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Bun Beatings & other Spanking Wonderments

I get quite excited when Greg writes to me announcing that his latest naughty and firm spanking movies have gone online. I’m like a child, heh heh… God knows we need something to lighten up the doom and gloom which is all I ever read and see on news media & TV nowadays. Watch out… more horsemeat scandals… more political sleaze, more devaluations of the UK Pound (this one pisses me off since I am planning holiday trips abroad), more nasty East European economic immigrants planning on invading our beleaguered country (if some media is to be believed), my football (soccer) team is bottom of the entire professional 4 league network in England, 92nd out of 92 league clubs (oh, the f*cking shame of that) and I still haven’t filmed anything this year which is annoying the hell out of me and I have to wait until next week and then I have another filmshoot a few weeks after that so will be making up for it BIG TIME!

I’m not going to let you know who I have lined up for the 2nd shoot in March as nothing is ever certain at this stage, is it? But if I get who I need then it will be an awesome line up. My next filmshoot…? I don’t mind saying as it’s been done, planned and there’s no going back… I would also ask if you have any requests (knowing who it will be – see image below) then please forward this to my mail address – eubilling (at) – or leave a comment here. I have advised members inside my site to put in any requests, which I have already received a few, and I already have some great plans for Alex and I also know who else she is working with whilst over here in the UK (which helps me) so I can tailor my shoot needs to make it a little different and better for all us producers as you guys are gonna see a lot of Alex spanked by us Brits over the coming months!!!

Welcome Alex Reynolds to AAA Spanking (soon) – I’m very excited to be working with her at last!

You can read more about Alex at her excellent blog HERE (or click image below)



Right… and so to the spanking updates of the day starting with Greg’s site and a new brat gets the BBF treatment (again at the hands of his co tormentor but who is just as adept at dishing out a hard no nonsense OTK spanking). Welcome Andie… who had an attitude that stank to high heaven… fortunately “TMS2” (who is grumpier than Tard the Grumpy Cat) knew EXACTLY what to do and from the moment the “trademark ear pull” was made, this girl’s bottom was in deep red trouble!


Andie bitterly regrets accepting what she thought would be an easy modelling assignment – OOPS!

Check out this extensive gallery of pain and torment as Andie learns to experience at least one lousy ounce of humility by the end – I know this location well (once I found where it was!) and know that NO ONE can hear their screams once inside this room, this was the location of my American shoot last year 🙂

Andie-22 Andie-3

Andie-9 Andie-2

& let the spanking bedlam begin….

Andie-25 Andie-8 Andie-27

Andie-5 Andie-10

Andie-14 Andie-17

Andie-18 Andie-28


Andie-1 Andie-16 Andie-31



For your info, my latest films are now all available as special one off downloads at the CLIP STORE

I know there are those of you out there that just want to download the odd clip so this option is available and I have got my ass into gear and spent time uploading the films there too! Go check them out. There’s even some I have noticed that I missed like the excellent and RARE film of Jean Bradley getting a sound whacking by Dr Kennedy. That film always has a soft spot for me as it was part of the very first day’s filming I was ever involved in way back in September 2010 as I secretly filmed content away from the prying eyes of those xerotic idiotic brothers as I thought they’d have wanted in on it and tainted me by association… some still do, of course, which is mad as I have more loathing for them now than anyone maligned by their shitty behaviour (as it turned out, I needn’t have bothered of course, as they were secretly in talks with spankingtube to sell their crumbling reputation and sites!) Oops… did I digress with a little rant? Sorry! Anyhoo, I still can’t believe how many films we have made since then 🙂

Images below lead directly to the last 4 most recently added films

a1 a2

a3 a4


If you want an authentic school classroom type movie then look no further than what is playing out at Northern spanking right now – this is an awesome array of spanking talent on show, a heady mix of experience and exclusive girls that Miss Lucy Maclean has in her music lesson… the prefect is played by Zoe Page, and her classmates are Aleesha Fox, Leia Ann Woods, Caroline Grey and Alice Appleby! Check out the authentic uniforms, the way in which the girls are punished, white regulation knickers. of course *swoon*


It is near to the end of term for Miss McLean’s music class and the girls are still struggling to learn the song they started at the beginning of term. Prefect Zoe maintains an air of perfect, but will Miss McLean see through her? Will the other girls be cleared of bullying? Will the girls ever learn the song? And most importantly, will our ears survive the experience?

NSI100-CCX010 NSI100-CCX009

NSI100-CCX022 NSI100-CCX027 NSI100-CCX032

NSI100-CCX033 NSI100-CCX045

NSI100-CCX057 NSI100-CCX062 NSI100-CCX069

NSI100-CCX089 NSI100-CCX095

NSI100-CCX096 NSI100-CCX200 NSI100-CCX048

Click here to see the continuation of this great schoolgirl spanking film


A couple of reminders of what is going on at the Big C’s Fonda site empire and my fave site of that group – Spanked Callgirls sees beautiful redhead, Veronica Ricci, get spanked then take out her frustrations on the spanker… even though she told her fellow “hoe” to “do what was required!”

What was required? The motivation to quit smoking! (of course… heh!)

New girl Cassie Ramone stars alongside Veronica Ricci – who wants to quit smoking and tells the new callgirl that she must do anything to help her. So Cassie spanks the seasoned call girl extremely hard. But Veronica decides she doesn’t want this from the younger girl, so she turns the tables and puts Cassie over her knee and teaches her a thing or two about life. This is one of the hardest spankings shown at this site for some time and they spanked each other so hard that both girls ended up bruised for days.


ac002 ac003

ac004 ac005

ac006 ac007 ac008

ac009 ac010 ac011

ac012 ac013

Check out the full story HERE

Remember – This site is part of the best value 5 site Fonda Spanking Pass


Oh…& If you want some further car crash “light entertainment” away from spanking and have some time to kill then check out some truck and car crash compilations that make you thankful that you aren’t on the roads of Russia, where many of these frightening accidents and utterly reckless driving took place! It’s fascinating viewing… I’d like to think there weren’t any fatalities in this, but a couple of head ons between car and truck makes me wonder… luckily the majority of cars are usually German or Japanese built – I wouldn’t fancy my chances in a Dacia or Lada, would you?


before I go… here is a teaser for you all next week at AAA Spanking

Jenna Jay is kidnapped, held hostage and this ransom video was made to her Daddy – I’ll let you know more about this soon – but it’s a real good hard punishment film with a great twist as poor Jenna was gagged and blindfolded and unable to work out when the next heavy implement reined down on her… and the nasty welt inducing heavy leather 3 tailed strap got used as well! OUCH! Tard the grumpy cat definitely approves!


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