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Winter Weekend Spanking Updates

As usual, a quick round up of some spanking updates that caught my eye. I’m sure you will appreciate these this weekend so without further ado, and in no particular order of preference, enjoy what I have for you! These are pretty hot spankings this week!

From English-Spankers.comBonnie May makes a welcome return!

npp7226003 npp7226005 npp7226008 npp7226016 npp7226018 npp7226020 npp7226026 npp7226028 npp7226031 npp7226034 npp7226035 npp7226041

Bonnie May is still determined that she wants to work in this “house of easy virtue” and is sure that she can handle all that might come her way. She is told that lots of men like to see the girl dressed as a high powered secretary and then to be able to take them over the knees and give them a thrashing with say, a slipper. She finds this a bit strange but says she can do it so she has to prove this. She takes a damn good slippering on her tights and on her bare bottom.



From pantyhose to stockings next and since Adriana Evans (spankee of the year, of course) is fresh in my mind from some AWESOME footage I helped shoot yesterday at Sarah’s place… this new release from NorthernSpanking.com hits the spot. I am well aware of Paul’s nursing uniform fetish (I highly approve) and seeing Alex top Adriana in this was hugely enjoyable!

Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse Adriana Evans spanking nurse

When nurse Adriana finishes her shift and returns to the hotel, all she wants is a little relaxation and stress relief. Her hand having found its way to her panties, stress relief commences! Adriana unfortunately relaxes rather noisily and this disturbs her neighbor, Alex, who has her own ideas about relaxation being done quietly. She proceeds to lift Adriana’s legs and smack her bottom, to reinforce the message. It does not seem that Adriana is learning much however as the spanking is clearly making her even more aroused. Perhaps the hairbrush to her bottom will have more effect? It does not look like Alex will be returning to her own room any time soon.



More spanking shenanigans are continuing with some nice girl on girl OTK action from SpankingSororityGirls.com as Sadie and Riley battle it out!

001 005 006 008 009 010 011 spanking 013 014 015 016

Sadie Holmes and Riley are in the nun’s office because Riley is going to tell about the last spanking Sadie gave to Riley. Sadie gets an offer – take a spanking right there in the office from Riley and she won’t tell. Sadie reluctantly gets over the tall girl’s lap and takes a painful spanking with her hand and a leather paddle Riley finds in the nun’s office.



My eyes nearly popped out of their stalks after watching this new spankee punishment at spankedsweeties.com with newcomer, Goldie Rush! Oh my!

001 002 003 004 (1) 005 007 009 OTK spanking 012 014 015 016

Goldie Rush is a super hottie with a perky butt who was spanked by her stepdad and older sister while growing up. there’s a nice interview by Gigi Allens (who also plays her sister) which is what you see here… I also forgot how hot Gigi Allens was… oh my! This film reveals just how much Goldie is still a little bit kinky these days.


These 2 sites are part of the better valued Clare Fonda Pass and each site in this network is massive in its own right – but what you get with The Pass is simply outstanding giving you up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost! See more about this HERE



Finally today…
Stacy Stockton bends over for a blistering 12-swat school paddling at Firmhandspanking.com

principal_ae003 principal_ae006 principal_ae008 principal_ae010 principal_ae016 principal_ae019 principal_ae021 principal_ae022 principal_ae023 principal_ae024

The Principal’s Office has a reputation as a classic school paddling series and Stacy Stockton delivers a butt-reddening performance in her series finale with Jonny Stockton. 12 stinging whacks with the wooden paddle set troublesome Stacy straight on what is acceptable behavior. Watch for Kylee Anders out-takes too as she’s watching!



Coming Soon… Get your tickets NOW! May 19-23 in Houston TX.


Saturday Spanking Updates

Just a quick round up from some great spanking action for you today! I hope you are all having a great weekend wherever you may be! First up is a film I remember well, since I was helping with this… it comes from NorthernSpanking.com and from their description (written by Alex) this was a far more personal experience for her than I had imagined. I’m also glad she liked the infinity curve of the place we had chosen, as it lends that air of “austerity” and focuses on the action… in this case, a strict no nonsense authentic schoolgirl caning scene! Alex describes perfectly what it was like (although it was 2 years ago, not 3 – that this was filmed!)

VIDNSI117101-006 VIDNSI117101-013 VIDNSI117101-017 VIDNSI117101-024

Hi from Alex! This film is a very to the point, austere punishment film, in which I play a very passive school girl accepting a correction which has now become routine to her: twelve hard strokes of the cane across first her tight fitting school skirt, then her full bottomed knickers and finally, her bare bottom. I seem to have a habit of getting myself into trouble, and don’t make any protest against the discipline I receive at all. It would not be much of a stretch to think that, just maybe, I was getting in trouble on purpose in order to find myself bent across a desk.

VIDNSI117101-021 VIDNSI117101-029 VIDNSI117101-035 VIDNSI117101-038

Because this film is shot on an infinity curve, it has a fantasy-like feeling to it. Its fitting, since this simple and straight forward scenario is an extremely good representation of one of my biggest fantasies. I have always loved strict and traditional English school scenes, and this was one of the first times I got to bring that to life: this was filmed three years ago, during my first working trip to England. Coincidentally, its also the first time that I was ever caned in England. I remember being a mix of very, very excited, but also shy and nervous when we filmed this, hence my very quiet demeanor on camera! I hope you enjoy! Alex.

VIDNSI117101-031 VIDNSI117101-042




At Firmhandspanking.com Spanking couple, the Stocktons, are next up and I love seeing these 2 together. They have a real onscreen chemistry and it allows for some great bratting from Stacy at times but ultimately handsome Jonny always gets his way in the end! See their latest fantastic episode in the Truly Madly Deeply series

Stacy Stockton spanked and whipped bare for throwing out a private letter


Stacy Stockton’s jiggling bubble butt is soundly spanked and whipped by irritated husband Jonny in Truly Madly Deeply. He discovers that Stacy threw out a letter from his sister which he hadn’t even read, because she doesn’t believe his sister approves of their marriage. Two red buns shows just how wrong Stacy is!

tmd_t003 tmd_t004 tmd_t005 tmd_t008 tmd_t011 tmd_t014 tmd_t015 tmd_t018




Finally, here’s just a couple of reminders of what you can expect from sites that LOVE OTK spankings…

Bow’s first spanking – from SpankingSarah.com

npp5041007 npp5041010 npp5041015 npp5041016 npp5041020 npp5041024 npp5041029 npp5041030 npp5041036 npp5041043

This was the very first spanking experience for the lovely young Bow Jangles. When she came to see me she was very nervous, not knowing just what to expect but ready to take whatever I wanted to do to her. She tells us quite a lot about her need for a spanking and punishment before I get down to, well getting her knickers down and giving that beautiful bare bottom a real hard spanking. Lovely film with a great and very naughty girl.



Spanked or Expelled – from AAAspanking.com

003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 013

Ashley Graham was constantly in trouble and becoming uncontrollable as no detention or simple punishment was effective in curbing her poor behavior. She was summoned to meet Principal Carissa Montgomery yet again. However, Ashley faced the prospect of being kicked out of school as well as the promise of a more humiliating spanking punishment with her panties pulled down and shamed into learning that her poor behaviour had many unpleasant consequences. This was what Ashley secretly hated, the thought of being treated like a nauseating little brat not worthy of anyone’s time and given a series of humiliating spankings… watch Miss Montgomery teach her pupil these harsh lessons in discipline or face the real prospect of expulsion!



Pestering for a spanking – from SarahGregorySpanking.com

0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-004 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-007 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-008 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-013 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-014 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-018 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-020 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-021 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-022 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-028

Sarah is really wanting a good girl spanking from her man but he is busy working and updating his website. She keeps pestering him until he gives in and gives her the kind of spanking she wasn’t expecting, however….she is so irresistible that her wetness in the below regions force his hands to wander, thus making it difficult for him to really discipline her with a hard spanking. Denying her sexual gratification though aching and turned on is more of a punishment.


This is part of the better value 2 site Sarah Gregory Pass – CLICK HERE for full details




Spanking Shenanigans!

map_of_scottish-highlandsHello again… This is a purely “update only” post today, nothing behind the scenes, just what has been released this past week from some of my fave sites that you ought to be checking out! This post was brought to you by the “Spanking Information Council of the Outer Hebrides” (SICOH – Scotland) – in association with the “Spanking & Awareness Wellbeing for All” (SAWA) society from Northern Ireland. Thanks to both for sponsoring this post with their suggestions as to what should be updated and so we start today with those from Lewis who suggested the following new film update from the good people at Northern Spanking

Percussive Therapy with Jenni Mack & Miss Chris

Jenni begins her first day at a new and apparently progressive clinic. First, she meets the Nursing Director who, upon conducting a basic medical, detects an elevated pulse rate, blood pressure and temperature in her new recruit. Luckily, there is therapy available to reduce these evident signs of stress. It involves the application of her hand, them a leather paddle, repeatedly to nurse Jennis bottom! It seems to work!

VIDNSI115601-005 VIDNSI115601-012 VIDNSI115601-010 VIDNSI115601-015 VIDNSI115602-001 VIDNSI115601-017 VIDNSI115602-002 VIDNSI115602-008 VIDNSI115602-010 VIDNSI115602-017

See the full HD film only from NorthernSpanking.com


Another spanking site with past Scottish connections and getting a nod from the Outer Hebrides team today is FirmHandSpanking.com – however, they too prefer the American domestic discipline series that is currently showing with the luscious Stacy Stockton & her now impoverished hubby, Jonny. here is the latest series of Truly Madly Deeply – Spanked for Extravagancewith Stacy & Jonny Stockton.

tmd_n002 tmd_n003 tmd_n006 tmd_n007 tmd_n012 tmd_n014 tmd_n018 tmd_n020 tmd_n021 tmd_n024

When you’ve no money and your husband has just lost his job, you don’t buy new clothes – unless you’re Stacy Stockton! Her curvy bottom pays a high price with a spanking and belting in Truly Madly Deeply. But will it stop her spending?

