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Again, I have been furiously working behind the scenes and trying to get ready to at least have a break in a few weeks by updating stuff in my absence and preparing for my trip to America and of course BBW in Atlantic City… but I had been offered a free lunch by my sis, who has been homebound recently after an op on her shoulder… little did I know that there were strings attached to the offer of a nice free lunch… chauffeuring her around and helping with her grocery shop (not that I minded, since she is my sister and asked for help) … so by the time I came home, a simple meeting for lunch turned into a 5 hour stay away from the laptop when I am at my most productive… so I feel a little stressed as I am dealing with all sorts of other niggling issues that deflect my time, I have a massive site update tomorrow and haven’t even started on that yet and hope to get that out sometime late afternoon for members if I’m lucky!

So quickly, in the meantime, here is a fantastic photofest of a new long play spanking film that features something a little more harder than usual at  – a little like my film out tomorrow, one of my hardest I ever filmed and I am not telling you what it is until I put it up, ha! – it’s a change of plan, that’s all I will say!


Anyway…. this film was a custom and the customer originally wanted cute Alexis Grace thrashed and punished as severely as possible… check out the fantastic results of this film below:

002 003004 

005 006

007 008 009

010 011

012 013 015 014

Alexis’ painful ordeal continues…

Someone ordered a custom that challenged Alexis Grace to take her most severe punishment ever. By a lot! So pro dominatrix Bettie Bondage stepped in to deliver a hard hand spanking, then beat the suspended naked Alexis with flogger, paddle and cane until Alexis was bawling with tears running down her face.


002 003 004

005 007

009 010 011

008 012

013 015 016


Check out this latest film right here!

You can, of course, view this film and this entire massive website as part of an even bigger deal which gives you a vast discount on the combined cost of the 5 sites included making it one of the best deals around! I am  referring to the Clare Fonda Pass Network (see banner below for exact details).



back tomorrow with my own site updates with a new tearful young lady and anything else I can fit in!
I promise you it will be good!


  1. Tim Tim

    Lovely Alexis is given sound spanks from Bettie ,best,Tim.

  2. Tim Tim

    John for some reason cant get on Bars and stripes ,best,Tim.

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