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Thumping Tuesday Spankings

I thought I’d spend some time looking at some stuff from the past on a few sites as well as bringing you news of what is current… that way, hopefully my updates shouldn’t clash with any other blogs you may or may not read (ahem… you mean you read OTHER spanking update blogs too?)

Edit: it’s just new stuff… I spent TOO MUCH time looking at older stuff… I shall save that for another time 🙂

Now, before I continue, I am seriously wondering whether to travel again to America later this year, I won’t say why but it’s East coast side this time…as it has just been made a possible option for me, but if I did, I know what I would film would be utterly awesome and different to anything I had done previously – my only issue is selling that to “Er indoors” as she would not be happy at my “jolly-ing” across The Atlantic whilst she stayed at home in dull and gloomy Britain… however, I can point out that I am paying her supplement to go stay and visit her grand kids in a French ski resort at Xmas (which is rather expensive since I’m not going anywhere) as she has not spent Xmas with them for yonks… whilst I have to work over the Festive Period so wouldn’t be able to take a week off over that time and have to stay at home – on my own FFS! So I think I will pull that Joker Card card out of the hat when the uncomfortable discussion about being away begins! (I hope she doesn’t read this blog or I’m toast, lol!)

I’ll start with updates 1st and then some films at sites I like or know you’d enjoy – starting with my own as a new film goes out tomorrow (in fact there are 2… as I will devote tomorrow’s post to an AWESOME POV film which will be coming out) and I promise you… this is teasing trouser arousal at its BEST! But first, a delightful film with a pair of girls I loved filming with who were just so damned cheeky (sassy) together… that was Jenna Jay and Taylor Richardson (below)


They were 2 lazy maids who are paid a lot of money to look pretty and just do the housework… there are drawbacks to their job, they took the job and all the benefits of a very high salary knowing the chap that employs them, Harry Jackson, is a pervy spanko that gets to dish out some punishment of his own when he sees fit… to be honest, I think the girls loved being taken over his knee and lectured, I think they got a secret thrill out of seeing just how far Harry would go, especially that brat Jenna, lol! Check out the 2 girls with very spankable jiggling bottoms that get a good tanning – coming out at tomorrow! There will be a HQ image set, video screens and the movie to download. Below are some 1st show images direct from the film.

c01 c02

c03 c04

c05 c06

c07 c08

c09 c10

c11 c12

You can see MORE of Jenna Jay & Taylor Richardson HERE (& don’t forget my pioneering Loyalty Offer!)


I love seeing what  Sarah Gregory & her momma Dana Specht get up to… I love seeing them interact with other gorgeous girls too for double or triple spankings which are a real treat! It’s a relatively new site but one you should check out if you love seeing brats get a proper Momma scolding then a good old fashioned spanking over Momma’s knee… there’s plenty more and sarah gets to play with many girls at various spanking parties and films the results… like we see here with uber gorgeous Christy Cutie!


005 006

007 009

010 011 012

013 014

015 016

Click here to see the latest films unique to

This site is part of Sarah’s network, gain access to both at a reduced cost (banner below)



From The Clare Fonda Network of sites owned and operated by The Cameraman next… as I bring you news of some of the latest updates from this fab group starting with Spanked Sweeties, the newbie, first timers and spanking model fantasy site with a new introduction to Constance, a fetish model who was spanked often while growing up. She describes many of her experiences getting spanked by her mom and dad and how formal the spankings were. There are two re-enactments from dad and two from mom (played by Lorelei Mission) which you can now start seeing exclusive to this site (below).


039 040

042 044

074 075

077 078


This was a 1st for me… and most definitely on film for Constance… beaten with a breadboard!!!

CLICK HERE for all the latest newbie & 1st time gals recounting their spankings growing up!


One of the 5 important sites within this network (if you wisely choose the vastly discounted pass to them all) is My Spanking Room Mate – it’s a great site all on its own (as are all the sites in this network) as there is more than enough data to keep you busy… so I found this latest film rather refersehing, and a great excuse to see some new interactions between some damned fine girls such as Missy Rhodes, Veronica Ricci & Koko Kitten!


msr02 msr03

msr04 msr05

msr06 msr07 msr08

msr09 msr10

Missy Rhodes visits her former roommate Veronica Ricci in an attempt to get her to help work out her differences with her new roommate Koko Kitten. Veronica of course suggests spankings to solve the issues and spanks Koko, then Missy. But the two smaller girls then overpower Veronica to give her a taste of her own medicine, even using a hard wooden mirror to make sure Veronica has marks to remember.

CLICK HERE to see the full red ass spectacular of some very sexy girls getting their bottoms thrashed!


From the site that has the current Exclusive Education 8 series starting comes this long play film too… aptly named “Erotic Schoolgirls” (I’m sold, lol), check out the delightful pervery that goes on in college dorms of LA!

012 001

004 005

002 005

008 013 014

Ela Darling is in a teacher’s office about to discuss how she and Celeste Star cheated on an exam. Celeste storms in and begins spanking Ela till she once again agrees to keep her mouth shut. Then Celeste meets Ela back at the dorm room, where she rides her with a strap-on until Ela has had enough and bends Celeste over her knee for a sounds spanking… view this courtesy of


View all the sites from this network at a vastly reduced combined cost – see how HERE


A fantastic new domestic and workplace discipline film (and series) is showing at Firm Hand Spanking from the English side of the Atlantic as Belinda Lawson is in a new “grown up” ongoing spanking story… away from the Classroom… as she soon discovers Earl Grey’s speed and accuracy in the “Executive Privilege” series!

exec_b003 exec_b005

exec_b009 exec_b011

exec_b013 exec_b015

exec_b017 exec_b018

exec_b022 exec_b024

Belinda Lawson lifts her skirt to reveal sheer panties, stockings and suspenders as she bends over for a 216-smack spanking. “What I need from you is speed and accuracy, which I’ll demonstrate on your bottom!” he says. Buttocks bounce in Executive Privilege. CLICK HERE to view this film in full!


As I said earlier, coming out at POV Spanking soon is the awesome “Not the belt, daddy!” film with Christy Cutie (below) as she pleads with you she’ll be a good girl and wear appropriate clothing… but who could resist those big doe eyes and sexy pout? stay firm, Daddy…. YOU must show her who is in charge!!! Seriously, I loved this film, POV fans who want to see real interaction between imagining YOU spanking the subject and Christy… well, imagine no more… I will get you a clip and a few teaser images tomorrow… but until then… please feel free to let your mind wander and wonder!



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