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Friday’s Spankings

Hi everyone, before I bring you some more updates and stuff I have definitely been watching this week…Thanks to one of my processors, I have lost sales over the last few days, I am guessing some of my affiliates are thinking… “Hey, why isn’t that Triple A site converting like before?” – well, seems there was a script problem (no fault of my own) and it affected those who wanted to join up, much to my cost and annoyance, but these things are sent to test us. I do have a back up processor at Epoch which is totally reliable and trustworthy if there’s ever an issue, like this was, btw) Anyway, a little behind the scenes info here as it’s not like I get an awful lot of sales per day, but you DO notice immediately when there are no sales for the day and then the following (I have to say that has never happened to me until this week and sales have been, well, much better than expected the last few months which I have to say is encouraging). getting back to this problem, I immediately tried to manually add a set of codes at the admin area and got a script error so contacted their support, who like me… are great at trying to resolve issues… so hopefully it is all now fine and dandy… even if this did take several hours today with me between my hosting company and a CCBill tech as piggy in the middle on live support chat and so it has put me waaaaay behind on any sort of schedule (I really don’t want to be posting right now, if truth be told but I do have a large bottle of red wine to help). So, um… anyone tempted to sign up to my site, please do try and if you get any sort of error, please do let me know ASAP either HERE on the blog comment system or at my initial website support ticket system HERE and I can follow that up with a personal email.

OK, let’s see what I have been looking at and Joelle’s latest punishment got me thinking as to how much she confided to me she HATES the hairbrush, which is why I loved seeing David take it to her beautiful bare bum with gusto! Damn, I miss spanking Joelle across my lap, feeling her struggle, grabbing her hand to stop her fighting back more as that implement did its awful job of reddening her rump… *sigh* check out the new film from – images below should do this justice, I hope!

bouncing1-1 bouncing1-2

bouncing1-3 bouncing1-5

bouncing1-4 bouncing1-6 bouncing1-7

Taken from the film “Bouncing off the Walls” - Joelle fed the children candy and cookies rather than being bothered to cook a wholesome meal and of course the kids are now completely wired on sugar. David orders Joelle to change into her pyjamas and gives her a painful hairbrush spanking so she will have one sore bottom for bedtime.

See the FREE Preview clip of Joelle’s humiliating punishment HERE


An excellent film from this week as Clover’s amazing bare bottom gets a good hard spanking and caning, just look at that curvacious figure, this is oh so spankable… the sort of girl that turns up and you will find any… ANY excuse to tan her behind as Sarah explains below!

Young Clover is child minding forme but as usual is not paying attention. I return home to find the kids playing out in the street causing all sorts of trouble. At home I find Clover drinking wine and listening to music, trouble ahead for Clover in the form of a hard spanking on her denim jeans followed by a bare bottom caning. Rather harsh measures but they were certainly needed.

Clover is as ever excellent and Sarah plays the irate mom to a tee

npp5000013 npp5000017

npp5000020 npp5000022

npp5000030 npp5000042

Don’t forget to check out a rumptastic spanking & caning movie preview HERE


Zoe Page is one of the sexiest and hardest female spankers I know… and I just had to share these great images with another fantastic spankee, Pandora Blake from a site I haven’t shown you a lot of (God knows why as it’s one of the best out there!) and that is – the prison punishment site. In this latest series of updates, sadistic and cruel (but beautiful) Officer Page roughly treats returning inmate Miss Blake in her cell, turning it upside down and thrashing her in private where the outside world can not hear her cries!




Check out these full size images, I won’t show too many but you get the idea… and of course the film is even better with these 2!

pandora2_roughtreatment_124 pandora2_roughtreatment_140

pandora2_roughtreatment_156 pandora2_roughtreatment_163

pandora2_roughtreatment_164 pandora2_roughtreatment_169

pandora2_roughtreatment_174 pandora2_roughtreatment_179


Click here to see more of the latest prison punishments



Want to see what I watched last night? From Girls Boarding School there’s a new resident called Jessie, with an innocent looking face and some killer curves, this student receives her first ever caning in her dorm room…




pic03 pic06

pic04 pic07

pic16 pic11 pic10

Click Here to see more FREE Previews of the latest film updates like this one 🙂



As I finish writing this, the full horror of yet another school shooting  at Sandy Hook Elementary has taken place in a small unassuming place, Newtown, CT that no-one would think could be a world leading story, I know this is primarily a spanking blog but I still wanted to express and share my shock and disbelief at such mindless violence of innocents (it brings “Dunblane” in Scotland back to me) it’s so sad, my thoughts go out to the families of the 20 children and 6 adults so far confirmed dead…

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