Check out the entire series only from Firmhandspanking.com


The 1st nomination from Northern Ireland today is to their European neighbors, Holland and a buxom blonde new girl spanking video that has recently appeared with a very spankable bubble butt. Check out Mila featuring at Real Life Spankings

Meet the lovely 25 year old Mila

Mila is a charming, lovely and bubbly young lady who has been fascinated by spanking for a while now. She saw the RLS website in Holland and decided to give them a call. Make added, “She loves playing the naughty little girl!” – Indeed… you will be able to see much more of her!

mila_first_spanking_SAM_0534 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0541 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0542 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0543 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0544 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0545 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0549 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0552 mila6 

Check out the first of new girl Mila’s spanking films only from Real Life Spankings


The Scots love a good caning (usually at the hands of the English in various football shaped sports, lol) so it came as no surprise that this English Spankers website update this week, featuring Rachel Leigh’s first painful caning, should be on their list of “must watch” this week!

Rachel Leigh’s 1st caning – with Sarah Stern on hand with the cane.

npp7173001 npp7173002 npp7173004 npp7173009 npp7173011 npp7173014 npp7173016 npp7173022 npp7173027 npp7173031

Rachel Leigh has just had her bottom well paddled, she was using our house to put on dirty web cam shows and I do not like that. The punishment did not seem to have the effect I expected and so I have decided to cane Rachel. This is her first ever caning and I will make sure that she does not forget this is a hurry. Some good hard strokes of the thin whippy cane on her bare bottom will do the trick.

See MORE of Rachel in this full film update only at English-Spankers.com


You can always rely on our Irish cousins to nominate a good Sarah Gregory film update (even if she is not starring in it as her influence is all over this one… and this latest epic feature, courtesy of MommaSpankings.com – it received a very notable inclusion and was awarded “Do not miss at all costs!” (Northern Irish waffle-eaze for this is top priority!!)

Sister spanks for Momma – starring Joelle Barros & Lily Swan


Momma is out of town and Lily is being an absolute brat. Mom has given older sister, Joelle, permission to discipline Lily by spanking. Lily is such a rude brat to her sister. She not only earns herself a bare bottom hand spanking, but she also get the wooden hairbrush and rubber spatula.

momma-171-001 momma-171-002 momma-171-007 momma-171-009 momma-171-013 momma-171-014 momma-172-052 momma-172-063 momma-171-011 momma-171-016

Click HERE to view this latest long play MommaSpankings.com video update

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Sarah Gregory Pass


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Pluto Hysteria & Other Spanking News

I <3 Pluto – and little Pluto loves us back for bringing it back into the fold of human consciousness! Look at how cute that “heart shape” is!


NASA’s intrepid little spacecraft New Horizons sped by Pluto (finally) at it’s closest point yesterday and I know we await even more stunning images than the one above as they have promised that we will get to see high resolution images of the surface, effectively mapping the (dwarf) planet’s features. I know this is a bit geeky, but ever since I was a child learning about our Solar System from whatever encyclopedias I could read and retain knowledge of, Pluto and the furtherest planets remained featureless and the illustrations of artists… well, not anymore! My geek-kink is rooted in my love of Sci Fi and most shows like Star Trek that have created whole worlds and timelines in the future. I even included a Star Trek reference into one of the 1st ever AAA productions (see below) with Kami Robertson… that was fun to do 😉

star trek spanking

& so to today’s various naughty / fun / sexy / firm / mean (etc etc) spanking updates from different sites which will capture your heart like little, lonely Pluto seems to have done with this flypast mission – (amazing what you can do with $700M, isn’t it?)


Consequences for Casey – starring Casey Calvert & Christy Cutie


Christy is not happy with her roommate Casey. Casey hasn’t paid the rent in months and now her non-paid rent will have consequences for her poor bottom. This is a fun and sexy f/f spanking film you don’t want to miss with two HOT spankos.

spanking Christy grabs casey calvert's ass ass opened wide casey calvert is spanked OTK spanked with a leather paddle OTK paddling OTK spanking ass opened wide Casey is spanked and humiliated grabbing her butt

Check out this naughty but sexy girl on girl spanking film in full – HERE

Christy spanks Casey

This update can also be viewed as part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – giving you 2 sites, the same codes and also for less than the combined cost of them both… and with ALL of Sarah’s films now produced in full glorious HD (incl. many older movies already upgraded) at both sites… this is proving to be a very popular pass… for good reasons!

Sarah Gregory Pass


There’s a gorgeous new redhead girl at NorthernSpanking.com(you *know* how I adore redheads!) & I know I am going to enjoy seeing MORE of her… as will you! She is called Linny Lace and her first time OTK on camera was with Alex Reynolds in this hot schoolgirl themed spanking

Linny Lace at Northern Spanking

Linny Lace with that adorable face and perfect, round bottom caught the attention of Paul and Alex… so they asked her if she would like to do her first ever spanking shoot with them. Linny is a lifestyle player, and she really enjoyed her first day of shooting as you’ll see below…

Alex spanks buxom Linny schoolgirl OTK spanked OTK OTK spanking

Linny is also appearing in a new video at NorthernSpanking.com – I have some sneak preview pics of that latest release for y’all!

Parklifewith Ginger Sparks & Linny Lace

schoolgirls flashing their white panties schoolgirl spanking Ginger spanked over her white panties redhead spanking spanking outdoors Linny gets an outdoor spanking

Ginger and Linny are out of school enjoying the sunshine in the local park. They love flashing their white cotton school knickers at passers by. So I don’t think you need to know much more than what some of these teaser images are showing when the park warden comes along – as it’s Paul Kennedy it’ll be spanking related for sure!

Northern Spanking


A couple of excellent sexy & naughty new spankings from the Clare Fonda Network next as you’ll see there’s a hot new film out at Spanking Sorority Girls with 2 relatively unseen girls in this genre too (some of the delights of living in LA, eh?)

 A student posing as a Nurse gives a rude intimate sexy spanking!

Nurse and student in uniform bent over the nurse's knee for a temp taking Rectal temperature taking intrusive examination spanked otk ass out otk inspecting her bottom tits out! naked revenge spanking spanking the naked nurse nude spanking naked spanked redhead

Sunny Day poses as a nurse who must give new student Mary Jane Mayhem an exam. She takes Mary Jane’s temperature rectally. When she becomes surly and unco-operative, Sunny spanks her. When Mary Jane figures out that Sunny was not a real nurse, she gives her a few spanks of her own. Sexy and mild spankings is the prescription in this one. #HAWT


& continuing from a post I had written HERE (at one of my other blogs) this is the concluding part to the full video members of Spanked Callgirls can view right now starring an awesome pairing of Kitten & Red Hot trained and spanked initially by brothel keeper Bettie Bondage.

spanked callgirls

Bettie Bondage is back breaking in two more new girls. This time Red Hot and Kitten. She teaches them how to walk and talk like callgirls, and also all about discipline with some hard, sound spankings and paddlings.

very sexy spankings spanking a callgirl paddling a sexy whore paddling spanking wooden paddling over her knee otk wooden paddle  punishment otk lingerie spanking Attitude Adjuster ginger girl spanking her hoe

View this spanking vid of very sexy girls spanking the bejeezus out of each other!!!

spanked callgirls

These 2 sites make up to 5 that you can view as part of the best value Clare Fonda Pass – giving you combined access for a fraction of the total cost! Just make sure you have a decent amount of spare storage to download all your spanking smut to 🙂

clare fonda pass


You know how I feel about Stacy Stockton – possibly one of the sexiest girls to bare her ass and get spanked as far as I am concerned… & she is only found at one site – so that means let’s take a peek at her latest new spanking film update now available to long time members (yup, like me!) of FirmHandSpanking.com

More delightful marital strife for this couple as Mr & Mrs Stockton have a few issues to sort out!

Stacy Stockton riding crop on ass OTK spanking husband spanks his wife over his knee hand spankings sore red butt sticking out her bubble butt stacy stockon spanked at home bubble butt cropping Truly Madly Deeply with Stacy Stockton riding crop of a young wife stunning bubble butt spanking

Buying a time-share in Fiji just as husband Jonny gets laid off costs big bucks – and a sore butt for Stacy Stockton as her bare bottom is spanked and whipped for payback. Savings gone, he reddens his beautiful wife’s jiggling bottom in Truly Madly Deeply.

Firm Hand Spanking


Finally, this is a little after my own heart (not Pluto’s) – I have said similar things in the past, sometimes, to models who plead with me to film them again. I know that producers might want to push it further (within reason) or try out something new… Sarah Stern did exactly that with Bonnie May when she asked to come back. Which you’ll see in a moment!

But before that… My mini rant here: I guess with ATVOD cracking down on UK based sites it is harder for girls to find  work in the vastly smaller “fetish world” they are now creating (bravo ATVOD!). Fortunately, it’s far from illegal for foreign based sites to film there in the UK… my Sarah (Gregory) was there recently collecting new talent for the SG Group of sites (of which AAA is a part…) – I guess I wish I could help her film more in the UK but since I spend so much on travelling back and forth between the States & the UK now, and helping out more and more behind the scenes including promotional work (naturally) … filming extra content in the UK is now deferred and money spent on flights instead! Within the SG Group of sites, there is so much unreleased stuff which we’re both  aware of … and that is the issue, so maybe if she had more sites (based without question in the USA and run by Miss Gregory but with a different attractive theme) … well, hmmm, wouldn’t that help?
OK, I have teased enough… LOL!


In the meantime… please do check out this latest film now showing at Spanking Sarah
“The only way is The Cane!”

Bonnie May at Spankingsarah welts on her bum npp7141006 caning npp7141016 getting a naked caning punishment npp7141023 caned on her bare ass bare bottom caning punishments more canings attractive Bonnie May caned and spanked npp7141035

Bonnie May had come to see Sarah Stern to make a spanking film, but whilst waiting she tried out some of her implements on her bottom, this left her with marks and Sarah was not too happy about that. She told Bonnie the only way she could film her was if she agreed to take a severe caning. This she did and Sarah made Bonnie strip naked and got her into position for a very long and painful caning (!)

To view this caning video in full – CLICK HERE

Spanking Sarah


How Pluto felt yesterday… #trending on Twitter 🙂

[jwplayer mediaid=”42055″]

More Spankings for Friday

To those of you who adore the weekends because it actually means you have 2 whole days off, I’m very pleased for you! To the rest of the working population, I hope you get to chill out and not get jealous at your friends (tell yourself their 9-5 weekday jobs suck and pay less) – I suggest to prove this that you go out and buy a huge pointless car now that gas/petrol prices are much lower and will remain low for the next few years with any luck!

