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Awesome Ten & Johnny’s debut!


I had to rush this film ahead of the usual schedule as I loved this film to bits when I saw the final edit. Whether it was something about the excellent lighting (yes, I was “rear” cameraman and lighting technician on this film) or the fact that Johnny made a perfect perving debutante alongside the gorgeous Ten Amorette (they know each other very well so easily made this film theirs) – or perhaps I was just pleased as hell I had finally got Ten onto my site in what I think is one of the best short erotic spanking clips I have seen of her anywhere… it was fun to watch and make… but also had some great spanking and ass grabbing/mauling you’d expect in this intimate and revealing position! All hail the Wheelbarrow Club’s latest growing membership… and you can view the full HD film in glorious 1920×1080 HD Wmv or MP4 (both formats are the full size and I am asking members for feedback as to the playability of the WMV files as I will upload all future recently edited content in this size if it poses no problems!)

Ten’s Wheelbarrow Club spanking debut – alongside Johnny Lake aka FLAPaddler on Fetlife


Ten Amorette makes her long awaited introduction alongside Johnny Lake from our recent collaboration at the BBW Party in Atlantic City. We had missed a few opportunities to film Ten before and this time we got her nice and early. We are sure you will agree that she looks stunning dressed as a naughty cheerleader for that added “AAA” twist and delightful pervery which we have become known for. Johnny, aka FLApaddler on Fetlife had the arduous task of being the wheelbarrow spanker… he had never spanked anyone in this position before! Join them and watch something special unfold in this amazing double debut introduction to our infamous Wheelbarrow Club spanking. It’s a fantastic film that just had to be rushed out early so we could showcase what beautiful and erotic spanking films this position allows us to make for you!

MORE images for you are below… taken directly from the movie

ten_wb003 ten_wb005

ten_wb009 ten_wb018

ten_wb020 ten_wb039

 ten_wb051 ten_wb060

You can see a FREE intro clip of this naughty spanking film HERE



You can also download this as a special one off at the clips store (see below)



& next week sees an awesome pairing of Leia Ann Woods & Irelynn Logeen
You will NOT want to miss this schoolgirl spanking film!



OK, this was short n sweet… I have a busy day with Sarah tomorrow,
will let you all know then… goodnight!

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  1. Tim Tim

    Good to see young Ten at AAA spanking she is a nice girl ,and with Leia Ann and Ireynn ,best,Tim.

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