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A week of HOT Spanking Updates! Pt1

I’ve had a bit of a writer’s block malaise recently… just looking at the screen and being unable to come up with anything newsworthy or even able to bring you news of what I had filmed whilst in the States recently… well, this is a 2 parter update today and the theme all week is “HOT Spankings” … and I aim to blog daily this week here as I have got my spanking promo-mojo back as I sit down and relentlessly get to work posting what you all would like to see, or in fact what I’d like to see today too (heh heh)… and that is some very sexy and naughty spankings of extremely sexy girls in some fantasy roleplay and costume play nonsense that you don’t have to take too seriously… but it looks HOT (the them this week) … so today’s news update are all strictly girl/girl… and in my second post of the day you will find out what I got up to with all manner ladies and the fun “I had” making the films which are now being edited and some of the films will be coming ahead of schedule simply because they look so damned good and I’d like to share them with my members… as you will see!

So let’s visit and see what fun filled fantasy spankings are available currently!


Gigi Allens is a tall blonde beauty who is a bratty and impatient Flight Attendant who must take a physical from nurse Cheyenne Jewel, who puts up with no nonsense. After giving Gigi a shot in the butt, this muscular hottie nurse decides to teach Gigi a lesson and puts her over her knee for a spanking. Then she takes her temperature rectally and violates her with a strap-on. (As you find in most Californian Health Clinics nowadays… heh heh!)

001 002

004 005

007 009

011 012

014 015

hornometerBear with me… guess what comes in the 2nd part of this hot film… yup, Gigi decides Cheyenne must be spanked for the injustice of her unnecessary anal probing high jinks… and spanks her so hard that she breaks the hairbrush that she was using on naughty Nurse Cheyenne’s lovely reddening bottom. OK, a bit a nonsense, but it’s highly erotic and does contain some harder than normal scenes so it ticked all the boxes for me… and gets a commendable Class A Rating on the Cream Hornometer!

Check out the images below in part 2 of this film which members of can see right now!

001 002

006 007

010 012

013 015

Check out MORE from “The Nurse and the Stewardess – Parts 1 & 2”



Ok, the next update from this group of sites is from – the site I discussed with Clare Fonda recently when I saw her, as she had always told me this was her favourite site to be a Top on… as effectively she was in total control… as “Madame Clare” they were her girls in her brothel empire. This is yet another “You spank me and I spank you” film that is becoming prevalent at these sites but I only say that hoping that Dennis, the Cameraman/owner will note that although the girls are smoking hot, these storylines can become a bit troublesome and annoying virtually every update. I put these things aside and just delve into my own fantasy world and get off to the girls and their spankings anyway… otherwsie I wouldn’t be here promoting it and chose something else – but I do know that for some, they might not be able to reach that point or want to… and I understand that… still I thought it worth noting and when I tell you some upcoming news, I hope this will change too as this site concept is by far the one I’d want to have… spanking naughty call girls? What’s there not to like about that? Here is the latest very sexy offering with another newbie, dusky beautiful adult star, Skin Diamond… playing alongside the now blonde haired Pheonix Askani.


002 004

005 006 (1) 007


010 011

012 014 015

This is what Dennis had to say about this latest film release: “We welcome the wildly popular adult model Skin Diamond to the site showing off her spanking skills and she gets into a tiff with Phoenix Askani and they end up giving each other a sound spanking. Slightly playful scene with a pinch of intensity and two red bottoms.”



My Spanking Room Mate has the very welcome return of the 2 original stars, Madison Martin & Kay Richards (Kay enlists the jelp of Veronica Ricci to try and help evict and spank Madison out of her apartment)… Now THIS is where a double spanking should take place… and it does to much better and believable effect. I love all 3 of these girls, to be honest, you could put them in any scenarios, as long as they bared each others bottoms and played and spanked upon them, I’d be a happy bunny anyway… heh heh!

Episode 158 – Kay & Veronica battle Madison (22 minutes long)

002 003

006 010

014 016

Kay invites Veronica over to help her to convince Madison to finally move out of the apartment. First Kay spanks Madison, then Veronica spanks her even harder. But ultimately Madison won’t agree unless she gets to spank each lady. And she does so with a vengeance, using her hand and a hard wooden mirror.

003 007

008 011

014 015

See the full length film of this trio of spanking stars HERE at the ongoing spanking soap opera


Finally from this naughty group of girl on girl spanking sites comes the punishment of Christy Cutie by the cute and predatory Veronica Ricci… again, as it’s these 2, I couldn’t care less if they were dressed up as space monkeys, as long as we got to see them dish out some sexy hard punishments… and with the size of that heavy bathbrush and Frat Paddle… we are not disappointed!!!

