was drafted after a war with dirty British royalists of the 18th century. How many more innocent school kids must be mown down before something is done? I’m disgusted at the nutters from the NRA touting it is their god given right to bear arms, no it fucking isn’t anymore… not when it is so easy to buy assault weapons… honestly, what the fuck are you supposed to do with such lethal killing machines? There is no argument or case for it in the hands of the general population. Anyway, good luck to Obama in trying to change the laws, of course not a damned thing will get done… the gun lobby are too powerful… but what do I know? Sure we have gun crime here in the UK, nothing on the scale of the USA as here it is difficult to get and licence firearms so the scallywags that would use them in such cowardly attacks are often few and you never hear of someone walking around with an arsenal of weapons attacking schools (Dunblane excepted which was a one off).

However in our country, knife crimes are appallingly amongst the highest in the world per head of population… which goes to show if weapons like those used at Sandy Hook were made more available to the general population, we’d be living in a hell hole… as it is, I think I know why we’d have gangs of marauding kids killing innocents in our country – THE DAMNED SHITTY WEATHER! It’s enough this year to drive you to insanity. As yet more alerts go out for flooding tonight, we are told to expect another 5 inches or rain now until Christmas. No white one this year, just more misery for 1000’s as they lose more possessions and heartbreak as the rivers all over the country burst their banks yet again. It’s truly depressing, the threats of floods, fortunately I live on the side of a hill and don’t really suffer but I still have to drive to work in flash flood conditions, it’s just crap… and of course in the northern hemisphere, the shortest and therefore DARKEST day is today, I didn’t see much natural daylight today either, leaving to go to work in the dark and returning in pitch black, I hate it. So enough of me moaning on and on before the “official” End of the World on the 21st, here’s a few spanking updates to cheer me and hopefully titillate you guys too… God knows, we need cheering up  right now!

highfliers_b002 highfliers_b006

highfliers_b010 highfliers_b012

highfliers_b018 highfliers_b023

This is what the folk at Firm Hand Spanking have to say about their latest film with incredible leggy beauty, Adrienne Black, in her latest spanking movie update with Kyle Johnson: Six-feet tall beauty Adrienne Black wears a Halloween flight attendant costume instead of her uniform, so the airline owner decides to spank this bratty blonde over his knee. 190 smacks with his hand plus 37 with a strap set her buns bouncing red. Enjoy the slo-mo jiggling replays!


Click here to see a special free presentation of this new movie


Here’s a spanking movie you shouldn’t miss, an incredibly beautiful pairing of a gorgeous schoolgirl fantasizing about her school nurse, Miss Erica, and what she might do to her… she gets her wish as she fakes an illness under examination and the nurse takes the young girl over her lap for some corrective treatment. This is actually one of the hardest spankings I have seen at Hand-Spanking.com and it was a really good film, I loved the decent believable props, and of course the 2 stars of this film… see what I mean when you see these images. Oh… and there’s the added bonus (for me at least) of the beautiful schoolgirl wetting her panties over the nurse’s lap… wow! She just pulled off her panties and carried on spanking her – HARDER! (as was I!)


t15-02 t15-06

t15-07 t15-14

t15-15 t15-18

t15-19 t15-23 t15-30

t15-32 t15-36

t15-39 t15-41


You can see a FREE movie clip from this movie HERE


I haven’t updated the blog with any Xmas spankings, I will do this a little near the time including a new Xmas movie from my own site but to finish off today, here is a great new film from Punishedbrats.com starring Gianna Love and her real life partner, Tyler in a film called “Girls just wanna have fun” – except for Gianna, that is NOT the case!

fun1-1 fun1-2

fun1-3 fun1-5

fun1-6 fun1-9


Tyler spots Gianna heading out for a night of partying with the girls and reminds her that she has early classes the following day. He is irritated to find out that she plans on skipping her classes in favour of the late night and takes a leather paddle to her backside. CLICK HERE for the free movie clip of this HD movie out now for members to download.


OK, that’s it, short and sweet as it is now the 21st here int he UK, the end of the world is nigh, according to some dimwits… to the rest of you who are not so feeble minds, I  will be here tomorrow with news of my Xmas movie at AAAspanking.com



If you want to challenge your eyesight then check out another blog post I made earlier with a ton of naughty images and such which will keep you occupied for a little while 🙂


Spanking Round Up

A great new start to the week as I get you all a multi site review under way… no bullshit from me, just some cracking images and what some of these films are about. I promise you all sites and films featured here get my 100% approval, I wouldn’t promote anything I haven’t been a member of or just do it because I thought I could make a few pennies off it. Even when I do an industry update, I will only feature stuff I like and hopefully you will all like too (which is why you’re reading this and once again wondering why I am starting to ramble… so I’ll shut up!)

I have always liked age play, so I’ll start with Sarah Gregory’s great site HERE where she stars in her first ever age play film (no doubt influenced by Momma Clare at many of her shoots she had previously worked for)

Sarah Gregory is sent to stay with Miss Kane for a week to learn how to be a proper young lady. She is a very rude and sassy young girl who is repeatedly kicked out of School. After her time with Miss Kane she sure learns the hard way that she needs to be respectful and willing to learn. Lesson #1 is how a young lady should drink her tea. This is Sarah’s first full age play video…




…there is also a great new film (now complete) that stars a girl with what i’d normally think would be a hideous tattoo, but I have to say although she is no angle, I kind of like it, I like her ass far more though as it turns red SO BEAUTIFULLY as you’ll see in Sarah’s film where she spanks, straps and canes this newbie… it’s a hot girl/girl punishment film!


