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British Spanking Updates

Union Jack - the British flag showing off a nation of spankos!

I’ve just had a very pleasant lunch with “Er Indoors” down one of our local countryside pubs… she has now retired for her afternoon kip whilst I type this a little worse for wear having had just a few drinks which is enough to make me feel sleepy. Good job, then… that I updated the site with the new film starring the luscious Mishka before I foolishly partook of some ale and fine food. So I think you’ll find this post today, celebrating all that is quaintly iconic and British when it comes to spanking…. strict – stern – fun – tongue in cheek – harsh – sexy – quirky and above all focussed on the punishment of pert female bottoms! Let’s start with what I have been updating recently… then I’ll show you some other fantastic new films from the other British sites that I have access to!

Mishka is back in a very sexy roleplay as a naughty  –  VERY naughty schoolgirl!


Mishka, the new Exchange Student, was a very naughty little thing! She rubbed herself off & got excited reading about the ways in which bad girls were disciplined with a corporal punishment spanking! She imagined herself getting that treatment too & dipped her fingers into her glistening pussy to relieve that feeling of severe arousal! However, she hadn’t turned up for Supper as she was so engrossed in her illicit finger pie business, she got caught masturbating! A shocked Mr Osborne gave her a spanking (which was what she got off on) – but he noticed this & then turned the tables on her, making her read the paragraphs that she had found so interesting from the Female Disciplinary Manual then whacked her bare reddening cheeks with the hairbrush! Her growing humiliation was only matched by the increasingly beautiful red colour of her tight buns! Gaze upon the glowing cheeks of shame which contrasted beautifully with her light blue gingham school dress!

If you haven’t already clicked the image above… it leads to a special free gallery of her from this film!

Do you remember the Female Disciplinary Manual?

Well, young Mishka was reading this manual in it’s softback version as described earlier… and completely forgot to attend supper that she got turned on and was soon engrossed in some serious self defilement before getting caught – how embarrassing! Ok, it’s a naughty fantasy of mine to imagine a girl dressed like this getting off on something that should be about correction… but it made for some great scenes and Mishka did me proud by trying to read the English text (remember she’s not a native English speaker) whilst getting spanked and given the hairbrush across her very tight pert sore bare bottom! There are some screen images from the movie below which will best show you what actually happened too… some of these images are not shown elsewhere and these are the full size 1280×720 resolution 🙂

wordplay003 wordplay021

wordplay024 wordplay031

wordplay038 wordplay051

wordplay068 wordplay088

wordplay095 wordplay110

wordplay133 wordplay135

Check out a FREE Clip and preview from this new film HERE

& of course this film is available IN FULL already at the Clips store HERE

Mishka Devlin caught playing with herself and spanked on her bare bottom


get over my knee! with Leandra James

Meanwhile at POV Spanking there is an interesting POV style film (in HD-MP4 1280×720 format) – no actual spanking as such… as those of you (female or male) reading this who are submissive in nature might be interested to see that you have a chance to get over lovely Leandra’s knee as she scolds you for peeping at her whilst she was asleep! She’s not happy and switches rather too easily for my liking!!! She angry with you but seizes a chance to punish you… calling you a “dirty pervert”… the cam angles show what you’d see as she makes you get over her lap then, she realises she needs to spank you on your bare bottom so she makes you stand up and remove your trousered protection before assuming the position again as she tells you off – smacking your bare bottom as she does so, you try to look back but she isn’t happy with this and then you’re made to do some reflective cornertime whilst she looks at your burning bared bottom” The shame of it!”

IMG_7812 IMG_7815

IMG_7816 IMG_7819

Images below from your POV perspective… we are filming more of these and they will be coming soon to the site

overmyknee001 overmyknee002

overmyknee003 overmyknee004

overmyknee005 overmyknee006

In future we shall also sign and grade all clips so you know exactly what they are beforehand:  eg) I shall place a key on the site with images and text such as WB for wheelbarrow position or POV-1 meaning YOUR POV experience as a spankee or POV-2 as the Spanker and so on… it will all become clear at some point, lol! (I did say this was an ongoing learning project we are doing but we are getting there as it is filmed in a totally different and alien way to how we normally do it).



Let’s now see what else is out there currently from my English compatriots!

