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Friday Focus on Aleesha Fox

I felt like doing a new series so every alternate Friday from now on, (until I get fed up with this, lol) – I will do a feature on a spanking model I really like and preferably someone I have worked with (dang… this feature won’t last long then, eh? heh heh) So as the title suggests… here is Aleesha Fox. I was fortunate to meet her last summer and will no doubt work with her in the very near future, hopefully. A great personality and a giggle to have around on set, Aleesha has worked for many websites as you’ll see below and also has her own successful 1-2-1 clients to keep her busy too! Anyone booking Aleesha will NOT be disappointed. I will post links to some galleries at my own site at the end of this post where you can find my work… but let’s concentrate on where else you can see Aleesha in some great movies and sites… I’m going to start with 2 sites that have very recently updated new content of her, & they are quite contrasting as you’ll see 🙂

Aleesha Fox – at Bars and Stripes

aleesha_mug1 aleesha_mug2 aleesha_mug3

Sentence - 5 years – Treason

Background: Aleesha has been a fairly compliant girl and lived her life in a fairly mundane but expectant way, she has always thought that the establishment she lived in needed shaking up but this attitude never really manifested itself in any other way than to attend an occasional rally. This is where she met Billy Smith, an activist with high ideas and a conviction to act on them. Aleesha found him quite exciting and perhaps the driver she needed to change her approach to how she tolerated the annoying ways of the establishment. Unfortunately she finds herself getting too involved and is dragged into events that perhaps she would rather not be associated with.

Maybe if Billy had not tried to form a break away group from the reactionaries he was supposed to work with, she would not have found herself in the humiliating and painful situations she does now. Not only is she threatened by the mob but is incarcerated in our favourite Prison where she will learn that sometimes you really do need the courage of your convictions…..

Latest update is the Solitary Punishment where she alleges that Officer Dodge is a pervert and a liar… Officer Lewis is not impressed and gives her a strapping she won’t forget, there’s a free clips (I have also uploaded it in WMV for those on devices that now doesn’t play Flash) and some great images AFTER this clip that really show Aleesha getting a hard severe thrashing!

Images below are reduced in size from that for members (but you get the idea of what happens!)

aleesha2_solday2 - 51 aleesha2_solday2 - 52

aleesha2_solday2 - 56 aleesha2_solday2 - 62

aleesha2_solday2 - 65 aleesha2_solday2 - 72

aleesha2_solday2 - 87 aleesha2_solday2 - 89

Click here to view and download the WMV Clip (if you can not see the above Flash .flv clip)



Recently, Aleesha filmed with (alongside Dani Hunt) and I have already featured a few of her updates already there, well, military lovers… here’s an Army cadet spanking both girls will not forget in a hurry! Thanks to Captain Johnson (Mike) who thoroughly whacks their bottoms into shape (or should that be out of shape? lol) Images and storyline of this latest Army update are below:

ep15_3 ep15_6

ep15_7 ep15_8

ep15_9 ep15_17

ep15_18 ep15_19

Cadets Aleesha and Danielle had earned a day pass but when their commanding officer wanted to inspect them before they went out, their uniforms were not up to academy standards. Unpolished shoes, wrong bras… Aleesha wore a G-String and Danielle no knickers at all! Their pass was cancelled and their bare bottoms got a sound birching They were then told that the next morning their dorm would be inspected but that turned out to be a disaster too for the cadets. They were both soundly spanked and they got a dreaded OTK caning!

You can check out more military style disciplines AND more of Aleesha HERE


OK… next are some older reminders of Aleesha’s involvement with Northern Spanking (you can see her in the latest film which I showed yesterday!)

I liked this as it had a great cast, Aleesha got spanked and caned alongside Pandora Blake and Xela Chaste… all done by the rare appearance and very capable hands of Josie Harrison-Marks (yes, publisher and editor of KANE Magazine)


NSI098-JPAX032 NSI098-JPAX051

NSI098-JPAX057 NSI098-JPAX064

NSI098-JPAX086 NSI098-JPAX095

Aleesha, Xela and Pandora are on Parole after a stint in prison for different offences. They meet their new Probation Officer, Josie, who is a far cry from the soft touch of Mr Mann, their previous officer. Whom, it has to be said, was more than flexible in allowing the girls a little discretion during their parole. This new officer however, is one tough cookie. And she means business!

See all of Aleesha’s extensive spanking movies from


A couple of older films and image sets now from last year’s “Au Pair Trouble” series alongside Amelia Jane Rutherford (in a rare domming role that she admitted to me is STILL uncomfortable doing… but she still handled Aleesha’s magnificent rear rather well… as you’ll see) and of course Earl Grey… who has filmed umpteen movies for Firm Hand Spanking and these below are 2 examples taken from that popular series in 2012!

Mrs Partridge’s Husband has his turn with the naughty nanny’s bare bottom…
getting those naughty bottom cheeks very red!

aaupair_a001 aaupair_a009

aaupair_a011 aaupair_a017

 aupair_a023 aupair_a024

This was a series created by Amelia Rutherford. Snooty boss Mrs Partridge (played by Amelia herself) gets to spank the new au pair before her husband (played by Earl Grey) gets home to finish the job. This was the hot debut at this site for Aleesha! Below you’ll see one of my fave scenes, the bathroom (& bathbrush) scene which was excellent!

aupair_g001 aupair_g004

aupair_g008 aupair_g011

aupair_g014 aupair_g017

aupair_g018 aupair_g024

Leaving the door to the shower room open while her employers host a dinner party downstairs earns an instant over-the-knee spanking with a bath brush! Aleesha Fox is in Au Pair Trouble again with Earl Grey eager to spank her naked bottom. Will 51 smacks change her behaviour?

See all of Aleesha’s bare bottom punishments from this awesome series at Firm Hand Spanking


Finally as promised a few galleries from my own site featuring Aleesha! (click images to access then)
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

a1 a2

a3 a4

Check out the TOUR PAGES for the FREE Preview Clips


Hope you liked this feature, it’s a little different but hopefully I can make it a feature worth reading. & here’s something random to end on… a picture of a rabbit (he’s called Vinnie) with something his owner places on his head and posts… the rabbit has gained cult status… this image below made me giggle… hope it does for you too! Goodnight and enjoy the weekend (those of you who can!)

Yes… it’s an icecream cone on his head 🙂


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    Yes ,Aleesha is a nice spankee girl who features on quite a few spanky sites including yours which is great ,best from ,Tim.

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