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What a thoroughly enjoyable and hard working couple of days I have had with our first film shoot this year… yup, March already and finally I got round to producing more content at last… and I hope that what we produced you will all thoroughly enjoy as much as we did making it. As I had mentioned, I had American model, Alex Reynolds do a double shoot with me and Paul from Northern Spanking, ably assisted by Miss Zoe Page who was absolutely fantastic on both days.

I have some images and behind the scenes info from the shoot and how things worked out over the 2 days and what we got up to! Just in case you ever wondered… like! The filmshoot was in Derbyshire… the weather at this time of year was not the best and a tad chilly, Paul had booked us all to stay in a guest house a few miles from the film studio and I was the 1st there so I quickly abused the B&B’s wireless connection and perused a few blogs and my Tumblr account, which was aimless fun! Paul and Zoe travelled up together and picked up Alex on the way from Stansted airport as she had just come back from Holland from a 2 day spanking shoot we only knew about at the last minute (I’ll admit I was rather concerned) since we had made the booking far in advance and this meant Alex would now be working 4 days on the trot with lots of travel and no breaks in between… hardly ideal for most girls as this can be rather debilitating, but Alex was rather more resilient than me… as I’m an old git and can hardly take my drink nowadays! Hopefully she should be recovering after all this travel at one place now, staying with Pandora Blake in London allowing her time to  properly settle down before they next work together.


This image summed up the fun day I had with Alex on my shoot – “naughty bear!” *tee hee*

However, I’ll let you know how it went on day one from my fading memory… and I’m sure Alex will be writing about her days so far so you should be able to see what was her perspective HERE

When everyone arrived, we had a chat, this was my 1st time meeting Alex… and we had a few glasses of vino, as you do…. until the wee hours before retiring to bed. We had a hearty cooked breakfast (which our B&B hostess didn’t like the girls leaving some of it on the plate… to my amusement) and we set off to the studio on a cold foggy morning. The 1st film on Paul’s day was a fantastic barn scene with some amazing hay bales and Zoe was the spoilt rich kid whose parents owned the stables and every other thing like the horses… Alex played the hapless poor girl who only wanted to ride the horse (was he called Monty… after the cute ginger tom B&B cat? I can’t remember) anyhoo… Zoe hammed it up beautifully… and frighteningly… with Alex accepting her lot and her spanking over her jodhpurs… and of course… on the bare! I had to laugh as Paul and I sighed relief when we saw that Alex’s bottom wasn’t as badly marked as it may have been from continual play and filming… she’s a tough cookie, lady & gents! This was a very pervy and a great start to the day and I know this film will be a big hit with members at Northern when this comes out! I don’t have too many images of scenes, but I do have some behind the set images of the next few movies… Zoe was also mad stills camera lady as you’ll see and Paul shot a few schoolgirl scenes, one with Alex wearing authentic gym school knickers (the retro ones are expensive!) – It’s funny but we both enjoyed working in the huge white infinity area at the studio… a nice way to start and a clean background set with no distractions other than the hapless subject (Alex!)


IMG_6877 IMG_6881 IMG_6885

The below image is taken on my camera and is part of an extensive scene that I should get to Paul for his esteemed members 🙂


The studio also had a bedroom set which was used with Alex getting told off for fighting at school, shaming Paul’s “non specific male authoritian figure” that he had no alternative but to thrash her for her continued misbehaviour! The film studio set up the school classroom set and you’ll see some of these from my own shoot images I have for you. naturally we both filmed here a lot and you can never have too many schoolgirl themed spanking films… can you? I have a few images below which I took from my phone but you’ll get the idea!