Leila comes to see Sarah for an emotional release spanking. She wants a pleasurable and somewhat painful spanking at the same time. Sarah warms her up otk first and then ties her to the bed for some strapping, caning, paddling, and cropping. Leila moans in pleasure and pain as she receives her spanking.



Check out more sexy spanking shanannigans at Sarah’s site HERE


A couple of great films out this week at Firm Hand Spanking – just check out the storylines and images below for more spanking awesomeness!

I admit I’m not 100% a fan of Kyle, I won’t bore you with the detail here but I can’t fault this film… which is why it’s featured, er… mainly because it stars 6 footer Adrienne Black who I have a 1000 unnatural lustful thoughts for… seriously, me… privacy, dark room, her… alone, OMG… enough already! Check out a new series starting with her taking a rather good hard punishment, the 1st of about 8 or 9 from Kyle by the looks of it! 🙂





Stunning Adrienne Black returns in a new series as chief flight attendant for an executive airline. The owner has his own style for keeping employees in line – by spanking. Adrienne agrees to be spanked as a preview of what’s in store. 235 smacks later, she’s red as hell!

& also now showing is one of the HOTTEST Alison Miller films I’ve seen in a long time (they’re all hot, this one just happens to be smokin’) perhaps it’s the position Alison is in that makes this film so alluring for me?

Failing to replace a dancer costs flame-haired Alison Miller a 55-stroke strapping





Her lax attitude to replacing a dancer on tour when she’s Dance Captain costs sassy Alison Miller a sound 55-stroke strapping across her bouncing bubble-butt. Frank Reed punishes her in the lunge position: “It’s difficult to hold with my butt in the air,” says Alison. Slo-mo replays!

Check out these great punishment films with 2 of Firm hand’s BEST spankees! Click HERE


Don’t you love it when a beautiful girl like Marissa is given to someone else to be punished? Imagine the shame and humiliation as she is chastised and disciplined for spending frivolously! This is what happens to Marissa in the latest film from Punishedbrats.com – my 1st of 2 features from this excellent site, today.

Taken from the film “Designer dress”

Marisa’s husband has asked Uncle David to have a tough discussion with his wife about her spending habits after she blows four thousand dollars on a new dress. David uses a leather strap to teach Marisa a lesson about financial responsibility.



Office Discipluine movies feature heavily, especially when David Pierson is the man to take charge!
Check out the very latest film now complete (below)





In this latest film… Brittney is a big problem, but he’s displeased with Audrey not being able to effectively manage her nor notifying him of the issue earlier. He takes the very shocked Audrey over his lap for a spanking as Brittney peeks from her position in the corner. David leaves both the company brats, Brittney and Audrey, in the corner together to figure out their differences after he has ensured both their bottoms are burning with shame!


Finally, the 3rd in the series of Earthfleet’s most disgraceful space cadets getting the treatment they deserve where no one can hear them scream or know they are being spanked… check out the latest episode of the starship genesis series from Spanked-in-Uniform.com (below)






The Genesis met up with the Earthfleet Cargo Ship, Barbados, to pick up a lieutenant Buchanan who was lazy, neglected her duties and needed strict discipline. Captain Cunnniikuta gladly handed her over. Captain Rogers decided to let Ensign Monique be responsible for her progress and their first task was to clean Shuttle Craft 3 and 5 in Shuttle Bay 2. They did a poor job and they ended up feeling the sting from Captain Rogers’ Punisher right there in the Shuttle Bay. They were then ordered to inventory Cargo Bay 3 and when they did a poor job of that too… they were both taken to Lieutenant Buchanan’s quarters and they both got a hard, long and very painful OTK spanking!

Out now in Sci Spankovision – only at Spanked-in-Uniform.com 🙂

Some Industry Updates

It is rapidly turning colder and greyer here in the UK, the leaves are really starting to fall off the trees and winter is fast approaching! I’m not a big fan of early dark evenings, the dark mornings, it is so depressing to get up at 7, come home by 6 or 7 and have to drive in complete darkness both ways… ugh! The general gloom and grey that persists with our rubbish winter weather is monotonous and it wears me down. Make no mistake, the last few years has seen our country get wetter and wetter, especially the summers and autumns… add to that the apparently colder winters to look forward to, it appears all we ever have to look forward to is Spring which promises so much then summer kicks in… All this “hoo-haa” about Global warming seems a world away, even though I know our climate IS changing. But enough of my depression over the rubbish that is outside beyond my control… let me fill you in on some essential site updates you can see today. These, I hope,  should cheer you all up, like they did for me.

Some essential viewing courtesy of Northern Spanking

“A Vintage Affair” – this film has the over-riding influence of Lucy Maclean’s love of 50’s style dresses which look so fantastic as modelled by Caroline Grey… check out what she and Stephen Lewis get up to after a night out on the tiles!





See more of Caroline’s vintage style spanking HERE

There is also a great new film out now with Zoe Montana teaching the very lovely Molly Malone a lesson, I love that school uniform, another vintage classic! Hope you like the teaser images and of course, Molly’s bare bottom WILL be dealt with! as members can now see!




Check out Molly’s punishment at the hands of Zoe Montana HERE


2 fantastic recent updates at FirmHandSpanking caught my eye, and I know they will capture yours too, the first features leggy blonde, Adrienne Black… she gets the final caning humiliation in her excellent series “Catwalk Attitude” with the ever dutiful and zealous Eric Strickman… and I hope some of these images below you have not seen before, she’s GORGEOUS!





