All About the ASS #81

& other news…

I have just come back from a 2 day film shoot, the 1st day was with my good friend, Paul Kennedy, who I assisted alongside Zoe Page and popular American sub, Alex Reynolds (who I absolutely love, by the way… she is so darned nice and the PERFECT real girl next door type that I so love seeing spanked, as you know!) … the 2nd day was my own shoot with Paul helping alongside Zoe and having Alex sub for me! We have shot some amazing footage between us and there are a lot of really fun, quirky and quite severe bottom reddening films between both sites for you all to view. I’ll get a few teaser images from my stills cam tomorrow and will let you know a little about what you can expect to see at my site very soon! In the meantime, I’m tired and off to bed, so here’s a random hentai ass image shot or 2… because I like this sort of pervy thing… don’t I? *wink wink* “Enjoy!”



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