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I have a day off from my main place of work and have showered (how nice, I actually do daily, of course but feel especially fresh at the moment with damp hair as I type this), I have a hot cup of my favourite caffeine hit (a large mug of steaming, strong Costa Rican coffee) and am excited at the prospect of uploading some damned hot images from some great sites. Before I continue, my early preview of the final installment of the fantasy series spanking with Mishka is available for members at and the front of the site is updated with the full storyline and a free clip.


You can also download this film in full HD MP4 at the Clips Store HERE


If you’ve seen my Tumblr pages, they’re not only related to spanking images and pictures of fine derrieres… I just love beautiful images of erotica, but you will see that I focus in on natural girls, girl next door types, Japanese girls, redheads and stunning all natural images of woman of all shapes and form… I just appreciate the female form. I could start other blogs on these niches but prefer to post as I do, it shows the mood I’m in that particular day. For example, this morning I reblogggd a few images of some stunning women who were all natural “down there” –  and no doubt I’ll upload some images myself that I have stored on my laptop… I’m just uploading a spanking video clip from my members site at the moment whilst I write this post 🙂

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Ok, my addiction to Tumblr is worrying… so I’ll post here instead and show you some fantastic updates currently out and about that you really ought to see more of! Here’s a site I don’t always show but as it’s part of the English Spankers and Spanking Sarah stable (more on their sites coming up) so know that the films they show here, especially the newer ones filmed are… well, awesome! Here is a lady I would absolutely LOVE to spank and she is a proper lady, mature and knows what she wants…. in this case, it’s a punishment. Now Suzi can take quite a punishment as you will have seen at the other group of sites… but this one is my favourite, Mr Stern really does the job on her behind and she got far more than she had bargained for! From the excellent and sometimes overlooked (by me) Red Stripe Films

npp5074014 npp5074018

npp5074024 npp5074032

npp5074047 npp5074054

This is what I loved about Suzanne… a real grown woman with a proper lady garden below!!!
So refreshing to see nowadays when every girl I see appears shaven &/or covered with mismatching tatts
This is just my taste… but where can I express it other than on MY blog?

npp5074062 npp5074073

npp5074089 npp5074090

Oh, and she got a real grown up whacking too as you’ll have seen from these images!
Check out the FREE Movie Clip of this spanking Milf exclusively HERE


The Unladylike manor series at Spanking Sarah continues – this time with stunning Amelia Jane Rutherford (born to be continually spanked and placed in uniform for all us fetish freaks out there, lol!) – This is a rather good OTK spanking film which sees Amelia punished by Sarah (and check out that nursing uniform… oh my!!!) Images and storyline with a FREE preview clip – all below 🙂

npp5034010 npp5034014

npp5034029 npp5034034

npp5034047 npp5034048

npp5034050 npp5034053

The latest story in the Unladylike Manor series is called The Plot and this first episode has Nurse Amelia Jane Rutherford falling foul of the Lady of the Manor. Amelia Jane soon finds herself over the knee of nasty Lady Sarah, her uniform skirt raised and her panties around her ankles. Sarah then gives Amelia’s beautiful bottom a good hard spanking, covering every inch and producing just the right reaction from the nurse. But the punishment is not over that quickly. Members will get to see the next developments very soon!

Check out the FREE Movie preview of this latest film HERE


When the title of a film is called “Punished & in Pain” – you have to wonder what got the unfortunate girl into such a mess… until I saw the latest  discipline film from English Spankers and saw that it was sassy schoolgirl Bow (who has an incredible ass, by the way!!!)… and she happened to rub Auntie Sarah up the wrong way! All makes sense now! For your reference, images and a link to see the HD spanking clip are below:

npp5043007 npp5043023

npp5043044 npp5043051

npp5043056 npp5043061

npp5043065 npp5043069

Once again young schoolgirl Bow is in trouble with her Auntie, after giving her a good spanking she is caught drinking strong alcohol, luckily the French teacher has just visited the house and brought a selection of punishment instruments and now Auntie is going to try them all out on Bows tiny bottom. The strap, a paddle and the martinet are all used and this young lady gets a real hard punishment and discipline session which leaves her bottom sore and well marked.

FREE link to see this film and the very latest spanking movies – CLICK HERE


A rather interesting update from Northern Spanking – these are reduced size images I have made myself, so I hope Paul & Lucy don’t mind… this episode see the  pyschological torment in part 7 of “The Chosen” … Lucy and Stephen swap places and pay the victims, Sasha and Jadie, a visit. However, as both girls are still bound and blindfolded, one can only imagine the dread and fear as there are new dynamics… Stephen with his rough handling of Jadie on the bed, throwing things around within earshot… then cutting her free of the ropes – and of course Lucy’s monolgue which has Sasha petrified as she occasionally promises what is to come if she doesn’t obey. This is scary… and I have to say I am impressed with Lucy’s box of tricks! Memo to self: Do NOT piss off Miss Maclean!

chosen01 chosen02

chosen03 chosen04

chosen05 chosen06

chosen07 chosen08

chosen09 chosen10

See all parts of this movie uploaded so far… it’s a special movie and compliments the usual daily updates that are going on, but since other folk have covered other updates and I have been rather tardy it would be rather pointless of me, I guess. So I just wanted to remind you all just how cool this film is – it already has prime slot for “Spanking Film of the Year” written all over it!

View more of this film by accessing Northern spanking HERE


Finally today, another top film starring Aleesha Fox alongside Dutch girl Monique as she switches inside Mike’s Diner (no horsemeat served as beef here, I hope!) at Spanked in Uniform. You’ll see her take Monique over her lap and give her a hearty OTK spanking before Mike is offered the chance to carry out a spanking on Aleesha’s beautiful behind! Full plot and images from the film are below in this very latest full file update for members to enjoy!

The latest update “A Family Affair”

ep11_2 ep11_5


ep11_7 ep11_10


ep11_15 ep11_16

ep11_17 ep11_18

A mother with her sulky teenage daughter came in for lunch at the diner. The mother was quite sick of her daughter’s attitude and she promised her a spanking when they got home. Chef Mike overheard the conversation and suggested that a spanking right there and then is much more effective. To the daughter’s dismay she was pulled over her mother’s knee and right there in the restaurant, she got a sound spanking. After the spanking she was told to wait in the car. After spanking her daughter, and hearing Chef’s way of how he deals with naughty females,  the mother realised she missed a firm hand on her own bottom so she asked Chef if he would give her a good spanking also which he gladly carried out!

This is one of many specialized uniform spanking series – check out all the latest offerings HERE


That’s it today at this blog, I shall be updating other blogs too
I will post links to those when I am next online here 🙂

Have a good one… and here’s my top tip of the day.
Don’t piss off the cats – NEVER piss off the cats! “tee hee”


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