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Vegas Memories & Exclusive Education

This was my last hotel room view of Vegas before I left in the morning ­čÖü


Well, I’m back home… recovered from a minor bout of jet lag and am back in my office in the boring dull grey mildness that is England. I had to laugh when the pilot mentioned that as we were approaching London Heathrow airport,the weather there was wet and 59f (15c)… after being in the glorious Vegas heat of nearly double that less than 24 hours previously… oh well! It wouldn’t be England without the sogginess, eh? One thing I have learnt from my trip is that I detest rain, I hate mist/fog and can take any heat thrown at me… case in point when we ventured into Death Valley… I loved that ridiculous heat, it was just not what I had expected. I suppose if I was living there 24/7 I’d get fed up with it and without air con I’d be impossible to live with. Americans often wonder why we don’t have air con here much (well in offices they do and maybe some malls (more on that in a mo) but in most people’s homes, we just don’t have it because we rarely need it! Our summers are never that severe and when they are, they are short lived. So once again, I have come to the conclusion that our weather here SUCKS big time, my one biggest drawback about living here… if I could move to America tomorrow, I would! & I’d probably make that California or Nevada too!

poolBefore I bring you the spanking updates that I have taken a look at… I have to say how much I was blown away by the shopping malls of Las Vegas! They were works of art in themselves… so much money and thought went into building these… 2 malls in particular, if ever you are on The Strip in Vegas… do go visit the Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace malls and hotels/casinos! They are monuments to sheer decadence, I have no idea how much was spent on them… but to create an indoor environment that was constantly a beautiful dusk was awesome… rather like the shock I had when I visited the Paris Hotel and casino… I loved the sky inside! (This was the place where I gambled most as it had that awesome dance bar where the scantily clad girls table danced and dealt cards in revealing bustiers!!! Even the Miracle Mile shopping center where our hotel was located had this amazing effect and dining “out” in one of the cafes and bars was a pleasurable experience!

Anyway, enough of my wittering on about Vegas, shopping malls and great weather… sadly the days of having breakfast In the pool are over for this year *sigh*


& so to the updates that I had missed… and whilst talking to Denn at Shadowlane… aka The Cameraman, I asked him about Exclusive Education 8 and if it was being shown… needless to say, they had filmed this partly in The states and also on their France trip ealier this year and it is now out at – some awesome images from this special annual event are below!

001 004

006 008

012 016

001 005

007 010

013 016

Part 1 of the epic starts in a dorm room in The States. ├é┬áVeronica Ricci discovered that fellow students Celeste Star and Ela Darling were cheating on a test.├é┬áVeronica wouldn’t tell their Teacher Snow Mercy, who was heading the field trip, if the girls agreed to take a spanking. As if Miss Mercy found├é┬áout, she wouldn’t allow them to go on the field trip to France! So the girls reluctantly agreed to take a hard spanking from Veronica in return for her silence. However, naughty├é┬áVeronica told Miss Snow anyway, so Celeste and Ela took turns whacking and smacking Veronica hard on her beautiful pert bottom, with their hands and a wooden mirror!

Veronica’s payback spanking by the girls is below!!!

001 005

006 007

008 009

014 015

Don’t miss this chance to catch the Exclusive Education series start right now!

The next 2 parts will be from scenes filmed in the south of France so it’s a little different this year with a slightly smaller cast but with some stunning outside locations that still make this an event worth waiting for! (as you’ll see below!)





From the same network of sites is a great update featuring one of my fave models and I asked her on Fetlife if she was attending (she wasn’t, sadly) as I would have surely found a way to film her… this is one of the main stars of My Spanking Room Mate – the naughty husky voiced Kay Richards! ├é┬áNext time I am out that way I intend to look her up and shoot some footage as I just know what to film with her (but in the meantime check her out below!)


Assistant Landlord Anikka Albrite has been assigned to collect rent from Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane). But since Kay doesn’t have the rent, it means a hard over-the-knee spanking for her. Anikka delivers a good one, with hand and hairbrush, leaving Kay’s poor bottom tender and speckled.

003 004

007 009

011 012

013 014

015 016

Of course, what makes this addictive viewing is the fact that hot blonde Anikka Albrite is paired with Kay in this steamy girl on girl spanking adventure! Check out THIS and ALL the previous amazing episodes now showing at this site HERE

see more of this spanking soap opera HERE


Both sites featured here today are massive in their own right, but really come into their own as part of the 5 site network! Access the sites for a FRACTION of the combined cost!

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