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Catch up Spankings & Updates

Well, I have been real busy, so I do apologise for this… so I am attempting to bring you some updates of the week, starting with my own site and then a few selected networks I really like that I have seen so far this week! Then I hope to do another catch up on all the stuff I have missed and just don’t have time for today! The next few months are going to be amongst the most tumultuous I have experienced in a very long while, I’m scared and also will be relieved… so please understand if I “go dark” for 4 or 5 days from time to time… my site will always remain updated so members there need never fear… anyhoo, let’s get on with today’s latest crop (I like that word, lol) – starting with my own site (naturally) and the promised cheergirl paddling-fest – some of the paddling scenes towards the end of this film got pretty intense, I have to admit that Caniac wooden paddle was EXTREMELY stingy and whacked their bare bottoms far too easily!!! (yikes)


…the stars of the latest film, Maddy, Alex & Christy strike a pose!

I have put in some unseen images first shown here on the blog, though they are reduced in size, as members will get the large size stills and tomorrow the true full HD1080 movie of new girl Katie goes up in MP4 format (I’m really excited to show you guys that!!!) – and that will also be “live” to download in that HD format as a one off at the CLIPS STORE too!


But back to today (or yesterday when it came out) – “Cheerleader Paddling” is the latest film starring Maddy Marks, Alex Reynolds and Christy Cutie getting the thrashing they deserve in their oh so cute uniforms as you’ll see below… the spankings were relentless and stinging, as I used a very nifty helpful hand spanking paddler called the “Spank’r” (which protected my hands from spanking the naughty girls bottoms) and it ensured they got an even harder, forceful spanking…. aren’t I mean?

SWS_8847 SWS_8819 SWS_8849


cheerpaddling003 cheerpaddling007


cheerpaddling057 cheerpaddling060


cheerpaddling079 cheerpaddling113


3 rival cheerleaders planned and almost got away with a betting scam as they rigged how their teams would do in a competition. However, they have been found out and are faced with the humiliating prospect of receiving a hard hand spanking with a “Spank’r” and a heavy nasty looking wooden paddle if one of the girls doesn’t own up in time! We won’t tell you just who is the main culprit (they are all guilty of being complicit in this scam) but it’s a great way to see the girls receive some rather hard and embarrassing punishments in front of each other. The hard and fast paddling finale has to be seen, it is a visual treat for those that love to see girls thrashed in sexy cheer girl outfits!

cheerpaddling138 cheerpaddling141 cheerpaddling146

Don’t forget to check out a FREE CLIP of this paddling HERE

Remember that the Loyalty Membership scheme ends by Xmas Day… so please don’t leave it to the last minute as once it’s gone – that’s it!!!



At Sarah Gregory’s main spanking website, there is a great film starring her daddy, Paul… who decides to hire a good time escort girl only to find that it is his daughter (played by Ten Amorette) who turns up… after the initial shock… Daddy has a few things to say about girls who are hiring themselves out like this for their time and personal services (hang on a mo, lol… wasn’t he just trying to procure one such escort for himself?) This is the sort of naughty and twisted kinky film I like… and of course the spankings between these 2 are hard and HOT to watch! Images below are courtesy of


0144_escort_girl_gal_1-008 0144_escort_girl_gal_1-021

0144_escort_girl_gal_2-010 0144_escort_girl_gal_2-016 0144_escort_girl_gal_2-021

0144_escort_girl_gal_3-008 0144_escort_girl_gal_3-010 0144_escort_girl_gal_3-022


If you haven’t seen Sarah’s recent blog post… then please do as it details HER side of our recent large scale spanking shoot including some films with Joelle… I can’t wait to see these films go online and know that the “Bride” film should be up first (it really was rather good… lots of bickering and spanking Sarah’s gorgeous bottom in a real wedding dress was a genuine pleasure on my part!!!) Did I get the dreaded TA (trouser arousal) – ha! I ain’t saying, lol! Check out her AWESOME blog post or click on the image below after you have read this post today… I promise you won’t be disappointed!



In keeping with the escort theme (briefly) there’s a fantastic new film starring Isobel Wren (I had watched some of her stuff not yet released at Sarah’s site which was simply AWESOME!) and am a big fan of this girl even more now… but I do urge you to check out her spanking punishment with fellow call girl, Kitty, when they are called to Madame Snow’s office they nag and bitch until they start to fight and spank each other… who wins? Watch the full film and you’ll find out!!!

003 004

005 006

007 010 011

012 013

014 015

See who wins in this latest callgirl spanking special HERE


Briella Jaden is another girl I love seeing (I watched some more hot films with her at Sarah Gregory’s site – click image below for the free gallery of the Striptease & Spanking film with Briella! (HAWT!!!)


But in the meantime, she is now showcasing in a fantastic intro at Spanked Sweeties, covering a whole load of her stories growing up, getting spanked by her mom, grandma and alongside friends too… this makes for a great series which is always special to this site as it covers first time girls next door, newbies or models outside of our niche, spanking stories of the girls and interviews of them behind the scenes… images below of Briella are courtesy of Spanked Sweeties

001 003 (1)

006 (1) 008

009 011 (1)

012 (1) 014 (1)

015 (1) 016

Spanked Sweeties is part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass Network


As part of the 5 site network, you have the choice to see the conclusion to this year’s Exclusive Education, now in its 8th season! Either via  Girl Spanks Girl – a massive site in its own right (with all the EE series, naturally) and other sections including the sensual and erotic as well as disciplinary F/F spankings you’ve come to expect over the years! Check out this amazing finale as the girls get a thorough spanking outside in the beautiful southern French hills outside St Tropez (near Ramatuelle by the looks of it… I used to work down there… ah the memories!) “Mon Dieu… mes yeux!”

001 (1) 002 004 (1)

005 (1) 008 (1)

009 (1) 010 (1) 011 (2)

012 (2) 013 (1)

014 (2) 015 (2) 016 (1)

Teacher Snow Mercy was caught smoking and drinking by some of her students.. So when the girls go on a hike with their teacher in the woods of France, they decide it’s time for a little payback. They bend her over little Missy Rhodes and spank her hard with their hands, and even 10 whacks with a wooden brush!

Check out the full series of EE8 – all available HERE

The above sites in this network are also part of the 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass


That’s all I have time for today… but I will be back tomorrow with yet more catch up spankings, I promise!


Quiet… or papa spank!


  1. YAY!!! I love the post. Thanks for all the mention. xxx

  2. I absolutely LOLed where you had written “GLARE!” on the photo of you and Katie. Hehehehehe.
    I love this cheerleading film that we all did! So much fun. 😀

  3. Tim Tim

    This looks great with all the cute girls being spanked and spanking each other ,hello Alex ,best wishes from ,Tim.

  4. Tim Tim

    What lovely girls well spanked ,best,Tim.

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