Check out all of Adrienne’s latest films right here!

& one of the latest updates from new girl Jennifer Torrance is now out to download in full and this continuing series from Mr Firm Hand himself (Richard Anderson) as Jennifer is punished in front of her sorority housemate, Tanya Carter. Jennifer’s perfect bubble-butt takes a tough licking when she’s accused of playing music too loudly in the sorority house. See Richard enjoy giving 8 with his belt on her panties and 21 bare, before switching to a tawse for another bare 12 in the continuing College Girl Discipline” series.





See Jennifer’s gorgeous bubble butt thrashed in a free preview HERE


Sorry, I was going to post a more in depth review but “Er Indoors” has returned from visiting the grandkids on her very short vacation and I once again have a nightmare connection issue meaning I couldn’t update the blog or my sites earlier today before she got back… this frustration is beginning to get to me! So apologies if I leave you short, I will get back to some more regular updates and news of what is out and new at my own site tomorrow! ‘Til then… be good. Chief.

See what is coming out later this week at AAA Spanking! 🙂


I promise you won’t want to miss Uncle Dave’s debut at AAAspanking.com later this week!
& of course those naughty nieces are Jenna & Aleesha… tsk tsk!

Spanking Catch Up!

Well, now that I am safely back in the UK… imagine my surprise when I saw that warm yellow round thing in the sky! Yes, a beautiful warm day and a great September weekend ahead… I’m impressed, especially as my last few days on the eastern side of my American visit included torrential rain, mist, fog and some frightening thunder and lightening in the coastal resorts of the New Jersey shoreline… as you’ll see below in some self indulgence, we went to NYC for the day in case the weather remained bad (it behaved, actually) and did a few things like spend the day at the “Top of the Rock” (Rockerfeller Center) and visit Liberty Island in between my many mohitos and Jack Daniels (yum!)

Ah Ok, here’s a couple of pics that best showcased the weather at the end of my stay “gulp!”



Spot the “ass” pic too? (ahem!) OK, enough… please enjoy what else I have been checking out since my return!


Unfortunately Greg couldn’t make my shoot in the U.S. (next time, eh?) but I have since noticed that there is a new model brat called Stephanie getting the infamous “Bun Beating Fun” treatment as this uppity model gets what is coming to her! I was quite impressed withthis tearful girl as she stoically took a good hard relentless OTK spanking without the usual hissy fits… but towards the end of the film you could see it had got to her! Will she be better behaved in future? I doubt it… and who cares with an awesome jiggly ass like hers, I hope she is naughty again and gets another deserved spanking! Images below are of Stephanie, courtesy of BunBeatingFun.com







Ah… this is what I miss most on Spanked-in-Uniform.com – the airline stewardesses, or flight attendants as they are called nowadays. After my recent trip back from America and a rather hawt British Airways girl serving me my Jack Daniels (repeatedly) until she caught me drooling at the sight of her tight behind… I think she rather enjoyed showing off her booty as she lingered rather too long when bent over… oh, but I digress) “Yes” the stewardess spankings at this site always grab my attention… and when it is Amelia Jane Rutherford… well, I’m hooked every time, as you’ll be too!





See ALL of Amelia’s films in being spanked in the various uniforms HERE


Some great catch up spankings at Firm Hand Spanking starting with the impossibly leggy Adrienne Black in this great caning movie from an update of the entire series that I had never featured (she is currently in the schoolgirl series so another justification to view MORE of Adrienne!).




Likewise it would be only fair to show you one of the very latest films of stunning Belinda Lawson in a classroom I know so well… (I still have unreleased films of Kami from that place!) Check out why she infuriated her teacher, Mr Grey!


Gorgeous Scarlett Johannson lookalike Belinda Lawson is back in an exciting all-new series, School Detention with Earl Grey. There’s unique behind-the scenes commentary from Belinda as she prepares to have her bare, bouncing bottom soundly spanked for disrespect – yikes!



More new girls and great spanking films are showcased exclusively at FirmHandSpanking.com


Being away I had missed this brilliant outdoor series of Paul with Zille Defeu (schwiiiing!) at Northern Spanking – The more I watch Zille’s work, the more I am jealous of those who have had the sheer luck to have worked with her… so here is the next best thing… let’s just gaze upon her beauty and check out some amazing outdoor images where it is obviously NOT this summer in the UK, especially as I know where it was taken, I think they’d need wellington boots and umbrellas this year, lol! 😉

Poor Zille has the misfortune to snag her stocking whilst out walking in the country. Imperfect dress cannot of course be tolerated and Zille must be punished!



There is also new girl Scarlot Rose now featuring (as an added incentive below) –
& I’ll feature more of her very soon! But if you can’t wait to see her movies…


& finally for today, who can resist this cute little minx in her nurse’s uniform? Kiki gives me good reason to feel uncomfortable in the trouser department just looking at these images… the film is awesome if you like seeing good hard girl on girl spanking action! Images courtesy of English Spankers





Once again nurse Devine is in trouble. She has just been spanked and is laying on a bed stroking her bottom when matron walks in on her. This time it will not be a simple spanking but a heavy dose of the short strap that matron always carries with her. She is ordered to get her bottom in the air as matron measures her distance and then gives nurse Devine’s bare bottom the hardest beating she has ever experienced.

