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Spanking Memories while I’m away #1

I have done the same at my other blog HERE so there will be plenty of spanking materials, these are selected posts over the years that I think you’ll like reading about again… I will try to update you with news of my trip here on this blog when I can (please be advised customer support and anti piracy issues for my site continue as normal) do go check out my Twitter Account as I will post images and stuff there too!

Oh, and remember to send me filming suggestions for Casey Calvert and Sarah Gregory please (together, apart, naughty, kinky, CP, tears etc etc…) these girls will take what is given to them, heh heh – or else!


This was from a post at the start of 2013

Well, we somehow all made it through the doom and gloom merchants usually rubbish predictions of Armageddon (financial, 4 horses of the Apocalypse or just old fashioned raining hot molten lava and sulphur) and of course here in the UK we had some momentous triumphs with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Royal Wedding and the Olympics… which was just as well as we suffered the wettest year on record with depressing rain and floods – as a good sign, this year has been rather normal, some bright sunshine, blue skies and… no rain by the end of day 2 (yet!) I am rather pleased, I never take up any resolutions, I know that this year will be rather difficult for me (I haven’t even done my tax return yet for goodness sake and that has to be filed by the end of the month… and there’s the awful prospect of my mortgage renewal at some point!) On the spanky side, there’s some brilliant new movies from us English producers and here’s a few you can start to see already, I really think us Brits are setting a great standard… please see for yourselves!

I’ll naturally start with my site which has just released the 1st new film for this year , a never before seen Kami Robertson classic from my offline site archives (check out her hair colour, lol) and this was nearly overlooked by me… it’s a great bedtime punishment film, it was the last film I did on that particular filmshoot with Kami… she had said to me to go for it and I damn well did with my belt as she got some nasty strokes across her bare ass after I had given that wonderful rump a warming hand and hairbrush spanking over my lap (Kami’s bum wiggles so erotically it’s hard not to spank her over your lap… it demands a spanking in this position – ALWAYS!)

Anyway, I am naturally digressing and rambling as I reminisce with a sad trouser bumpage as I recall her punishment… you can of course see it at the site now and I’ll make this available on the Clips Store too in parts for those that just want to download the odd cheap clip or 3 🙂


Kami Robertson – “Punished Before Bedtime”

punishedb4bed003 punishedb4bed008

punishedb4bed016 punishedb4bed049

punishedb4bed054 punishedb4bed068

punishedb4bed075 punishedb4bed080

punishedb4bed085 punishedb4bed100

punishedb4bed123 punishedb4bed127

 Click HERE for a special FREE Movie preview of Kami’s punishment

 Oh, by the way… members will already see what they can view NEXT week in the preview area of the members home page, so I’ll just show you an image below and it’s a real naughty girl/girl spanking with Zoe Page at her perviest best giving very gullible fellow girl guide (or scout as you Americans call them), Jessica Jensen, a thoroughly rude and explicit punishment which will have most of us sad balding, pot bellied old guys like myself loving the fantasy nonsense of it all (I really enjoyed watching the film when I was deciding what to show next… and I’m sure the members will too!)


& before I continue, I’d just like to say “thanks” to Zoe (above) who has helped me on several shoots and hopefully will continue to do so behind the scenes and in front of the camera, I know she has gained valuable experience and at our last shoot she was involved in a hectic one with Molly Malone and Amelia Jane Rutherford who I hope to work with again… and apart from turning off the cam for the 1st film (luckily it wasn’t too bad, Zoe!) You were a bloody marvel and I couldn’t have got through that day without your assistance! You know why, and I thank you for that!

I have some great plans for the site this year, so much but I can’t tell you just yet but it WILL be good!!! & of course there will also be collaborations with other producers as well as exploring some of my niches I like aside from spanking and opening other sites by the end of the year when I get my act together! Of course I won’t say any more than that but 2013 promises to be busy and very exciting! You will hear all about what happens here first, of course.


& so to a very ambitious new movie project from Northern Spanking – I would have posted this yesterday but I was away and offline most of the day but I received this mail off Paul who explained their latest film (it’s a whopping two and a half hours in total when it is completely uploaded to the site in between all their other daily updates!)

Check out the free clip below and then the explanation of what went on that day! It will shock you!

“Two women.  Unsuspecting.  Unknowing.  About to be thrown head-first into a world of hell. 2013.
Northern Spanking Gets Evil.”

