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Save our Spanking Sites!

The following article was taken from this time last year. Since then, producers of all niches have taken action against many file lockers as they see more and more of their content ripped off, copied, shared and touted for profit they do not receive… the article I wrote about below is still relevant and even more so today! It won’t be long before Visa and Mastercard follow Paypal’s review of how filelockers encouragde pirates with various obvious sharing schemes, Megaupload and Oron have been 2 notable sites, and I know many more will follow… it is no coincidence that since 2007-2008 when piracy of this nature really took off, every website producer has suffered with vastly reduced sales… the 2, along with the worst recession in history makes for a grim future for some producers… please read the following article and comment if you like:

Alarmist, I should know, most sites, including ourselves have poor months and better months and during the poorer months we look at the causes including what I am about to write about. I think only those with a ton of sites in their network or have been around for a very long time with a loyal following are getting by comfortably… Anyway, check out the link to a post at the bottom of my rant (I’ve lost my soapbox!)

It was similar to something I was gonna write about but Sarah has saved me the bother!
However, I will add this:

Pirates are killing the sites you love and without your support some sites WILL disappear or fail to be updated as often (I have seen this happen at some sites, I won’t mention who they are… but the trend has started!) Pirates don’t care about our sites, they see it as a big fat juicy worm to get people hooked into coming back for more of their “free stuff”, the file locker sites that allow files to be uploaded are encouraging this crime by rewarding pirates with $20-40 per 1000 downloads. Sounds a lot? No it isn’t, they systematically post to 100’s of forums worldwide hoping the traffic gets the hits they require to get their grubby hands on something they didn’t produce or conceive or think about! even if they say they are real spankos… they are killing the industry they love. We have all become as competitive as possible, before the digital age, you’d have to find some sleazy vendor who might give you a film for $50 or more and images were courtesy of expensive magazines… look at what you get for ANY membership site nowadays… and yet some still want to bleed us dry!

They are a scurge, a blight on all producers in our niche, so I know I speak for all producers when I ask you all to think twice about that tempting free link you may come across from time to time… you may think, “it’s only one download, I’m broke, I have no spare money this month etc etc” please… without members signing up, we can’t afford to pay the models or provide them with work, many are lifestylers, but they still take their valuable time away from their home lives or workplace or other modelling contracts to film, they are entitled to compensation for their services… rental for studios or locations must also be considered as well as the logistics of travel and my bugbear… planning the shoot. Of course, I almost paid the ultimate price with my life in June 2011 when I returned from a full day’s filmshoot (tired) and crashed my car nearly killing myself! That of course has also cost me financially as the replacement car after insurance etc was hardly special! I digress, however, we there are other costs you’d not consider… editing: that’s very time consuming, and of course my unpaid time to update the sites, the costs of hosting and setting up a new affiliate pages or other programming (this is ongoing and costly as i work behind the scenes to look at ways of adapting the site over the next year for new media and the way in which a website is shown for those using various operating systems and formats! It all adds up! So without a member signing up we can’t continue and the economic times and instability of the Euro threatening to bring us all down here in the UK (even though we are not part of that cursed currency) still looms over our future and the purchasing powers of many people.

Please think about supporting your favorite spanking sites, whoever they are! This is a general call to think about the actions you take that affect many who work hard and long hours to give you what you like to download.

HERE is Sarah’s take on this too! SAVE OUR SPANKING SITES!

Thanks for reading, lighter news and updates (as usual) are below and more to follow.
Regards, Chief

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