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Starships, Friday 13th & Spankings


World Cup mania has begun In Brazil…
but at Spanking Blogg I also have my mind on other things too!

Thank you to a couple of you who mailed me to see if I was alright… I am feeling better, if somewhat annoyed that I really don’t want to be venturing outside (and risking complete exposure to more pollens after such a bad episode) on what is probably the warmest and nicest day of the year so far where I live…. as you may recall, I mentioned my severe Hayfever attack I had yesterday, I am pretty much recovered from it, but feel weak, like I am recovering from a really nasty cold! Anyway… onto some cracking updates elsewhere away from my own site (it would seem Lily Swan is attracting a lot of attention since my sign ups have tripled to what they usually do after a new film release… seems you like her, i know I do and hope to work with her again soon!) – Anyway, as I was saying… lets get on with various spanking news and updates.


As it’s the World Cup in Brazil… this olden but golden Brazilian spanking classic is very hot once again, if you haven’t viewed these films in the best remastered formats available only at one place, then check out these films as a special one off download event with added and unseen images from – click image below to see the preview gallery pages for yourself. Each image shows a new gallery of the film it is showcasing 🙂

01 02

03 04


Satisfying my geek side is the latest offering from – it has been a while since this section was updated but the Disciplinary Ship Genesis is back! I was wondering if the starship was marooned surveying the moons of Uranus *titter* – but it’s back and I just LOVE those uniforms! – and the spanking, of course!



episode7_P1010542 episode7_P1010555

episode7_P1010549 episode7_P1010550


The Genesis is on the way back to Earth after a science conference on Vulcan. It is a long journey and some of the crew will get quite restless and indulge in naughty behaviour. Two of these are ensigns Fae and Tiina who did indeed indulge in some “hanky panky” in their quarters but Captain Rogers caught them and gave them both a sound paddling followed by a few hard swats with the Captain’s Stinger.

ep7_7 ep7_11

Click HERE to view the full series of geek-tastic spankings plus 16 more styles to choose from!



Earlier this week from English Spankers, beautiful young wife Ashley had to repay in full what she owed!

npp7022008 npp7022012

npp7022020 npp7022025

npp7022034 npp7022037

npp7022041 npp7022044

npp7022047 npp7022049

Ashley is determined not to repay certain loans she has taken out but has at last been caught alone by the debt collector. She protests that she has no money and that she will try to pay when she can, not a very good story. The debt collector decides that what is needed is a short sharp shock and that is what Ashley gets on her bare bottom. Bent over the knee this lovely young wife is spanked first on her panties and then very hard on her bare bottom.

See the free clip of this below


I can’t remember if I had shown some of these here, I maybe did, but the full series is now complete so I just wanted to let you know that Zoe Montana’s update is now out at featuring what happens when  rude young girls are caught reading unsuitable material!!! Borstal was a young offendor’s Institution in the UK, I’m not sure they have these anymore (I think they are called young offendors institutes, lol) but the austerity and bleakness of these places were often said to give these inamtes a short sharp shock! “Hear Hear!”


Borstal girl Zoe is caught with a very naughty magazine in her room. If she likes spanking so much, thinks the Warder, lets see how much she enjoys a severe strapping.

NSI107-MZX019 NSI107-MZX029 NSI107-MZX039

NSI107-MZX052 NSI107-MZX056

NSI107-MZX064 NSI107-MZX071

NSI107-MZX081 NSI107-MZX087




I know just how much of a naughty brat Sarah Gregory can be… (LOL!) so it came as no surprise on their recent trip together in Texas that this got filmed between her and her “daddy” Paul Rogers… lots of these events are remakes of what happens in real life. This is a very believable event and makes it more interesting for this fact, though I love fantasy of course… I also like when I can base something on a real life event close to myself and films it, just as Sarah did here. Below are the video images from the film “bathed & Burned” which is out now to download at


0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs1-010 0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs1-012

0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs1-017 0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs1-021


Paul is not happy when he can’t access his Fetlife account. This is because his bratty Babygirl, Sarah, has changed the password. While she is enjoying an afternoon bath, he marches into the bathroom, pulls her out of the tub and spanks her hard on her bare wet bottom. She doesn’t think it is so funny now.

0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs2-002 0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs2-013


0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs2-019 0165_bathed_and_burned_grabs2-032


See ALL of Sarah’s fantastic spanking movies in full HD HERE


Right, I’m off… it’s Spain v Holland in the next game on TV in the World Cup… interesting this one, 2 of the best teams in Europe… and a REPEAT of the actual final of 2010 in South Africa. Beers are ready! Tally Ho!



  1. Rick Rick

    So who do you like spanking more….American girls, or English? I’m guessing that because you are English, you find American girls a bit more “exotic”, but correct me if I’m mistaken…

  2. Awww thanks baby for the great feature of my newest video. I love you so so much!

  3. Tim Tim

    They are both beautiful as girls ,.Amelia lovely girl is spanked by Sarah ,little Fae play spanks with another girl on Spanked in uniform botties high in the air ,best from ,Tim.

  4. Tim Tim

    Zoe is cute too ,best,Tim.

  5. Oh wow, that’s a hard one to call! I am really going to sit on the fence as both sides of the atlantic are very different but important to me. Obviously I like BEING in America so that adds to my adventure, American girls love my accent too, which I find cute. Sometimes I find myself being less authoritarian with them than say my English ladies? English girls are fine too… there are 2 notable exceptions.
    In general, American girls are scared stiff of the cane and don’t understand the painful slipper. they also will take many more wooden paddlings than their English counterparts but English girls will take to the cane, maybe it’s a customary thing?

    What I would like to do is spank more Asian girls of Latinas… I can keep trying.

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