I had been toying with the idea of getting a larger engined car knowing the prices are likely to remain low… anyone living in Europe will know just how expensive it can be to run a car that greedily guzzles fuel. Mine is a Turbocharged 2 litre engine which I guess is about mid range and gets about 35-38 miles to a gallon (a UK not US gallon). Newer cars are being advertised as more fuel efficient with measly 1.1 to 1.6 engines maxed out to get better performance out of them and are taxed way less – it’s all about the “emissions” (said the bishop to the actress!). Now… my car, being rather elderly, is pretty poor on that score so I get penalized severely when it comes to tax and insurance. Fuel is mid range and will make some difference but I will probably stick it out as if I do have things go to plan I will be spending far more time in the US than in my native country… so getting a newer car would be an expense I could do without and if I did it would be some cheap runabout until I would be counting down the days ’til I left! Anyway, I have waffled on long enough, you’re here for girls bottoms getting spanked, not about engine sizes and other male machismo BS.

My fave spanking couple from FirmHandSpanking.com are featured first today from their “Truly madly Deeply” series – welcome Jonny & Stacy Stockton:

Going to a Bar with her bare bottom on show means a spanking for Stacy

tmd_e001 tmd_e002 tmd_e005 tmd_e003 tmd_e009 tmd_e011 tmd_e016 tmd_e018 tmd_e019 tmd_e020

Stacy Stockton dresses to thrill as she heads off to a bar in a bottom revealing skirt! Husband Jonny is not happy at her assets on show in Truly Madly Deeply. Will 100 smacks with a leather paddle on those jiggling bare cheeks make Stacy think again?

Stacy Stockton – OMG! No wonder she came joint 1st as the Hottest NEW Spankee last year. See why in ALL of her exclusive films to this site HERE




Here’s something that is about to be released, I got a full film sneak preview off Greg at BunBeatingFun.com with his new troublesome model kicking up hell at Red Hot Video, Miss Charlette Webb. She’s not protecting a piglet though… (sorry, couldn’t resist) but she is one of those models that at first, my own prejudices would get in the way. I couldn’t hire overly tattooed girls as a rule, though Sarah pointed out to me recently that a girl who I had first dismissed for having HUGE angel wings on her back (much like Charlette does here) looked incredibly cute when she was dressed up as a cheerleader and her tattoos were practically gone and only then did I realize just how strikingly pretty she looked. Well, the same applies here with Charlette. However, I soon warmed to this girl once she wore her second outfit, stuck out her bottom and I thought “there is more to this girl!”. She had a very perky body and an ass that screamed out to be spanked… judging by what happened next, I am guessing she gets a spanking at home and is used to it! (I hope!) oh my – and she got a good OTK hand spanking as you will see!

charlette-49 charlette-50 charlette-51 charlette-4

The film typically starts with the model showing off lingerie (after arriving late!) but it didn’t last long as TMS2 (Rick the mystery spanker) soon tired of her antics and ear pulled her over his lap and started to spank her in one of the cutest outfits I think I have seen a model start to get spanked in at this site!

charlette-9 charlette-18 charlette-21 charlette-23 charlette-26 charlette-36 charlette-39 charlette-40 charlette-42 charlette-46 charlette-48

The spanking is good and I was surprised at how submissive Charlette became, I think she was letting onto us more than the other girls in fact she could take the spanking, or so it seemed and, even… dare I say, suffered in reasonable silence (I think she was getting used to it once the endorphins were kicking in). By the end, her bottom was a proud shade of crimson and Rick had her go face the wall and stick out her bottom so he could admire his handiwork and take some pictures – while she contemplated her new found contrition after this hot spanking.


That’s when there was a nice surprise at the end, which I hope they do more often… as Charlette’s agent knocks on the door and freaks out when she sees what they have done to her bratty girl. I can guess where this is going for the next episode. I love these little story arcs. Well done guys, I can’t wait to see Nikki getting what is coming to her! A brief end of film clip with the teaser for Nikki – with permission of Bunbeatingfun.com


If this viewer plug-in “needs permission” then right click where the video clip would be and choose the option to allow it to run… It should be available on most browsers, I know it works well on Chrome, IE and most mobile devices that I am aware of too.


Sarah told me about this film… and how good it was and I can’t remember seeing it as she said she had fully remastered it (so I’m not sure it was ever up before) but it was perfect for MommaSpankings.com – one thing I have asked her to do, after seeing how much unedited content she had was to get it together and get it out there edited to the best quality possible. I know for certain that she is now reaping the dividends of that as the Momma site has become wildly popular these past few months with some great spanking scenes with legendary Dana Specht… this film, for example, is an early one (in my opinion the spankings are waaaaaaay harsher too!) but after this editing job, looks like it was done last week! These were on tape, luckily HD1080 VT, so well done to sarah who i think edited this herself… this is another triumph and this site deserves to do well! (proud of you, baby!)

Spring Break Spankings (in Atlantic City)

momma-151-001 momma-151-009 momma-151-019 momma-151-025 momma-151-041 momma-151-042 momma-151-044 momma-151-051

Aunt Dana has taken her niece Sarah to Atlantic City for Spring break. In the first part of this long video, Sarah “borrows” a little too much money from Aunt Dana’s credit card to go shopping. This spoiled girl will soon learn that a cute dress and fancy shoes are not worth the bare bottom spanking and strapping she will receive in punishment. In the second part of this video, Uncle Richard meets up with Aunt Dana and Sarah for dinner. First of all Sarah is not ready when Uncle Richard arrives, and secondly, she is being very rude at dinner. When the three of them get back to the hotel room, Sarah is in for three spankings. One from her uncle, another from her aunt, and a long and hard one from both together.

momma-153-120 momma-153-141 momma-153-151 momma-153-155 momma-153-168 momma-153-170 momma-153-172 momma-153-179

See why MommaSpankings.com has become so popular!!!

Or view it as part of the great value Sarah Gregory Pass (pay less for the combined sites and get to use the same codes) check it out and see what you get!


Since I was showcasing Dana Specht it would be churlish of me not to remind you that her 4th and final installment of her scolding & punishment series is out for download at POV Spanking – this time, it’s the dreaded cane. Dana is fearsome with this implement and will swing it wildly and severely at your bare bottom. She is mad at you alright… she is really pissed at you this time and is showing you EXACTLY what is going to happen and when she has you trembling and with your pants and underwear pulled down, she then cruelly swishes the cane a few times as you bite your lip bracing for impact! But nothing… she enjoyed tormenting you… some more legendary scolding before the dreaded “six of the best” are unleashed as you grip the side of the sofa and take what you had coming. This is totally filmed from your POV (point of view) perspective and you’ll get up far too close (and uncomfortable) in this exclusive clip now showing. Images and a scolding scene are below.

danapovcane001 danapovcane002 danapovcane003 danapovcane004 danapovcane005 danapovcane006 danapovcane007 danapovcane008 danapovcane009 danapovcane010

Free clip of Dana’s legendary scolding before she canes you!


Part 4 of 4 available HERE



& news just in… the 2 parter of Rosie Ann’s punishment at Bars-and-Stripes.com is now available for members to download in full HD along with 2 image stills sets. Check out what happened to her when the Guv had her doing mundane lines as part of her punishment…

Rosie_punishment_lines1_Rosie Scene 2 - 01 lines2 lines4 Rosie_punishment_lines1_Rosie Scene 2 - 19 lines9  lines10 Rosie_punishment_lines2_Rosie Scene 2 - 68 lines11 lines12

Inmate Rosie Ann was called in by the Governor to write a report but instead of writing, she doodled. The Governor soon noticed and told her to write 50 punishment lines while he strapped her insolent 18 year old pantied covered bottom. Then after that… Rosie has to lower her own knickers and the strap and small leather paddle continue to sting her bottom while she has to write the remainder of the 50 punishment lines.

Rosie_punishment_lines2_Rosie Scene 2 - 75

Check out the all new Bars-and-Stripes.com website for yourself


If you STILL want to see more blogging content, then check out my other post earlier today featuring lots of sexy girl/girl spankings HERE

Hanky Panky Spankings

Fun, naughty and rude or intimate spankings are the order of today’s fantastic spanking site updates… there’s some great new films here, I hope you like these. I know I did! Do have a fantastic remainder of the weekend, you know you deserve it! 🙂

First up is a rather good F/F movie that I helped film for SarahGregorySpanking.com starring Angel Lee (who shocked me pleasantly with just how good a switch she was!) spanking her friend, Melody Nore. You’ll understand why Angel was so upset… I like these spanking stories as they are based on true events. (Angel and Melody are real life friends).


The Bad Dogsitter


This is what Melody is about to experience!

Angel has left her dog with her friend Melody for the weekend. Melody is very negligent and the dog makes a mess everywhere. She was a very bad dog sitter and now she must pay the price. Angel gives her a bare bottom spanking and padding to teach her friend a lesson.

0190_bad_dog_sitter_grabs-031 0190_bad_dog_sitter_grabs-037 0190_bad_dog_sitter_grabs-045 0190_bad_dog_sitter_grabs-063 0190_bad_dog_sitter_gal1-023 0190_bad_dog_sitter_grabs-067 0190_bad_dog_sitter_grabs-078 0190_bad_dog_sitter_gal1-016 0190_bad_dog_sitter_grabs-084 0190_bad_dog_sitter_grabs-089

Angel’s harsh punishment of her good friend leaves Melody tearful and with a very sore red bottom… but she knew she had it coming and took it! It’s a great film as you’ll see… these images only tell half the story! SEE MORE FROM THIS HERE!



From NorthernSpanking.com – a continuation of a naughty girl spanking film… “Spanking the neighbor’s daughter”

spankingtheneighboursgirl025 spankingtheneighboursgirl026 spankingtheneighboursgirl041 spankingtheneighboursgirl042 spankingtheneighboursgirl044 spankingtheneighboursgirl055 spankingtheneighboursgirl065 spankingtheneighboursgirl070 spankingtheneighboursgirl071 spankingtheneighboursgirl073

Sally and Jenna are best friends and next door neighbors, well known to the residents of their estate for causing havoc. Finally, the Neighborhood Watch Committee has had enough and has appointed two of its members to discipline the wayward pair!


