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Vote for Spankings

Well, over $2Bn later or whatever the news sources say this presidential campaign has cost, it comes down to who is left in America to vote and a very fine line in some states as to whether Obama gets his 2nd term in office or the prospect of Romney achieving his goal. I think you all know how I feel and I would be upset if Obama didn’t get a 2nd term, but it’s just my opinion. I could be wrong, maybe he’s a stand up guy in real life but from what I’ve seen and read, I don’t like Romney, never have… I don’t think he really knows what “ordinary” people are suffering through these last 4-5 years. Like the ignorant bankers who continue to stick their fingers up at us mere mortals struggling to keep a roof over our heads… Perhaps these guys just want to get it over so they can get back to reading some of their favourite spanking blogs? Sorry Mitt and the great (Republican) state of Texas that I seem to have pissed off right now… I can take it on the chin, I guess! Who really cares? All I know is do I care enough? Probably not, it’s not my country, but I did take offence to Romney’s ignorant accusations about the British ability to organise The Olympics before the games started this summer and in fact we pulled it off with style and in these hard pressed economic times, that’s saying something! So swivel on that one, Romney! & of course… if Mitt does happen to win, I’d be happy to be proved wrong and that he’s not such a bad guy after all… but let’s get on with the spanking updates, shall we?

Let’s start with a cracking film COMING SOON to BunBeatingFun that stars a Penthouse Model from the September 2012 issue

Please welcome Miss Sara Liz – another uppity model that is going to get what’s coming to her!

The above image and the homage below is courtesy of Penthouse Online magazine

Sara seems my sort of gal! If you want to see her in this gentlemen’s magazine, I understand… however, if you want her to be spanked like the brat she showed she was, playing up at the film shoot, complaining and bitching before she got the ear pulling over the mystery spanker’s lap (it’s Greg’s other helping hand… who spanks just as hard!) then please do read on in this exclusive 1st show preview anywhere on the internet!

The below images are the 1st anywhere seen online and this film will become available for members any day now.






Yup, Sara Liz even got the paddle and in a particularly humiliating scene she was told to go fetch it, strip off and asked to be spanked with it! Now that’s teaching some manners in a young good looking lady… and I’d also like to say she was one of the jiggliest girls in a quite a while… Greg, the site owner, has a knack of finding these girls with soft bouncy butts and breasts that wobble in all the right places! Bravo! Here is the official blurb on what they say about the very alluring Sara Liz!

From the pages of Playboy and Penthouse magazines this mouth a watering sex kitten did cometh… and with her she did bringeth her high ‘falutin at-titty-tude and her uppity mannerisms. And when finally she did depart, it was with tear moistened cheeks in front and mottled and crimson cheeks behind. ‘Twas a fine, fine day indeed!



…the end of the film has some intimate moments as a rather relieved Sara has her bottom smothered in soothing gel!

Check out a short humiliating and typical scene of  Sara yelping her way through this long relentless punishment

Click here to view the complete movie


  1. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    History will probably not be kind to Romney, but one has to admire the tenor of his gracious speech tonight. Also, the crowd was noticably less racist than McCain’s in ’08 (probably because Romney’s party was in Boston rather than Arizona, but still).

    More broadly, this result speaks well of Americans. The Republican machine threw everything it had at Obama: voter suppression, racist dog-whistles, billions in outside spending, even concerted, organised attempts to convince everyone that the polls were a lefist plot. And look where it got them: Obama re-elected, the Senate majority strengthened, and some of the nastiest rednecks tossed out of the House. Yes, each individual part of the Republican strategy took its toll, and you can still see the power of incumbency in the House, but overall the country–especially young people–voted for the Kenyan Muslim Socialist and his party anyway, with a near-sweep of the swing states and surprisingly strong showings for Senatorial candidates in other states (Carmona in AZ, Heitkamp in ND).

  2. tim tim

    yes Mr Romney gave a nice speech ,best,Tim.

  3. tim tim

    Pretty little Sarah got big spanks ,very cute girl,best,Tim.

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