20130308_122404 20130308_132623

Alex has an amazing wardrobe… lots of plaid skirts and authentic American style uniforms which I don’t often get to film on girls… One thing that we suffered from over the 2 days there was the cold, it’s a great place but…. “brrrr!” it was chilly and I typically had to be there on a cold few days… they have a massive gas heater which is for warming up sets and is fantastic… but the heat soon disappears as the roof is the sort of industrial unit corrogated type, not designed for being a film studio (they’re addressing that), check out the awesome heaters they use below as Paul and Alex warmed up previous to one of my films on my day 🙂

IMG_7298 IMG_7299

So the first day came to an end and then the fun of finding somewhere to drink and eat began… luckily the place we were at had plenty of pubs and eateries (apparently a good tourist spot when the weather is nice!) so we weren’t disappointed, after several beers (and spritzers for the ladies) we went to another pub which was quite busy (things were starting to blur by then and a bit hazy!) and then retired to the B&B and carried on drinking and gossiping about this and that as we might do… only we woke up the landlady… we were the only guests – oops! Time for bed. I hadn’t scripted my day’s shoot, this was possibly my most scatterbrained one yet… I of course had ideas and what I wanted, I just hoped that I could articulate them enough on the day through any foolish possible hangover…

Alex Reynolds will be coming to Northern Spanking very soon!


DAY 2 – Triple A Shoot

Breakfast had just the guys turn up as the girls wanted “5 more mins in bed” – we weren’t spared breakfast lady’s request if we didn’t like anything to let her know so we wouldn’t waste anything she had cooked and a “polite” reminder that breakfast was by 9am for the girls if they were not coming. I ate my breakfast, as delicious as it was with lots of fresh coffee and felt good… tired, but ready to go. Warming up the filmset, I decided to use the white infinity set first for a few films including a new project I can’t write about here (if  Alex does, then cool) but I don’t want to bore you with that just yet. I always try to do an introductory film and got Alex dressed in a casual outfit, a contrasting orange t-shirt and jeans. It was a good length OTK film and I forgot just how hard on my own hands a spanking over jeans could be… damn, I soon put a stop to that and got Alex to remove those, lol!


Above. Alex on the 1st spanking film of the day and below, my PJ and naughty bear film (in case you were wondering what the hell that image was at the start of this post today) We did have a giggle over naughty bear’s penchant for spanking ladies! Anyway, Zoe was a perfect little spoilt princess who couldn’t handle the fact that Alex’s dropseats were nicer than her “jim-jams”. Remember the images I’m showing here are largely unedited so if there are things stuck in them, it’s because I haven’t gotten around to cropping them out etc… all that takes time and i am waffling as it is!

IMG_7091 IMG_7100 IMG_7106

A defiant schoolgirl and another horrible uncle type figure whacking her into shape (yup, me) in the scene below as Alex had refused to go to bed early from being sent home from school for smoking… the stern austere room should have had reminders of spanking implements in them but she had hidden them away and hadn’t got dressed into her scratchy nightshirt… needless to say, I wasn’t impressed, and found the hidden implements and introduced a few more decorations to her room for daring to remove the bed covers and replace them with a gothic black one! Will these girls ever learn? (I hope not, heh heh!)


More warming up sets and such and it was time for lunch… Alex had learnt a few new words over the course of her stay with us… such as derogatory words for ladies like “slapper” (from me) …and “slag” (from Zoe!) and the word “cob” which is a northern word as it’s not that familiar to me either, meaning a sandwich roll… or “bap” – which I explained to Alex could also mean a girl’s breast! By the time she returns to America… she’ll have all this “Limey-lingo” sorted!

IMG_7175 IMG_7176 IMG_7182

Some schoolgirl themes for me in the afternoon… with a great 2 part film, one with teacher Mr Kennedy… aghast at the attempted theft of the staff room chocolate (incl. 5 humungous 390g bars of delicious Galaxy chocolate, cigars in a humidor and fine wines by Alex, the American exchange student… Zoe was there as head prefect to learn how to discipline the girls! At the end of film one, Alex is left snivelling in the corner with her red bottom on display and Zoe is given permission to punish her if she dares to rub it better whilst Mr Kennedy is called away from the detention session.


Hmmm, can you guess what happens? Zoe is the perfect prefect bitch… a nasty piece of work as you’ll discover in due course! It’s a thoroughly enjoyable 2 part story, both parts are quite long so I hope fans of Paul, Alex and Zoe will enjoy this… I can’t wait to see the results!

I had asked Alex to bring her authentic girl scout uniform with her in a battle of the Atlantic “Guides v Scouts” – Zoe was once again at her pervy best in this unmissable girl on girl spanky fest with some rather hard use of the crop and lots of attention paid to little madam Zoe! Mm mmm!