From Bars-and-Stripes.com – Zoe Page, Aleesha Fox & Amelia Jane Rutherford feature in this new film: “Bedroom games at the Halfway House”. 

bedroom_games_IMG_4341 bedroom_games_IMG_4323 bedroom_games_IMG_4324 bedroom_games_IMG_4338

When Zoe Page showed Aleesha Fox to her room. she found Amelia Jane Rutherford stretched out on the bed reading a book. Her excuse was that it was her day off. After Zoe spanked Amelia’s bottom, she was sent on her way.  Zoe then told Aleesha to change her outfit and she had some fun with her on the bed which involved her hand and Aleesha’s very spankable bottom.

bedroom_games1  bedroom_games2 bedroom_games3 bedroom_games4 bedroom_games5  bedroom_games6

bedroom_games_IMG_4359 bedroom_games_IMG_4363 bedroom_games_IMG_4372




Stacy & Jonny Stockton are one of the spanking internet’s hottest young couple… Stacy recently finished joint 1st as the best new female spankee and it’s clear to see why she got your vote! This is the 4th film of the “Truly Madly Deeply” series, careful you don’t lose yourself in Stacy’s deep blue eyes as tyou gaze upon her spanking! FirmHandSpanking.com recently also finished a creditable third position in the “Most Improved site” and with their upgraded films and consistently top images and new girls like Stacy… they deserved to be Top 3!


Scratching the car costs blue eyed Stacy Stockton a sore bottom!

tmd_d004 tmd_d006 tmd_d008 tmd_d010 tmd_d012 tmd_d013 tmd_d019 tmd_d021

Parallel parking isn’t easy, but when Stacy Stockton scratches her car all down one side, husband Jonny breaks out the riding whip in Truly Madly Deeply. The crop stings on denim shorts, worse on panties and is a bare bottom burner for a total 85 strokes!




To finish today… a great return for Aleesha at English Spankers as you’ll see below!


Aleesha Fox has decided to return to the spanking and CP game, she really misses it! She has asked us to help her reacclimatise and so Sarah has given her a good spanking. Now comes the cane, does she want to go this far after so long, well she has to try and so bends over and waits for the hard caning she knows she will get to come. The first strokes are the worst but this is going to be a long swishy session.

npp7106001 npp7106002 npp7106004 npp7106005 npp7106008 npp7106010 npp7106012 npp7106018 npp7106022 npp7106023


Sunday Spanking Catch Up

I hope you all have had a wonderful time with friends, family or, as some of you may even prefer, to be alone at this Festive time of year… I just hope you had a nice time whatever and wherever you are! I have a nice chilled bottle of Champers waiting for me as a reward for writing this post later… I have to admit I have been rather catching up on a lot of TV programs… having Netflix is a little dangerous as it offers me so many more options. For example: I have just DEVOURED the entire series  shown so far of “Orange is the New Black” (2 seasons) and can’t wait for the third… I won’t bother explaining what it’s about except that it’s an exclusive series to Netflix and it follows inmates in a female prison in America. Very addictive viewing and drama fused with some telling humor… you either love or hate the characters and it showcases their past lives as well as their present in jail and how they ended up there! OK… enough of me waffling, let’s just get on with what you may or may not have been missing this past week out there in the wonderful global internet of Spankoland that the UK authorities (bah humbug) don’t want their own citizens to see!

A few catch up spanking films and stories from NorthernSpanking.com

Xmas Cracker – with Rosie Ann & Paul Kennedy


Rosie is a promising dance student during the day. Three nights a week she has a work experience placement… in a strip club! The owner has taken a shine to little Rosy and recognised a promising little submissive, if not a wonderfully talented dancer. Here we see part of her education and punishment, resulting in a Christmas routine with cane stripes upon her bottom!

More to come as the conclusion to this is amazing (I helped film it recently!)

Also showing – Pandora’s Good Girl (with Ten Amorette)

pandorasgoodgirl007 pandorasgoodgirl009 pandorasgoodgirl015 pandorasgoodgirl027 pandorasgoodgirl031 pandorasgoodgirl032 pandorasgoodgirl033 pandorasgoodgirl042

Ten has displeased her Mistress. Ordered to strip to her panties, Pandora takes great pleasure in beating her naughty little submissive with a new short but rather effective cane.




A new film with Sarah Gregory at her site as a naughty bratty cheerleader (surprise!) who gets spanked by daddy when he is confronted with revelations of her latest bad behavior in the film “Cheers for a Red Bottom”.

0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-013 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-025 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-062 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-086 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-103 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-116 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-121 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-124 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-145 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-166 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-171 0188_cheers_for_a_red_bottom_grabs-179

Naughty Sarah has gotten caught with alcohol on a school cheerleading trip. Her coach calls daddy to let him know. He waits for her to come home steaming. When Sarah walks in she acts as if nothing happened and lies to her daddy. Daddy will not have this bratty lying attitude. He gives this brat the spanking and belting she deserves.

See this latest film plus your chance to access MORE real bratty roles that Miss Gregory does so well at her own amazing site HERE

This site is part of the special 2 Site Pass that works out cheaper using the same codes – see more on this HERE or click on the banner below:


There’s much to catch up with the following sites and I will start with the excellent Firmhandspanking.com – currently nominated and being voted on as one of the most improved sites (I would guess from the higher res MP4 movies now being shown, well, they’re still not 1920 x 1080 but a definite improvement) and of course the photography is always awesome as well as a whole load of newer girls like these 2 below… starting with newcomer, Kelsey Wilde… and joint 1st Spanking Newcomer of 2014, Stacy Stockton (who I happen to like a whole lot!!!)

New job, new rules and a sound spanking over the knee for newbie Kelsey Wilde

“OK, I admit I was shocked, this was totally my first spanking,” Kelsey said. Getting a prestige new job as House Sitter at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills carries strange conditions. “Mr Stockton can put me over his knee and spank me whenever he wants!”

sitter_a003 sitter_a005 sitter_a008 sitter_a012 sitter_a017 sitter_a020 sitter_a021 sitter_a024

See a FREE Clip of this stunning newcomer HERE

& then Spanking Newcomer of the Year (Joint 1st) for 2014, Stacy Stockton… can you perhaps wonder why she did so well?


A little trust goes a long way…when it’s broken Stacy is spanked totally nude!

Stepping naked out of the shower, Stacy Stockton is hot, soaking wet and looking guilty as husband Jonny asks about going out with a male work colleague. It’s all about trust in Truly Madly Deeply. She kneels nude to accept her punishment: 110 with a strap!

tmd_c001 tmd_c002 tmd_c009 tmd_c011 tmd_c013 tmd_c024 tmd_c016

See MORE… much more of Stacy’s many spankings with hubby, Jonny exclusively HERE


I am having to cut short this update because I had an issue with my laptop which I have only just resolved about 4 hours after I started writing this post – the pitfalls of writing a blog, I am out of time, annoyingly… so will end with this update from Punishedbrats.com of Cadence Lux who I have long admired and so far only seen spanked at this website!

getting1-14 getting1-22

Miss Veronica introduces herself to the student body, and was in the process of explaining the new disciplinary process when Cadence decided to mouth off. Suddenly, Cadence was taken to the front of the class for a humiliating and hard bare bottom spanking. Cadence is one of the most popular and difficult girls in the school. Spanking this entitled brat in front of her classmates was Miss Veronica’s way of sending a message to all.

getting1-32 getting1-42 getting1-52 getting1-72 getting1-82 getting1-112 getting1-92 getting1-121

See this latest HOT punishment of Cadence exclusive to Punishedbrats.com


I guess I’ll have to update this blog with more reports and news of what has been recently released tomorrow… night y’all!

Weekend Hot Spankings Pt1

Just catching up on one of my favorite sites – FirmHandSpanking.com – there are some awesome new series from some fantastic American girls, of which I can tell you (from memory) at least 2 out of the 3 girls featured here WILL be voted on in the “Newcomer Spankee” category when voting starts soon. Hardly surprising when you see the sheer breathtaking beauty of these girls and their red bottom punishments and spankings that they receive!

So without further ado, let’s marvel at the (as ever) excellent photography and links to where you can view and download these latest films starting with Stacy Stockton in the 2nd part of the Truly Madly Deeply series with co star and husband, Jonny. For my money’s worth, probably the best looking young spanking couple currently out there and their domestic series of films ROCK!


Stacy Stockton gets a good long bare bottom spanking for making Jonny late to work

“You’ve burned my croissant!” complains Jonny Stockton to his hot young wife Stacy in Truly Madly Deeply. Her big blue eyes won’t save her from a 350-smack bare spanking before he heads off late to work. Instant coffee too? It’s too much: “Bend over!”

tmd_b004 tmd_b006 tmd_b008 tmd_b010 tmd_b012 tmd_b015 tmd_b018 tmd_b020 tmd_b021 tmd_b024



19 with the cane – Jodi Biltmore learns the price of vandalism in Reform Academy

With her bubble-butt bare and stuck out, pretty Jodi Biltmore admits “I was scared to be caned.” At Reform Academy the penalties from Mr Strickman are severe. See Jodi’s perfect, round bare bottom flinch under 13 strokes, with an extra six for insolence: 19!

academy_j004 academy_j006 academy_j010 academy_j015 academy_j017 academy_j018 academy_j020 academy_j021 academy_j022 academy_j023



Tara Somerville – totally nude finale, breasts and bottom bouncing with a spanking

Pert 34C breasts bare, beautiful blonde Tara Somerville makes out with Tiffany Bennett in the exec lounge – until Mr Reed walks in! Tara is stripped nude for the spanking of her life, jiggling cheeks blushing a sore red from 87 swats with a ping-pong paddle!

intern_cg006 intern_cg010 intern_cg014 intern_cg017 intern_cg020 intern_cg023 intern_cg025 intern_cg027 intern_cg032 intern_cg033


All the films above can be previewed with FREE HD clips HERE


More HOT Spankings out today!

