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My Exceptional Mid Week Spankings

To congratulate Obama on 4 more years as president (in what turned out to be quite a victory after all) – I have a stunning OTK spanking update this week from in the shape of sexy vixen, Nyssa Nevers, in what was her 1st time working with a British Spanking site. In fact, this was her 1st film she did with me… so you get to see her flawless bum before I managed to turn it a naughty shade of red for the day… and she didn’t disappoint with the very sexy lingerie too… as you’ll see in these stunning galleries below, see for yourself and watch a free clip and discover 2 options of viewing the full HD film! Enjoy! I most certainly did!!!

Click images to show the new free galleries!

…below are some actual screen images from the film in this particular gallery, like the above images, these are reduced in size for promotional purposes and members get to see much bigger images and the full film, of course!


The previous film also has a new gallery which you can see at the banner below – Trouser arousal levels for ball gagged schoolgirl punishments are set at maximum! Who says I can’t enjoy myself and live out some naughty fantasies? Thank you Danielle Hunt! I have had some great feedback on this previous movie, nice to know some of the members appreciate my work, we must be doing something right!!!

OK, as a special something… people have been asking me where is Mishka? Well, I have good and bad news about her. You see, I approached her to do some more work for me, but it seems she only does her own stuff now (and it’s not spanking but all manner of filthy things) so unfortunately there will be no more Mishka spanking films and such anywhere else… luckily, I did film several more movies of her so don’t worry… and to keep you all interested, one of her naughtiest wheelbarrow spanking clips is coming up NEXT week! Yup, the next installment of the “fantasy series” comes out next week, the best yet in my opinion (I should know as it was my fantasy, lol) as slinky Mishka takes the next wheelbarrow spanking in a schoolgirl Gingham dress just made for her… I also managed to use the bathbrush and put in some soothing cream on that red behind whilst still availing myself to her soft bottom in that revealing position so I managed to get in some telling swats too as well as getting the cams to get up close and intimate! HAWT ain’t even the half of this one, believe you me! Check out a couple of teaser images below of what’s coming!!! If you’re not a member, then get yourself a cheap monthly deal, there’s now over 120 films or thereabouts for approx $25, all exclusively produced too and in HD! If you’re into spanking… check out what I’ve been up to recently! (If you haven’t already!)

You can also see Nyssa’s film as a special one off download at the Clips Store HERE


Oh… and before I go, I just loved this picture, so I hope you all do too!
Gotta love a girl when she carries out her dare, eh? LOL!


OK, goodnight, I have some great spanking updates from other sites for you tomorrow! Chief

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  1. tim tim

    Oh ,shame she has left spanky vids ,best,Tim.

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