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World Cup Spankings & Stuff

worldcup-trophyOK, so the first game is over, the opening of the Brazil 2014 World Cup ends with a much predicted win for Brazil 3-1 against Croatia… however, as opening games go, I have already seen poor refereeing decisions go against the Croats twice (one in a seemingly valid goal) and of course the infamous South American ethic of cheating their way if all else fails… even with Brazil, arguably the best football (soccer) team on the planet… their players will play dirty or feign injury… it’s a South American trait I’d expect from the Uruguayans (England play them soon) or the dreaded Argentinians… but not Brazil. Seems I was wrong. Anyway, it’s started now, I think it’s gonna be a good tournament whatever happens… and I have had a few beers to drink, I was going to delay this post until tomorrow but I did that yesterday and I really need to get this out or else that is ANOTHER day gone by – so here goes!

At – in case you haven’t noticed, there is a brand new film and new girl not seen spanked anywhere else on film until now… her name is Lily Swan, a very fit and trim young lady who, it turned out… could take rather a good hard whacking… as I was to discover to my benefit. That doesn’t mean to say she made her submission easy for me, oh no… she bucked and writhed, complained and was a real brat if she thought she could get away with it… but in the end, I won out and she took some pretty hard thrashings as you’ll discover looking at the state of her reddened bum!


Lily looked stunning in a cheerleader uniform, so this is the first film I decided to let my members see, her draped over my lap in a very sexy cheer costume in a traditional and revealing bare bottom OTK spanking followed by an equally revealing legs apart leather strapping – still in that sexy uniform, oh my… check out teh images taken from the film (they are reduced in size) but you get the idea… and don’t forget to check out the free spanking clip, I promise you it’s a cracker… short, but definitely NOT sweet 🙂

The Thieving Cheerleader

lilycheer001 lilycheer003

lilycheer008 lilycheer016


lilycheer040 lilycheer047

lilycheer056 lilycheer062


lilycheer075 lilycheer077

lilycheer085 lilycheer093


lilycheer116 lilycheer119

Please welcome our latest addition to our site, hot new girl, Lily Swan, dressed in her cute cheerleading costume. She was summoned to meet her English coach, Mr Osborne. Only that wasn’t her costume, she had forgotten hers for Cheer Practice… she had selfishly stolen one of the other girls outfits but this caused a lot of upset as the girl that she had taken the costume off was in a flood of tears, scared stiff that she would be punished! Lily had forgotten that Rebecca’s costume had her name sewn in to it so it was obvious that Lily had used Rebecca’s costume instead. In brief, Lily was not in the least bit remorseful until Mr Osborne gave her an ultimatum: Accept the punishment & return the uniform, teaching her the consequences of her actions… or get kicked out of the best cheerleading troupe in that area instantly! She reluctantly chose the 1st humiliating option, resulting in her tight fit toned buttocks spanked and strapped long & hard as she wriggled & bucked wildly from this painful discipline session. Lily then had to go to Rebecca as agreed, all humbled… & genuinely apologize for what she had done, showing Rebecca her bottom to prove that she had been thoroughly punished.

aaa spanking

This film is also available in full 1920x1080HD in all formats as a one off download at the Clips Store


hay feverWell, I was about to blog about some other sites too but I am seriously not that well plus it’s late… I have really bad hayfever, I had a terrible attack earlier today when I decided to be healthy and take a long walk on a beautiful long coastal path near to where I live… but I took a wrong route back a steep cliff face and ended up in very tall grass and plants and I could see the pollen shaking off them and knew this would cause me problems later, it was that bad, I knew I’d suffer, and it has pretty much been terrible ever since that incident. Hopefully by sometime tomorrow I will be OK, I will have to stay indoors… I really hate this month, I never seem to escape this shitty condition every year… June in the UK is the worst time for most Hayfever sufferers especially those allergic to grass pollen like me… I just wish this month would fast forward…. needless to say, trying to get to sleep now will be hard… I have so much mucus running everywhere… it’s all going onto my chest and makes me cough… no amount of anti histamines are helping right now and I can’t overdose on them 🙁

God knows why I told you that, I’m feeling sorry for myself, I guess… back tomorrow at some point when I am hopefully feeling more like myself! Goodnight!


  1. awwww, feel better baby. I love you!

  2. Tim Tim

    New girl very nice young Lily ,best ,Tim.

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