I’m just updating another blog post and will be doing a special separate one on the Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival with lots of preview clips and images… however, just released today at FirmHandSpanking.com is an awesome new series with my fave spanking couple from this site. Please read on…



Jonny and wife Stacy Stockton feature again now at FirmHandSpanking.com – this young attractive couple are sure to raise temperatures higher in this new domestic discipline series called “Truly Madly Deeply”

See what happens when husband Jonny catches wife Stacy going to the shops with her nipples poking out over her top! It’s a great OTK spanking and a great new look for Stacy with that lovely red hair – I approve 100%!

tmd_a001 tmd_a002 tmd_a003 tmd_a005 tmd_a010 tmd_a011 tmd_a016 tmd_a017 tmd_a021 tmd_a022 tmd_a023

 Is this a perfect marriage? Stacy Stockton willingly lies over husband Jonny’s knee for a spanking when she goes to the store with a nipple peeping out of her bra! Stacy’s all-new Truly Madly Deeply sets the bar high in loving domestic discipline with 250 smacks.



Updates for your Perusal

It’s funny how this damp and rainy autumnal weather is a world away from a few months ago when I had high hopes and foolish eager excitement watching the Football World cup take place in Brazil on my TV screen – they were warmer sunnier times and of course such warm memories were soured by my own nation’s woeful performances. Anyhoo,  I always loved the final montage that the BBC here in the UK did to sum up that incredible World Cup… it is below, so it you wanna skip it and move on to my updates, I understand… it was a nice distraction and if you liked the music, it is from a French rock band called “Woodkid” (performing Run Boy Run) – I hope to see them in concert at some point next year… they’re awesome! I also smiled at presenter and former England player, Gary Lineker’s begrudging admiration and resignation for Germany, the lesser of 2 evils in that final – (… “and the Germans won” – LOL)

Ah… memories… OK, and onto what is out there today! I’m showing this in order of no overall preference (I rarely do to be honest), let’s just see where this takes us!!! Let’s start at Firm Hand Spanking as there is a bit of a theme going on with sibling spanking showdowns at the moment… take this all girl affair with the beautiful and talented Stacy Stockton switching perfectly giving sassy sister, Amber Davies, a real tears OTK spanking she won’t forget in a hurry!

sisters_bf001 sisters_bf003

sisters_bf006 sisters_bf007

sisters_bf008 sisters_bf013

sisters_bf015 sisters_bf020

sisters_bf022 sisters_bf021

Sassy, disrespectful college babe Amber Davies drinks alcohol and she’s not 21! Stacy Stockton spanks her bare bottom 186 times in Sorority Sisters. When that bubble butt is bared, tears start but Stacy carries on. Slow-mo special plus Amber behind-the-scenes!


In another film preview, there is what looks like being the last of the “Brotherly Love” series of films with Kat St James and Sam Woodley playing the bratty sisters of Kyle Johnson… to be honest, as it has these girls in it, what’s there NOT to like about it? Samantha Woodley is the girl getting a spanking in this film…. as ever, it is worth the entrance fee alone to see her bared booty getting a good whacking!

brotherly_z001 brotherly_z002

brotherly_z004 brotherly_z008

brotherly_z012 brotherly_z015

brotherly_z017 brotherly_z020

brotherly_z022 brotherly_z023

Two brats fighting right after they’ve been spanked? It’s time to break out the strap! Samantha Woodley and Kat St James get in a fight, so 50 with a strap across Samantha’s bottom – 25 bare!- will sort things out in Brotherly Love with Kyle Johnson.

The FULL Film can be seen HERE




Ok, so what happens when you steal fruit in the UK? Or “Scrumping” as I call it? Why, of course you get a damned good spanking… which is why you see beautiful young Ella Hughes stripped naked and strapped HARD by Sarah Bright at English Spankers this week…. this is indeed a very exciting film to watch!

npp7073003 npp7073011

npp7073012 npp7073013

npp7073018 npp7073015

npp7073020 npp7073030

npp7073040 npp7073042

Young Ella Hughes has been caught stealing fruit from the orchard, the gardener takes her to see his mistress who is a particularly nasty individual. She berates Ella and almost has her in tears. She then sends for her father’s old razor strop and tells her she will be getting this. She then hands out a ferocious beating to Ella’s bare bottom, one of the hardest we have featured. A film not to be missed.

Want to see the full film and MORE of gorgeous Ella? CLICK HERE


A special look back at someone I have never actually met, which is a great pity. She no longer subs but is now a fearsome domme, so I better watch what I say (lol) – please take a trip back in time with me courtesy of NorthernSpanking.com as we check out the amazing Amy Hunter from over 11 years ago, the archives at this site are truly astounding!

NSI014-FA022 NSI014-FA028

NSI014-FA051 NSI014-FA074

NSI014-FA081 NSI014-FA092

NSI014-FA095 NSI014-FA101

NSI014-FA104 NSI014-FA108

Poor Amy is so poor at the moment she can’t afford to buy her partner Christopher a pressie for his birthday. Wracking her brains, she comes up with a devious plan… SHE can be his present! Dressed up as a fancy french maid, Amy offers herself as his maid for the evening…but what she be “maid” to do?

NSI014-FA161 NSI014-FA164

NSI014-FA167 NSI014-FA174

NSI014-FA179 NSI014-FA182

Amy has offered to do whatever is asked of her by her partner Christopher in honour of his birthday – and he takes her to her word! Here he strips off her dress and gives her a sensual and thorough whipping. Yummy!

NSI014-FA204 NSI014-FA205 NSI014-FA209

NSI014-FA216 NSI014-FA221

NSI014-FA223 NSI014-FA224

Amy has offered to do whatever is asked of her by her partner Christopher in honour of his birthday – and he takes her to her word! Christopher delights in removing even more of her clothing to beat his girl further finishing with some more intimate connections!


Check out the amazing archives of  NORTHERNSPANKING.COM


Finally today, since we are checking out some archives… take a look at my own at AAA Spanking – You may not have seen this, or if you have, not for a while at least… it’s a good spanking film with someone I had admired long in advance of meeting her, this was from my first ever American stateside film shoot well over 2 years ago in 2012 and this was one of many films I did with the amazing and beautiful Nyssa Nevers! #schwiing! I still have a special 4 girl film I haven’t released yet with Nyssa, Joelle Barros, Carissa Montgomery & Ashley Graham (what a fricking line up, eh?) – I really ought to do something about that, right? It’s been edited and stored away in the cyber vaults… maybe I should just release it on the CLIPS STORE – either way… check out this film and see how gorgeous Nyssa looked in this lingerie spanking film  😉


This was the 1st film I made with stunning Nyssa Nevers & I requested that she bring along some of her sexiest lingerie for the intro film. I was NOT disappointed as you’ll see, Nyssa has the most wonderful bottom to spank and whilst wearing her very sexy lingerie provided a magnificent spectacle. I am sure this will provide a nice visual treat for all you spanking voyeurs! Watch Nyssa’s flawless untouched cheeks turn red during her 1st spanking film of the day!

nyssanevers02 nyssanevers05 nyssanevers11

nyssanevers13 nyssanevers15

nyssanevers18 nyssanevers28

nyssanevers19 nyssanevers25 nyssanevers35


See many more films of Nyssa at AAA Spanking HERE – or check out this film on its own – like many others – at The AAA CLIPS Store and choose the clip you’d like to view, own & download, there are 100’s to choose from and in various formats giving you the best choice available!


Good night… who wouldn’t want to spank this office booty? #OMG! Eyes are popping! Back soon!


CLICK HERE for another blog update -I promise you will like it 🙂

Something New & Something Unexpected

My very naughty Girl Girl film with Zoe Page and Alex Reynolds comes out tomorrow… or rather , later today… & you can see a preview teaser of the type of naughtiness that ensues with a Hot Bully like British Girl Guide Zoe getting one over on her “goody two shoes” American counterpart, Girl Scout, Alex! See below:

That’s all I will say on the matter… ahem! The Hot Bully premieres  (later today!)


& onto a couple of swift updates of what is out and about… starting with one of my fave sites FirmHandSpanking.com who have the most welcome return of Adrienne Black in her “Problem PA” series alongside Jonny & Stacy Stockton… some of my fave characters at present featuring at this website! See why I love watching Adrienne getting punished by Jonny & Stacy (below):

problem_j001 problem_j003

problem_j006 problem_j012

problem_j014 problem_j015

problem_j017 problem_j020

problem_j022 problem_j024

A blistering, tear-inducing, butt-striping finale as Adrienne Black completes “Problem PA”. Spanked by Jonny Stockton for wearing shorts in the office, his wife Stacy takes over for six with a cane and 32 with a strap, striping her red, bare bottom like a pro. Ouch!



Punishedbrats.com has an intriguing new film update as it stars Amber Pixie Wells… they found this gem of a film lying around in the PB Vaults… or more accurately, residing on their servers collecting virtual dust, so it got remastered and re edited then produced again for us all to see! This is what made me fall in love with PB all over again… Pixie is surely unique and I doubt we will ever see her sub on film again so for the price of some films or less than you’d find on certain clips sites with debatable materials… why not buy a membership to Punishedbrats.com that we all know and love (?) for still only $17 which is crazy dirt cheap price! View this film along with their hundreds of others. As David Pierson would say… “Would it kill you to buy a membership?” – I know how he feels… I have been having similar issues with very low sales this past month which is odd as some of my content I’ve put out has been some of what I would consider my best! But what do I know? Anyway, no negativity here today, I shall save that for another time… please do revel in the glory that is Pixie as Alice… spanked through the looking glass! I love this!!!

“Go Ask Alice” with Miss Susan as mother.

alice18 alice21

alice31 alice41

alice51 alice61 alice71


alice91 alice101

alice111 alice121

alice131 alice141 alice152

Alice had just arrived home from “the other side of the looking glass” and wanted to tell her mother about her adventures in Wonderland. When she attempted to deliver the tale of her travels, her mother was sure that she had been taking illegal substances. Alice found herself over her angry mother’s lap receiving a hard spanking. Alice admitted to taking a few pills in Wonderland. One made her larger; the other small. When asked what the pill bottle said, Alice replied “Eat Me.” Then her spanking got much worse.




Finally for now, Sarah has released a cracking film with us called “Pestering for a Spanking” where she brats and pesters me until she gets what she wants… a spanking, but that turns her on & I’m far from impressed with her naughty behaviour as you will see!