See the FREE MOVIE PREVIEW HERE of Nurse Devine’s paddling and starpping punishment


Just before I got, I will be updating my own Clips Store with many more movies and the 1st of those updates is going up about now, it’s the latest full film of Jenna and Zoe wrestling and spanking, it was a naughty little film that I really enjoyed making, I hope you like it too, now available as a one off download (click images below for the full details)

Yet more spanking goodness!

Sometimes you have to admire an individual, I just watched the amazing and historic 200m race in which Usain Bolt defended his Olympic title with ease and did it with style. I don’t know what it is about the men’s 100 and 200m finals that evokes such emotion… but I was guilty of being caught up in it, 1st it was the 100m race which he won easily last week… now tonight we witnessed what everyone believed would be equally historic, perhaps it’s seeing Man take on and defy nature of what we are or can become, the same can be said for many of the sports I have witnessed over the past 10 or 11 days, but none stand out like the 100 or 200m final, even though, my fellow countrymen are breaking their own records and actually putting our tiny overpopulated country on the map once more as we show the world that we can compete (and as I saw today, make the French media insanely jealous of our awesome cycling team… which gave me even more pleasure) – So to all athletes and olympians competing out there, a big “thank you” from Chief for making this a spectacle I and many of my fellow Brits won’t forget in a hurry in what has become a momentous year for our country, even despite the crummy bankers and the continuing farce of the Eurozone threatening to drag us back to the Stone Age… I say this – “Why are you not looking at my Spanking Updates?” Let’s get down wit dat ass…

Check out what is to come today and feast your eyes on some rump awesomeness!

OK, let us check out a real honey called Cora at SpankingServer.com – and the usual fantastic punishment shennanigans that Peter gets up to thrashing his bevvy of East Euro beauties in the usual positions over his wicked implements and embarrassing positions the girls (like Cora) are placed in.


Cora has a distinctive tattoo – and you know that I am not a massive fan of obvious or overly distinctive tatts, but this one on her left elbow fascinated me, was it unfinished? Was it meant to intrigue me the way it did? … and for some strange reason, I found checking out her tatt and her various punishments arousing to say the least… you can see what I mean from this recent update as she is punished in a cheer girl uniform and, OMG… Cora looks stunning bent over (and that tattoo of hers blends in nicely with the uniform too!




Do NOT miss any of Cora’s punishments – You can check her out exclusively HERE


Another girl that has a lot of excluisve, and from what I have viewed over the past year, some of her best content, is Masie Dee at SoundPunishment.com – Masie is one of those girls I haven’t actually asked to work with me (I have lots of naughty storylines thought up for her) but I keep meaning to… and I bloody well should get my ass into gear, shouldn’t I… the reason? I’ll let these images from one of her recent updates show you – as they say pictures can speak a 1000 words… and I have waffled on long enough.




See Masie in school uniform getting a massively embarrassing and intimate slippering punishment as her bottom and privates are fully exposed to teach her a lesson she won’t forget in a hury! See MORE of Masie’s great films at SoundPunishment.com


OK, here’s a site I don’t feature often, but you will from now on as I have just become a member and am so impressed by this site I wanted to keep it a secret all to myself (some hope) so today I give you the images that persuaded me to join up (below) and then there are some fantastic galleries which I have found to compliment the promotion of this site, primarily a femdom, lesbian spanking, thrashing, forced orgasm/bdsm – and anything sort of goes as long as it’s “tastefully nasty” in the most gloriously sexual way (yes, it appeals to my pervy side alright!) – ladies and gents I give you Whipped Ass

Famous porn starlet, redhead Monique Alexander, is fucked and whipped in lesbian bondage for the very first time by the beautiful brunette, Bobbi Starr (who I love mainly because this girl has a most amazing natural pubic bush to die for!)

“Nom Nom Nom!”

Mistress Bobbi demands that her new bound submissive eat and drink from her before punishment can begin!

This is one of the sexiest images I had come across of Bobbi spanking Monique… check out more HERE

& if that has aroused your interest then please do go check out the free galleries below, click any image you like for the full gallery of the various femdom lesbian punishments of your choice! & You’ll find Francesca Le, more of Bobbi Starr and a long awaited return of one of the most celebrated vanilla porn actresses, Justine Joli (aka Swan), as well as Penthouse Pets all thoroughly humiliated as you’ll see below from this brief selection!




Check out the free movie previews (if you dare) of this extremely hard kinky site HERE


 You know I have a thing for cheer girls or girls punished in uniforms, well feast your eyes on this double whammy, the striking six footer, Adrienne Black, in THAT uniform getting a good old fashioned whacking across one of the best most spankable bratty asses out there – courtesy of FirmHandSpanking.com

Adrienne Black takes a 37-stroke strapping after disrespecting her teachers




Respect and obedience are an important part of life, stunning Adrienne Black learns as she bends over for a 37-stroke strapping, 27 of them bare cheeked! Already in trouble for spending time on her modeling career, Adrienne’s bottom pays big-time. Hot Reaction Cam replays!


“I have wood!” tittered Chief childishly.
Good night and back tomorrow with more “grown up debate” and updates 🙂

OMG Spankings!

 Hi everyone, I just got back from a nice short overnight stay in the Cotswolds, a beautiful old part of England and we paid a short visit to the lovely old town of Stratford (home of William Shakespeare) as well as the amazing Cotswold villages like Broadway which area step back in time. It was a perfect crisp clear winter’s day, and I took some images which I can bore you with at the end of this post, only problem with winter light is that it can be harsh with the low lying sun so I had to make do with the time and location and go with it, but I think you’ll enjoy the beauty of our English heritage.