This was what Paul explained to me the premise of this long play film was about!
What we did was, taking a story written by Stephen Lewis, asked two girls who we knew trusted us completely (Jadie Reece & Sascha Harvey) if they would take part in a filmed scene, without knowing anything whatsoever about what was to happen to them!  Yes, really!  Having checked hard limits of course!  What followed was completely unscripted and even the camera operators knew nothing about what was going to happen, which made shooting it interesting!  Jadie and Sascha remained in-role throughout a long and very painful afternoon, even when the cameras weren’t running (again, they never knew when they were).  It would be easier to list what wasn’t done to them than what was in a really wicked kidnap, punishment and exploitation game played by Stephen and Lucy!

Yikes… and I have a few teaser images for you below!

chosen002 chosen004

chosen005 chosen007

chosen012 chosen013

No doubt there will be those who will protest about non-consensuality… however, as Paul had pointed out he chose 2 girls who trusted he and Lucy who had worked together MANY times… but still! It’s a fantastic idea and no doubt will be a contender for film of the year and it’s only January 2nd! LOL! Check out more of what the good folk of Northern are up to HERE


More great work now from English Spankers with a new series of films and a return for the wonderful Clover Rock looking oh so sexy in that maid’s costume (it’s hard not to fancy the pants off ladies dressed in these uniforms, is it? they do it for simple minded folk like myself everytime!) Check out Clover’s spanking and the storyline is below these fantastic images!

npp4099005 npp4099007

npp4099019 npp4099027

npp4099030 npp4099032

npp4099040 npp4099042

npp4099047 npp4099056

Another recruit to The Sexy Cleaning Company and this time it is young clover who thinks she should try her hand at the old cleaning game. She knows the rules, loads of looking up her rather short skirt and loads of bending over to give the lads a good view and then its down to the real business. Bent over her knickers removed she gets first of all a good hard spanking and then a good leathering with our favourite slipper. Not just bent over, we know you like the diaper position and that’s where she ends up in this great spanking packed video.

 Click here to see this latest FREE Preview Video


& meanwhile at Spanking Sarah a welcome return in another series with Leia Ann Woods as she fulfills a collaboration with Sarah & Mr Stern in a “prisoner type” series which is dear to Leia’s heart (lock her up and see that wicked grin of hers!)

npp5003007 npp5003019

npp5003021 npp5003025

npp5004004 npp5004006

npp5004007 npp5004020

This is the next episode in the story of THE PRISONER starring Leia Ann Woods as a young lady in loads of trouble.  Her probation officer rescued her from the clutches of the wicked Sarah Bright but now she has to pay the price and instead of the more tender and amorous approach from Sarah she now feels the full force of her mentor’s desires. He loves to beat her bottom and that is the price of her continued safety, she must submit to his wishes. Today he wants to paddle and cane her just to welcome her to the new house provided for her. This is more than she bargained for but she has to submit to the punishment!

 You can see a great free clip of this new installment HERE


Finally Pandora Blake’s site has a rather good schoolgirl film with herself as the aforementioned schoolie and a rather mean looking headmaster Tom Cameron with a heavy slipper we English so love dishing out – especially to misbehaving madams in school uniforms!

Dreams-of-Spanking_school-slipper005 Dreams-of-Spanking_school-slipper006

Dreams-of-Spanking_school-slipper012 Dreams-of-Spanking_school-slipper021

Dreams-of-Spanking_school-slipper029 Dreams-of-Spanking_school-slipper034

The younger Blake girl is in trouble … again. Caught running a booze racket, she’s given a choice between expulsion or a punishment which hasn’t been used for many years: the slipper.

There’s also a brand new photo set just released which is rather quirky and a period spanking as you’ll see. I don’t always appreciate these but I did love this one, it’s a fantasy of Pandora’s and it’s a nice spanky tale: This is a popular stereotype, the “Tavern wench and the captain”

Dreams-of-Spanking_tavern005 Dreams-of-Spanking_tavern049

Dreams-of-Spanking_tavern104 Dreams-of-Spanking_tavern130

A tavern wench pours the captain ale, but refuses to remove his boots. She soon learns the cost of stubbornness. A spanking and strapping eventually secures her submission – and a kiss.

Dreams-of-Spanking_tavern059 Dreams-of-Spanking_tavern120

Click here to view all the latest film snad photoset updates now showing at

Dreams Of Spanking


That’s it on showcasing some fine British Talent…
hope you enjoyed what we’re all doing & what’s coming soon!

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