0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-002 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-004


Sarah is really wanting a good girl spanking from her man but he is busy working and updating his website. She keeps pestering him until he gives in and gives her the kind of spanking she wasn’t expecting, however….she is so irresistible that her wetness in the below regions force his hands to wander, thus making it difficult for him to really discipline her with a hard spanking. Denying her sexual gratification though aching and turned on is more of a punishment.

0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-007 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-008 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-009

0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-014 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-027

0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-024 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-025

Yes, she really gets very wet from her good girl spanking!!! Ah, these are the benefits of GG Spankings! LOL


Check out this very naughty and brand new spanking film HERE



Hawt Spankings this weekend

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t written much recently here, I have writer’s block. “What? But you only show images and such!” I hear you cry… well, actually it isn’t that simple… sometimes I will try and make a theme of it or find some updates that relate to my current mood. Other times I will try harder to make it an interesting or fun/topical read (I hope) or scoop something such as my filmshoots or news I had heard about and rarely resort to just giving you some images and a very brief description, unlike some other promo blogs I have seen out there, though useful in their own way, are rather boring. So I hope that you don’t mind me just getting on with it – I have a few to start with that you may not have seen elsewhere, so that, in itself, makes it interesting already! Plus, I want to get this done so I can watch a late showing of the recently released Transformers film (I watched the 1st showing of the new “Planet of the Apes” sequel movie last night and was rather nonplussed about the ending which I won’t spoil). However, what I will say about last night’s movie I watched – the special effects were quite amazing and frighteningly believable and a world away from the times of Charlton Heston shouting “Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!”

“That’s Ape-ist… get on with the spankings, please?”


“Yes, your Apenesses… immediately.” –  Let’s start with a little POV action and the latest offering I have from POVspanking.com starring the lovely Katie Brown who begs YOu not to spank her again – this minx has been rifling through your wallet and there’s no way she isn’t getting a spanking – AND a hairbrush punishment across YOUR lap… see below (taken from YOUR perspective)

katiepov001 katiepov002

katiepov003 katiepov004

katiepov005 katiepov006


Katie Pays for her Theft
You’re very disappointed in young Katie. She had finally admitted to stealing from your wallet and she has been told that she is going to be punished over your lap. She is still pleading not to be punished and told you that she would repay every penny and this is where the film starts as you take charge and she accepts this punishment isn’t going away… her panties have already been removed and she goes over your lap. This is taken from the spanker’s perspective so you see what happens as she is spanked… imagine Katie is over your lap, her dress lifted up to reveal that beautiful peachy butt just ripe for your hand. She is still telling you that she has learnt her lesson but you know better than that, don’t you? You have a hairbrush as well which you take great delight in showing her before using it expertly on her behind… that stings! Watch Katie’s beautiful bum redden before your very eyes right over your lap!

katiepov008 katiepov009

katiepov010 katiepov011

katiepov012 katiepov013



I recently helped good friend Paul Kennedy from NorthernSpanking.com in his last big UK filmshoot before concentrating his efforts over in LA… he went out with a bang and he has rush edited a film he liked with the lovely Jenna Jay and myself, I just watched it, it’s out in full and I loved it too! A nice camera angle shooting through a serving hatch in the kitchen, Jenna’s maid uniform and of course some good hard naughty spankings and strappings make this a worthwhile cause to blog about! This was Jenna’s first time filming a spanking shoot since she last did so with me nearly 2 years ago… and she still looks stunning! She puts it down to keeping fit and lots of wrestling!!!

NSI128-JI029 NSI128-JI031

NSI128-JI039 NSI128-JI041

NSI128-JI044 NSI128-JI045

NSI128-JI054 NSI128-JI065

NSI128-JI060 NSI128-JI070

Outside catering
John has hired a catering firm to take care of an important business lunch and they have sent their least experience waitress – they must know him! John realises this when red wine appears with the fish course and, lacking any other alternative, he smacks poor Jennas bottom and makes her serve the main course with her knickers round her knees! Later, after the meal, Jenna is more thoroughly disciplined, stripped and humiliated. I wonder if the firm will get some repeat business from Mr Osborne?

CLICK HERE to view this film & more of Jenna’s previous work incl. more spanking naughtiness



This isn’t something new, but I decided to watch this film… I hadn’t seen it, just a few images… so here is “Whipper Stripper” with Sarah Gregory looking amazing (I messaged her to tell her that I was perving over this, LOL) and she is partnered with an equally naughty stripper co worker, lovely Theresa Asteria – playing up their boss and strip club owner, Paul Rogers.

“Stripper Whipper”


Stripper Whipper
Sarah and Theresa have gotten into a fight on stage at the strip club where they work. They are called into the bosses office the next day and fired for their outlandish behaviour. They protest and say how much they love the club. The boss comes up with another plan knowing that he promised the other girls these two brats would be punished. He will show these two bratty strippers that fighting in the strip club and not following rules leads to a very sore and well spanked bottom.

0022_stripper_whipper_gal1-003 0022_stripper_whipper_gal1-006 0022_stripper_whipper_gal1-018


0022_stripper_whipper_gal1-029 0022_stripper_whipper_gal2-005 0022_stripper_whipper_gal2-007


0022_stripper_whipper_gal2-013 0022_stripper_whipper_gal3-016 0022_stripper_whipper_gal3-019




Finally for now, a couple of recent updates from the awesome Firmhandspanking.com which you will definitely want to see… I am really loving this domestic series with Jonny and Stacy Stockton… this week the young wife has forgotten to pay their phone bill… she never learns, does she? Thankfully for us that means her hubby has to discipline her, check it out below!


Strapped for not paying their phone bills: Stacy Stockton’s bottom pays the price!
When her phone is cut off, pretty Stacy Stockton can’t remember paying the bill when husband Jonny asks her what happened. A leather tawse whaps across her rear end 78 times to teach her to pay bills, turning jiggling cheeks red in Domestic Discipline.

domestic_bd006 domestic_bd008 domestic_bd009

domestic_bd011 domestic_bd012

domestic_bd013 domestic_bd020 domestic_bd022


If you liked this, then you will also appreciate this latest addition to the site as well!
A HOT F/F spanking recent release with new girl, Amber Davies – (spanked by Stacy!)


Amber Davies’ booty hot to the touch after a 100-plus spanking for untidiness.
Not clearing her dishes costs pretty freshman Amber Davies a hot ass in Sorority Sisters when Stacy Stockton takes a spatula and spanks her 107 times. “I never thought something so small could sting so bad,” admitted Amber. See those cheeks jiggle!

sisters_bc003 sisters_bc008 sisters_bc009

sisters_bc012 sisters_bc015

sisters_bc013 sisters_bc016 sisters_bc019

Be sure to check out more of these updates only from FirmHandSpanking.com



& don’t forget… next week… the last ever Mishka Devlin film appears at my site EXCLUSIVELY
You will NOT want to miss this event and rare news announcements of what is coming up!


Mishka gets a rectal temp taking and punishment at AAAspanking.com – NEXT WEEK

Very Naughty Girl Spankings!

bearsWould you like to be teased with some amazing spanking action? Would you like to watch some very hot girls get spanked? Do bears shit in the woods? Well, these and many more questions (well not the  bear one), I  will attempt to answer in this post today as I get you a brief catch up of what you may have missed that has come out this past week! There’s some cracking stuff, I covered my latest film update previously, and to let you know, at my site it is the FREAKY FRIDAY event tomorrow… meaning an additional film not advertised on the front of the site will be available for members… I’ll bring you news of what it was over the weekend but members will get to see that tomorrow in addition to the usual Friday update, of course, one of the benefits and rewards of being an AAA member! 🙂

The POV style films on my clip store got another new film update yesterday and there are 3 available formats for you to choose from in HD WMV – MP4 or MOV 1920×1080 playback. It is taken from YOUR perspective as you watch your pricktease schoolgirl cousin urge and egg you on as she strips and wants you… but she’s done this before, she is such a tease… however this time, it looks like she really is horny and wants you, it could be your lucky day, especially as she wants to be spanked and shows you how she likes it. The camera is your eyes as you struggle to take in the sight of her masturbating, showing you what she is made of and encouraging you to play with yourself before she spanks herself on her bare bottom telling you she wants YOU to do it next… upstairs in her bedroom… while her mum and dad are out! Oh boy!!! See some screen images of the action in naughty Chessie’s parents kitchen!

Pricktease Spanking – Out now to download HERE


chessie002 chessie003

chessie004 chessie005

chessie006 chessie007


chessie009 chessie010 chessie011

chessie012 chessie013

chessie014 chessie016


See all the POV style films in various formats and POV styles from YOUR perspective as a spanker or spankee or even as a Peeping Tom! There are also some wheelbarrow and close up style films… though of course these are not strictly POV but we do point that out (they are of a POV style but not true from YOUR perspective) despite some miserable people unable to read and complaining in the past… we cover 2 styles from your perspective Spankee/Spanker and we carefully explain each and every film that is now produced, so check out the store and see for yourself 🙂

I even have a short clip so you can see Chessie in action (see below)


I really like this couple next from Firmhandspanking.com – they make a great couple.. he’s her good looking other half and can be quite stern when required, she  just needs discipline as you’ll discover from the latest updte from this site when Jonny Stockton arrives home to find young wife Stacy sunbathing nude outside in their yard!


Stacy has the perkiest sexy titties and a gloriously spankable bubble butt!

domestic_bc003 domestic_bc005

domestic_bc008 domestic_bc011

domestic_bc013 domestic_bc017

domestic_bc018 domestic_bc024


Stacy’s hot nude body is soaking up rays out back of their home when husband Jonny comes home early. He doesn’t want her displaying her creamy bubble butt to the world, so spanks and whips it 155 times with a riding whip! That’s strict Domestic Discipline.

CLICK HERE to view the free clip of Stacy’s riding crop punishment on that sweet tight ass!



