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Triple a New Movie Update

Just a quick post to let you know I have just updated the site with a new movie and it stars Danielle Hunt in a naughty schoolgirl detention film… I have created a free gallery for you to check out and I think you’ll get the jist of it, there is also a full explanation about the plot… imagine a schoolgirl stealing the old style spanking porn magazines from the teacher’s staff  room so she could get off on them too… what was she thinking, did she want to get caught or was she genuinely turned on by what she saw and read? More importantly, what would happen if she ever got caught? Click below and read on… I loved making this film and I hope it shows! It’s delightfully perverse and of course a naughty fantasy of both mine and Danielle’s – enjoy… we did!


You can see a free clip of her punishment HERE

oh… and if you want to download the bathbrush or caning scenes in advance then they are already uploaded at the Clips Store in kick ass crystal clear WMV-HD for those that buy the odd film/clip etc – have a good evening everyone 🙂


Sorry it’s brief, I have had power cuts here today so uploading data and such has been a damned nightmare! It’s now late here so I’m off for some shut eye! Don’t forget you can win a free month’s membership at my friend Dave’s blog Cherry Red Report in a special CAPTION COMPETITION if you feel lucky 🙂

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