2 Very contrasting films from Pandora Blake’s site Dreams of Spanking … the first is a traditional M/F domestic spanking role with voluptuous Mila Kohl and Paul Kennedy (yes, I’m still jealous FFS!) as you’ll see from these great images below as Paul nonchalantly canes Mila across her full bare bottom…


Mila is “Caned before Dinner”

Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner022 Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner028 Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner031

Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner034 Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner036 Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner038


After her behaviour at the last Rotary Club dinner, Mila’s father decides to punish her before this one as a pre-emptive measure. 12 sore cane stripes on her bottom will remind her to behave…. CLICK HERE to see Mila’s punishment in full –  Then take a look at what is a great period set in a “who’s who” of British spanking where in this film Pandora gets to punish all the conspirators (as you’ll soon discover) including Will, the Footman (who has a great ass to bare, btw!)


Caroline and Amelia enlist Will the footman to deliver some counterfeit invitations to a forthcoming dinner party. Governess Miss Blake finds out the plot, and disciplines all three conspirators with the cane!

Dreams-of-Spanking_invites027 Dreams-of-Spanking_invites031

Dreams-of-Spanking_invites046 Dreams-of-Spanking_invites051 Dreams-of-Spanking_invites055

Dreams-of-Spanking_invites061 Dreams-of-Spanking_invites066

Check out what else Pandora dreams about HERE


& now for something completely different, as they used to say on Monty Python sketches  (well… for the moment, at least) as Miss Lola Marie… or  Lola “Pee Pee” Marie as I like to affectionately call her now, has an issue regarding bladder control as you’ll see when she wets her knickers in this latest film from

NPP6024018 NPP6024020

NPP6024030 NPP6024048 NPP6024043

NPP6024045 NPP6024051

NPP6024058 NPP6024067


NPP6024073 NPP6024081

Punishment exercise has been ordered for naught pupil Lola Marie and the nasty mistress really does put her through it with the liberal use of the school punishment strap on her hands and her legs. Lola wants to go to the toilet but her request is denied so when the mistress is not looking Lola goes behind a bush and has a big pee. As you can guess she is caught out and then her punishment really starts. She is made to bend over and take the strap on her wet bottom and knickers, a real hard punishment for Lola!



I’m not sure if this image series (now available in full as it was over 3 parts) has been shown elsewhere but at I liked this unique look at the aftermath… it is something I have been dwelling on more in my own films and also know how influential the old style magazines are on us all… as Paul admitted when he made this beautiful collaboration with Alex Reynolds (see below):


This is what Paul had to say about this project: “This is a bit of an experiment, not a Top-saving exercise! Spanking magazines from the 1980s which as I think everyone knows is my primary influence, often used to feature picture sets like this, where the girl had clearly been soundly punished and left to contemplate what has happened to her and looking at the marks left on her bottom. I like this one rather a lot, especially as I was able to make it with Alex, who very much shares my outlook on spanking and the kind of aftermath depicted here. I hope you like it!”

NSI116-Z013 NSI116-Z014

NSI116-Z027 NSI116-Z043

NSI116-Z053 NSI116-Z056

NSI116-Z064 NSI116-Z067 NSI116-Z071


Check out this and the other original image set and the vast movie archive that is


Finally today… from a fantastic Sexy Maid Cleaning Company debut for Aleesha Fox, with *THAT* cleavage, heaving breasts and of course one of the most spankable bums any of us could have the pleasure of getting to grips with!!!

npp6006003 - Copy npp6006018 - Copy

npp6006059 npp6006025 - Copy npp6006030 - Copy

The boobiful and very lovely Aleesha Fox has at last joined the Sexy Cleaning Company. Our newest recruit knows just how to show off her assets and just how to tease our customers. Despite her leg and boob show she still has to undergo the same rigorous test as all our other ladies and so it is she ends up being spanked and taking a good hard thrashing with a wicked leather paddle. Boy did she get spanked and wait ’til you see this amazing film. Spankingly good!

npp6006037 - Copy

npp6006038 - Copy npp6006043 - Copy

npp6006046 npp6006047

npp6006054 npp6006055 - Copy


You can check out a sneak preview of Aleesha’s tryout HERE


If you don’t want to view just British stuff today… I have written up on a famous American site (that has a lot of British influences…) but they are very unique… who am I on about? Well, check out my other blog post HERE and you’ll soon find out (WARNING: contains a ton more images to damage your eyesight with!!!)

& if you’re still hanging around online, may I suggest the completely useless but very funny Stuff on my Rabbit website featuring Vinnie – a very calm rabbit that has had just about everything balanced on his head… he’s AWESOME!!! Click image for the direct link to their website 🙂



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