002 003 004

005 006

008 009 010

011 012

013 014 015

Veronica Ricci is tired of Christy Cutie acting like such a cutie and stealing all the attention, so she uses the power of a spanking to convince Christy to give her some training. Christy gets a chance to strike back. This is a long, entertaining yet intense scene that really delivers and includes some whacks with the large wooden pledge paddle.

CLICK HERE to view MORE of Christy’s punishment
(& what she does to Veronica in return)


These sites featured above are all a part of the Clare Fonda Pass and are huge in their own right and worth every cent of their entrance fee, but as you know, if you were to access the 5 sites  (of which these 4 above are a part of) then the monthly fee would be rather high, so you can save about 2/3 off the price of the 5 sites, maybe even a little more as I haven’t exactly worked out the math but it’s an awesome saving worthy of GROUPON (my new vanilla fetish thanks to Sarah showing me, lol) then see what you will save HERE (or click banner below)



I mentioned Clare earlier, well it is no secret that she will be making some much welcome guest appearances… so I told her I’d mention it and she said it would be cool. I think she will be doing a large filming scene this month and a few more later this year… I hope that means Clare will be doing the Exclusive Education series as that is what she excelled in… controlling large amounts of unruly girls! As well as some scenes (hopefully) for callgirls as that site needs its madame back giving her girls much needed and embarrassing punishments. I did note to her my feelings as a “punter” that I had a few concerns so hopefully everyone at teh sites are aware that you just can’t have repeated revenge spankings all the time, too much of a thing loses its appeal… it’s not what i’d want to see constantly. I miss some of the storylines that Clare produced in the past like the classic Soccer moms and such… with any luck she will be allowed more artistic licence to give us kinky folk what we want!

Coming Soon – Momma Clare Fonda WILL be back  this year doing what she does best!



  1. Rick Rick

    I like the “nurse” theme, with the syringe. Other than, I don’t know of a lot of medical fetish websites. Doctor Tushy never seems to update anymore, and there is, but to me, girls getting injections (shots) in their exposed bottoms is as sexy if not sexier than spanking. I always loved playing “Doctor” as a kid, and to me, seeing girls with their bottoms exposed waiting for a thermometer in their bum or a painful injection is very exciting….I’d love to be a male nurse that specialized in immunizing nubile young ladies in their quivering little bottoms, but I’d probably be up on charges in a week! LOL! -Rick

  2. Rick Rick

    Perhaps you could help me to start a website here in America….Doctor Thermometerbottom, and Nurse shotinthe bottom, or something to that effect….nubile young ladies baring their bottoms in anticipation and terror, waiting for the painful injection in their tender little buttocks….to me, this is as powerful as spanking, because it’s all about control and invasion of another person’s privacy, isn’t it? And the bare realization that our sexual fantasies are often based on cruelty, and that basically, we’re not vey nice people at all, which is why things like the Nazis happen from time to time….and that we seem to be turned on sexually by receiving and inflicting pain….. a stark realization, , but a true one……imagine a nubile cute little thing with a pert round bottom, with her mascara running down her cheeks, because she’s just been crying her little eys out after receiving an injection in her little bottomiebay! (Are you hard yet?) LOL!

  3. I did a film with Sarah Gregory recently as a bratty Bible Camp girl who pretended to be ill when I gave her an oral thermometer test and foolishly left the room, she placed it in her hot coffee to raise the temperature but made it too hot so I suspected something and gave her a rectal one and stayed and ensured she felt humiliated before getting spanked hard for lying to me… it’s being edited now so should be out in next couple of weeks.

  4. Rick Rick

    I shall look forward to that. Thermometers in the bum are sexy as well. In my day, you went to the Doctor and had a thermometer in the bum, and shots in the bum, and at school and at home, you had a jolly good smack bottom if you were naughty! That’s before the “Nanny State” took over, and now we don’t do that so much. But what will these kids have to fantasize about when they grow up, I wonder! LOL! I still think there’s a good market out there for a website with an old fashioned medical theme…..girls lying on their tummies on the examining table, with their knickers pulled right down, waiting for or being given injections and thermometers in their lovely pert little bottoms. Frankly, I wonder why there’s not more of that kind of thing. Is it illegal to do that without medical licenses? A lot of folks give themselves injections without the supervision of a Doctor. I would think that with the proper “permission” and signatures, people could receive injections on websites….as I said, is a good example of a medical fetish website, I just wonder why there’s a ton of spanking websites, but not many medical “shot and thermometer” websites….any idea? -Rick

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