Kay Richards & Veronica Ricci

Just these girls featured today! I absolutely LOVE seeing these 2 spanked and being naughty… so when I get to see them working together… oh my! Poor ol’ Chief’s trouser threads are stretched to their max! Such naughty girls… now ol’ Uncle Chief will have to go buy some looser fitting trouserage *sigh*


The first images below are from Girl Spanks Girl – and are from the excellent “Governess Rules” series. This is “Day Four” – the final installment in this popular long play film. Syren De Mer as the Governess spanks Kay and Veronica yet again for being such ditzy pot heads, but this time they also get to spank her too… stand by for an awesome set of images (reduced in size) which accompany this great movie series!

004 006

007 008

009 010

013 014

015 006

007 008

009 010

012 014

Damn! That was one hot revenge spanking! I love seeing older ladies spanked by younger girls!


Check out the full length film HERE which you can download

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3 thoughts on “Kay Richards & Veronica Ricci

  1. Spank Chief Post author

    Yes, they are lovely, aren’t they? I dream of being able to film them and do some OTK scenes but I think Veronica has an agent that only allows her to do F/F scenes… I could get these 2 girls to film for AAA, couldn’t I? I’d still have Kay over my lap *nom nom nom* 🙂

  2. Tim

    John my favourite are girl girl spankings ,of course they are busy in U.S.A. especially young Veronica on her spanky sites ,best,Tim..

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