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Here in Britain – it’s Armed Forces Day where we can show our support of those that serve, or have served the country in the past. I won’t waffle on, I wouldn’t do the job, not today when our boys and girls are sent round the world to conflicts they may not agree with but I fully respect them all, having members of my own family in the armed services, I know how they appreciate the support from back home. So here’s to you all, and to those that laid down their lives so that those that “hate” our country can somehow protest about it… unlike many of their original countries that they are affiliated to that would violently suppress any form of anti government or religious, provocative demonstrations (but I am digressing!)

Have a good one!

& to celebrate – I have found some AWESOME new galleries and some from the past which I hope you find entertaining this beautiful Saturday! Click any image for the free gallery:



Above 2 galleries were taken from Girl Spanks Girl

Girl spanks Girl - click here



This is the latest film from My Spanking Room Mate with gorgeous roomie Kay Richards “getting it!”

My Spanking Room Mate - see every episode HERE



Above is the 1st film with Christy Cutie doing the spanking – and she did a good job!!!

Spanking Sorority Girls - Veronica Ricci and other gorgeous girls getting the spanks they deserve



The Camera Man gets to spank Nicky Rouge in St Tropez – unique to Spanked Sweeties

spanked sweeteies - 1st timers, stories and growing up interviews of spankings at home



How can I resist NOT showing Veronica Ricci? Stunning F/F film with Ten at

spanked hoes, naughty girls and rude ladies get it all at


All the above sites are massive in their own right – if you check out their tour pages you will see that they are regularly updated and their archives are vast – so imagine just how busy you’d be withthe Clare Fonda Pass giving access to all 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost! CLICK HERE for more info!

5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost - visit the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass here


  1. Tim Tim

    Yes indeed i saw some Army cadets marching past in ourhigh street ,best,Tim.

  2. Tim Tim

    Little Christy giving big spanks to Sarah ,makes a change to see the cutie spanking other girls ,best,Tim.

  3. Indeed! I think you will all be pleasantly surprised who is spanking who in my next filmshoot later this month! I can’t wait… 1st time all round for me and these girls together, I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Tim Tim

    we all are ,best,Tim.

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