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British Spankings

As we start to gear up over here for the once in a lifetime Diamond Jubilee celebrations, I though it would be a nice touch to show case some of the latest films now showing at some of my fave British sites. Of course I am biased so will start with my own and there is a brand new film just released starring the uber gorgeous Jasmine Lau putting up with her weekly maintenance Spanking… the poor girl is so used to these there is now no need for a build up dialog, this film cuts to the chase and gets on with having Jasmine spanked in a ritualistic way that John (moi!) loves… first over her tight shorts, then allowing ME the pleasure of removing her panties to a position that I can then properly smack her delicious rear with all manner of spanking implements. & as sual, some soothing cream which she is rather grateful for (if you click on the image below it takes you to a 24 image gallery of this latest film so you get the idea of what it is about.) Members get larger and better images and of course the films in both HD Mp4 and Wmv versions (I think you might just be able to tell I enjoyed making this naughty little film!) *wink*

Click on a rather disgruntled looking Jasmine putting up with yet MORE excuses to thrash her beautiful bare behind once again! This film compliments many Jasmine films that are already uploaded!

Some behind the scenes info on this film, I won’t forget this film, like so many others that day as we filmed in intense heat, I had to keep the windows shut for fear of alerting the neighbours of what we were doing and there was no air con in the cottage (& the neighbours were the couple renting out the property right next door!). I was a little more calmer than usual in these scenes, ever fearful we’d get caught… but poor Jasmine just yelped out every now and then when she couldn’t help it (naturally). Giving the keys back after I had taken the girls to the train station, the owners asked if I had a good weekend and said they didn’t hear a peep from us! Perhaps they were hard of hearing, lol! Anyway, it meant all our filming that day went ahead, it something I won’t forget as it really was a risky location! heh heh! (Just goes to show all the effort we take into researching properties and locations sometimes  goes horribly wrong)

By the way, if any of you readers here would like to allow me to film inside your property and maybe you’d also want to spank some of the girls on film if you so wished… then please do give me a shout on my email address, either via the webmaster (at) address or my gmail address featured in the “About me” page – or even leave a comment, as long as your email address is correct I can reply (no one else can see your email address but me). Finding decent locations to film in are always a real pain in the arse (no pun intended)…

What else has been updated this week at I hear you ask? Well, I have just released tomorrow’s update today as I shall not have access to the site update software, though I can still have access online, of course. So you have this second film update (shown below)… actually, I should apologise as I forgot to update this sooner (oops) – so enjoy the awesome concluding part to “Caught by Mistress” (it’s a good one with Jenna and Taylor!)

& at the start of the week, members were treated to the 1st full installment of the 5 part series of spanking fantasy films. This one of “The Girl next door” featuring Mishka in the wheelbarrow position (my absolute fave position) and she will star in that position in ever more daring scenes coming soon, such as a girl just wearing stripey socks (I like girls wearing these… remember, it’s my fantasy!), then there will be a dropseat pyjama spanking and a schoolgirl and girl guide punishment with some of my little tools I love using on a naughty girl’s bare behind!

You can see the full 1st part now as a member – the scenes of this are in the image gallery (below)


Don’t forget that you can also view these films at the Clips Store – just pick and choose the film you’d like to see, there’s now a huge selection, naturally at far less than a membership site cost without ever worrying about rebills… not that you should, but some people seem to think it’s still 1996 and companies ripping consumers off left right and center with hard to find cancel links and such. Anyway, this option is provided, as well as membership site having MORE NON recurring options than a standard recurring membership (yup, I care for your peace of mind, see?)


So what of some other quality producers in the UK? I have to be brief (as I should be setting off in a mo!)

Click on the images below for the choice offerings this week from the Strand Network of sites!
Full explanation of each film and a link to view a free clips available:





I also have a few images taken from a very recent film update from Pandora Blake’s Dreams Of Spanking – check them out for yourselves in another lavish spanking costume thriller



The Morpheus Club welcomes new members Adele and Jimmy. Their host provides a trained pet, and instruments from flogger to tawse. Adele takes particular delight in tormenting her new plaything.



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