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Brand new Schoolgirl spanking at AAAspanking

I just uploaded a new 13 minute HD schoolgirl spanking movie to AAAspanking earlier today, and haven’t had chance to write about it or the behind the scenes gossip and tidbits you’d get here about this film. I wasn’t actually behind the cam for this one, in fact, if you listen very carefully to the preview clip (I’ll show you where to look later), you might just hear in the background, some yelping and that was because I was dishing it out to bad girl Cindy (or Donna as some of you might know her) downstairs… she has a voice like a bloody foghorn… bless her…LOL! Saying that… luckily Miss Bradley’s booming voice-overs and “smack smack smackings” of poor Sara Winter drowned out anything you could really hear… (sorry about that serious lack of professionalism… we will find more sound proofing and quieter models next time… heh heh!) But seriously, I really liked this nasty short sharp shock for Miss Winter that was given because I hadn’t seen the full movie until yesterday so had the chance to view it like a member and was quite impressed with the punishment when I downloaded it after it had been fully edited, I had only seen her poor bottom, all swollen and an angry speckled red afterwards… “never underestimate the power of a good leather strapping!” Some image scenes are shown here for the 1st time…

What I really liked about this movie was the fact that the burgundy uniform and regulation knickers really looked the part… Sara enjoyed wearing these too and felt “naughty” just being in them… so we were really happy to provide an excuse to punish her in her favorite uniform. Sadly we were confined to trying to shoot everything within the area of a sofa in that area of the studio and anyone with 16:9 ratio HD cams would know that the pesky widescreen can present a real challenge at times, I do hate the fact that some studio extra scenes appear but as this was to be set in a stowaway part of the school complex… a place at lunchtime where girls “knew” they’d get thrashed when they were told to meet in the school storeroom for their appraisals and “reviews”… I rather liked the idea of the fact it was a sort of strange background… now just pretend you hadn’t heard from me thrashing Cindy downstairs (the soundproof door was actually shut!!!) and imagine it’s girls larking about outside during lunch break when poor Sara below is facing a serious spanking and strapping!!! When you see the full movie… it does work! ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out the free preview clip of Miss Bradley dishing out her unique brand of spanking below!

Of course you can see many more movies with Sara (shown above) in more uniforms and pajamas and I’d like to remind you that she has one of the most spankable bums I have ever had (the pleasure… or privilege?) to spank personally. Her tight buns look every inch as spankable on film as they are in real life! To those who are members, enjoy the the new movie and to possible members (what are you waiting for?) remember that all the content from AAAspanking really is totally exclusive and won’t be found on any other membership site! Right, I have to sign off, I have rather overdone it on the ol’ vino this afternoon… celebrating a rather pleasant Spring Day in my part of the ever beautiful & increasingly green part of England again (I love this time of year… hoorah!)

More movies with Sara & plenty of other Triple A rated spankables featured below


I have also added some new movies at Teen Spanking Tube today – hope you like ’em! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Brad Brad

    Chief ole boy, is this girl above wearing knee socks? (ya gotta LOVE those knee socks, i know I DO)

  2. Hi Brad,
    No she’s wearing long white socks but they come roughly up to her knees as they are genuine M&S schoolgirl white socks ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Brad Brad

    Well, i like the socks that come too just below the knee ya know, but hey, thats just me.
    Cute girl btw

  4. tim tim

    very nice vid with young Wynter,best tim .

  5. tim tim

    i meant Sara.

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