The desks used were scrawled in graffiti… VANDALISM!
Can you see Alex’s scrawlings below? If I’d have known this it would have been another excuse to spank her!

IMG_7248Not sure if I have missed out any films as this is from memory and what I have quickly found on my phone… we did do other films with Alex such as the “Wheelbarrow” spanking (both me AND Zoe doing this) as well as my pet project early on which both I and Alex struggled with, but with experience I will become more adept at directing and leading this… I would like to think by the time we did films 2 and 3 of that series that we were getting that quality across! (I’m such a tease, aren’t I?)

Below was the final film… sadly I couldn’t do my judicial punishment scene, after 4 days of spankings, the travel, being in a foreign and strange land far from home, it must have been a little daunting for Alex, which of course made me feel like crap as she got upset thinking I was going to hammer the hell out of her (if you saw the set and the costume I had for her, I think I’d have been a little intimidated). I probably didn’t articulate this well enough (tiredness and the delayed hangover kicking in) so I offered to do a few stills sets at the end of the day but Alex was happy to do a more traditional and loving domestic spanking film instead of the austere judicial set. As it turned out, I really enjoyed making this film and look forward to seeing it as Alex didn’t have to do this film… but she felt that she wanted to. Bravo Alex… I am sure I will meet up with you again later this year and thank you for making some fantastic films for both me and Paul! It was a real pleasure!


I should be getting out one of the films we made with Alex the week after next as I have already got our planned new film update for this week (and that is with another american cutie) Ashley Graham – I promise you won’t want to miss that one! Hope you enjoyed this rather more detailed “A life in the day of” (a producer in this case) – I’m sure Alex will have something to say on her excellent blog HERE when she has a chance to catch up!


Check out what is coming soon from above and going to be out later this week at


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  1. Spank Chief Post author

    Tim, here is a great alternative browser (most are better than MS Explorer (I never use that anymore and use Chrome but others hate that and so on) but to be honest but if you’re used to it then best not change… however, this one you can upload as an extra to compliment others, just don’t make it your default browser if there pops up an option… opera is a nice browser I used to use and have no problem recommending it, it’s free, of course.
    OPERA (choose your option, probably computer as it shows on screen)

  2. Pandora

    Took delivery of a very cuddly Alex yesterday, so she is safe and sound! Thankyou for looking after her, can’t wait to see what you produced together 🙂

  3. alex reynolds

    This is such a great post! It’ll be a bit before my report comes up because I’m a bit backlogged: still writing about what happened before I left the states! But I promise I will get a lovely shoot report up.
    I had such a great time with you, Paul and Zoe, and I think we got really stellar content. The girl scout/girl guide scene is probably my favorite from Day 2: it’s just so naughty.
    By the way, those “five extra mins” were so worth it. I think I would have been a troll without them/with the inclusion of “breakfast lady” in my day. 😀

  4. Spank Chief Post author

    Glad you are safe and snug… it’s even colder now than when we filmed, brrrr! I’m sure Pandora is looking after you. The naughty bear film with Zoe comes out next week… hilarious! Likewise looking forward to what u film with P! xx

  5. BlackVelvet007

    Amen and Hallelujah. So many great pics of Alex. Cant wait to see the videos. Glad it was win win all around.

  6. Paul Kennedy

    Not much to add really, although there are some gaps in my recall of some events! I will echo that the amazing content achieved in this shoot was muchly due to the enthusiasm and imagination of the beautiful Alex, who will be very much missed when she leaves us.

  7. Tim

    John i tried Opera it was good but it took over as home page which i did not wish for ,only as an extra option so ill try again ,best rom Tim ,John and Alex.

  8. Spank Chief Post author

    I haven’t used Internet Explorer for nearly 2 years now! I use chrome but that’s not everyone’s taste, but it is a fast loading browser and easy to use, but Opera is a nice browser too 🙂

  9. Tim

    The Mr Bear is a delightful video ,with 2 lovely young girls playing innocently in their jammies perhaps they are sisters playing with their cuddly toys that Zoe fashions to spank young Alex ,best,Tim.

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