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Bribery Allegations & Spankings!

Well, as the countdown to the wonderful event that is the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Braaaaaa-zil continues for the start in a couple of days… you can always rely on the Argie-English baiting… our teams may not even meet each other (I think we’d both have to make semi finals) but of course, Madame Presidente Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina (the world’s sorest loser and woman in most definite need of a damned good spanking) has once again ignited ill feeling towards us Brits (or English as it is the only part of Britain being represented in this tournament) claiming once more that The Falklands (I won’t mention the Spanish name of this group of British islands as it is not what the indigenous and legitimate population call it!) belong to Argentina. Get lost, you stupid mad cow! How dare you use your (admittedly) good football team to pull off this cheap stunt so I have made up my own image from that as you can see below!

Argentina Slovenia

Of course, scandals and corruption go hand in hand with who gets to host the World Cup – arguably, the world’s finest collection of journalists working for the esteemed Sunday Times have also caused a stir by quietly digging and investigating, as decent journos do… to suggest that there was rife corruption and bribery involved after the ludicrous award of giving the World Cup to Qatar (a real surprise) to host in 2022 beating off excellent bids from Australia (who I honestly thought would get it) and even the USA (I know they hosted it in 1994) but still… that still stands as the most watched tournament…  I of course still am pissed off at how FIFA treat England, we haven’t hosted it since 1966 and could host it tomorrow without building new infrastructure if we had to, but still… who gives a flying fuck about the home of football, eh? So he is accusing the British press of being racist… oh do please shut the F*CK UP, Sepp Blatter… or Septic Bladder as I prefer to call him… something is rotten and trust me… those journalists WILL uncover and expose the FIFA bidding process for what it is, utterly corrupt. If it goes ahead, footballers will have to contend with playing as late as they can in Qatar as daytime temperatures in June/July reach over 50c (122f +) which is simply ludicrous!


Anyway, enough of me ranting on… some of you won’t give a flying fig about the World Cup… so I will get on with the reason you’re really here… spankings! & LOTS of them! So I promise to make it up to you with a varied and interesting round of updates today. I promise, no corrupt FIFA officials or Argentine presidents were smacked on their bare bottoms for being exceedingly annoying and very naughty before bedtime! Pity… instead, we have gorgeous women baring their naughty rears instead!

I have missed 2 incredible updates at with 2 ladies I like very much… ignored no more, let’s visit my favourite Fonda group site as we see cracking debuts for both Joelle Barros and Pandora Blake #yay!

Pandora Blake’s Undercharging Mistake

003 006

009 011

012 013

Pandora Blake doesn’t really understand the exchange rate between pounds and dollars and has been undercharging. Courtney Shea is at the office to explain the difference and spanks Pandora to help her understand. Turnaround is the English way, so there is plenty of spanks with hand and paddle.

001 004

009 006

010 016


As I mentioned, Joelle Barros makes her debut, this is the latest film update from earlier last week!
Joelle learns a spanking lesson!

002 004

006 008

013 016

Joelle Barros is the new girl who is naive and a bit of a prude. Veronica is tasked to teach her the way of the callgirl. But when Joelle shows her ignorance, Veronica uses spanking as a teaching tool. Joelle is a quick learner and gives Veronica a solid spanking as well.

003 005

006 008

012 015

Veronica gets a good whacking in this film, as you can see! CLICK HERE for the full film!

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I am a big big fan of Aleesha Fox, I know there are many others who feel the same, she’s HOT… how apt that she turns up the temperature in this self spanking hot tub special that you can see exclusive to #mmm

NSI100-A002 NSI100-A004

NSI100-A008 NSI100-A016

NSI100-A018 NSI100-A020

NSI100-A021 NSI100-A024 NSI100-A029

Aleesha spends a warm summer afternoon in her hot tub, in her skimpiest bikini with some wine and her favorite toys for company. We watch from an (in)discrete distance.


See MORE of Aleesha’s many films including this latest update from


Sarah Bright’s own site has some beautiful girls getting spanked and this young thing makes her debut here after featuring at the sister site previously. It’s a simple story and excuse for a spanking… webcamming naughtiness and getting caught!

