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Brit Spanking Updates

Hi everyone, sorry about not updating the blog updated as regularly as I had wanted to recently… it’s a busy time of year in my main job and I’ve been so tired that facing the laptop screen after a grueling long day, it is difficult after making sure I update my own site for my esteemed membership: So this is where I start first as there is a new girl at – she’s not new to spanking but hadn’t been involved in this fetish for a while so I hope you welcome stunning Carissa Montgomery… we had some fun making some films with her as you’ll discover, below is her OTK spanking intro film!

Carissa001 Carissa006

Carissa008 Carissa012

Carissa022 Carissa026

Carissa037 Carissa042

Carissa052 Carissa053

Carissa062 Carissa067

There will also be a great image set coming out next week… after the full Xmas film update which I’m sure you’ll all appreciate as well, I can’t wait to show that to you all, as well as making great films… I think you see the fun and quirky side to our film making – as well as ensuring the girls get their come-uppance if they have been naughty!

Check out an aftermath free movie clip of Carissa’s 1st spanking over my lap 🙂

This movie is also available as a one off cheap download (click image below)



There’s a really good film between Sarah Bright and Jenna Jay in the continuing “Unladylike Manor” series as you’ll see below as poor Jenna faces a few questions she is afraid to answer… time for Sarah to extract the truth!!!

npp5021005 npp5021012

npp5021014 npp5021017

npp5021018 npp5021022

npp5021029 npp5021036

The latest episode of Unladylike Manor has Sarah aware that something is going on between her husband and Lady Suzanne and she is determined to find out just what it is. The housekeeper Jenna Jay is summoned to see Sarah and the questions start. When the right answers are not given Jenna has to suffer and out comes a nasty leather strap and A very heavy leather paddle. Poor Jenna is beaten till her bottom is a mass of pain but will she tell all?

Check out the latest FREE Preview Clip HERE


Finally today, who can resist seeing Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake punished together as 2 bickering schoolgirls in the next installment of the St Just’s series called ” Head Girl Caned”. See images and storyline below with a link to view a great free clip provided 🙂

npp5040001 npp5040005

npp5040006 npp5040011

npp5040015 npp5040027

npp5040029 npp5040036

npp5040044 npp5040047

Amelia Jane Rutherford is a bad loser and when she does not get appointed head girl she does her best to discredit Pandora Blake, the chosen one. This then turns into an unladylike scratching and hair pulling fight. The headmaster returns and decides to punish both girls. It is to be a good caning for both of them.



OK, just one more update… this is from Northern Spanking and is a great F/F movie, imagine sending spendthrift wives Aleesha Fox and Amelia Rutherford to see Mistress Jadie Reese for corrective therapy… I don’t think this actually works but looks fantastic… and of course is a good excuse to see sexy Jadie punish these naughty ladies to their husbands satisfaction!

NSI098-JAA008 NSI098-JAA030

NSI098-JAA064 NSI098-JAA067

NSI098-JAA075 NSI098-JAA076

NSI098-JAA082 NSI098-JAA084

You can see this full movie now at Northern Spanking


Have a good un! Chief.

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  1. Tim Tim

    Carissa is a lovely girl who is well spanked by yourself ,i know her from other sites she mentioned in her preamble ,best,Tim.

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