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Summer Solstice Spankings

As we celebrate the longest day here in the northern hemisphere… it seems so long ago that I was writing about the shortest darkest most miserable day in December last year where I’d get up to work in pitch black and return hoem in the cold damp depressing gloom… a thoroughly awful set of events. So it is rather pleasant to think that here in the UK today, the sun rose at around 4.50am and will set tonight just around 9.30pm or thereabouts, depending on whether one is living in the far south west which is further south or in Scotland which is far more northern and the sun will then set a little later!


Stonehenge – The famous 5000 years old World Heritage Stone Circle Site in Wiltshire, England – erected for solstice rituals.

Until recently, the stone cicles were always off limits to the public, especially on solstice ceremonies, with only druids and those in need of a darned good wash and a spanking attended! However, this year, over 20,000 revelers were allowed a unique chance to spend time overnight and watch the sunset and sunrise at Stonehenge. Judging from the images below, some of my members snuck off and joined in… if I’d have known that the circles were public access this time, I’d have gone with a “Triple A” banner as I reckon I only live about a 90 minutes drive away! *makes mental note to write this down in my diary!*


Praise be Chief, oh Sun God of Osborne for bringing us spanking enlightenment & delightful mumbo jumbo…


I don’t like the cut of some of today’s feral youth’s jib…
Hmmm, just some of the wayward souls that the Chief knows are in need of a bare bottom spanking to bring them into line!

Despite the gloomy start, I was thinking this as I got up just before 6am this morning, the sun was very high in the sky by 6.30am when I was driving to work and had burnt off any residual mist where I lived, it has been a glorious summer’s day here in the south west countryside and I have come inside after arriving home from work to write up this quick blog post! Happy Summer’s Solstice, everyone!

Summer Solstice-Stonehenge

& now onto some spankings, red bottoms and very hot girls that make me inanely grin like a Cheshire Cat – I hope these images make you see sense and check out the sites in question as they are all worth every darned penny of their respective membership fees – which, like mine, depend on good people like yourselves (and all the others who continue to support our sites) so we can all keep on producing content for you all!

Joelle Barros & David Pierson at


“The Clean Out” – Joelle takes an even more direct approach to changing David’s poor health habits. She throws out his Cuban cigars, tosses his dry aged steaks, and pours nearly all of his liquor down the drain. Joelle’s clean living campaign is costing her bottom dearly! 

clean1-2 clean1-4

clean1-5 clean1-6

clean1-7 clean2-1

clean2-2 clean2-3

clean2-5 clean2-6

clean2-7 clean2-8

Check out the free preview clips of this fantastic film now available in full only from


A couple of recent updates from 2 girls, one a stalwart and a long time favourite that I don’t always post as she is always seen elsewhere, but I thought “to hell with that… she looks stunning and deserves some blog love from me too” – it’s not her fault I’m late ‘n’ lazy getting posts out… and the other is brand new girl, Sasha Harding (her 3rd film is coming out later this week!) Who am I referring to? The 2 girls below at

Alison Miller – Dance Captain punishments

Flame-haired Dance Captain Alison Miller kneels on a sofa, hands on the floor, bared butt high in the air, for a stinging 175 swats with Frank Reed’s punishment strap. She’s been driving her dancers too hard and berating them: now her cheeks pay the price!

dance_o001 dance_o003


dance_o005 dance_o017


dance_o019 dance_o024

A FREE preview of Allison’s punishment can be seen HERE

A $10,000 dollar credit card charge earns Sasha Harding a tough strapping

Rich Brat Sasha Harding knows how to spend her dad’s money. After she charges $10,000 to his credit cards, she offers to have her bottom strapped. Patrick Bateman makes sure she counts the swats, but will there be tears of contrition by number 21?

richbrat_b003 richbrat_b005

richbrat_b007 richbrat_b012

richbrat_b013 richbrat_b015

richbrat_b019 richbrat_b022

richbrat_b023 richbrat_b024

Check out the rich brat’s humiliating punishments FREE CLIP HERE – 3rd part coming out later this week!


