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Cheekie Pays her Dues – & other nonsense

Ok, this was a rather interesting post that I saw so I am copying it word for word as Dana Kane has suggested any of us do. Now you know my feelings on seeing our content pirated or shared outside of the protected members area… especially on an OPEN forum, or piracy blog, for example Minors can access the full films! (& I’ll get to Tumblr and some idiot’s perceptions of that in a minute, too). Reading Dana’s blog I came across what I thought was a hoax at first… a former piracy board member that some of them all fawned over (hilariously) called Cheekie. Right or wrong… she was sharing videos of various producers, I can’t remember who exactly as I actually don’t go on there that much as I use algorithm software to detect my stuff and employ others to check up on open forums blogs and other sites… long story and I don’t want to chat about that tonight… nope, from what I vaguely remember about her on one particular forum she frequented, she was one of the popular band of people sharing our work. To cut the story short, Dana Kane got fed up seeing her stuff shared (I know that feeling) and somehow recognized who it was. Whatever these glib and smug people think, if we can identify you, we will prosecute. However, believe it or not, we are all reasonable people, I have dealt with a few in the past and contacted them personally and reached an accord. Dana did the same with Cheekie… only this was by invite to personally thrash her and then upload the video FOR FREE, of which you can see it all below. Of course, her fellow former cohorts are giggling like naughty schoolboys, which goes in some way to explain their mentality.

See and read this fascinating story in Dana’s words… all images are courtesy of Dana Kane Spanks

I want to give you a short background on this video:
It’s real. Cheekie is real. The story we tell is real, and so is the trouble she could be in right now, had I not given her the opportunity to redeem herself and she not taken it.


Cheekie agreed to receive her punishment on video, and to admit to her wrongdoing. Not everyone would be as brave (or silly?), but I’m giving her credit for taking responsibility… and a very hard spanking.


The two of us had a VERY long talk, and I’ve edited it down to what I hope is a manageable size without taking out any of the spanking or pertinent details (it’s still long, at nearly 18minutes). She had some very misinformed ideas about the spanking video business – and about the business of content sharing, and thoughtlessly went about her illegal activities for quite some time before I caught her in the act. 


I gave Cheekie no other option to deal with this situation – I told her that the ONLY way to redeem herself with me was to put her butt on a plane to Las Vegas and accept whatever I had to offer. I didn’t threaten her with legal action or ‘outing’, as she’d by then figured out for herself how easily she could’ve ended up in a much worse situation. She immediately agreed (somewhat to my surprise, until I realized that this sweet girl is still too young and inexperienced to realize exactly the gravity of the situation), and by the time we met, we’d agreed that if she was willing to accept the punishment (and lots and lots of verbal shaming from me, of course), that I’d be willing to forgive her past actions. 

I’m still not certain whether Cheekie has learned the FULL lesson here, which is – essentially – that rote ‘do unto others’ thing that we’ve always known to be the best policy. What I am absolutely certain of is that she will think long and hard before illegally sharing content again. Or she’ll get better at hiding it when she does. The odds are slightly in her favor, and let’s hope that she makes the right choice.


I guess the point of all this is to remind myself that not everyone who appears to be a ‘bad person’ really is, and that, if given the opportunity, most folks will choose to Play Nice. I’m happy that Cheekie did, and that I did, too. Sort of.

I’m also hopeful that others who take part in illegal file sharing will put aside the thrill, the ego, and the feeling of invincibility afforded them by their VPNs and onions to think just a bit about the fact that those of us who produce spanking videos do so because we LOVE spanking, not because we’re getting filthy rich in the process. And please be considerate of the literal blood, sweat, and tears which the spankees endure every time, for your enjoyment. I don’t wish bad things on you, but I do hope for your consideration.

– Dana

Check out more of what Dana Kane’s site is all about – CLICK HERE or the banner below



Now I appear to be having a brief conversation with another members of a forum that Cheekie was on and he seems to think my Tumblr blog is doing something wrong. If it is, please contact Tumblr direct, it reblogs other posts that people put up, as a producer, i welcome any exposure in this respect, they are a few pictures here and there, not a fucking site rip of video content! All the producers I know WELCOME the fact that anyone would re blog their images, what we don’t like is where people remove our copyrights or watermarks… as people are unable to know who PRODUCED that content… believe it or not, when I see a fantastic image with a watermark, I type in the website and check it out… that is the point!!! Remove the copyright and it’s just annoying – as one notable person who posts great images often tags #source? in the vain hope of identifying or crediting the original if possible. Tumblr is an addictive fun pastime but it is a useful tool that we all use.
I had a vid clip from my own site removed once and ranted about it, which is what this chap hilariously picked up on… as I was warned by Tumblr my vid file was deemed – wait for it – pornographic… (it was a rather nice scene of Kami Robertson having her naked bottom spanked) I think this old chap in question was losing it as I ranted about the fact that Tumblr is full of porn… gifs of exploding cocks on girls faces, fucking – LOTS of hard nasty fucking, hard B/G & M/M, you name it… it’s all on there… just hashtag “pissing” – that was my beef with Tumblr… if they don’t like it, then they should clear it up – ALL of it, not somehow randomly pick on my little blog and others from time to time. At the end of the day, I don’t have anything on there hosted, it’s all a bit of fun so if the account gets deleted, then “meh!” I’d probably have more time blogging on here or elsewhere. However, to pick up on this point where I could not reply (on the forum) … I actually don’t have an account at said forum nor am interested in doing so… so I have to write it here instead as replying on Twitter is tedious and we are boring the fuck out of each other at this ungodly hour.

OK, goodnight everyone! Sweet dreams 🙂

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