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Valentine’s Day Spanking Update

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^^^^^ Check out the “heart shaped bum” – awesome!

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Anyhoo… “Happy Valentine’s Day


I wasn’t going to post anything today as I’m really supposed to be spending time with “Er Indoors” and being romantic… so I will have to be brief. (However, I have just released the latest film now out at AAA Spanking (a day late. sorry!) I had a shitty net connection yet again which prevented me from uploading data to my site, yesterday, grrr!. Anyhoo, it’s all fixed now and members can enjoy what I was genuinely surprised at… first of all, I thought this film was already uploaded to the site (duh!) secondly, I had forgotten just how good the banter was between me, Sarah Gregory and Donna Davenport for this film which was a real hoot to make. Thankfully, every single memory of that day came flooding back (I’m not getting any younger, you see… and my faculties are starting to fail… obviously!).



The girls read through some of the stash of magazines they have found!

This film sort of signalled the lighter side and the humour that we often get in spanking films… after all, the girls have found my secret stash of spanking porn magazines so get very cocky and sassy when I confront them over this. Yes… why are they in PJ’s at my house etc etc… but that’s the sort of bonkers things I love about making these films! Of course, I had them dress up in some uber – cute PJs which did my ol’ ticker no good when I viewed this film back before uploading it to the site. &… with all the fun, frivolity and mayhem… I have to say there were some good hard honest spankings, especially in the OTK position… I got the hairbrush out later and thrashed both girls with their bottoms poking up rather invitingly at the end. Overall, this film was a genuine delight and I am sure those who love to see girls in PJs punished, or even Sarah Gregory, who after all was voted THE spankee of the year, 2012 – then this film is rather a must see!

Images , official storyline and the links on viewing free clips and where to download the film as a one off are all available below! Enjoy! I most certainly did!!!

spankmags04 spankmags11

spankmags13 spankmags14

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spankmags23 spankmags25

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Sometimes we can’t hide the fact that we enjoy making our films and this little movie was nearly overlooked as our stressed out webmaster thought this film had already been published! Oops! Now as it co stars Sarah Gregory (voted spankee of the year 2012) we thought it wise to show you this film sooner rather than later and as a fantastic bonus it also had a giggling and very bratty Donna Davenport giving John a hard time over his huge stash of spanking magazines that both girls had found in a bedside cabinet whilst they were stopping over at his place. The girls made fun of him but not for long as first Donna then Sarah got a rather hard (and we do mean hard!) OTK spanking followed by a heavy hairbrush. It’s a fun pacy film and the spanking punishment dished out was more than sufficient to make the girls realize John meant business! Don’t miss this film which will make you smile, it’s a great little piece of spanking fantasy entertainment!

You can see a great free HD preview Clip on the Home Page – HERE


& for those who only want to download the odd movie now and then, this one has also been uploaded straight away (I have also put up the last PJ film with Danielle Hunt in clip form too which has already proved popular) the link for the latest film is located below:



  1. Paul Down Paul Down

    Hi chief,

    you have come up with the goods once more.hilst many seem determined not to cayy out pyjama spankings you still excel within this tyope of spanking scenario.

    Not only that you are one of the few that has the wonderful spankee that is Sarah greory in jamas ‘sans’ knickers an achievement in itself.

    Once more I take my hat off to you and thank you for keeping the faith lol. I know we can expect more.Although sorry to say I cannot advertise it on my blog as I have given up the hope of others following your lead not to mention sublime taste in pyjama spankings. where would I be without you lol.

    best regards as ever Paul

  2. I even mention the fact I,m pleased Sarah didn’t have panties on underneath int he film! (in fact I told her NOT to wear them underneath… or else, lol!)

    Thanks for the kind words, I try my best… and we should try and meet up at some point this year, I’m sure some girls could do with Uncle Paul’s stern slipper!

  3. Paul Down Paul Down

    Thanks for the reply. I mean every word pj spankings (done in the correct way) seem to be something that sites have no interest in these days.

    naturally I would love tot come along with my trusty slipper when ever you deem convienient.

    keep those jim jams spankings coming, regards Paul

  4. Thanks Paul… I intend to!
    just wait til you see Joelle Barros in PJs scolded by me for wearing knickers underneath! That’s due out in a about a month… it’s a good ‘un 🙂

  5. Tim Tim

    Nice ,im a member of Sarahs website ,.Is donna better now ? best,Tim.

  6. Tim Tim


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