Now talking about beauty… OMG, as the title suggests, today I have some gob smacking video updates for you and they are simply stunning, so let’s start with one of my definite top 10 spankees (if I was ever forced to make a list I’d make sure she was in it) – “Ladies & gents, I present to you, Adrienne Black exclusively from FirmHandSpanking.com spanked in a sailor’s uniform!”

See more of Adrienne spanked on her bare bottom HERE

This is hot! Tall, leggy blonde Adrienne Black in naval uniform reports to Captain Reed to be disciplined for dress-code offenses in Secretary. Delicious view as she bends over an armchair, panties down and bare cheeks bouncing red for 126 smacks. Funny out-take at the end!

 See more of Adrienne Black spanked HERE

See more of Adrienne Black spanked HERE See more of Adrienne Black spanked HERE See more of Adrienne Black spanked HERE

 See more of Adrienne Black spanked HERE

You can see this and ALL of Adrienne’s (now many) films only from FirmHandSpanking.com


Next up from Clare Fonda, and deservedly so in the OMG stakes… first, I’m going to feature some of her fantastic new girls and updates then let you know (if you haven’t by now) about the wonderful remasters that are going on (finally) from the days when the internet was in its infancy so we had to endure tiny low res movies… they’ve been upgraded… but as I said, let’s go see Dylan Rose in 2 outstanding debut movies first of all!

Dylan Rose gets a hard OTK spanking Dylan is spanked by Momma Clare Dylan bare her bottom for the switch

Dylan takes the switch on her bare ass bent over and ass exposed for her punishment

Dylan Rose winces in pain ass exposed for her switch punishment

Dylan was spanked a lot growing up! Her mother and step-mother both believed in OTK discipline and administered it on a regular basis with hand, belt and even a switch as you have seen above! Below, Dylan re enacts a typical OTK spanking scene which her step mother (played by Clare Fonda) would appear to enjoy administering… of course, speaking from a neutral’s perpective… I’d have no hesitation in spanking this naughty girl’s bare behind… would you?

See Dylan Rose get a spanking from her mother spanked by mommy panties down spanking

shameful otk spanking She yelps as mom spanks her hard

close to tears over mom's knee top spanking of Dylan by Clare Fonda Dylan's painful spanking

You can see all of new girl Dylan’s re enactments from her life and a fantastic introduction to a new girl from Clare Fonda’s specialist site SpankedSweeties.com

OK, here is a cracking new movie just released at GirlSpanksGirl.com and it has Alice Wonder (she starred in one of my fave films at another of Clare’s sites – Spankedcallgirls.com and I’ll provide a link to a free gallery of that later so you can see) but here Alice is with her gorgeous friend, Nena… who just wants to make out with Alice (hmmm, who wouldn’t, lol) there’s a brief explanation below as well!

kissing before the spanking Alice spanks Nena Alice takes Nena over her knee

tight shorts spanking 

Alice spanks Nena on her bare butt bare bottom hand spanking See Nena spanked over Alice's lap

Nena is visiting her friend Alice. She starts kissing her and making out, but Alice warns her that if her Aunt Clare catches them, she will spank both of them. Nena won’t stop, so Alice spanks Nena. Then Nena gets angry and spanks Alice. But when they make out again, Aunt Clare catches them…. hmm, what do you think will happen then? You can find out more HERE

Oh, and that fave film of mine with Alice and Clare at Spankedcallgirls.com ?? Click image below for the special free gallery… Clare really went to town on this sweet little thing for getting a trashy foot tattoo that annoyed Clare as she felt she couldn’t pimp her out for more money to her clients (oh my!) – oh, and I loved Alice’s natural bush too!!!


GirlSpanksGirl.com is also home to many classic long play discipline and punishment movies of well over an hour in length, or long story arcs… this is usually found in the “Discipline Section” where you’ll find all the Excluisve Education series movies (I have news of these too, as Clare and her tean are now re editing all the fantastic old classics to bring the films from 10 years ago up to viewing standards of 2012 – the original tapes have been re edited to their best rematsred quality making the early series of EE1 or one of my faves “Back in the day” available in higher quality Wmv rather than the low res Real Media files of old (which were OK in 2004 but not today when connections are so much faster!)

But, here today, is another classic addition, just click on the image below for the full free gallery of the latest full movie which is now out for download “Strict Tutor”

click to view this free update

Strict Tutor, a traditional domestic discipline video and excellent follow-up to Exclusive Education 6 has arrived. Strict Tutor features three of our top spanking models, Mary Jane, Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza, the adorable Latina cheerleader who was thrashed by Clare Fonda. We also introduce Miss Morgan, a real life pro switch who brings her no-nonsense touch to her scenes. Strict Tutor involves OTK hand spanking along with hard whacks with the hairbrush. The girls are clad in school uniforms, pyjamas, as well as spanked hard in tight 1950’s style skirts. Mother Clare Fonda brings Miss Morgan into the family to help discipline her daughters and the results are strict scoldings, sound spankings and sore bottoms on three of today’s hottest starlets.