There’s talk in our country of Doctors surgeries becoming full to capacity and therefore waiting times might be extended to unacceptable levels – well… sorry about the fact that we might be ill!!! Disinvestment and an open door immigration policy in the UK hasn’t helped these last 15-20 years… but maybe this could be the answer! Doctor Sarah Bright seems to have found a cure for Aleesha’s woes! (film clip below) Now showing at SpankingSarah.com

Lovely Aleesha Fox is just not a well woman, she is so ill in fact that she can’t possible report for work. That’s the story but then Dr. Sarah, that’s me comes on the scene and give her a good stiff talking to followed by a pretty hard spanking on her delectable bottom. Not satisfied that she has fully understood the message I decide that I will have to set about that bottom with a leather slipper paddle. This soon has the desired effect.

npp6075007 npp6075021

npp6075023 npp6075025

npp6075037 npp6075039

npp6075040 npp6075042

npp6075043 npp6075044


Next up today is tearful new girl Laci Star at Punishedbrats.com

172Laci decided that it was too nice a day to waste attending school. She was fresh from her shower, while making plans with her friends to go on a shopping excursion when her Aunt Veronica returned home to get papers from her office. She had heard Laci on the phone and was appalled at how little her niece appreciated the education that was being provided to her. Using the hairbrush that Laci was holding, Aunt Veronica knew how to get to the seat of the matter. She quickly tore the towel off of the brat and took the naked girl over her lap for a very special lesson.

Despite the fact that Laci had cut school, she received much in the way of education that day. She learned quickly that pain overwhelms concerns over modestly and that her Aunt Veronica is a very stern disciplinarian. Determined to teach her spoiled brat of a niece a lesson, she spanked the naked girl very hard with the hairbrush she took from her hand despite pleas and promises from the girl that she would be good hence. At one point, the brush slipped from Veronica’s hand. Laci had hoped that would end her torment but Veronica simply carried on by using her hand upon the girl’s burning bottom. Following her spanking Laci was made to stand in the corner. Naked and with her bottom feeling as if it were on fire, Laci felt vulnerable, despondent and humiliated…

lacibath001 lacibath002 lacibath003

laci001 laci002 laci003


laci005 laci006


laci007 laci008 laci009

See MORE of naughty Laci’s film “Value Your Education” HERE



Finally today, another “adventure” in the life of tiny 90lb barely 5fy tall Persaphone… as she recalled this punishment below with her mother (played here by the awesome Clare Fonda) in a slippering, OTK and mouth soaping discipline session that she admitted was kind of typical of her life growing up… it wasn’t something she wanted to recreate to start with but with Clare Fonda playing her mother in this scene… how could she not agree to? The result is an amazing film and we get to see Persaphone’s tiny butt take quite a pounding from the shoe and Clare’s hand over “mommy’s lap!” –  This film is available to download only at SpankedSweeties.com

pers001 pers002

pers003 pers004

pers005 pers006


pers008 pers009 pers010


pers012 pers013

pers014 pers015

Doing humiliating cornertime was meant to help her focus on what had just happened!


& as promised, the awful mouthsoaping that she hated so much…

pers018 pers019 pers020


View the various intro films and unique growing up punishments of this slight girl…
exclusive to SpankedSweeties.com

This site is part of the top value Clare Fonda Pass – 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost!



I will be back tomorrow with many more spanking updates and films, so don’t go far… and it only remain  for me to say “Well Done USA” on qualifying for the knock out stage of the World Cup (even though the Germans looked like they were toying with you guys and saving themselves… you made it in a really tough group!)
You are now my team I have been following since the disgraceful exit of my own country’s overpaid wastrels… still we leave alongside the “world champions” Spain, Italy (4 times winners and finalists 7 times – yet now failed to leave the group stages on the last 2 tournaments!) & Portugal but to name a few high profile countries leaving early… and of course Uruguay are without serial biter Suarez so won’t go much further in the competition, hopefully.

USA!!!! USA!!!! USA!!!! 🙂


More Updates for your consideration!

Jeez… I have been sooooo busy that I only just managed to (finally) update the site with a new film so I basically put up the full film instead of breaking it into 2 parts. It features a return for Danielle Hunt in a memorable film I made with her. I believe this actually was our first film of the day and it was pretty cold in that studio as I recall… so with Dani feeling the cold (hmmm, most girls do, eh?) I gave her a darned good thrashing to ensure that at least one part of her anatomy was quite toasty and all warmed up. Her dusky bottom turned a darker shameful shade with a hint of throbbing red that I loved seeing as I spanked her over my knee rather hard then used a hairbrush to finish off her punishment when I didn’t want to ruin my own precious hand on her near indestructible rear! This was a painful punishment with Dani in a naughty cheerleading uniform, which I loved seeing her in. If you click on either image below, it will take you to 2 special free galleries which best showcase my site’s latest new film update! Enjoy!!!

Dani’s Cheerleading Evaluation – The Free Gallery of video screens


Click image below to view the Special Free Gallery
(images reduced in size from Members Area)


You can watch a special OTK hairbrush punishment preview HERE

FYI – this film is already available as an HD-WMV download at the CLIPS STORE

Want to know what is coming before Xmas Day? This was taken from my most recent filmshoot only a few weeks back and stars Sarah Gregory with Joelle Barros, a fantastic duo (only spoiled by some hapless geek like myself who believes he has been given 2 Stepford Wives Style bots – spankbots in fact) who are commanded by a special remote control in his possession which can make them do anything and everything he desires in his wildest punishment fantasies with these lifelike hot spankbots… as you will see, not all goes to plan… it’s a fun, naughty and at times rather hard hitting (remember the carpet beater!) film… with a nice twist at the end I will not reveal (aren’t I a tease?) 🙂

spankbot01 spankbot02

spankbot03 spankbot04

spankbot05 spankbot06

This film goes live early next week at AAAspanking.com


Sticking with a fun element, briefly… I took time out to check all the most recent updates from NorthernSpanking.com and their other updates are featured elsewhere, so I thought I’d bring you these fun images, I remember Paul sending me an image of this, he was really excited about the day’s shoot… (and now you can see why) after he and Zoe Montana had done this little fun set… messing around in the soapy suds of the industrial size kitchen sinks at a unique and fantastic location (sadly no longer available to use!)

NSI107-PZ022 NSI107-PZ035

NSI107-PZ044 NSI107-PZ048


NSI107-PZ081 NSI107-PZ088

NSI107-PZ098 NSI107-PZ100

Check out more naughty spankings c/o NorthernSpanking.com


Wanna see something naughty but nice? Of course you would… the latest recruit at the Sexy Cleaning Company from English-Spankers.com was awesome fetish model, Ludella Hahn, who asked if she had what it took to join their company and they of course welcomed her. She did some amazing flashing shots for the cameras then took a good whacking with a wooden baking spoon and a very hard leather paddle. She even took the paddle and did a very sexy and quite hard self paddling on her lovely bottom. Check out some superb images below… the film is far better! Trust me!

npp6028030 npp6028021

npp6028037 npp6028044

npp6028052 npp6028056

npp6028058 npp6028061

npp6028063 npp6028073

Check out this and the other great films she has starred in exclusive to English-Spankers.com


Exclusive updates come thick and fast at FirmHandSpanking.com as one of their most recent recruits, gorgeous and sassy Stacy Stockton, features in the latest film shown today as she is accosted by young hot shot lawyer, Patrick bateman for wearing highly inappropriate attire in the office environment. I never really like watching American films with canings in them as a rule, as they never seem to get them right… but this one was superb… a dozen hard strokes measured for effect and some fantastic reactions from Stacy… this hurt alright, and i am sure she learnt her lesson… (images below accompany the movie)

secretary_bd001 secretary_bd004

secretary_bd006 secretary_bd010

secretary_bd014 secretary_bd016

secretary_bd023 secretary_bd024

I promise you will not want to miss sexy Stacy’s punishment – See it HERE


I loved seeing this location shoot, and of course Agean from SoundPunishment.com is rather pervy as a frightenly real looking vicar who chastises then spanks one of his more provocatively dressed (or is that undressed?) congregation after the church service… how could Susan James refuse her punishment in the eyes of God from a “man of the cloth” – good job I never accepted the calling… I’d be in every tabloid here in the UK using the good Lord’s name to instruct sassy young girls like Susan to remove their panties and receive unholy paddlings and such on their bare quivering pert bottoms… *sigh* lol! See for yourself some choice images taken from this excellent film!

susanjames02 susanjames03

susanjames05 susanjames06

susanjames07 susanjames08

susanjames10 susanjames11

susanjames15 susanjames18

Check out the very latest spankings including this film by viewing the tour pages and downloading the excellent free clips so you can make up yoru own mind about this English spanking site – SoundPunishment.com


The last site from the UK featured in this post today is Pandora’s DreamsOfSpanking.com as she stars in a delightful (over the top) historical romp called “The New Lieutenant”

Her Majesty’s Hussars are off on campaign. Major Harry Havelock congratulates new Lieutenant Shada on his promotion, and introduces the boy to the privileges of rank: Lieutenant Shada requires introduction to the privileges of an officer and a gentleman: wine, wenching, and whipping! Havelock also takes the opportunity to provide the new Lieutenant with Flash Harry’s patent method for domestic bliss:  a brisk over-the-lap spanking and, if she needs it, a firm thrashing with the riding crop… (image below are part of the 83 image set which accompanies the 18 minute movie)

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant019 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant057

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant059 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant080

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant066 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant083

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant087 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant108

Check out the free video preview HERE


As it is very nearly Xmas, I have relented and will let you know about a new update just appearing as I type this… it’s from a very exciteable Sarah Gregory who just LOVES the fun and festivities of the Holidays… perhaps only rivalled by a certain Miss Alex Reynolds… who is the spankee star in this daddy/daughter spanking movie “Not what she expected!”. (Alex looks impossibly cute in her PJ’s!!!)


It’s Christmas morning and naughty little Alex has snuck downstairs early to get a head start on opening her presents. Daddy catches her and is not happy with her behaviour. Alex get something she did not wish for on Christmas morning…. a spanking!


