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Cheerleaders, Brats & Naughty Spanked Girls

It’s a gorgeous summer’s day here in England… there’s also the fact that Britain’s 77 year wait for a man from these shores to win the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world – on home soil at Wimbledon… ended in dramatic fashion yesterday. Congrats to Andy Murray… no longer a Scot (when he loses) but now a BRIT (lol!) – only kidding… I kind of felt a little sick in the stomach seeing that toad, Alex Salmond, the creepy Scottish leader waving his St Andrew’s Cross flag behind Prime Minister David Cameron afterwards… but nothing surprises me when that git makes some cheap political gain as he leads Scotland to a referendum for full independence next year!  I shall not rant on about that vote (yet), perhaps my American and worldwide readership are unaware of this, imagine it happening to the United States when one of them, an important state that holds the union together, say like California or Texas, votes on leaving the USA… I find it rather sad, perhaps you can understand my misgivings. Anyhoo, on this glorious sunny day… let’s get you up to date with some great “schpaaankings” – eh?

Leandra is back at AAA Spanking – in “Cheerleader Detention”


Coming out later this week, the gloriously beautiful Leandra makes her cheerleading debut at AAA Spanking – sent for a Saturday detention punishment for annoying Miss Granger and her girls for letting down the team with her diva behaviour and wearing the wrong equipment making her ineligible to perform. She’s the best cheer girl in the team but her antics don’t make her immune this time and she is sent to the classroom to await Mr Osborne who is furious that his Saturday is ruined and instills some swift retribution on her pert behind and her hands in a unique and painful discipline punishment…

The images below are naturally shown here first, the full 91 image gallery is out for members NOW in advance of the film and screen images later this week. members get to see the stills in glorious 1800×1200 resolution 🙂

cheerdetention08 cheerdetention16

cheerdetention24 cheerdetention22

cheerdetention38 cheerdetention39


This is Leandra’s 2nd exclusive movie with us filmed outside of her native Holland!

cheerdetention60 cheerdetention49

cheerdetention70 cheerdetention73

In case you’re wondering…
“Yes! She did have one of THE most spankable bums I have ever had the pleasure to get hold of!”


Don’t miss this “too cute for punishment brat” getting what we would all love to do to madams like her!



Over at the full film of cute naughty Asian girl Mei Mara is now available for members as you’ll see from these amazing shots. Veronica Bound ensured that Mei got a thorough punishment… no long dialog in this film, as it’s a classic short sharp (painful) shock movie: the sort we producers LOVE making from time to time!


Mei had the important task of faxing patient prescription refills to the pharmacy at the end of the business day. Unfortunately, Mei faxed all of the prescriptions to the office supply company instead leading to much confusion and patients being without their medications. Dr. Veronica is furious and spanks her with a heavy oval paddle to teach her the importance of paying attention to detail.

494a 525a

526a 538a

571a 548a

When Mei’s bottom is sore and marked after her paddling, Dr. Veronica provides a little first aid and comfort by rubbing soothing cream into her punished cheeks.

470a 488a

Check out the full film only from


Sticking with the medical theme, there’s a great 2 parter showing at in the nurses uniform section with 2 stunning nurses caught out in an undercover operation!


ep41_7 ep41_8

ep41_9 ep41_10

ep41_11 ep41_12


Undercover part 1: At the hospital a few naughty nurses were making some extra money by offering rich patients “extra services”. Now as these patients were reluctant to come forward, the only way to find out who the nurses are, is to catch them in the act. Dr. Johnson came up with a cunning plan. He went under cover as a rich patient. He rented a Ferrari and disguised himself. Nurses Adrienn and Timi soon showed up offering him anything from a strip tease to a blowjob. They were caught! In part one we see Dr. Johnson soundly spank Adrienn in his office.



The full film with Chelsea and Stevie Rose is now available to members at her awesome website – check out how she treats and disciplines a cocky Stevie who dares tell Chelsea what she should be doing!

…taken from the film “The Old Fashioned Way”

good01 good02

good03 good04

good05 good06

good07 good08

Chelsea leads her assistant Stevie over her knee. Stevie gets a hard spanking from the start! With her peaceful afternoon ruined, Chelsea decides it’s time for a cure: In short order, Stevie’s panties come down. Now the spanking REALLY begins! Naughty Stevie Rose’s frustration with her computer and subsequent swearing win her another trip over Chelsea’s knee! After bending Stevie over, Chelsea begins the stinging strapping.  Stevie tries to squirm away, but Chelsea’s aim remains true! Stevie Rose’s hard hand spanking and paddling are followed by some intense strapping!   Chelsea instructs Stevie to bring implements. Soon Stevie’s getting a serious paddling!

good09 good10

good11 good12

See Stevie Rose given a tearful spanking and strapping punishment HERE


Finally today… brand new from is the next installment in the “Houseguest from Hell” series – that means Allaura Shane – now I used to quite detest this girl, I used to hate her topping methods, just didn’t like her at all… however, over the years I have come to fully appreciate this girl and in fact am disappointed if I don’t see a new film featuring her now! So just take a look at her ass – she really has one of the best bootylicious butts out there getting spanked online, check that “whooty” – OMG! Do you see that awesome spankable bubble butt??? I actually just finished watching this film – & to say that Allaura’s bare butt jiggling and getting caned by Allison gave me “wood” is somewhat an understatement – I am now off for a cold shower – ’nuff said!


Images below are awesome but don’t do the movie justice!

houseguest_cj001 houseguest_cj004

houseguest_cj007 houseguest_cj009

houseguest_cj013 houseguest_cj017

houseguest_cj018 houseguest_cj021

“Do you have to do everything with attitude?” Alison Miller asks Houseguest from Hell, Allaura Shane. “Is it ingrained in your blood?” Failing to clear out the horses’ stalls earns Allaura a 12-stroke caning and 6 “Attitude” extras – “Alison is so MEAN!” says Allaura


See a free clip of this new film HERE


Want to see a classic? Check this out below!


From specialist pay per download site – (No REBILLS ever!)


  1. You know, I think this may be the only time I’ve seen a dunce cap in a spanking video. I think that’s kind of adorable, personally.
    Gosh, Leandra is so hot, especially as a cheerleader. That particular outfit is a very nice one, too. I need to get on finding myself some of those uniforms!

  2. hey Alex… get yourself a cool cheer girl outfit and I won’t be able to resist spanking you in it #mmm #wood

  3. Tim Tim

    All cute girls ,best,Tim.

  4. Tim Tim

    Leandra got big spaks ,

    Young Leandra got big spanks ,Alex i believe school pupils wore dunces caps years ago ,best to you bothfrom ,Tim

  5. BlueMark BlueMark

    Nice post John. I look forward to checking out the whole Leandra video. And of course, I look forward to the result of your interaction with Alex when she shows up with a “cool cheer girl outfit”. 🙂

    Re: state(s) voting to leave the USA… Happened in 1861. Didn’t turn out too well.

  6. Thanks for the feedback, Bluemark. Indeed… 1861-3 wasn’t the best of years, was it? If Alex finds herself a cool cheergirl outfit then it would be rude NOT TO when I am at the SL Party in Vegas and film it, eh?

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