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Whoops! Amelia & Molly distracted me!

God knows what I was thinking last night and early this morning when I was planning the site update but it was supposed to be the amazing girl guide film I had promised members and I had also been editing some of the early films from my last shoot with Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly Malone and I loved the intimate wheelbarrow spanking film they made together…

I just got distracted checking out the images and the video that it somehow got uploaded to the site and included in my site update before I realized what I was doing… I should have been just preparing it for the following week. “Whoops!” Below are 2 galleries which should help explain why I got distracted! The first is a high quality image set (the ones for members is considerably larger and gorgeous to look at) and the other is the actual movie images to show you what the film is about, again the members get to see the actual footage size and also both formats are now at 1280×720 HD resolution, I think I will be doing this more and more, so any WMV sizes that are smaller had already been edited so I’ll leave those alone.

Original images are 1800×1200 resolution (the gallery ones are much smaller but still quite sizeable)

Click on the image below for the movie footage gallery

& if you haven’t already… there is a FREE Preview Clip of these 2 delightful ladies in above positional spanking!

Don’t forget that until the end of next month there is the special Loyalty Membership Scheme which gives those who want to support the site a chance to grab the best ever deal working out at just $8.50 a month, it’s NOT recurring, just a one off fee and you have a year’s membership, hassle free, view the site as often as you want and download what you want to keep and playback privately for keeps! Click on the banner below for the join page that shows you where to obtain this final deal that I can’t repeat as it has so many more films now so for newcomers especially… it’s a fantastic way to see the site and then grab yourself every single update, including at least 52 more films over the coming year ( including many more with Molly & Amelia, for your info the next one is a very funny Christmas themed video which is a special LONG PLAY version going up as a complete version, my present to you!) and of course you’ll know we always update with at least one new full film per week! – OK, I’ll stop waffling, I think I’ve made my point, right? (LOL)

Oh… and for your info, the film next week WILL be the Girl Guide film (which I LOVE, btw) I just kept updating Molly and Amelia and did so much of that, I had to upload it in the end and finish it off or I’d be working even more inefficiently… so this is what is coming NEXT WEEK!)

Joelle Barros & Nyssa Nevers – in those naughty blue uniforms, oh my!



I will upload this film (and have already uploaded Molly & Amelia’s film) to the Clips Store – so those that want to download the odd film they like the look of can do so on another non recurring option (choose and download the film, that’s it)!


I will be busy updating my other blogs and WILL be back here later today with another blog post on other industry updates and reviews!
Regards, Chief.


  1. tim tim

    With these beautiful girls i am not surprised ,best,Tim.

  2. You should see and hear my laptop when I’m preparing updates, noisy … and up to my eyeballs in beautiful butt pics!

  3. tim tim

    And you share them with us ,much appreciated ,best,Tim.

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