The above Clare Fonda updates can be viewed separately at her specialist sites, or via her infamous CLARE FONDA PASS which gives you access and choice to view 3, 4 or 5 of her best sites for a fraction of their combined cost!

click here for Clare Fonda's multi site pass offer


Now you all know I have a spanking crush for Kami Robertson so it was nice to see that Sarah had managed to persuade her man to get this classic up onto her site and it’s a joy to see again as I hadn’t forgotten this film one little bit, and when you see the images below, you won’t want to either! Images and the full movie are now available to view in splendid Wmv resolution (as you’d expect) with a full image gallery at SpankingSarah.com – There isn’t much else to say apart from… “O-M-G!”

– sorry about the random image above, I was just messing about 🙂 –

OK, so onto Kami Robertson, see the amazing “OMG” images below of one of my fave films from another producer, it’s hot, really hot… and Sarah’s got the film ready for you to download in full HERE!

Kami Robertson spanked Kami Robertson spanked

sexy Kami Robertson spanked knickers down for kami Kami's amazing bum revealed

spanked and exposed privates splayed wide and spanked

explicit spanking of Kami Robertson Kami strapped and spanked

Kami Robertson thinks she can get a free ride in a taxi, she tries to cheat the driver but he is too fast for her. She has to pay the full price or suffer the pain and indignity of a good hard beating. That’s just what she gets. Knickers off she is spanked and paddled hard on her bare bottom, her legs are spread so the thin strap finds its way to her private places and boy does it hurt. A real hard spanking and strapping film.

Check out the FREE PREVIEW of Kami’s explicit and naughty punishment RIGHT HERE


This next film title got me interested… “Caroline’s Pussy” – hmmm, as always, I knew it wasn’t going to be something porno or graphic (or was it?) No way, lol! In a play on words… a la “Mrs Slocombe’s pussy” from “Are you being served?” (OK, I have just about lost 70% of the readership who aren’t British or old enough to remember this 70’s sit com) … so before I ramble on, here is a reminder of Mrs Slocombe’s pussy talk on national telly which always got a titter or 3 🙂



Don’t miss the upcoming caning of Caroline… oh, and the elusive pussy  🙂

Just for good measure, I thought I’d share with you a really hot domestic discipline film starring Emma as a trashy housewife caught making out with Paul Kennedy (who I might add… slinks off pretty sharpish when hubby arrives home) However, this is a spanko hubby and he gets his kicks from spanking his wife… and dressed like that, who can blame him? Emma is looking HOT in these scenes and I love the accompanying images of this film as you can see below (in reduced size)!



check out more of Emma at NorthernSpanking

Wow! What a way to end this post on… I hope you enjoyed some beautiful thrashings today… I now have to take a cold shower and so on… heh heh! You can see why Northern Spanking make consistently good films RIGHT HERE


& finally a few pics of my brief stay away…. carefully sponsored by the English Cheese Council and Cotswold Town & Village Committee, I present to you some old buildings, scenery and such! the 1st is where we stayed, an old Tudor mansion in the middle of nowhere!!! Other images are of Stratford-upon-Avon (incl Shakespeare’s house) and Broadway in the Cotswolds.




Happy Birthday AAA SpankingOh, and in case you forgot, today is the 1 year birthday of AAAspanking.com! Hoorah! & thank you to Marilyn for wishing us all the best… I also want to say “thank you” again to all our members who have stuck by us or joined, your support means a lot to us and helps us continue to fund new films. We always knew in these hard pressed economic times that it was going to be hard for a new start up, and we weren’t wrong, but we hope to improve vastly in 2012 with some new ideas which we are ging to implement from the very next film shoot (I can’t say as that would be telling but we have lots of good stuff we promise you will enjoy throughout 2012! Check out the SPECIAL BIRTHDAY OFFER – still available until the end of the month!

Thanks for reading the blog (as always) and come back soon!

Weekend Spanking Updates

I’m a little inebriated from spending a glorious afternoon here down the pub (a lovely warm day in mid October, around 70f or 21-22c and very sunny, almost unheard of in England at this time of year!) so I decided to give you a quick update, being the generous drunken geezer that I am! So without waffling anymore, here are some choice images from a few sites well worth a mention today and some inside and coming news of my own site’s updates at the end. *hic*

I haven’t brought you my news of FirmHandspanking.com so it’s a great place to start since it features a fantastic paddling movie of one of my fave girls, Adrienne Black… and also a newbie by the name of Kelly Morgan, who looks every inch a new spanking starlet! Images are taken from both movies below and these are reduced in size, members will of course get the full size pics and be able to download the films to their heart’s content!

New Girl Kelly Morgan – gets her 1st OTK spanking over Earl Grey’s lap

“It burns!” pretty Kelly Morgan wails as Earl Grey’s hand smacks her bare bottom 153 times. She’s The Intern. After being late on her first day at work he gives her a choice of losing the internship or taking a spanking! This senior knows that corporal punishment works. Hot debut!




See MORE of Kelly getting her 1st spanking & a free preview clip – Click HERE

Adrienne has been shown elsewhere, as I was a little busy… but she is STILL worth a mention as I know that people don’t always read every blog or special promotional site out there, there’s waaaay too many for me to decide on myself… so in case your chosen others (as well as me) had forgotten this beauty… here she is, the full film is of course available to download, as are a vast growing archive of films starring Adrienne!

Beautiful blonde Adrienne Black knows she’s in trouble for losing a file – or did she hide it? She’s due a cheek reddening 83-swat spanking, panties down, with a stinging ping pong paddle. Skilful editing means we enjoy unmissable facial reactions on the Reaction Cam. Ouch!