There’s a couple of very recent updates from you should all be aware of, featuring some of my fave UK spanking stars… as you’ll now see below!

Amelia’s Wake up Whipping (with Stephen Lewis) is now showing…
Amelia Jane Rutherford as stunning as ever!


A studio set from some time ago where Amelia got to play in some pretty new underwear & Stephen got to play with her!

NSI084C-AV023 NSI084C-AV037

NSI084C-AV040 NSI084C-AV043


It’s amazing what one small mistake on a spreadsheet can do. You know that recession we now find ourselves in? Well, Aleesha Fox caused it and her boss has punished her for it. Do you feel better now? thsi is the very latest update out NOW and if you want to see much more than I’m teasing you with below with the lovely Aleesha (I “LOVE” working with her and will HAVE to again, lol) and the gorgeous buxom vixen, Jadie Reece…


NSI098-AJ011 NSI098-AJ015

NSI098-AJ014 NSI098-AJ016 NSI098-AJ018

You can see this without restriction inside the members area of 🙂


…and finally from this blog today… a fantastic look at the ongoing spanking soap opera from My Spanking Room Mate – part of the Fonda group of sites so you can view this as part of the ClareFondapass network (the best way to view 5 of their top sites!) – This is a HAWT new film with beautiful Asian American, Koko Kitten and blonde Missy Rhodes… don’t worry, as you’ll see from this selction of images complementing the film… both girls get to spank each other and it’s a double bare bottom whammy – please do nbe careful… as this Solstice Spanking viewing could play havoc with your stout hessian undergarments that I hope you devout followers are always wearing (what do you mean, you go “Commando” – what the hell is that?)

scenes from “Missy’s new room mate”


msr-p139-007 msr-p139-012

msr-p139-020 msr-p139-032


msr-p139-043 msr-p139-048

msr-p139-053 msr-p139-054 msr-p139-055

Missy has been going through roommates quickly, but still has standards. Koko Kitten is her new one, and she is super bratty. But since Missy is desperate, she accepts Koko, but must train her with a spanking. Will Koko tolerate this, or spank Missy right back?


Available at – or via the Top value 5 Site Pass


OK, one more… I couldn’t resist, it’s still bright as hell outside and it cheers me up 🙂

Let’s take a quick look at and see what Mike has been up to with all his various “sch-pannnkings” of the naughty girls in their different uniforms. 2 Films for you to look at which are both quite recent… the first stars a new Dutch girl I love seeing, another girl who, I believe has done some porno stuff (tut tut, lol) and looks gorgeous with such a fine spankable ass… say “hello” again to Scarlett dressed up as the sexy maid in the 2nd part of this new section… seriously, she’s stunning!

ep2_1 ep2_2

ep2_4 ep2_5

ep2_7 ep2_8


In part two, Scarlett goes across Mr. Johnson’s knee for a sound spanking, for not cleaning the kitchen properly and watching Soaps on the TV.  After the spanking and while the two girls are nursing very sore bottoms, he calls the client and tells him of the punishments they both received. They both agree that the girls go back to him and clean the kitchen again with their bare bottoms on display and the client is allowed to spank them if it is needed! VIEW THIS FILM HERE

& from the Rockford School of Dance comes this double “sch-paaanking” update of Fae & Tiina!

ep24_1 ep24_2 ep24_3

ep24_4 ep24_5

ep24_7 ep24_8

ep24_10 ep24_12

ep24_18 ep24_20 ep24_21

Cheerleader Fae Corbin is over Coach’s knee getting her bottom soundly spanked for being late for practice a few times. Tiina is listening to the spanking on the other side of the door wondering what it might feel like. After 12 with the paddle, Fae comes out and Tiina told her that she has never been spanked before. Fae manipulates the miss goody two shoes into accepting a spanking from her so she will know what it feels like. Fae doesn’t hold back and spanks and paddles her rather hard… enjoying it a all just little too much!

You can see this latest film and all the other uniform niches at


Ok, I had some recent car trouble… well, it failed the MOT and got fixed £275 later (groan)
Anyhoo… it’s all sorted now but I’m not sure if this crew could have helped me, lol!


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