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Some New Spanking Updates

As promised, I won’t waffle as there’s a few images and sites you really ought to check out… so, as khan says in Star Trek: Into Darkness… “Shall we begin?”

As I featured Dodgy Dave’s shenanigans previously on the Strip… let’s see what little deal he concocts as he makes his first appearance alongside naughty Lola Marie, who he caught playing on cam… I’ll let the images and their site description  fill you all in!

npp6021012 npp6021019

npp6021022 npp6021029

npp6022012 npp6022036


Lola Marie is a naughty web cam model and she is caught in mid wanking session by her landlord who sees that there could be an advantage to be gained by letting her work from her flat. In return for this she has to agree to submit to a regular spanking or paddling, whatever he wants. Well… he decides to start right there and then and gives Lola’s beautiful bottom one hell of a spanking, boy… he really lays it on hard but she takes the blistering red bottom spanking but what will come next?

Find out here and view a naughty pervy free clip at English Spankers


A great spanking movie I am happy to show you next… as I got to meet Frank Reed at the Shadowlane party (I actually didn’t ask what his real name was… so will have to go with that) surprising as we talked for a while… I really liked him and he’s much taller in real life… he explained how some of the girls can’t quite take a hiding, which we all know anyway… (though they often do film to completion) and you’ll see in this film that Tiffany Bennett’s reactions are very real and the way she tries to wriggle out of her spanking on her already sore bottom is priceless! One of Firm Hand Spanking’s best films recently in my opinion… and Tiffany is just beautiful!

brat_c001 brat_c003

brat_c006 brat_c011

brat_c017 brat_c018

brat_c019 brat_c020


Pulled out of the shower topless, Tiffany Bennett is due a 190-smack spanking on her tight little bare bottom for sunbathing nude where neighbors saw her! She yelps, she squirms, she kicks, bucks and struggles, but Frank Reed has to punish her properly.

Click here to see MORE of this fantastic movie and all of Tiffany’s films


Finally today from my own site, members have been able to view our first work with 2 fantastic Texan ladies, Joey & Kaye… in this image set, or some images that you will see… the girls were allowed to play and have fun, such is the nature of Shadowlane… a great start to our day, and I promise you the films that follow from these 2 (and everyone else we were lucky enough to meet) are some of our finest work!!! I’m so excited!


Texans Joey Delilah & bratty Kaye – 1st image set from our Shadowlane adventures

kayejoey08 kayejoey14

kayejoey18 kayejoey21

kayejoey24 kayejoey29

kayejoey36 kayejoey37

Please welcome Joey (with the long flowing hair) and Kaye (the sassy brunette) to Triple A… they were our 1st ladies we filmed with at the Shadowlane Party over Labor Day Weekend in 2013. We wanted to film with those who loved attending events like this, which would mean they were up for some real spanking fun… at whatever cost. This image set was placed up to the site while we were still in Vegas… so no films have been edited (at the time of writing), but you will see from this lovely introduction that the girls enjoyed each others company and it showed in the later films with lots of bratty chat, tears, laughter and contrition. For now, just enjoy 2 people that are comfortable with each other as we gave them a few implements and “carte blance” to pretty much do what they wanted to each other. This set up the day and all our film shoots whilst at Shadowlane 2013 – so we feel that this image set is a bit special as it started everything off!


More to come from Joey & Kaye very soon at


Right, I can’t post any more as I am in a vegas hotel when I should be out enjoying myself…
I hope you understand! Laters! xx

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    John wow these 2 girls are having spanky fun ,look forward to their contributions ,best,Tim.

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