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Very Sexy Spankings

Just a quick update from the States… before it gets nuked (ha!) from massive North Korea as I haven’t much time and have been rather tired and miserable from our continuing crappy cold weather (I need a sunshine break!!!) So here is the very latest new and amazingly HAWT spanking film to come from Firm Hand Spanking starring their new girl Stacy Stockton – who I’d sell my mother to have a go at that tight rear!


Brilliant student Stacy Stockton is punished for suggestive and provocative cheerleading choreography!

private_bb004 private_bb006

private_bb008 private_bb012

School can be totally dumb sometimes. Stacy Stockton wants to spice up the cheer-leaders’ choreography. But Private School principal Reed says it’s too provocative. So pretty Stacy bends over his desk for 35 swats with a leather paddle. Great reactions! These are some images from the full set and movie that members can view in full now!

private_bb014 private_bb015

private_bb017 private_bb019

private_bb021 private_bb024

& you can see a special FREE preview clip of Stacy’s leathering HERE!


Next up from the west coast and Denn, The Cameraman’s group of Fonda sites are some fascinating and uber sexy spankings you’d expect from those ditzy Californian chicas! If ever there’s an excuse to grab some sun (and some ass!) this would be it! Veronica Ricci is one of the hottest female spanking stars… and she makes an AWESOME pairing with Karina Kay (yes, she played “Carina Thompson” at Firm Hand, the previous site featured above). So here is Karina shown in her real model name for the 1st time away from her naughty porn films and showing at this network at Spanking Sorority Girls and I have to say alongside Veronica this is by far the hottest Girl/Girl vid I’ve seen in ages! Miss this at your peril!


ssg-p30-002 ssg-p30-010

ssg-p30-015 ssg-p30-022


ssg-p30-031 ssg-p30-032


Cheeky Veronica peeps on Karina while she is changing. Karina is not happy about this and she calls Veronica into her room and puts her over her knee for a extremely sexy long, sound spanking on Veronica’s already sore bottom, while both girls are naked. Veronica’s bouncing bottom turns  a hot bright red.

ssg-p30-039 ssg-p30-045

ssg-p30-049 ssg-p30-051

ssg-p30-052 ssg-p30-056


Afterwards, the girls make out for a while before Veronica decides for a little payback. She yanks Karina over her knee and spanks her long and hard on the girl’s curvy bottom. See this hot sizzling action only from Spanking Sorority Girls


& from the same network at My Spanking Room Mate – this is now episode 133 of the continuing spanking soap opera… and it stars one of the original girls, and what made this site so damned appealing – “Madison Martin” – she has one of the most addictively spankable butts known to humanity… and as always, Madison’s reactions are pure gold, again… I am repeating myself, but this is the best film at this site in an age so miss this at your peril! (too)

r133e03l r133e07l


r133e14l r133e16l



r133e35l r133e42l


Madison has a new boss at the office, Aaliya Love, who is even stricter than her last boss, Harmony. Aaliya immediately laws down the law by putting Madison over her knee for being late and giving her a sound spanking with her hand and hairbrush otk, before bending her over for some whacks with her hard clipboard… check out the FULL film HERE

Both of the sites are MASSIVE in their own right… but they are both part of the CLARE FONDA PASS giving you access to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost – the best deal on the internet in my opinion!


ADVERT – Don’t miss the LATEST POV film to appear (below)

This is a true style Spanking POV film with Alex talking directly at you to capture her reactions and of course YOUR hand could be doing all that action – it’s a great inexpensive clip which showcases what we will be showing MORE of coming soon!!!



  1. Veronica is really hot. I got to do a switch scene with her once (it hasn’t been released yet) and we had lots and lots of fun together. I hope I get to work with her more in the future. 😀

    Congrats on having the POV site up! Yay!

  2. OMG! She is, isn’t she? I’m hoping she might make SL Party later this year… I’d love to film a couple of F/F films with her (with Denn’s permission, of course!). I hope he makes it too… love that guy!

  3. Tim Tim

    Alex look forward to your vids with Veronica ,she is a busy girl making lots of spanky scenes being spanked ,love and spanks ,from ,Timxx ,best, John.

  4. Tim Tim

    Yes Stacy is a lovely new spankee at Firm Hand ,a little cutie ,best,Tim.

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