Here’s something a little different as I bring you one of the top rated films by members of Girls Boarding School – and the very popular Maggie who is one of the few girls able to take anything that Headmaster Tom dishes out! This girl has buns of steel… seriously, I have seen some of her many films and have winced as she has taken some of the most ferocious whacks with the cane or strap… this film, being top rated, is no different, and Maggie plays the part of a naughty and foolish schoolgirl, caught out yet again by Tom… to perfection. This time? It’s Homework mistakes… far too many of them that gets her thrashed… and thrashed severely!

There’s a short exclusive clip and some images (reduced from the members area) to give you an idea of what this full length film of spanking and extreme humiliation is all about.





NorthernSpanking quietly released their 9th part of the very well received Wheatley Manor – this is an epic spanking movie and one which Paul and Lucy are rightly proud of, with a top cast of Niki Flynn, Leia-Ann Woods and Amelia Jane Rutherford and a believable script backed up by Amy Hunter and Stephen Lewis who are the  tops in this film, it makes for unmissable viewing. The clip I have is really justa snippet and I have some images from the latest part if that helps… but you can dowbload all 9 epic parts right now as part of your membership and of course get all the other goodies that are on offer!

Here’s a reminder of what went on in episode 8 as Niki gets a thrashing completely naked!



& so to part 9… Niki is late for breakfast and so she is thrashed again, in front of everyone and this time it’s really humiliating for her! Some great scenes with a wooden kitchen spatula as well as you’ll discover below:



See the updates and download them as a member RIGHT HERE


In my other news, the full film (for those that only want to download the odd film or 2) of my latest update, the extremely spankable Sophie, is available at the Clips Store HERE  and another free preview is available below:

Remember that we feature many films here before the main site and they’re available in full or as clips and in some cases we only feature the action shots and no build up dialog, read the full info on each movie on the pages to see for yourself, it’s proved quite popular for those that prefer this way of viewing their spanking content.


& in news of what is coming soon, you may remember that Jasmine filmed with us recently, well, I have a great 2 part film of Jasmine and Sophie in their pyjamas getting a good hard thrashing in bed together (part 2 will come out later this year when Jasmine spanks Sophie and it’s a great little film I promise you’ll love too) – and that will be followed by the quite amusing but hard hitting film of me and Leia when she accused me of being a “cakeboy” – I’ll write up more about it very soon, I promise… but these 2 movies I really enjoyed making and seeing on file… I’m sure you will too!

The next 2 films – coming soon in glorious HD to AAAspanking

OK, that’s it from me, I’ll be back tomorrow with more goss and behind the scenes stuff!

Damn internet connection!!!

I’ve been offline for nearly 3 days, it is SO frustrating. Now I have to leave soon and be away from my precious laptop, so I managed to update my site and give members the second crucial update in HD of Jasmine Lau getting slippered earlier today before the connection went down again!

I recommend you see Jasmine slippered, she is just SO SO HOT!!! & as I have no time today, I thought I’d find a collection of some previous posts and place together some really hot memories, sorry it’s a fudge today, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate these! I would if I was reading this little lot, lol!


So to Amber Dawn at AmberSpanks.com who is ALWAYS rather hot, so please if the sight of 2 hot horny chicks getting it on, playing with each other, using toys, crops and smearing baby oil over their warmed bottoms and bodies is not your thing whilst in a spanko context, please go away: for everyone else, prepare for take off in this latest series of achingly hot female spankings at the slippery hands of one very naughty Amber! (I hope Amber reads this and takes note that I want to see MORE of Marlena if she would like to welcome her back… I’m sure many others would like that too!)

Amber plays with sexy pigtailed Marlena’s soaking wet kitty-kat




Marlena getting off on her spanking and very naughty playtime with Amber!


If anyone is in any doubt as to how sexy these series of movies are, Amber enjoys her work with the ladies and when the right hottie comes along, just like Marlena, we are all treated to some of the horniest spanking playtime punishments seen on film! F/F lovers have found this site, if you haven’t taken a look, and thinks it’s something you “might” be interested in, don’t take my word for it, I’ve covered Amber’s sites often, there’s a whole world of spanko goodness here and I now have serious “Wood!”

See MORE of Amber spanking her girlfriends like Marlena HERE *drool*


Next, I have got you a another fantastic exclusive Free Clip of possibly one of my most lusted after beauties from FirmHandSpanking – the beautiful and very bratty Adrienne Black – as tall as a Redwood and a simply stunning sight with her long lonnng slinky legs and tight pert bum cheeks  - causing me SEVERE Trouser Rumblings. I swear they deliberately cast Earl Grey to punish Adrienne, seeing as he is not the tallest fella about, but any comedy references to the difference in height between them is soon dispelled in this latest movie update of  Adrienne as she is caned (yes CANED!) rather hard, first across her tight while dress and then on the bare! & I have got you a free clip to show you part of this fabulous punishment! (there are also some images that members can download too, of course)

The below images are full size and a small selection that compliment this update! The story is that in her ongoing College Discipline program, Adrienne thinks she can do as she wishes at home when her adoring father is away but Earl Grey is there to keep her on the straight and narrow! He catches her trying to drink a very expensive bottle of champagne – apart from her being barely of legal age to drink with her astounding ignorance and arrogance – she is given the cane with 6 over her dress and 6 on her bared cheeks – this is something young bratty American girls should feel more of, I feel, but what the hell do I know – it’s obvious they HATE it with a vengeance! Nice one Earl! 😉