Depraved Deception – featuring Belle Calder

npp7026002 npp7026014

npp7026041 npp7026044

npp7026047 npp7026051

npp7026053 npp7026058

npp7026059 npp7026063

This is what Sarah had to say about belle’s appearance for her own site:
I sometimes really surprise myself, I found the very beautiful young Bell Calder some time ago but did not feature her on my own site, She did a couple of films for English Spankers. Well I thought I am not leaving it at that and I asked Bell if she wanted to come and make some more films and to my surprise she jumped at the chance. Now Bell is not a spanking model and the spankings she gets in my films really do get the message across. Her beautiful young bottom soon turns pink and then red under Mr. Sterns and then mine administrations. I do love the films I have made with her and I know you will love her.



One of the new site features at takes us to a catholic school set up including nuns and teachers who don’t escape any punishments when things go wrong behind the scenes… here we see the story of Sister Manuela getting an almighty hand spanking that God himself would be concerned about!

Sister Manuela – At the Bellview Catholic School for Girls #naughty

Bellview is a very strict religious school where only the very naughty of girls are sent to be reformed. The nuns, and the principal, believe strongly in the use of corporal punishment and hard hand spankings, birchings, strappings, paddlings  and the cane are handed out  frequently and severely.


ep2_3 ep2_6

ep2_7 ep2_8

ep2_10 ep2_11

ep2_13 ep2_14


Sister Manuela was called into the Headmaster’s office because some of the parents had complained that she wears shoes and stockings that are not appropriate for a catholic school and she is a bad influence on the girls. Sister Manuela was given the option by the Headmaster. Dimissal or a sound spanking just like the girls get. She wisely chose the spanking.

CLICK HERE for this spanking niche and over 15 other types of uniform style spankings


Finally… the conclusion to Sarah Gregory’s very sexy girl on girl discipline session with Adriana Evans is up… and it is really hot. I had mentioned this before, the images below are vastly reduced in size from the original 1920×1080 HD screen images, but you get the idea, I should know, it was filmed on my cameras, looking good, eh? 🙂

Weekly Session – Sarah Gregory with Adriana Evans #schwiing

001 003 (1)

007 011

012 (1) 013

003 004

007 009

012 014

015 016

It’s Adriana’s regular session time and she shows up for the usual with Mistress Sarah. This consists of stripping down before straddling the spanking bench for a hand warm-up spanking followed by numerous leather implements. Next she is cuffed to the cross for some sexy strapping, paddling, caning, and flogging. This is a super hot and hard spanking video you don’t want to miss!

See this film and more of Sarah’s great punishment and erotic spanking site HERE


On a sad note, one of my favourite British comedians died earlier today, his loss to British comedy (I had grew up loving his anarchic style of  comedy) is massive: So if you’re from America or further afield, you may not have heard of Rik Mayall, (he starred in many subversive British comedies of the 80’s and 90’s) … but here in the UK, everyone knew him or of him and would identify with his many characters from the last 30 years! Below was news footage from the BBC as they discussed Rik’s life in  comedy… it’s a sad void he has left – R.I.P. Rik Mayall, you will be missed by me and many of my countrymen! Goodnight.


  1. “some of you won’t give a flying fig about the World Cup… so I will get on with the reason you’re really here… spankings!”

    Very much agreed with this

  2. “One of these days… POW! Right in the kisser!” xx

  3. Tim Tim

    John I hope we do well in the world cup .Lovely girls being spanked here ,agree with Sarah your girlfriend ,best from ,Tim.

  4. I hope we do OK too… otherwise I might moan a little, but expectations are very low so unless we were cheated out of advancing I probably won’t complain too much. So don’t worry people! I am at least looking forward to it as a whole… lots of excuses to drink beer and put my feet up in front of the TV and watch the greatest sporting spectacle on the planet in the home of modern football, the Brazilians! I would so love us to win there… I can but dream, lol! 🙂

  5. Tim Tim

    I enjoy the test cricket starting this week.Enjoyed Tens wheelbarrow spanking vid,lovely girl,is that her real boyfriend? Also Adrianas one ,best,Tim.

  6. Glad you enjoyed these films, such naughty ladies!
    Johnny is not Ten’s BF, they are friends in the scene that play together and they agreed to do this wonderful film for me, a first time for them both!

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