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Midweek Spanking Updates

I’d have got this out sooner but I have had a problem once again with some shitty pirates using stolen credit cards… 3 fake transactions today (I won’t tell you how I know but it is rather crude and obvious to most of us, I am just pissed off that I didn’t see this until a few hours after their sign up as I was out at the time!) So whatever bastard it is, I have a good idea who it is as they prefer to use their own Spanish IP address to download the stolen films) I shall investigate if I can find out more about them as what they are doing is, essentially – criminal! Anyway, they have no doubt raped the site for what they need, as for the other 2 crap sign ups, those transactions have been voided already and the poor people these thieves have acquired the stolen details from won’t have to get bothered wondering what my CCBill transaction is all about! Anyhoo, this is the crap we website owners have to contend with… just thought you’d like to know, it’s a real danger to the continuing existence of sites like mine. All sign ups go direct to my mobile phone so I can act pretty much straight away nowadays if something isn’t right, just a pity the battery power on the phone was out at the time… but enough of that… grr!

The latest film, as promised, starring cheer girl Leandra is now out… I have 2 galleries for you to check out which you can see below… and if you just want to download the film then that option via the Clips Store is also available! (click any image and it leads to the free gallery)





If you only want to download this full HD-Wmv film then see how to HERE


In other site updates, check out my pick of the day…

Starting with my good bud Greg’s delightfully un-PC site

Why do I absolutely love this format? I like seeing brats given a real good spanking…there’s some humour (or “humor” if you’re in America/Australia etc) at the start in the build up to this latest model brat to fall into the clutches of Red Hot Video as they film out of some sleazy motel room in Florida… please welcome Briella Jaden. A blonde tempting harlot that soon learnt that manners cost nothing… except for the marks left on her poor blistered red butt – heh heh!


Here is the early banter between Briella and an increasingly fed up “Mystery Spanker”

Him: “I’m the photographer… and you’re the model.”

Her: “I don’t care, you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

He mutters under breath – “Another one”

Her: “You’re… wasting my time with this frivolous shit!”

Him: (off cam) “Bitch!”

Her: “… and I think this shoot has been the worst day of shooting I’ve ever had!”

Him: (grabbing her by the ear) “Not yet… BUT IT WILL BE!”

bri001 bri002


& so her ordeal begins… this girl’s reactions are very real as she couldn’t take a spanking as much as the other girls I have seen but this doesn’t make this film any less for it, perhaps it is better as I have worked with girls like Briella who reacted so much better than, say a seasoned spanko… that’s the appeal of this site, you never know what model brat you will get and they all react so differently! I loved watching this film, and I know Greg’s members will too! (She’s also incredibly cute with a trim figure that looks as if you’d break her in 2… but with a mouth like that, you know she’s made of sterner stuff!)

briella-09 briella-34 briella-10


briella-20 briella-13

briella-16 briella-18 briella-22

bri004 briella-28 bri006

This is what Greg had to say about his latest girl!

Briella has an angelic countenance, born for the camera coupled with a wicked bottom that is very much in need of a firm hand.  An exquisite combination, to be sure, and one that was guaranteed to result in noisy fireworks sooner or later.  And to this already combustible equation let us add that Briella’s bottom is both extremely sensitive to the touch and as alluring as a Siren’s Song! 


Click HERE to view all the latest updates and great little intro clips of what you can expect to see inside the members area


The gorgeous Lola Marie is featured next and gets a hot cruel punishment at home!


Oh dear! Lola Marie is home from school and she is in trouble. She knows the rules of the house, punished at school, punished at home. She knows what that entails. First off she has to bend over the knee for a good spanking on her white school knickers then it’s knickers down and out comes the slipper. Now if you have never had the slipper you don’t know how much it can hurt, well this was Lola’s first time and she soon found out that once she was kneeling, bottom well presented and the slipper used by an expert it can be VERY painful!

npp6017030 npp6017013

npp6017017 npp6017038

npp6017042 npp6017058

npp6017061 npp6017066


Check the FREE HD preview clip of schoolgirl Lola Marie’s punishment HERE


Madison Martin & Veronica Ricci co star in this latest episode from My Spanking Room Mate


Madison looks just stunning and this is an awesome F/F spanking film!!!

msr-p141-010 msr-p141-018

msr-p141-021 msr-p141-023

msr-p141-028 msr-p141-030


Veronica Ricci is working as a temp at Madison’s office, where manager Aaliyah Love will not put up with any poor work. So when she catches Madison and Veronica slacking off, she has them spank each other, with hand and hairbrush. 

msr-p141-031 msr-p141-039

msr-p141-040 msr-p141-042


See the results of 2 curvy bottoms turning red for their boss’ personal viewing pleasure.

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The last update today is from Sarah’s great site –


School girl Bow is in real trouble in the latest instalment of my Trophy Wife series. She has purposely got herself into trouble  because she knows that her step mother must undergo the same punishment. This time she has taken a step too far and is really for it. Stretched out on the vaulting horse she is spanked first of all over her white school knickers by the headmistress and her stepmother then her knickers are removed and the ladies take it in turns to apply school canes to her bare bottom. They know what they are doing and really lay the cane onto her bottom.

npp5050009 npp5050012

npp5050017 npp5050019 npp5050020

npp5050021 npp5050029


Click here to see a free preview clip of this latest punishment film!


Right, I’m off outside to enjoy our BBQ meal… gotta make the most of this fine weather 🙂

I have the veg and meat ready… heh heh!



  1. I know exactly how you feel. The same thing happened to us a few weeks back. We were away and I didn’t have 3g signal on my phone. I kicked them out after a few hours but a lot can be taken within that time. It is sickening isn’t it? Hopefully serious spank fans will not stoop to downloading your stuff for free

  2. No doubt they are all gleefully sharing it in their forum VIP areas until one selfishly tries to make money off their ill gotten links and then they get zapped… wish they’d realize that this behaviour kills off small independent sites without membership support. This really makes me want to give up when the site gets threatened like this: had another 2 attempts this morning – fast reaching my void quota for this month at this rate 🙁

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