SEE MORE OF STUNNING ADRIENNE (& other amazing girls) HERE


1stChoicespanking.com – it’s had a major revamp and more movies have recently been uploaded, these are old British classics and are remastered for full screen playback! I can safely recommend thsi site now having viewed many a film myself which brings back losts of old and forgotten films – all are long play approx an hour each in length and there’s days worth if you watched them back to back!!! (I haven’t tried that)

Check out the site and you’ll be amazed at the FREE Tours and flash vids that they are showing, you’ll spend an age just viewing the free content before you realize that this site is shit hot and worth checking out! (see below)

Now if you wish, there are 2 choice long play movie clips uploaded at TEEN SPANKING TUBE and here is one of them below that I have linked directly, just click on the image below and there are also some smaller lower resolution images from this…

Click image above to watch this provocative spanking & caning movie




Do you remember me having a soft spot for girls dressed up as Flight attendants? Well, I do! The only place to get this fix for me is at Spanked-In-Uniform.com – they are awesome and star some well known faces as well as 2 stunning new girls from their more recent episodes, although fans of Real-Life-spanking will recognize the dusky beauty Stacey as she has featured there a lot!

Both these girls are stunning and if was the lucky pilot these girls were fighting over, I’d do my best to have my cake and eat it and have both, wouldn’t you? Check out some vid scenes below and decide for yourself!!!


Leandra and Stacey are best friends and they share the same flights frequently. They are also both seeing the same pilot and that leads to a loud disagreement on one of the flights. One of the passengers complained so both girls were told to go and see Mr Johnson. He ordered the girls to paddle each other and if the smacks weren’t hard enough, he would give them himself and they’d be much harder! As they failed, he paddled them both soundly. The girls left embarrassed and punished but a few days later they were at it again in the flight galley. So as soon as they landed,  they were sent to Mr Johnson again and this time had to kneel on a chair in his office getting a nasty bare bottom strapping and had to lift their skirts and allow him to intimately inspect their red sore cheeks and have the indignity of exposing their private parts as part of their humiliation!





My 2nd episode feature stars the wonderful Kami Robertson and she is disciplined for being rude and surly to passengers…uh oh…a short sharp trip to Mr Johnson, I fear!

Mr Johnson got a letter from a businessman who was very unsatisfied with Kami’s performance on the flight to Berlin. He pressed his buzzer quite a few times and Kami ignored him after a while. Kami was summoned to the office and the little madam had quite an attitude with the result that she got a hard long OTK spanking. She was then banned from flying a few days and had to work downstairs at the check-in desks. The next day Kami showed up 15 minutes late and Mr Johnson gave her a real hard strapping over his desk which left her in real floods of tears which you will see in this fantastic full length episode.



Now don’t ask my why, but the image below as part of Kami’s early punishment made me laugh, whether it was the vulnerable position, or the way Mr Johnson is obviously relishing his role with this minx wriggling over his lap, either way it was an image I wanted you to see seperately! (see below)

You can see the full tearful punishment of Kami HERE

Finally from the Airline section of Spanked-In-Uniform.com today is a firm fave of mine, Miss Lottie Kinsade, who ruins her position of being chosen to attend to businessmen on a private Lear jet and also her chance to impress Mr Johnson who decides to take the flight personally – she forgets to load the plane with champagne !!!

This is full storyline and you can see some images I have chosen from the movie as well!
As I said, a group of businessmen hired a private jet from Europe Airlines to fly to Paris and and Mr Johnson, being a good pilot himself, decided to fly the jet. Halfway to Paris, and to his horror, Lottie had forgotten the champagne so he gave her a good spanking in front of the businessmen who enjoyed it tremendously. Once back at the airport Lottie was taken back to his office and she got another humiliating OTK spanking and a hard dose of the special punishment hairbrush! This girl can take quite a thrashing, as you’ll see!!!



Click here to see Lottie & all the other girls at Europe Air punished in FULL


Next up I wanted to remind you about this stunning minx, one of the growing number of teenage tearaways we know all too well, however she appears here in several movies at ENGLISH-SPANKERS and what a welcome addition she made to this spanking site!

In common with most teenagers our just spanked girl does not learn. She is supposed to be at work but prefers to spend her day doing sexy dancing. This does not meet with general approval. She is paddled hard on her bare bottom, first bent over and then in the humiliating diaper position. At the end of the punishment she is red and well marked on her bottom!



Mmm, the diaper position, it really does reveal everything, doesn’t it?


You can see many more excellent movies in this quality covering wives, girlfriends, schoolgirls and teenagers all disciplined and spanked on their bare bottoms as the obsessive English know how to!


… and finally today, as I hadn’t posted Amber in a while… from her original site, here’s another reminder why she is just SO SO HOT! Amber Dawn from SpankAmber.com gives her “Daddy” a blow job as he allows her to suck him off he plays with her freshly spanked ass and gets out his leather belt for some erotic playtime. Amber loves the feel of leather, she may be a Vegan…but she sure loves her man-milk and a leather belt rubbing over her swollen pussy and hot ass! I have a teaser clip and some naughty images so you’ll get an idea of what Amber is capable of, as well as getting her bottom truly reddened on a weekly basis!!!

WARNING: This spankable dessert is very naughty!!!

Wanna know how Amber’s mouth ended up with a wad of cum?
CLICK IMAGE BELOW to see the Free Exclusive Clip



Check out all of Amber’s most recent HOT spanking updates HERE