0146_not_what_she_wished_for_gal1-015 0146_not_what_she_wished_for_gal1-022 0146_not_what_she_wished_for_gal1-026

Robert Shore plays Alex’s dad… I like this guy a lot and hope to film with him throughout our meetings at various events next year 🙂


You can check on the progress of this new movie HERE




A great way to end September’s Spankings

I find the month of October rather depressing… it signals the decline of Autumn as the leaves start to fall in earnest as the temperatures plummet… with the dreaded days getting shorter and darker far earlier, compounded by Halloween at the end of the month that means the clocks go back, sure we get an extra hour in bed, but the evenings suddenly get darker far quicker… I really hate driving in my car to work in the gloom of the early morning and returning in near dark or pitch black later… so depressing! Anyway… I thought I’d sign off September with these following updates… and the first recent film from Firm Hand Spanking made me smile as it reminded me of my gambling haunts in Vegas where the girls were dressed in burlesque bustiers… (see my camera phone image below)


So in the new film featuring Stacy Stockton… she got caught wearing a similar outfit at her school when she was trying to sneak out to her night job to earn extra money at Madame Tushy’s Burlesque club (!!!) – Frank Reed was far from impressed… you will see her tearful response that was caught on film, they got a great reaction cam (I have a short clip for you all)

private_bg001 private_bg004

private_bg007 private_bg011

private_bg014 private_bg015

private_bg020 private_bg023


See MORE of Stacy’s red bottom HERE!!!


 I loved the following films so much I have got both for you here… lots of free images and a good gawp at some new spanking talent courtesy of Punishedbrats.com – the first features an original film “Locked Door” about a bride having last minute jitters… with Uncle David thrashing some sense into the bride, Brittney (who looks stunning btw) and the 2nd film is a fantastic F/F feature, a very grown up and sexy domestic discipline film between fiery redhead, Pandora Jones and gorgeous PB regular, Audrey… who looks better and better every time I see her and she is fast becoming one of my fave stars at this site by far!

Locked Door – with the bride, Brittney

locked1-41 locked1-51 locked1-61

locked2-1 locked2-2

locked2-3 locked2-4


It’s finally Brittney’s wedding day but she is having last minute jitters and suddenly hates her dress. She has locked herself in a room and refuses to come out. Uncle David is sent in to reason with the girl and see to it that she makes it down the aisle. Brittney admits that the stress of the wedding has gotten the best of her and she’s been a bridezilla. Hopefully the heat from this spanking will remind her to behave at least long enough to say “I do”.

maid1-2 maid1-3

maid1-4 maid1-5


Ms. Pandora is letting Audrey stay with her while she gets on her feet after a recent divorce. But when Audrey can’t even manage to pick up after herself, Ms. Pandora realizes she is going to have to show this divorced diva some tough love.



A stunning colourful debut for Lola Marie courtesy of Pandora Blake’s site Dreams of Spanking – I know each and every film that will be shown of Lola there will be superb, just as every lucky producer, myself included, will vouch for as Lola as she is just oh so spankable and makes each film she appears in special (I have one of her coming out soon and it’s am-aaaa-zing!) these images (below) will also show you why you should get your asses off to see more HERE

Dreams-of-Spanking_lola006 Dreams-of-Spanking_lola018

Dreams-of-Spanking_lola023 Dreams-of-Spanking_lola030

Dreams-of-Spanking_lola050 Dreams-of-Spanking_lola054

Dreams-of-Spanking_lola069 Dreams-of-Spanking_lola071


What happens in Holland if you’re a man and you’re caught peeing in public? Well, it seems there should not be too much of a problem if you’re caught the 1st time (unlike me once in Paris, France… fined on the spot when I got caught… but that is another story half a lifetime ago, lol) – however, it would appear these girls at the south West Police station are unaware of the lapse rules!!! Find out below, courtesy of Spanked-in-Uniform.com

PC Monique and PC Kitty caught a man peeing in public but instead of giving him a warning, or a fine if it was his second offence, they arrested him straight away. When Chief Johnson asked them about it, their reply was that it was a disgusting male habit and it had to be dealt with harshly. Well the only thing that was dealt with harshly in this 2 part film was Monique’s bottom to start with! After Monique had her bottom soundly spanked it was Constable Kitty’s turn. Over the Chief’s knee she went and her bottom was spanked hard and long until Chief Johnson and Mr Van Dijk thought her bum was red enough and spanked properly. Both constables had to stand against the wall, spanked bottoms on display, while Chief Johnson warned Mr Van Dijk once more and sent him on his way.

ep23_1 ep23_6


ep23_8 ep23_10

ep24_2 ep24_6


ep24_11 ep24_12

Check out all the crazy uniform spanking shananigans at SPANKED IN UNIFORM



Here’s a lovely film with a twist, I’m guessing this was done last year when Sarah’s hair was a striking blonde and both Pandora & Amelia were visiting for the Texas All State Spanking Party… a kinky take on Charlie’s Angels… as these girls certainly are NO angels as you’ll see! Oh, and the part of Bosley, played by Paul “Tubaman” Rogers was perfection – he WAS Bosley, lol! Go check out the images below:


Charlie’s Devils: Amelia, Pandora, and Sarah have screwed up again on another mission and Charlie has ordered Bosley to give them a good hard spanking.

0134_charlies_devils_gal1-012 0134_charlies_devils_gal1-023

0134_charlies_devils_gal1-028 0134_charlies_devils_gal2-014

0134_charlies_devils_gal2-016 0134_charlies_devils_gal2-023 0134_charlies_devils_gal2-027

0134_charlies_devils_gal3-004 0134_charlies_devils_gal3-011

0134_charlies_devils_gal3-016 0134_charlies_devils_gal3-022

0134_charlies_devils_gal3-021 0134_charlies_devils_gal3-027

0134_charlies_devils_gal3-030 charlies-devils-5

Click HERE to view Sarah’s personal spanking site

You can also view Sarah’s site, and her new one MommaSpankings.com via a special pass (see banner below)



Finally today, one of my fave resident girls at Real Spankings Institute called Roxie gets an almighty wooden paddling from the Dean (Mr M) – she is given some huge swats with the largest heaviest paddle in the school, the results of which you can see in the images below, she won’t be able to sit down in class properly for days!!!


roxie002 roxie003


roxie004 roxie005


roxie007 roxie009


All above images were taken directly from the film courtesy of Real Spankings Institute



“Clever girl… now how’s about you remove those shorts & bend over for being so cocky?”

Spanking Updates to start your week!

In between travelling and attending spanking parties, I shall be updating this blog as best I can… just to keep you guys interested! Here is what I have been watching elsewhere this week… these scenes are really HOT! I will end with a sneak preview with some screen grabs of the latest movie going up at AAA Spanking later this week!

But I will start at Punishedbrats.com and possibly my all time fave star there… Joelle Barros in her latest film “Dinner Disaster”, have I told you at least a 1000 times how fortunate I was to have spanked her myself? If I find myself on the east coast again (and I certainly will be!!!) then I will be looking up this gorgeous naughty girl! Check her out at David’s great site (below):

disaster1-21 disaster1-51

disaster1-61 disaster2-11

disaster2-21 disaster2-31

disaster2-41 disaster2-61

At a large family dinner, Joelle criticizes many of the attendees for their eating habits causing a very unpleasant atmosphere. Joelle is spanked with a leather paddle until she recognizes she was in the wrong and agrees to apologize for insulting the other dinner guests. CLICK HERE to see the free movie preview!

click here for more


Stacy Stockton is one of many excellent hot new spanking updates this past week at Firm Hand Spanking and I think you’ll understand why I chose this film to showcase as Stacy looks so incredibly gorgeous… another heart melting girl from these guys to see getting a good spanking!

private_bf003 private_bf005

private_bf009 private_bf011

private_bf015 private_bf019

private_bf022 private_bf023

Sultry Stacy Stockton thinks that fluttering big blue eyes at Principal Reed will work in Private School. Wrong! Wearing inappropriate clothes to career day costs her a 30-stroke whipping with her own riding crop, as he’s loaned his paddle. There is also a great little blooper reel at the end… I love this gal… I am sure you will too! CLICK HERE for the full film preview.


From the brilliant folk at Northern Spanking comes an excellent HD film of a traditional OTK and domestic spanking role behind closed doors… with the assistance of the amply proportioned and popular, Janna Jansen… given a good hard spanking session by (lucky) David de Wolfe.

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NSI105-SJ079 NSI105-SJ086

CLICK HERE to see the full HD film of Janna spanked & strapped at home

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Ah-tennnnn-shun! A military uniform spanking update next as the last film to appear at Spanked-in-Uniform.com features a very naughty new cadet (Kitty) who makes out with her boyfriend and uses her friend, Monique as lookout… of course, they get caught… this is the 1st of 2 long play movie parts!

No Boyfriends! (pt 1)


ep17_2 ep17_4

ep17_10 ep17_11

ep17_14 ep17_18


Cadet Kitty sneaked her boyfriend onto Academy grounds to make out and cadet Monique acted as lookout so they wouldn’t get caught. Officer Johnson caught them at it and the boyfriend made a hasty getaway. Both girls were severely scolded and they knew they were both in for a very very sore bottom! In part one Officer Johnson takes both cadets over his knee and spanks them soundly! CLICK HERE to view all 14 sections of this uniform spanking niche!

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I love seeing girls get their 1st spankings… so where better than to visit SpankingSarah.com where she gets in many first timers, some are never seen again, others love the experience and continue to become established names. One such young madame, who I now don’t know what to call (as she has appeared at several websites with different names) but you will instantly recognise her… a real life spanko and owner of a very, VERY spankable bottom…

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This is what Sarah had to say about Bow: This was the very first spanking experience for the lovely young Bow Jangles. When she came to see me she was very nervous, not knowing just what to expect but ready to take whatever I wanted to do to her. She tells us quite a lot about her need for a spanking and punishment before I get down to, well getting her knickers down and giving that beautiful bare bottom a real hard spanking. Lovely film with a very naughty girl. You can see the free HD preview at Sarah’s great site HERE

sarah spanks and gets spanked HERE


& finally, coming out later this week… Zoe Page invites unsuspecting Jessica Jensen over for a sleepover that will involve her bottom getting a  good “lesbo” fondling, groping, cream smothering and of course some spanking thrown in for Zoe’s personal gratification! *ahem!*

Another excuse to see girls in PJs spanking, of course!

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sleepover018 sleepover037

sleepover050 sleepover057

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sleepover093 sleepover103

Bookmark this link for the full 17 minute HD Film coming out in full this week! 🙂


To those going to the Shadowlane Party… see you there and please do come say “hello!”
We are hoping to open our suite after filming so come along have a chat & whoever is there…

Lets have fun some good spanko fun!!! 🙂