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A scatterbrained start to the week!

Oops! I forgot to renew the domain for this site, and I thought it was next week… and, as I do, I ALWAYS leave things to the last minute (God knows why, I am like that with commuting to work… it’s only 8-9 miles away yet I think I can get there across some rather nasty country roads in 10-15 minutes which often has me driving like a lunatic on the long straights at times to make sure I get there just on time! I really ought to change my ways… so the latest example of my forgetfulness just proves the point that I should “DO” and not “DITHER” or procrastinate. ‘Er indoors has me sussed as she quotes me with “I’m just going to do…” which I often say. Anyway, I’m back here, and I renewed the domain for longer than a year this time so I won’t have to worry about it next year!

So, time to bring you some more of what I have been watching, these aren’t all brand new updates (some are) but as I have just said… why not take a look at what I have also been watching, past and present, it’s a glorious spanking mix and my way of saying “oops… sorry, enjoy these ripe red bottoms for your viewing pleasure!” – I know I did!

I’m starting with the resident perv that loves humiliating and spanking his girls in his own unique fashion, all the way from Russia at – This latest young lady has an inkling of what is to come, she is nervous and knows what he is like as it is the talk of the office… I loved watching her remove her clothes (slowly), she is a tall, lithe fit thing, with enough flesh on her backside to receive a good red bottom spanking as you’ll see when she is spanked, strapped and flogged…

Natala strips as she is told what will happen to her!


natalya002 natalya003

natalya004 natalya005

natalya006 natalya007 natalya008

natalya009 natalya010

natalya011 natalya012


natalya014 natalya015

See the free clip below of Natala’s spanking…
she spends a lot of the time crawling in this submissive position!



From is the full complete update to the wonderful duo/duel between Zoe Montana and Molly Malone, these 2 together were an awesome pairing as you can see in this very sexy, highly erotic spanking action that has Zoe giving her lover, Molly, a painful surprise (oh… goody!)


Zoe bides her time waiting for Molly’s “Homecoming”

NSI107-MZ009 NSI107-MZ037

NSI107-MZ054 NSI107-MZ071

NSI107-MZ084 NSI107-MZ106

NSI107-MZ096 NSI107-MZ110

NSI107-MZ120 NSI107-MZ130


OMG! There are plenty more HOT girl on girl updates waiting for you at Northern Spanking!


New this past week at was a great sexy French maid niche update with naughty submissive Adreena falling foul of Mike’s wrath as you will discover below… I love seeing girls dressed in lingerie and skimpy sexy uniforms getting spanked, don’t you?


French maid Adreena Winters was sent out to a customer who wanted a submissive slave maid. He was not satisfied with her so he sent a letter to the owner of the Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency. After reading the letter he told Adreena to come to his office and he gave her a lesson in submission which included kissing his shoes, face slapping, lots of spanking and the riding crop. Adreena is now a much better and submissive sexy maid!


ep5_5 ep5_6

ep5_8 ep5_9

ep5_14 ep5_11




What’s there NOT to like about this wonderful and severe spanking film courtesy of the twisted mind of Dallas? I watched this again earlier today, I liked the little added touches like the music that brunette Natasha danced to (very authentic) and the finale where she wiggled, gyrated and belly danced, with her red bottom burning for us all to see! there were also some great facial angles and split screens to showcase her tear stained face and the hard strapping across her poor sore bottom! Just one of the many films you can see with your membership at

Natasha the belly dancer gets more than she bargained for!

cora001 cora002

cora003 cora004

cora005 cora006

cora007 cora008

cora009 cora010

cora011 cora012

Cora wiggling at the end of her spanking…
Check out the FREE clip (below) of

See the full punishment of the bellydancer HERE


& here are 2 films I watched recently from – the 1st with Heidi paddling naughty nurse, Ines… in one of their wicked restraining benches!

ines01 ines03

ines04 ines05

ines06 ines07

ines08 ines10

Followed by a naughty French maid, Cora, given a cropping punishment by Peter in a no nonsense punishment before being sent back to work to finish her cleaning job.

c001 c002

c003 c004

c005 c006

c007 c008

c009 c010

Check out the latest punishments on offer incl. access to free Pain 4 Fem films with your membership!


Finally for today, be aware that I have an awesome film coming out later this week with the precocious but very lovely Lola “pee pee” Marie who has a detention punishment outdoors with a twist, or rather I have to endure her losing bladder control whilst being spanked over my lap as she pees all over my trousers… which results in her getting a rather distressing caning and carpet beater punishment instead of a simple spanking! Ok, this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea…. but I promise you it’s a good hard punishment film if you don’t like the peeing scenes…. just think of it as getting her own back on her nasty punisher (me!)

Oh, I can confirm if was quite warming… tee hee!

lolapeepee001 lolapeepee002

lolapeepee003 lolapeepee004

Coming soon to AAA Spanking!


Today’s update at AAA is the massive full files of Unwanted Friendship (see the free gallery if you have missed it) with Amelia Jane Rutherford & Molly Malone… or you can view this, along with the full file upload as a one off downloadable option at the CLIPS STORE

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