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Schpaaankings & St Trinians

I had a rather bizarre day yesterday… my workplace had rather thoughtfully decided to have a St Trinians style theme day for the staff… fortunately I didn’t need to dress up (Just as well… I could have brought in my headmaster’s outfit and cane… imagine that, lol!) no, the ladies dressed up as rather naughty schoolgirls and I had to suppress my desires and look the other way as some had innocently really looked the part. I’m off to a works meal tonight, all rather tasteful and sober as I have to drive there and back so no foolishness on my part… but some of the ladies at our place could have given the girls below a run for their money! Thank you, anonymous colleagues!

002 9 210111-18 schoolgirl-spanking

OK, well the last image was perhaps a little OTT… but my imagination was thinking along these lines yesterday… LOL!


Shall we start the updates off with some incredibly hot “schpaankings” from Holland’s number one uniform spanking site? Let’s venture deep into space to start with as the Disciplinary Earthfleet vessel contains yet more rude and badly trained staff that need a good firm hand from their captain… all images and films courtesy of the most excellent

ep3_1 genesis3_1

ep3_13 ep3_17

ep3_18 ep3_19

genesis3_2 ep3_12

The Genesis met the Earthfleet Cargo Ship, Barbados, to pick up a Lieutenant Buchanan who is lazy, neglects her duties and needs strict discipline. Captain Cunnniikuta gladly handed her over. Captain Rogers decided to let Ensign Monique be responsible for her progress and their first task was to clean Shuttle Craft 3 and 5 in Shuttle Bay 2. They did a poor job and they ended up feeling the sting from Captain Rogers’ Punisher right there in the Shuttle Bay. They were then ordered to inventory Cargo Bay 3 and when they did a poor job of that as well… they were both taken to Lieutenant Buchanan’s quarters where they both got a hard, long and very painful OTK spanking!

Back to Earth but still in the skies, another of my fave uniform fetishes is seeing airline stewardesses getting thrashed, god knows why, I just get off on seeing girls in these uniforms spanked and humiliated… so the latest episode does NOT disappoint!

This was from an excellent 2 parter “The Mile high Club” which members can download in full…

europe_ep26_2 europe26_1

europe_ep26_6 europe_ep26_8

europe_ep26_9 europe_ep26_12

europe26_2 europe_ep26_10

On a Europe Airlines flight to Athens the stewardess Nicky allowed one of the female passengers, who is a member of the Mile High Club, to have sex with another passenger in the bathroom. It was reported to Mr. Johnson who waited for the plane and confronted Nicky with it. She confessed and she pointed out the passenger and they were taken to the Europe Airlines office. Nicky was told she would be spanked and Betty was given the option: The Police or get the same as Nicky. She reluctantly agreed to the spanking and Nicky was taken over Mr. Johnson’s knee and got a sound spanking!

europe_ep27_15 europe27_2

europe_ep27_5 europe_ep27_6

europe_ep27_10 europe_ep27_14

europe27_1 europe_ep27_13

In part two of the Mile High Club we see the naughty passenger Betty getting just what she deserves. She goes over Mr. Johnson’s knee and gets a sound spanking which leaves her bottom very red and sore. It is very doubtful she will ever have sex on any Europe Airlines plane again!

& finally in the naughty schoolgirl uniform section, here’s another excuse to see some minxes getting what they deserve…

ep54_3 ep54_4

ep54_5 ep54_14

ep54_18 catherines54_2

catherines54_1 ep54_8

ep54_10 ep54_17

Miss Van Dyke was ill so the Headmaster told the girls, Kathy and Sammie, to sit quietly and do their homework until the end of the period. Of course the little madams didn’t listen and they started playing games of spanking Tic Tac Toe. The loser getting spanked by the winner. Unfortunately for their bottoms the Headmaster caught them and gave them both a quick sound paddling. Then, as they obviously liked playing games, he challenged them both to a few games of Tic Tac Toe and both girls ended up with a further 12 hard whacks with the paddle and six of the best form the Headmaster’s stinging cane.

If you want to see far more uniform spanking movies then CLICK HERE for the very latest films!


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