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Hawt Spankings this weekend

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t written much recently here, I have writer’s block. “What? But you only show images and such!” I hear you cry… well, actually it isn’t that simple… sometimes I will try and make a theme of it or find some updates that relate to my current mood. Other times I will try harder to make it an interesting or fun/topical read (I hope) or scoop something such as my filmshoots or news I had heard about and rarely resort to just giving you some images and a very brief description, unlike some other promo blogs I have seen out there, though useful in their own way, are rather boring. So I hope that you don’t mind me just getting on with it – I have a few to start with that you may not have seen elsewhere, so that, in itself, makes it interesting already! Plus, I want to get this done so I can watch a late showing of the recently released Transformers film (I watched the 1st showing of the new “Planet of the Apes” sequel movie last night and was rather nonplussed about the ending which I won’t spoil). However, what I will say about last night’s movie I watched – the special effects were quite amazing and frighteningly believable and a world away from the times of Charlton Heston shouting “Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!”

“That’s Ape-ist… get on with the spankings, please?”


“Yes, your Apenesses… immediately.” –  Let’s start with a little POV action and the latest offering I have from starring the lovely Katie Brown who begs YOu not to spank her again – this minx has been rifling through your wallet and there’s no way she isn’t getting a spanking – AND a hairbrush punishment across YOUR lap… see below (taken from YOUR perspective)

katiepov001 katiepov002

katiepov003 katiepov004

katiepov005 katiepov006


Katie Pays for her Theft
You’re very disappointed in young Katie. She had finally admitted to stealing from your wallet and she has been told that she is going to be punished over your lap. She is still pleading not to be punished and told you that she would repay every penny and this is where the film starts as you take charge and she accepts this punishment isn’t going away… her panties have already been removed and she goes over your lap. This is taken from the spanker’s perspective so you see what happens as she is spanked… imagine Katie is over your lap, her dress lifted up to reveal that beautiful peachy butt just ripe for your hand. She is still telling you that she has learnt her lesson but you know better than that, don’t you? You have a hairbrush as well which you take great delight in showing her before using it expertly on her behind… that stings! Watch Katie’s beautiful bum redden before your very eyes right over your lap!

katiepov008 katiepov009

katiepov010 katiepov011

katiepov012 katiepov013



I recently helped good friend Paul Kennedy from in his last big UK filmshoot before concentrating his efforts over in LA… he went out with a bang and he has rush edited a film he liked with the lovely Jenna Jay and myself, I just watched it, it’s out in full and I loved it too! A nice camera angle shooting through a serving hatch in the kitchen, Jenna’s maid uniform and of course some good hard naughty spankings and strappings make this a worthwhile cause to blog about! This was Jenna’s first time filming a spanking shoot since she last did so with me nearly 2 years ago… and she still looks stunning! She puts it down to keeping fit and lots of wrestling!!!

NSI128-JI029 NSI128-JI031

NSI128-JI039 NSI128-JI041

NSI128-JI044 NSI128-JI045

NSI128-JI054 NSI128-JI065

NSI128-JI060 NSI128-JI070

Outside catering
John has hired a catering firm to take care of an important business lunch and they have sent their least experience waitress – they must know him! John realises this when red wine appears with the fish course and, lacking any other alternative, he smacks poor Jennas bottom and makes her serve the main course with her knickers round her knees! Later, after the meal, Jenna is more thoroughly disciplined, stripped and humiliated. I wonder if the firm will get some repeat business from Mr Osborne?

CLICK HERE to view this film & more of Jenna’s previous work incl. more spanking naughtiness



This isn’t something new, but I decided to watch this film… I hadn’t seen it, just a few images… so here is “Whipper Stripper” with Sarah Gregory looking amazing (I messaged her to tell her that I was perving over this, LOL) and she is partnered with an equally naughty stripper co worker, lovely Theresa Asteria – playing up their boss and strip club owner, Paul Rogers.

“Stripper Whipper”


Stripper Whipper
Sarah and Theresa have gotten into a fight on stage at the strip club where they work. They are called into the bosses office the next day and fired for their outlandish behaviour. They protest and say how much they love the club. The boss comes up with another plan knowing that he promised the other girls these two brats would be punished. He will show these two bratty strippers that fighting in the strip club and not following rules leads to a very sore and well spanked bottom.

0022_stripper_whipper_gal1-003 0022_stripper_whipper_gal1-006 0022_stripper_whipper_gal1-018


0022_stripper_whipper_gal1-029 0022_stripper_whipper_gal2-005 0022_stripper_whipper_gal2-007


0022_stripper_whipper_gal2-013 0022_stripper_whipper_gal3-016 0022_stripper_whipper_gal3-019




Finally for now, a couple of recent updates from the awesome which you will definitely want to see… I am really loving this domestic series with Jonny and Stacy Stockton… this week the young wife has forgotten to pay their phone bill… she never learns, does she? Thankfully for us that means her hubby has to discipline her, check it out below!


Strapped for not paying their phone bills: Stacy Stockton’s bottom pays the price!
When her phone is cut off, pretty Stacy Stockton can’t remember paying the bill when husband Jonny asks her what happened. A leather tawse whaps across her rear end 78 times to teach her to pay bills, turning jiggling cheeks red in Domestic Discipline.

domestic_bd006 domestic_bd008 domestic_bd009

domestic_bd011 domestic_bd012

domestic_bd013 domestic_bd020 domestic_bd022


If you liked this, then you will also appreciate this latest addition to the site as well!
A HOT F/F spanking recent release with new girl, Amber Davies – (spanked by Stacy!)


Amber Davies’ booty hot to the touch after a 100-plus spanking for untidiness.
Not clearing her dishes costs pretty freshman Amber Davies a hot ass in Sorority Sisters when Stacy Stockton takes a spatula and spanks her 107 times. “I never thought something so small could sting so bad,” admitted Amber. See those cheeks jiggle!

sisters_bc003 sisters_bc008 sisters_bc009

sisters_bc012 sisters_bc015

sisters_bc013 sisters_bc016 sisters_bc019

Be sure to check out more of these updates only from



& don’t forget… next week… the last ever Mishka Devlin film appears at my site EXCLUSIVELY
You will NOT want to miss this event and rare news announcements of what is coming up!


Mishka gets a rectal temp taking and punishment at – NEXT WEEK


  1. Tim Tim

    Has young Mishka left the spanking scene ?best,Tim.

  2. She left not long after I had filmed her a few years ago… I don’t think she even does her own stuff online anymore (this wasn’t spanking, just some clips on adultwork). From what I remember she had a “daddy” who looked after her, more often than not they don’t want the girls to stay online if they are looking after them… which I understand. So next week’s film will be the last I have of her. It’s a nice way to end it on and time I let the world see Mishka in a new film one last time 🙂

  3. Tim Tim

    John yes a little cutie,the girls shouldchoose themselves if they wish to carry on in spanky vids,best,Tim.

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